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What icon indicates a delicate wash

What is a delicate washing in a washing machine? How to achieve careful washing and how it is designated?

Delicate washing in a washing machine is a special mode that allows you to wash particularly “delicate” fabrics, for example, silk or wool. The process is carried out at a relatively low temperature with a large volume of water and a small number of revolutions of the drum. The mode can be turned on on any machine, if you know the designation. The list of icons and features of application are described in this material.

This mode is used for clothes, bedding, which are based on delicate fabrics. We are talking about materials with a thin structure, with decorative elements. The delicate washing icon is suitable for such types of fabrics:

  • chiffon products;
  • woolen clothes, linen;
  • microfiber;
  • cashmere;
  • satin materials;
  • different types of silk fabrics;
  • organza.

You can say exactly what a delicate washing in the washing machine means. It is intended for “delicate” fabrics. Also, such an option can also be used for other materials that have different types of finishes, inserts, for example, glasses, plissing or photo printing. This also includes all kinds of lace and clothes with rhinestones, as shown in the photo.

Berely washing in the washing machine is shown by the icon. It can also be found on clothes. the designation looks like this. In this case, the designation also indicates that washing can be carried out at a temperature of not more than 30 degrees.

Due to this, clothing does not pour and serves much longer. Fibers retain the original structure, which prevents stretching. It is possible to save not only the fabric itself, but also decorative elements, finish.

Features of the regime of cereal washing

The sign of delicate washing suggests that the machine works taking into account several features:

  • A large amount of water is used. Thanks to this, the fabrics are less in contact with each other, and the powder is rolled out gradually.
  • Low temperature. usually up to 30 degrees, as a delicate washing on the washing machine is indicated. Less often higher, but still no more than 40. Thanks to this, not only the coloring is preserved, but also the shape of the clothing.
  • Another important difference is that the icon of core washing suggests that the drum of the machine will rotate more slowly. The number of revolutions is significantly reduced, including for rinsing.
  • Superflow at the end of the procedure may not be done or pass at very weak speeds. no more than 800 per minute. If you see how delicate washing is designated, and make sure that there is no spin function in this mode, you should dry your clothes yourself.

How the program functions?

Such a washing program is very different from all others in the following parameters:

  • very low speed of rotation of the drum;
  • A large amount of water is poured into the machine;
  • The water heating temperature will not be higher than 40 0 ​​s.;
  • no surpasses, or occurs at a very low speed.

Sometimes in the washing machine provides for the function of additional rinse. A large amount of fluid helps to better remove the powder from the fabric. Low heating temperatures retain the initial coloring of clothing. Usually washing on such a program takes a little more than more than an hour. The duration of “manual washing” depends on a number of factors:

  • models of the device;
  • machine loading level;
  • the pressure with which water enters the unit;
  • established heating mode;
  • degree of contamination of clothing;
  • the presence of an additional soaking function.
icon, indicates, delicate, wash

Typically, in the instructions for the technique, a possible download is stipulated, which makes up for this program no more than half of the maximum possible. During operation, the drum moves smoothly and evenly, with frequent stops. This helps to keep delicate things intact without crushing them and without stretching them. Often the machine independently turns off the pressing option and does not allow it to enable it to manually.

When to include this program?

This option is designed to work with those fabrics that cannot withstand processing with too hot water or intensive mechanical exposure. This mode should be used for washing things, on the labels of which a symbol prohibiting automatic washing is drawn, or where a sign is depicted that recommended to wash the thing with his hands. The list of these fabrics includes those that can easily break, deform, lose color or change the size:

icon, indicates, delicate, wash

LG Turbo Wash – Washing Machines Features

Often such a program is used to process shoes if the device does not provide a special program for these needs. Also “manual washing” is suitable for working with underwear, tights, trousers and costumes, down jackets and coats, clothes with thin and fragile decorative elements, with curtains from tulle or organza.


In order to follow the instructions on the label, it is important to know what they mean. First of all, you should understand the designations regarding the mode and washing temperature. Below is a decoding of the most popular badges.

A basin with a hand in it indicates the need for manual washing. In this case, the water temperature should not exceed 40 ℃. Wash with your own hands is recommended products from delicate materials. silk, satin, chiffon.

Water basin indicates the possibility of washing and soaking the product. Crossed basin. a ban on washing clothes at home. Such products should be taken to dry cleaning in order to maintain their aesthetic appearance. As a rule, such designations are found on outerwear.

Washing machine imprisoned in a circle excludes the possibility of machine washing. Such designations are often found on products with a large number of decorative elements (beads, beads, rhinestones, sequins, etc.).

Numbers with a symbol ℃ indicate the temperature regime. Image with an image of 95 ℃ speaks of the possibility of boiling the product. Sometimes, instead of numerical designations, black circles are used.

Deciphering symbols regarding washing is presented in the table:

It is recommended washing in cool water (30 ℃) using a neutral detergent
You can wash the product in warm water (45 ℃) using a powder. It is found on colored products made of polyester, cotton, melange and viscose
Machine washing is allowed using hot water (60 ℃)
The figure inside the container with water indicates the temperature mode recommended for washing
Washing clothes at home is prohibited
The product is subject to careful washing. Publishing at high speeds is prohibited
Clothing should be washed in delicate mode, without the use of severe friction and spin
Manual washing is recommended


It is also important to pay attention to recommendations regarding the squeezing of the product. Incorrectly selected mode will lead to fabric deformation. Excuration icons:

Publishing in the washing machine is prohibited
Publishing in the washing machine is allowed, including at high speeds
Automatic squeezing in sparing mode is allowed
Automatic squeezing in delicate mode is allowed
It is forbidden to twist and squeeze products. Such things should drain and dry in a natural way

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Washing recommendations

It is strictly prohibited to press the washing machine buttons at random. If you choose the mode that is inappropriate for the loaded linen, you can damage things or not to stretch them well enough. If you try to launch several wash modes at once, this can lead to a serious breakdown of equipment. The same applies to random launch of incompatible functions.

In this regard, before starting operation, it is important to carefully study the instructions attached to the household device. Even if you previously had a washing machine and many symbols seem familiar to you, you should not rely on this knowledge. The same manufacturer improves its products over time, which means that it can make changes to the design of new models. As for different brands, the icons on their household appliances may vary significantly.

If there is no decryption of conventional icons on the unit panel, but you can’t remember all the characters, you can simplify your life. Print a copy of the page from the instructions or write down the main designations on a piece of paper and glue this cheat sheet on the washing machine using tape. This will save you from the need to look at the operation manual every time or look for information on the Internet.

Icon “Delicate washing” on the Electrolux washing machine

Multifunctional Electrolux washing machine offers various wash modes. In order not to choose a program at random, and thereby not spoil things, you must familiarize yourself with the description of the designations. For example, the “delicate washing” icon on the unit panel involves caring for certain types of fabric with strictly established operation parameters.

In order not to lose shape, color and texture of delicate fabric, which include silk, satin, synthetics, canvases with mixed fibers, corresponding to care is required. over, some things from the most “delicate” materials should be erased with particular caution.

Therefore, unlike other SMA models, the Electrolux washing machine offers three programs similar in functionality. Therefore, the modes have three icons corresponding to these modes.

A peculiarity of washing delicate fabrics is a low temperature, a slight loading of the drum (from 1.5 to 2.5 kg), more water consumption, slow rotation of the drum, seas out at low speeds or its complete absence.

Important! Do not load delicate fabrics into the machine in large volume. With minimal loading, things are not deformed during washing.

What parameters reflect the icons for the delicate washing of the Electrolux washing machine?

  • “Flower” involves washing synthetic materials at a temperature of 40 ° for 60 minutes;
  • “Butterfly” takes care of delicate materials at a temperature of 30 ° for 40 minutes;
  • “Manual washing” is turned on for 50. 55 minutes at a temperature of 40 °.

Funds for delicate washing also play a role in preserving things. Special powders are required for delicate care. And it is best to use gels, which include softening substances and rinser. Detergents should not contain aggressive substances such as chlorine and bleach, enzymes. This will save color and shape.

They must have a pleasant smell and light structure, so that at low temperatures it is easy to get out of materials, without leaving stains. The tool should be on the “Delicate washing” icon.

When to include such a program?

Electrolux washing machine provides “any whim” for delicate washing of almost any delicate things:

  • In mode with the “butterfly” icon, silk and mixed synthetic products (shirts, lower and bedding, curtains) are erased;
  • The mode with the “Flower” icon provides the most careful care for things from viscose and acrylic;
  • “Manual washing” allows you to care for woolen products that can only be washed manually.

Before starting operation, carefully read the instructions where it is described which mode indicates the icon “Delicate washing”. Electrolux washing machine allows you to extend life and maintain the appearance of a large number of products that are afraid of high temperature and friction!

Deciphering conventional icons in the instructions

In addition to brief verbal designations, a variety of characters are present on the control panel of Candy washing machines. Many of them are intuitive, since they immediately cause appropriate associations.

However, in order not to confuse anything, you should know exactly what buttons you press. Otherwise, the quality of washing may significantly decrease. Accidental damage to things is not excluded.

Consider the most common badges on certain models of the brand.

  • Spring shirt. This is the regime of a particularly intense washing. You can wash things with very strong pollution on it. Spots are eliminated due to the accelerated rotation of the drum, high water temperature (90 s), as well as the duration of the process (170 minutes).
  • Shower watering lane aimed at the pelvis. This is an option of rinsing, which can be turned on separately.
  • Drops and plus. This is a double rinse option. It is used to cleanse children’s things to completely remove traces of the powder. This process also eliminates the risk of allergic reactions in people with increased sensitivity. Of course, the total washing time in this case increases (approximately 30-40 minutes).
  • Singe of yarn (or several skeins). A mode suitable for washing woolen things (sweaters, knitted accessories, rugs, etc. D.). Duration of such washing. 55 minutes.
  • Cloud and arrow looking down. This can be indicated by a program for cleansing durable fabrics (cotton, flax, etc. D.). Water here warms up to 90 s.
  • Feather. It is easy to guess that this symbol denotes the processing of delicate fabrics requiring a delicate attitude.
  • Numbers 32, 44. These are the designations of fast washing indicating the number of minutes.
  • The watch, whose arrow indicates in the left side. This is the function of the delayed launch, which allows you to program the washing machine at the beginning of work at a particular moment in the future (within a day).
  • Snowflake. This is a special regime. When using it, water remains cold. This program is suitable for cleansing synthetic tissues that cannot withstand high temperatures. The duration of the process is 50 minutes. Many use this mode as an alternative to manual washing.

There are rarely encountered icons that should also be considered.

  • Super R. This inscription means “super.stitch”. The option allows you to significantly accelerate the process. This mode is recommended to be used for cotton and synthetics.
  • Z. This letter means switching off. The drain occurs immediately after rinsing. This function is suitable for things that cannot be squeezed out.
  • MW. This combination of symbols means washing mixed fabrics. It allows you to load different types of things into the drum, simplifying the process and saving electricity.

How to choose a mode?

First of all, linen should be sorted. Consider the type of fabric and color (white is better to wash separately from the color). Then decide that you will send to the car first. Based on this, options are selected. As already mentioned, Candy offers programs designed to perfectly cleanse each type of fabric. You just need to press the button with the corresponding name. As for the duration of the process, it is important to take into account the degree of pollution of things.

Fast washing is suitable for clothes without pollution, which was worn only a couple of days. If clothing needs careful cleansing, it is better to choose a long but effective mode of operation of the unit. Remember that the amount of powder is directly related to the duration of the process.

Additional options (re.rinse, pushing cancellation, etc. D.) are used as necessary, which is determined in each case separately.

icon, indicates, delicate, wash

Symbols of washing and drying on the labels of clothing, their decryption (table)

On any clothes that you wear and wear, and other things have special shortcuts with signs and symbols. These symbols tell you how to wash, dry, iron and clean products from various fabrics, so as not to spoil them in the future. What do these symbols mean and how to read and decipher them correctly our table below.

Table of decryption of washing and drying symbols on clothing labels

Symbols and labeling signs on clothing labels

These symbols indicate how to wash clothes correctly, is it possible to soak, rinse and boil. What to choose the temperature regime of washing. Manual washing or automatic.

Banning and rinsing, washing and boiling. The thing must be cleaned in a dry way. take advantage of dry cleaning services.

The symbol allows washing and boiling, soaking and rinsing.

Manual and machine washing at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C. The temperature on the characters can be indicated by numbers or in the view of the points, depends on the manufacturer of the thing.

Manual and machine washing at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C. Washing of linen should take place in warm water, the so.called gentle washing mode. Washing with neutral detergents and washing colored linen at a temperature of 40 ° C.

Manual and machine washing symbol at a temperature of 50 ° C and above.

The sign is sparing washing. Accurately withstand the temperature of the water, do not expose strong machining, with spinning. a slow mode of centrifuge.

The symbol is delicate washing. A large amount of water, minimum machining, rapid rinse.

The symbol says that only manual washing is allowed at a temperature of a maximum of 30 ° C. Do not rub, do not push.

This sign means that things cannot be twisted during washing, after washing. Do not push.

Symbols of drying and squeezing things

These symbols and signs will tell you as for this particular thing to choose the right spin and drying mode in the washing machine, at what temperature. Is it possible to dry or squeeze this thing at all.

The symbol says that the squeeze and drying in the washing machine are prohibited

It is allowed to squeeze in a washing machine and dry with an electric dryer

Cannot be dried (it is used along with the symbol of “not to wash“)

Symbols and signs of ironing clothes

They say what clothes can or cannot be stroked and at what temperature, with or without steaming.

It is allowed to iron at a maximum temperature of 100 ° C

It is allowed to iron at a maximum temperature of 150 ° C

icon, indicates, delicate, wash

It is allowed to iron at a maximum temperature of 200 ° C

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Symbols and signs of dry cleaning

These symbols tell us whether the dry cleaning of certain things is possible, if possible, with what active substance.

For this thing, only dry cleaning is allowed (dry cleaning)

The symbol means that dry cleaning with any solvent is allowed

The symbol means that dry cleaning is allowed only with hydrocarbons, chlorine ethylene, monoflitrichlormethan

The symbol means that dry cleaning is allowed only with hydrocarbons, chlorine ethylene, monoflotrichlormethan. adding water, control over the fur. exposure and t drying

The symbol indicates that dry cleaning using hydrocarbons and triflotrichlormethane is allowed

Dry cleaning with hydrocarbons and triflotrichlormethane for OGR. adding water, control over the fur. exposure and t drying

Symbols of bleaching things

This category of symbols indicates the possibility and ways of bleaching certain things.

The symbol says that bleaching is prohibited

It is allowed to wash with chlorine bleach; use only cold water, monitor the complete dissolution of the powder

Delicate washing on different machines

Delicate washing in one form or another is present on different washing machines. Not all manufacturers accept the name “delicate washing”, but this does not mean that they do not use the programs similar in terms of washing algorithms. The icons are also different, but as they say, “It is better to see once” Let’s give examples.

Washing machines Ariston. These machines have two similar washing modes: delicate fabrics and manual washing. The delicate fabric program is 30 minutes longer and erases things super carefully in a large amount of water. Manual washing mode is performed quickly, but it also applies to things very delicately. In fact, these are two programs in which emphasis is on soaking, and not on mechanical exposure. In the figure below, you see the designations with which these programs are marked on the control panel.

“Home assistants” produced under the brand of Ardo. These machines, like Ariston washer, have two icons on the control panel, one means “washing manually” (a basin with a hand lowered into it), and the second means “delicate fabrics” (feather). The modes work in the same way, the feeling that the ardo cars were programmed by the same specialists who worked with Ariston washing rooms.

Washing Bosch brand. The cars of this brand have a badge that looks like a female summer dress. What does this drawing mean on the control panel of the German washing machine? This is just a delicate washing, and this mode is also used when you need to apply a machine analogue of manual washing and when you need to remove things from delicate fabrics, such as silk, satin or mixed fabrics.

On the most modern washing machines from Bosch, a manual washing icon also appeared, though on such washinglies all the icons are signed and nothing needs to be deciphered.

Electrolux washing machines. On the washings of the Electrolux company, which are similar in execution of the delicate washing mode, as many as three, respectively, and also three badges. In the figure below under the number “1” you see two laundry modes: manual washing (pelvis with a hand lowered into it) and light fabrics (butterfly). There is also a mode under the number “2”, which means “delicate fabrics” (flower). These programs are distinguished by the execution time. Delicate fabrics are the most careful and long regime, then light fabrics and the fastest program are going on. manual washing.

Washing machine gun Zanussi. Please note that the Zanussi cars have already 4 similar to the delicate wash of the program. Two types of manual washing (in cold water and at 30 degrees) and two types of delicate washing (at 30 and at 40 degrees). A similar choice of programs allows you to very accurately configure the washing machine to wash certain things, preventing the technique from ruining them.

In what cases do they use

Delicate washing mode is used in different cases. No matter how it is called, the principle of work in all cases is almost the same. At the same time, the mode is most often erased:

  • thin fabrics such as blouses, shirts, silk shirts, etc.P.;
  • curtains, curtains and tulle;
  • woolen and cashmere things if there is no “wool” mode;
  • clothing from viscose;
  • Underwear; ;
  • soft toys and anti.stress pillows;
  • In the absence of a special mode, you can wash a synthetic winterizer or bamboo blanket, as well as pillows.

In general, under a delicate mode, they erase everything that is “afraid” of the rapid rotation of the drum and high water temperature. This mode is in almost all cars of the machine, and if not, that is, similar. We hope that now you know about delicate washing and similar modes enough.



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