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What is a coffee maker French press

We cook coffee at home: Turk, French Press or Geyser Coffee Exploity?

Morning for many begins with a cup of fresh fragrant coffee. The preparation ritual is brought to automatism. We know the right amount of ground grains and water with knowledge of the matter, without hiding we carry out all the necessary manipulations. But did you ever think that the taste of coffee depends on how it was welded? Namely in which coffee maker. Today we decided to talk about the most popular ways to make coffee. And to figure out everything clearly, we will go to the online store “Eat at home”.

What is

French press for tea and making coffee in appearance resembles a teapot. Consists of a glass flask, filter, piston for spinning. In America, it is more often used for coffee, and in Russia a jacket for tea is used. French has the same diameter in all glass flasks. It is only different in volume. Respectively, the higher it is, the more liquid will enter. Glass flask allows you to observe the process. this makes the brewing coffee in the jacket of the press or the process of tea drinking with an interesting procedure.

The flask is placed in the case. It can be made of plastic or metal. There is also a cover in which the piston is inserted. It gently moves up, down and serves as an pressing device. On its basis there is a mesh-filter, steel part, spring. All this is fastened with each other.

Before you make your favorite drink in a jacket, pour chummy and pour boiling water. A few minutes later it will be necessary to squeeze the sediment with a piston. It lowers the brewing down, and the fragrant liquid rises upward.

French press for tea has several advantages, this is:

The brewing of coffee or tea in a jacket presses a little time. In it you can adjust the fortress of the drink. Press for tea and coffee fully reveals the aroma of any drink. His taste will be clean, without extraneous flavors, smells. For example, in this way coffee is not thick, does not have bitterness, sourness.

How to brew coffee in a jacket: step-by-step instructions

Most people simply pour coffee, fill it with boiling water, lowers the filter a little and waits. But in order to better reveal taste and aromatic qualities, you should do differently:

  • Put the water boil.
  • Grind the grains as much as you need for once
  • Rinse the beast with hot water (strictly speaking, there are no studies confirming that this radically affects the taste of coffee, but most manufacturers and barista recommend this).
  • Pour coffee based on the proportion of 1.5 tablespoons for 200 ml.
  • Slowly pour about a third of already slightly cooled water (or half, if it is frankly few), spilling it on the surface so as to moisten the entire layer.
  • Stir and let stand for a minute.
  • Share the remaining water, close the lid, but raise the filter so that it does not touch the surface. let it be brewing on it, the lid is needed only to maintain heat.
  • Let stand for 3-3.5 minutes.
  • Small the filter smoothly, leaving a couple of centimeters to the bottom (if you do it sharply, the drink may splash out).
  • Pour cups, leaving a little drink, do not squeeze everything to the last drop.

If you do not immediately use the entire volume, pour it into a separate jug. Gushch continues to extract, and the finished coffee will turn out to be too strong, bitter, with a lot of caffeine.

A selection of popular brands and models


There are a lot of jackets in the domestic market, but the Vitesse brand stands out separately from them. The company offers functional, durable and convenient solutions for every taste, and most of the consumer notes that this is one of the very worthy brands in terms of price ratio and quality. We are considering all the features of the French presses of Vitesse.

About company

On some sites, France is indicated as the manufacturer, but this is not so. The word “jacket” and the name. “vitesse” in French means “speed” misleads the word.

In fact, everything is produced in China. But this is not a banal cheap stamping of disposable custards, which crack after a short time, but a very high.quality product, made under the control of experts. As a result, the Chinese French press vitessa serves really long and at the same time very convenient to use. Production in China allows you to reduce the cost of production, and offer high.strength bugs at a price quite affordable to the mass consumer.


All Vitesse jackets are arranged according to one principle, as, in general, the rest. This is a cylindrical flask, in which a piston with a sieve filter moves, besieging a thick.

Design and execution can be different:

  • Flask. from special heat.resistant glass or stainless steel;
  • The case is made of curly or complete stainless steel, from nickelized steel, as an option. from double glass, ordinary or heat.resistant plastic;
  • Pen. bakelitis, stainless steel, plastic, heat.resistant glass;
  • Filter. exclusively stainless steel. By the way, they can be purchased separately;
  • Cover-usually stainless steel, as it is connected to a mesh-filter.

Any models of the jacket of presses Vitsa can be washed in a dishwasher.


The company produces several lines of its products, so everyone can find a suitable option for their budget and aesthetic preferences. There are both budget solutions and very exclusive and aesthetic models that will decorate the kitchen, office and restaurant.

The of goods from one collection are largely dependent on the volume of the flask: there are both mini-tints for 350-400 ml, and large, by 800-1000 ml, the cost varies from this.


Quite simple, familiar to all models. Transparent flask, a case made of thin steel lines or plastic, a metal or plastic handle and a lid. On the case, on the metal, there may be a picture. Nothing special, but convenient and practical. However, many people like exactly those in which the degree of brewing is clearly visible.

Retro style

Something interesting, such a thing always attracts attention. Vitesse jackets in polka dots, with an opaque flask are very popular. If you choose cups in polka dots to them, you get a beautiful and original set. The same collection is often attributed to a line of custards with drawings on a transparent background. it also looks very good. this is not just a functional thing, but also aesthetic.


Allocated separately, because the seal is in polishing the case. Curved lines, theme. mainly coffee. grains, cups of coffee, the name of drinks and varieties, and t.D. All coffee machines will like it, decorate the kitchen decorated in the same topic.

Male series

It is named so because of its strict design-no funny drawings, exclusively seriousness and minimalism. It is in these presses for coffee that Vitesse uses high.quality nickelled steel, rubberized handles, a dense plastic base. The thing looks expensive and pretentious (see. A good gift to a coffee machine).

Prices. from 1300 to 2100, depends on the volume.

Glass jackets

Made of heat.resistant glass to two layers. A transparent flask and coffee brewed in it surrounded by a transparent case looks very beautiful. It is impossible to burn yourself, since you can’t touch the flask itself. Cover and filter. stainless steel. Everything is easy to wash.

How to Brew Coffee with the French Press

The elite series of stainless became

Metal opaurus, very heavy in his hands, which does not beat. Mirror polishing and attention to details make this thing solid, beautiful, and at the same time almost eternal. The filter can be replaced, if necessary, the size is standard, so the teapot can serve for decades.

The manufacturer recommends using medium or large grinding coffee for any jacket. The degree of grinding coffee), the smallest particles can pass through the filter net.

Where and how to buy?

The brand is popular, so the possibilities for buying are really wide. Or vice versa. it is sold everywhere, and therefore well familiar to consumers. Be that as it may, you can buy Vitesse jackets:

On the official website of Vitesse in Russia. Vitesse.ru, where you can choose not only goods from the entire line of jacket of presses, but also other dishes for the house, also durable, functional, made of modern materials.

In other online stores-there are hundreds of them. True, are slightly higher than on the official website, but if you are conveniently delivered from a particular store, look for Vitessa there. For example, goods are officially delivered to Ozon, 38Pokupok and Top Shop.

In ordinary stores of household appliances and goods. a globe, carousel, tape, magnet, Victoria, Dixie, Crossroads, Media Mart, Eldorado and others.

  • Vitesse jackets are produced in China, but made really high quality.
  • The brand offers both budget models and very elite, stylish and unusual.
  • for small custards. from 800, for large and exclusive. up to 2400.
  • You can buy on the network on the official website, in online stores or in ordinary network markets.
  • This is worthy of attention, a practical thing. which will last a long time. You can buy replaced filters-mitchens.

Rating of the best models

The rating of the best tea jackets includes models of various brands:

  • Taller TR-2300 and TALLER TR-2319 are chosen for the perfect quality ratio and cost. They have a classic form, they are convenient to operate. The case is made of metal and plastic. This is a product of a famous Russian company specializing in the production of high.quality kitchen utensils. Disadvantages. a thin plastic case, the inability to remove from glass instructions for operation.
  • The Vitesse VS-404 model resembles a classic teapot. In form, this is not quite a jacket, a large volume (1.3 liters) will be perfect for the family. The disadvantage is the inability to wash the device in the dishwasher.
  • Vitesse Brianna with a glass flask in a stylish stainless steel case is perfect for coffee. Dishes are roomy (800 ml) and convenient.
  • Bodum Kenya. a press for coffee of a famous Swiss company. Large volume (1 liter), a case made of durable high.quality plastic, perfectly protecting the flask, is suitable for prolonged operation, looks stylish.
  • Berghoff Studio-French Press for brewing tea with double walls of stainless steel. Durable, roomy, it will become a real decoration of the kitchen. It is allowed to wash in a dishwasher.

Drinks prepared in a frane press of any well-known brand are characterized by a rich taste and aroma.

Berghoff Studio Bodum Kenya Taller Vitesse Brianna Vitesse

How to use a French press for brewing coffee

Before proceeding with the preparation of coffee, the dishes must be washed well, then pour over with boiling water to warm, and wiped dry with a clean towel or a napkin.

coffee, maker, french, press
  • When all the preparatory procedures are completed, you can start brewing a fragrant drink: the desired amount of ground coffee grains should be poured into the dish and pour hot water. It is important not to fill the flask to the very top, but leave a couple of centimeters to the edge of the container.
  • Next, you need to stir everything thoroughly. To do this, it is best to use a wooden spoon. it will not heat up from high temperatures, which means that you do not risk burning yourself. In addition, it is almost impossible to break the glass flask even if the mixture is active. In any case, act should be carefully.
  • Then you need to install the filter on the lid in the upper position and close the vessel with it. Now coffee should brew. It should be remembered that the longer the drink will be brewed, the more strong it will turn out in the end. But do not proceed to the next stage of cooking until it expires at least 4 minutes.
  • So, when the time has expired, you can start separating the coffee thick from the drink itself: take the filter handle and carefully press it on it. Continue to lower the plunger down to the end until all the particles of the grains are pressed to the bottom of the flask. If at the same time the piston moves hard and tight, you have to make considerable efforts, then the grinding grains of too small. If the plunger sinks quite easily. coffee is too large coffee.

The coffee brewed with a jacket press is noticeably different from the same drink prepared in another way, for example, in a coffee maker or Turk. In the first case, its taste, as a rule, acquires a pronounced characteristic acidic.

The foam formed on the surface will indicate that the coffee is prepared correctly, its aroma will be saturated, and the taste will be alive and rich. If after 4 minutes of insisting the foam drink did not appear, it means that either the grains used were of poor quality, or the water of the non.corresponding temperature was taken.

It is better not to leave the finished coffee in a jacket for a long time. It is desirable immediately after cooking to pour it into cups, or move to another dish. Otherwise, the drink will continue to brew, and this can lead to the fact that its taste will irreparably deteriorate from the excess bitterness.

Immediately after using the dishes, it is necessary to disassemble and thoroughly wash all parts of the French press. Particular attention should be paid to cleaning the filter, because often small particles of grains remain in it. In order for the device to serve as long as possible, it is recommended to occasionally disassemble the filter itself on the parts, and carefully process, cleaning each of them separately.

How to brew coffee in a French press?

French press for coffee is simple and unpretentious, and the preparation of coffee will not be difficult. Let’s start with preparation.

We grind the grains of coffee. You need a large grinding, approximately like large salt or crushed rice. Small grinding grinding jacket is not suitable. The extraction will go too fast and the coffee will be too bitter and tasteless. The best grinding will be provided with millstones in which the grains rub, and not break.

If you decide to pamper yourself with varietal coffee in a French press, then let the grains be weak or medium frying to preserve all aromatic features. The longer the grains are fried, the more caramel-chocolate notes in them, but thinner aromas disappear.

Folded or at least filtered. It should be boiled and allowed to cool for 5-7 minutes. The optimum water temperature for brewing coffee is from 92 to 95 degrees. At lower temperatures, the extraction will not go, the drink will be sour and weak, but the coolest boiling water will make coffee bitter and sharp.


Breaking in a French press is 4 minutes. After that, the filter is lowered and coffee is poured into cups. Overexposed drink unpleasantly bitter.

Boring recipe

  • Take the coffee of fresh large grinding in the proportion of 1 part of ground coffee and 7 parts of water. If you are afraid of the fortress of the drink, then change the ratio by 1/10. In the first case, you will need about 20 g of coffee per 150 ml of water, in the second. 15 g of coffee per 150 ml.
  • Boil the water in the kettle and let cool for 5 minutes.
  • Run with hot water French press.
  • Download ground coffee.
  • Pour it with water in circular motions.
  • Mix water and coffee with a spoon or bamboo stick.
  • Cover with a lid. Do not lower the press.
  • Let it brew for 4 minutes.
  • Slowly lower the press.
  • Immediately pour coffee into cups.

Some experts advise pour the desired volume of coffee powder with a small amount of water and leave for 30 seconds, and only after that pour the remaining water. The time of insisting and with this method is 4 minutes.

What is a French press

The first patent for a coffee pot with the press received the Italian Attilio Kallimani, and its mass production organized a French brand, thanks to which French Press got its name.

coffee, maker, french, press

Holding coffee in a jacket is carried out using a vessel-heated water is poured inside, then ground grains are filled up. The drink is allowed to brew, after a while, the buzzer moves to the bottom with a sliding strainer, tightly adjacent to the walls. Filtered liquid merges into a cup.

coffee, maker, french, press

Piston coffee makers are of various performance. When choosing, you need to be guided by the scale of coffee consumption. the volume of the heat.resistant flask depends on it.

By execution, this can be a laconic design or exquisite model with a painting for Khokhloma (improved samovar modification). For considerations of practicality, the metal case leads, but the plastic offers a greater selection of color solutions. And most importantly. the handle of such models will not heat up.

How to make a French Press Coffee at Home

It is easier to wash a jacket than a traditional teapot, and it can delay the rest, preventing it from getting into a cup. And yet this is not a beast, the device is provided only for a fresh drink. Otherwise, its walls and the components will begin to oxidize, which will adversely affect the taste of coffee and tea.

  • French press is a beard for coffee or tea, in which hums are lowered to the bottom and is held with a filter (see. where there is more caffeine. In tea or coffee?).
  • Most often, a jacket press is made of glass and stainless steel. But various options are possible.
  • Among the main advantages of a French press-simplicity and safety of use, only boiling water is required to prepare a drink.
  • Choose rough grinding grains. and always brew as much as you drink at once, do not keep coffee in a jacket.
  • The same French press is suitable for tea and coffee. But it is better to have different.

You use French press? There is a favorite brand or manufacturer? Share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!



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