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What freon to refuel the air conditioner LG

Full instructions for refueling home air conditioners

Good for all the time of day! Today in the article we will talk about refueling split systems. During its operation or immediately after a poor.quality installation, you can find a shortage of refrigerant (freon) in the system. If the cause of the leak is a factory marriage (leakage of the radiator of the internal or external unit), then this usually manifests itself during the installation of the device. If the factory marriage was not revealed, then only two remains the main causes of the leak:

    The first reason is the installation error (approximately 80% of cases of leakage). Most often this is due to poor.quality rollering copper tubes. In this case, it is necessary to find and eliminate the cause of the leak before refueling the “Konder”;

  • The second reason is a natural leak (so to put it). Although, according to the theory, the freon contour should be sealed. Even in expensive models, an insignificant exit of the refrigerant through connections and service cranes is not excluded.

The process of refueling the air conditioner by a refrigerant is short.lived, but requires attentiveness, caution and understanding of the whole process. The slightest errors when “downloading” freon can lead to serious breakdowns of the split system. And you can suffer yourself. Therefore, I extremely do not advise you to carry out this operation independently without the skills of the air conditioner.

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Why could this happen?

  • Freon (refrigerant) could stagnate. Everyone knows, this is even written in the instructions that the air conditioner must be included 1-2 times a month and dried by winter. The reason is in the tubes. They can rotate from the inside from moisture (condensate). Then you turn it on and all the cooling substance gradually evaporate. Result: You read the article on how to refuel the air conditioner.
  • The refrigerant is consumed for air cooling, so the instructions say: Service service 1 time every 1-2 years. Spended it last year? If so, boldly call that company and indignant, preferably in writing.

Independent refueling of a household conde is simply carried out for those who have already done this. But everything happens for the first time, and it is never too late to study. First it is prepared for refueling. But this is if you are interested in how to do it yourself. Because the preparation of the air conditioner is also included in the cost of its refueling.

The standard set of refueling master consists of several parts:

  • Freon’s barrel. costs about 5000 (2016);
  • The keys should be available, but you can buy it;
  • A set of tubes and a gas station (similar to a regular pump), 20,000. 30,000, you can do with a manometric kit for 10,000;
  • Gloves, eye protection and electronic scales.

Provided that you have keys, gloves and glasses you can meet 15,000. 20,000. Not so much. These investments are easy to repel if the air conditioners are refueling to friends, neighbors or work on the side.

The air conditioning refueling costs 2000. 4000, can contact specialists?

Causes of leakage

For the product to function normally, the amount of freon in the air conditioner should be sufficient for constant circulation. Unfortunately, the leak during operation still occurs, and such reasons can be guilty.

  • The imperfection of the structure is the copper tubes along which Freon circulates are collapsed on the spot during installation, so minor losses occur during operation. Over time, it is necessary to refuel the air conditioner with a freon.
  • During the transportation of the previously installed product, Freon in the air conditioner may slightly decrease in volume, the same nuances can happen when dismantling and re.installation. Therefore, you need to download a freon into the air conditioning at a new installation location.

When the product regularly undergoes maintenance, timely cleaning, then excessive evaporation of the refrigerant does not occur, the only negative remains. its leak through the compounds.

Many users are sure that the refueling of the air conditioner is impossible, but such, very dubious rumors, support service specialists in order not to lose their earnings. Yes, specific equipment will be needed, but this is not a problem in our progressive age.

Signs of freon leakage

With a careful attitude to the air conditioning, timely maintenance, it is easy to determine that the operation of the equipment has deteriorated, external changes have occurred. Signs of Freon leakage:

  • The air conditioner’s work worsened, stopped cooling/heating the air as quickly as before, does it weakly, inefficiently.
  • The protective sensor of the compressor, responding to excessive heat, is constantly turned on. He stops the operation of the equipment.
  • The darkening of the thermal insulation of the compressor.

Slaudagent leakage on nozzles

  • The presence of oil splitting systems on the elements, the smell of burning after turning on, oxidation of the oil (checked by the dough for the level of acidity).
  • Charred isolation near the capillary tube supplying the pipeline.
  • Glaciation of the external unit pipes.

Icing of the external air conditioning pipe

As soon as the signs of freon leakage appeared, it is necessary to turn off the air conditioner, do not use it until the disgraces are eliminated. It is best to call specialists who test the system, find the cause of the breakdown, eliminate it. After all, the cause of the malfunction can be not only in the leak of the cooling substance.

If there is complete confidence that the cause of faulty work is precisely a leak, it seems possible to eliminate it independently by refilling the system by a refrigerant.

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Refueling technology for the weight of the refrigerant

The essence of the method is the complete replacement of the freon. the old gas must be lowered into the atmosphere, and a fresh colad is pour instead of it. For beginners, this is the most acceptable option. only an experienced master is able to determine the residue of the refrigerant in the system and accurately refuel the missing amount. Other pumping methods we describe below.

A connection of the collector to the ports of the external module

Advice. Before refueling, eliminate the problem that caused the loss of old gas. Ideally, the split system should undergo a testing procedure with nitrogen pumped under the maximum pressure indicated in the product passport (usually 25-30 bar).

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We submit instructions on how to refuel the air conditioner by freon by scales:

  • Drain the old refrigeon into the atmosphere in any convenient way. through the unscrewed tube or the spool of the service port. Release the gas slowly so as not to lose oil. In the process of emptying the hexagon, open both taps hidden under the protective nuts.
  • Close the taps and connect the left hose of the manometric station (blue) to the spool. Make sure the collector valves are also closed.

An important point. Freon R410A is poured only in a liquid state, so the cylinder is placed on the scales upward. During refueling, the flow of substance is easy to see in the observation window of the collector. If the tank is equipped with a siphon or the R22 refrigerant is pumped, you do not need to turn the cylinder.

In the process, it is important not to confuse the sequence of operations and by chance not open the refueling contour. The minimum vacuum time is 20 minutes, during the specified period the pump will pull out not only air from the system, but also moisture that can harm the compressor. How to refuel the air conditioner with a freon R410A, we look at

Why does the pressure do not depend on the amount of the shaland

Freons used in air conditioning systems and refrigerators are circulated inside a closed circuit consisting of two heat exchangers (evaporator and condenser), compressor and throttle valve. In the first radiator, the refrigerant passes from the liquid to the gas phase, taking the heat of indoor air, in the second it again turns into a liquid. Read more the principle of operation of the split system is described in a separate publication.

Recall: Freon is a substance boiling at a negative temperature (under ordinary conditions). To increase the evaporation / condensation point, the pressure in the circuit forcibly increases the compressor.

The nomogram reflects how much the pressure of the R410A refrigerant changes depending on the ambient temperature. There are no clearly set borders

The pressure of the refrigerant in the system depends on several main factors:

  • ambient temperatures and air in the room;
  • air conditioning operating regime;
  • degree of pollution of heat exchangers and air filters;
  • stamps of refined refrigerant;
  • other, less significant factors.

Reference. Household cookers are usually seasoned with two brands of freons. R22 and R410A. Automobile air conditioners are filled with R134A editing, old models. R12.

freon, refuel, conditioner

The real pressure of the working fluid changes several times during the day due to the weather and switching the cooling modes. The amount of refrigerant has no effect, except that the substance will disappear from the system completely. In confirmation of these words, we describe the experiment published in the technical manual of the famous author Patrick Kotzauganian:

  • Take 2 closed tanks imitating a freon contour of the air conditioning system. We will connect the pressure gauges to them and fill in a different amount of refrigerant of the brand R22.
  • We heat the vessels to the same temperature of 20 ° C. All three pressure gauges will show 8 bar, regardless of the fluid level in the tank. Why?
  • When heated, the freon evaporates, but gas requires 30 times larger than liquids. The steam phase quickly fills the free space and is saturated, the pressure in the vessels grows. When the heating stops, the readings of the devices become the same.
  • To verify the approval, we heat 2 tanks to temperatures 27 and 34 degrees. Manometers will show growth up to 10 and 12.2 bar, respectively.
freon, refuel, conditioner

Conclusion. The working pressure in the air conditioner does not depend on the volume of the freon inside the system, it is pointless to measure it without taking into account the temperature.

How to choose a refrigerant

In order for the composition to be suitable, corresponds to your tasks, it must have certain physical, chemical and thermodynamic properties that make it safe during use.

Refrigerants. vital liquids of the refrigerator system. Any substance that turns from fluid into steam and vice versa can act as a refrigerant. There is no good reagent that could be universally adapt to all types of equipment. We denote important fluid parameters so that it can be used as a cooler:

  • Low t ° C into boiling, it should be lower than ambient temperature at atmospheric pressure.
  • The boiling point must be in a stable state so that the ability of heat absorption is preserved.
  • The higher the hidden level of vaporization, the more heat is absorbed per kilogram of the refrigerant used.
  • Non.salmoniness, explosion safety, not toxicity. The chemical stability of the composition contributes to its multiple repetition of a change in the state.
  • The liquid should not cause metal corrosion to ensure the possibility of using conventional materials in the design of the system and a long service life of all components.
  • Condensation reagents (more than 25-28 kg / cm 2) requires massive equipment. Vacuum mode (less than 0 kg / cm 2) creates the possibility of air penetration into the system.
  • Simple detection and localization of leaks.
  • Harmlessness for oils, the properties of the cooler should not affect the lubricant.
  • The freezing temperature should be significantly lower than any T ° C, in which the evaporator can work.
  • The pair is obliged not to be condensed with T ° C, exceeding the critical value, regardless of how high pressure. In most refrigerants, this temperature is above 93 ° C.
  • Moderate specific volume of steam to minimize the size of the compressor.
  • Low cost to maintain the price of equipment within reasonable limits and provide proper maintenance.

The above characteristics are important to determine the criteria for choosing a suitable composition. The perfect refrigerant absorbs all the evaporation from the compressor, condensing them. Unfortunately, all the coolers, circulating in the system, return part of the heat back, reducing the performance of the equipment.

A typical system has many sensors that report the state of the refrigerant at its various points, many control elements allow you to make adjustments when there is a need. These devices are important to maintain the desired conditions for changing the cooling load.

The effective use of the cooler implies an understanding of its connection between pressure and temperature in the system. It is equally important to imagine how heat absorption occurs when it turns from liquid into steam and back. These properties distinguish different compounds from each other. The ideal option should have the following characteristics, consider what they are:

  • The system is obliged to be able to work with an increase in pressure;
  • The critical t ° C of the fluid should be higher than the condensation temperature, t ° C freezing below t ° C of evaporation, t ° C boiling boiling;
  • The specific volume must have a low value in the steam phase and high in liquid;
  • Enthalpie is a large importance of hidden heat of evaporation;
  • corresponding density, entropy.

It is easy to understand that none of the well.known products meets all these qualities. In other words, the ideal option does not exist, therefore, based on the balance of pluses and minuses, you should choose the one that corresponds to the largest number of these characteristics. Important properties affecting performance and effectiveness:

  • With the exception of very small systems, it is advisable to have a high value of “hidden warmth” so that the weight of the substance per unit of power is minimal. As a result, you will significantly increase the performance, the effectiveness of the compressor, which will reduce energy consumption.
  • It is better to have a low specific heat capacity of the product in a liquid state, a high value in a vaporous butter, since the cooling effect increases per unit weight.
  • With small degrees of compression of the cooler, low power consumption, high efficiency will be observed, which is especially important in small systems, as this allows you to use mobile compressors.
freon, refuel, conditioner

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Due to the increase in conductivity, heat transfer coefficients can be improved, especially in the case of liquid cooling, thereby reducing the size and cost of equipment. The ratio of pressure to the temperature of the refrigerant should be higher than atmospheric. This minimizes the possibility of air, moisture into the system during leakage. The condensation pressure is required to have low indicators, this allows you to use light materials in the design of the equipment, reducing its size, cost.

What is Freon in the air conditioner?

Freon is a colorless liquid or gas that is refueling in the split system of air conditioning. Freon does not ignite in the air even when in contact with an open flame source. The main quality of the freon, thanks to which it is used in climatic technology, is the ability to absorb and release heat. It is Freon that provides the cooling of the premises using the air conditioner.

During the operation of the air conditioner, Freon flows. This is a logical process that cannot be excluded even in the most expensive models. About 5-7 % of the refrigerant, which is so necessary for cooling the room, follows during the year. To make up for its losses and ensure high.quality uninterrupted operation of the system, Freon should be refueled.

To answer the question, what is Freon in the air conditioner, it should be understood that refrigerants are of different types. It is worth noting that the first harmless to the human body was invented in 1931. They became Freon, before that the air cooling system was seasoned with ammonia.

The method of trial and errors, humanity managed to synthesize more than four dozen freons, which differ from each other not only by their physical properties, but also by the chemical composition. In the process of work, as practice has shown, one of the cheapest and affordable species has become Freon R-11, R-12, which are practically not used today due to the fact that they destroy ozone. It was environmental problems that became the impetus for the development of new types of freon, safe for ozone. It is for this reason that manufacturers do not use Freon R-22, which was present in almost 9 % of air conditioners today. European manufacturers today use safe and permitted world and European organizations Freons R-407C and R-410A.

These varieties of Freon are a kind of mixture of several types of substance, each of which boasts their own characteristics and properties. It is thanks to this that Freon is absolutely safe in household use, and also does not cause significant harm to the atmosphere.

To determine which freon in the air conditioner, you should pay attention to the instructions for the device, which should indicate the type of freon and its world or European standardization, whether it is safe for the atmosphere and body of the human and animals.

The situation when water is dripping from the air conditioning, standard. Indeed, in essence, any air conditioning device is in contact with water, releasing it out in the process of processing air flows.

Today it is difficult to imagine a person who in his daily life would refuse the comfort and convenience that give air conditioning systems. One of the most respected and demanded manufacturers is the company.

The proper operation of the LG air conditioner is the key to the fact that the device will serve you for a long time and will correctly perform the functions assigned to it. So, the air conditioner is a high.tech device, so in the case of any.

Its correct work and durability depends on the correct installation and installation of the air conditioner. Installation and operation are two whales on which air conditioning systems are kept.

How many freon in the air conditioner

Estimated “standard” amount of freon for household split systems of various cold-productivity.

Next, measure the length of the “track”. And if it exceeds the standard length, then we add a certain amount of freon to each additional meter of the “highway” (we learn from the catalogs or from the manufacturer). 15-30 g is added by one extra meter. Freon, depending on the model and power of the household split system.

Example: LG G07HHT air conditioning has “standardly” 560 g. Freon calculated up to 7.5 m. “Tracks”. And if the “track” turned out 10 m., then it is necessary for an additional 2.5 m. Add 50 g. Freon (20 g each. 1 m.)

It is important to remember that any air conditioner has restrictions on the maximum length of the track and the height difference between the blocks. Excess of these norms can adversely affect the operability of the air conditioner!

Thus, we answered the question: “How many freon in the air conditioner?””. Read the following article on one feature of the cooling of the split system, which is useful for each user.



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