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What hood to install in the kitchen

How to choose an hood for the kitchen: selection by all parameters

The hood is a ventilation device designed to clean the air that is polluted when cooking. A large amount of contaminated air worsens the situation and has a poor effect on human health.

Selection of kitchen hoods is an easily solved issue, for the solution of which you just need to find out their characteristics and choose a solution.

Air purification and ventilation of the room. Here are the main work criteria. The air becomes polluted drops of fat, precipitation of gas combustion products, and smoking. One of the simplest solutions. removal through the air exchange system. Air filtering through the fence and returning it clean back will be more difficult. Having asked himself the question of what method will be appropriate for us, and having received an answer to it, we will approach the definition of the first parameter, whether it will remove dirty air or return it to the purified?

Working modes

Air removal or recirculation? Check the possibility of connecting the hood to ventilation. If this is not possible, or ventilation works poorly, it is necessary to set the hood for recirculation, adding a coal filter that absorbs fat and smells, taking clean air into the room.

Discharge. The hood is connected to the ventilation of the house, which allows you to remove the combustion products and unpleasant odors. Devices operating in this mode are also called running.

Recirculation. In this mode, the hood does not connect to the house ventilation and cleanses the air only using built.in filters.

How to install an hood in the kitchen

How to install an hood over a gas stove, so that it works with maximum performance? The main point in the installation of the device is to determine what height to hang an extract relative to the hob. If it is installed too high, her work will be ineffective. So, all smells and couples will be indoors. With too low location, the device will interfere when working in a hob. The optimal height of the hood over the gas stove should be 75 cm to its lower panel.

The next point that affects the effectiveness of the extract is its location relative to the ventilation opening. The device should be located as close to it as possible to exclude the use of a large number of knees and pieces of the air.outlet pipe, which significantly enhances the noise and reduces the performance of the hood. After connecting the hood with the ventilation canal, you should worry so that it is completely blocked. For this, special grilles or valves are used.

A prefabricated hood with a modern perimeter absorption system provides better and fastest ventilation

Helpful advice! The diameter of the air duct should be slightly larger. This will significantly reduce the load on the device of the device and will allow it to work more efficiently with a low level of noise.

How to hang an hood over a gas stove

The installation of the hood depends on the type of device. Flat hoods are mounted to the lower part of the suspended cabinet or directly to the wall using special hooks, which must reliably hold it at the mounting points. Extensions with the corner bar are built into the suspended cabinet, in which a hole is preliminarily made for the duct of the required diameter. Domed models are fixed on the wall.

After installing the filter device, the duct channel adjoins its outlet, which is also fixed using hooks. A corrugated or polyvinyl chloride pipe with a smooth wall or a hard metal or plastic box can be used as an air vent.

Flexible corrugated pipe is the most budget option. However, it requires constant care for the entire period of operation. convenient in operation is a metal box. But its installation requires significant expenses. The best option is PVC pipe. It does not require special care and is easily mounted. However, it must be installed strictly over the hood. Thanks to the data, the recommendation M became clear how to eating an extract in the kitchen.

hood, install, kitchen

The suspended hood is the most popular and inexpensive, attached directly above the stove

We calculate the power of the hood

It is experimentally proved: so that the air remains clean, it is necessary to update it 15 times within an hour.

The volume of the kitchen is quite simple to determine. Multiply the dimensions by three dimensions. Floor length to the width of the floor and the height of the ceiling. Or the area of ​​the kitchen to a height.

For a standard Khrushchev or a native ceiling height for many 467th series-2.5 meters. And the area of ​​the “Khrushchev” kitchen rarely exceeds 6 square meters. Multiply 6 by 2.5 and get 15 cubic meters.

15 multiply by 15 and get 225 cubic meters. This should be the performance of the hood for the kitchen.

Often online stores do not indicate productivity in cubic meters. Then you need to calculate the power. We multiply the volume in cubic meters by 12 and get minimal power in watts. For the native kitchen in the house of the 467th series, it will be 1512 = 180 watts.

We adjust the noise noise

We will immediately decide: nothing can be done with the noise of the electric motor. If he is originally roaring, like a turbine Su-25, you have to put up with it. But not only the engine affects acoustic comfort. The design of the hood itself can enhance the sound, like a bell.

Input obstacles. a shallow grid or a mesh can cause a whistle. Just like an unsuccessful filter design. And if the installer or the owner himself saved time and money and applied a metal corrugation for the withdrawal. be sure that she will add a noise. Any obstacle to the air is fraught with excess noise, and in the corrugation of their pieces of 20-25 for each meter of structure.

Conclusion: we carefully read the instructions and do not take an extract with a noise level above 55 dB. this volume level corresponds, for example, a typewriter or a conversation of people in increased colors, when between interlocutors at least 5 meters.

We do not make a discharge from the corrugation. We reduce the minimum of the connection, turns and knee in the air duct. Observe the principle: the larger the cross section of the pipe, the quieter in it.

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Determine the power

The volume of air depends on the power of the hood, which the device can remove from the space above the stove for a certain time. This value determines productivity and is measured in cubic meters per hour. To select a suitable device, take into account the characteristics of the kitchen slab: type (gas, electric), dimensions, as well as thermal parameters.

The productivity of technology operating in exhaust mode is calculated on the basis of the section of the ventilations. But for recirculation models, you can use the calculation method by area. In this case, you need to be guided by sanitary standards.

According to sanitary standards, the air in the room must be updated at least 10-12 times per hour. Therefore, to determine the optimal power of the device, multiply the total volume of the kitchen by 12. Add an additional 20–25 percent to this value as an additional coefficient. The coefficient helps to take into account loss of device performance due to various factors. So, for a kitchen with an area of ​​12 m² with ceilings 3 meters high, a circulation extract is needed with a capacity of at least 500 m³/h.

Most models have several operating modes. This allows you to easily adjust the speed of rotation of the fan, and, consequently, the volume of air passing through the hood. It is important to understand that the more powerful the device, the more electricity it consumes.

The operability and performance of running hoods depend on the throughput characteristics of the common house ventilation canal. Most standard ventilations of supply and exhaust air exchange are capable of passing no more than 150 m3/h.

hood, install, kitchen

How to install an hood in the kitchen: general principles and detailed instructions

Accurate decisions are made taking into account the design of equipment, furniture, size of the room and other features. Below are general and universal recommendations that must be taken into account in most cases.

Start the installation project of a proto.type equipment should be checked by checking the ventilation ducts.

This option is not allowed if a gas stove is operated, because the risk of emergency situations is increased by the drawing indicate how to make an extract in the kitchen with exit through the wall per street

Here the check valves prevent the movement of air in the opposite direction. A small distance to the output reduces the load on the equipment, increases the efficiency of removal of pollution.

A universal grate for connecting hoods and natural ventilation to one channel

This solution allows you to solve the problem if there are gas technological equipment in the kitchen. But it must be understood that in this case, part of the contaminated air will come back.

The power of electric drives, even in the most productive models, is 200-300 W, so it is acceptable to connect to a standard 220V power supply network 220V. However, it is necessary to provide an appropriate (close) placement of an electric socket. The presence of grounding is useful.

What height to hang the hood. they decide taking into account several factors. The minimum distance to the surface of gas/electric plates is 75/65 cm. With an increase in a distance of more than 85 cm, the efficiency of the removal of contaminated air from the working area is significantly reduced. Too low the location will spoil the technique, it will interfere when performing culinary operations.

Principle of operation

By its principle of operation, exhaust devices can be divided into three types, each of which has a number of features.


Recirculation air cleaners work on the principle of continuous air circulation.

The air mass pumped up by the fan first passes through the fat.absorbing filter for air outflow.

hood, install, kitchen

Then she seeps through the filter from activated coal and returns to the kitchen through the lattice on the front panel.


The principle of operation of a running hood is in the collection of contaminated air and its withdrawal outside the room.

Keep in mind! Air is removed through ventilation, so any smells come out of the kitchen to the street, and the room is filled with clean and fresh air.


Combines the principle of operation of recirculation and running devices. if necessary, the user can choose one of them.

Arguments in favor of acquiring a kitchen hood

Prevents the spread of kitchen smells, wet steam and soot in other rooms, in the corridor. This function is especially indispensable in open-type kitchens, combined with living rooms and other residential areas, in studios apartments.

The device is on the air exchange in the room more intense. Pulling polluted air, it stimulates the flow of fresh air flow from the ventilation system or window.

Since the bulk of the steam, combustion products and soot from frying is drawn and filtered, the rest of the space does not suffer from the settling microparticles of the ash and fat, and the humidity remains within the norm. Under such conditions, furniture lasts longer, upholstery upholstery and textile products do not absorb a mixture of smells. Less often you have to wash the facades, countertops and kitchen apron. over, capricious modern technology and electronics lasts longer. There is a significant savings of funds.

Kitchen Extractor Hood Installation || How to Install a Kitchen Extractor Hood

Above the built.in or suspension hood, it is quite possible to hang an additional cabinet, since the device protects the coating from exposure to high temperatures, oily plaque.

If the room is equipped with a gas stove or a water heating column, the device effectively cleanses the air of combustion products. carbon dioxide, nitrogen, methane, heavy hydrocarbons and soot. Some of them, for example, carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) are very toxic, are able to lead to loss of consciousness with a certain concentration.

There are models of interesting and useful additional functions-backlighting the hob, timers and humidity sensors, remote control through the remote control or Wi-Fi.

If you select a mixed type device, with connecting to the ventilation system, air purification is faster and more efficient.

The decision to buy and install the exhaust device remains with the owners of housing, after a thorough consideration of all the nuances. If the hood is needed like air, and there is practically no place in the kitchen, it is recommended to purchase a compact model. Modern technique is ergonomic and multifunctional. The correctly selected hood fits perfectly into the design of the kitchen without overloading it. And the built.in models can be “hidden” under a hinged cabinet or in a countertop.



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