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What f3 means in a washing machine

Water supply is difficult or absent

Having found an error code on the display, do not panic, in most cases the malfunction can be corrected with your own hands. The first thing you should do is to make sure whether the water supply works, suddenly the water in your house is turned off. If all is well with utilities, check the faucet tee, perhaps the flow of liquid into the dispenser is simply blocked. If all is well with the water inlet, it is necessary to inspect the strainer mesh, located on the inlet valve, for clogs.

To examine and, if necessary, clean the filter element yourself, perform the following actions:

  • De-energize the washing machine, shut off the water valve in the dispenser;
  • Disconnect the machine’s filler hose from the housing, thereby providing yourself with free access to the filter strainer. Be careful, there may be residual water coming out of the hose, so do not forget to use a dry rag when unscrewing it;
  • remove the filter element from the structure: gently squeeze the filter with a pair of pliers and gently pull it toward you;
  • clean the mesh, it is recommended to rinse it under warm running water;
  • If the contamination is strong. pre-soak the element for one hour in a special solution: pour 1 teaspoon of citric acid in a glass of warm water;
  • install the filter-mesh in its original place, screwing the element to the stop;
  • connect the water intake hose;
  • Open the valve responsible for the water supply in the system, make sure that the connection does not leak;
  • plug in the machine, start one of the special programs. If the machine draws water to the desired level and finishes the selected washing mode, it means that the problem is solved.

At the same time with washing the mesh, you can clean the washing machine filler hose. He, of course, needs less frequent cleaning compared to the drain hose, but clean tap water still contains various impurities, inevitably settling in the cavity.

If you install water softener filters at the inlet to the automatic machine, you can achieve an improvement in the quality of the liquid entering the system and, as a consequence, a rarer contamination of the elements of the washing machine.

If it is not possible to eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to proceed to the next stage of works, namely diagnostics and replacement of the electromagnetic valve of water intake.

Atlant washing machines error codes (f13, f3, f9, f5 and others): decoding

Washing machines “Atlant” from the domestic manufacturer have a good set of functions, including the system of self-diagnostics of malfunctions. In case of malfunction, the device notifies the user and helps to determine the nature of the failure. Knowing the deciphering of fault codes of “Atlant” washing machines, it is possible to identify the cause of malfunction and try to correct it with your own hands. Our article lists all the faults of these units, their meaning and ways of solving the problem.

As the majority of washing machines, “Atlant” washing machines are equipped with the function of self-diagnostics of breakdowns

How to eliminate the malfunction?

It makes no sense to operate the dispenser with such a problem. Washing will not be of good quality, and the system will “glitch” because of inconsistencies in the commands. So we turn on the rinse mode and check the performance of the machine. Proceed as follows:

  • empty the drum of laundry;
  • reset the error and disconnect the machine from the mains;
  • wait for 15-20 minutes and restart;
  • Using multimeter we test the washer of resistors on the control board of 180-220 kOhm;
  • use a tester to check the temperature sensor, the normal response to heating from 20 degrees is more than 20 kOhms.

People who do not understand electronics, it is better not to experiment and immediately contact professional craftsmen.

The diagnosis is completed by visual inspection of the heating element relay circuit and the control board. If you can see obvious damage to the insulation, signs of burning or weakening of the contacts, it is necessary to repair with the replacement of parts.

The error f03 Indesit informs that the washing machine does not heat the water. The code appears at the beginning of the cycle or during the washing process. It is not necessarily a serious failure. the electronics fixes that the temperature has not risen to the required value for the time specified by the program. Since the command is not executed, the control board informs the user with error 03.

Check that your settings are correct

User errors. one of the reasons for the appearance of error codes of washing machines. Make sure that Indesit temperature on the control panel is set at the temperature you need.

Test Indesitride the machine for proper operation

Wizards recommend running the “Rinse” mode. If there are no problems with the supply voltage, serious damage to the washing machine, everything will be fine, the scope of the search will be narrowed. Negative result indicates cord breakage, unreliable contact in socket, low Uc value. To solve the problem, it is not difficult to fix, error f03 Indesit will disappear.

Perform reboot

The traditional solution to eliminate electronic malfunctions in the form of random errors. They occur in case of a short-term power outage, voltage peaks, the influence of interference.

Method: unplug Indesit power cable. wait from ⅓ hour. restart the washing machine.

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If the Indesit error is not cleared, keep looking for the cause of f03.

Evaluate the condition of the loops

Evaluate the condition of the wires in the Indesit washing machine
State of the wires in an Indesit washing machine

Test the heating element

Checking for shorting the Indesit washing machine
Replacing the heating element in an Indesit washing machine
The heater is covered with limescale in the washing machine Indesit

Check the temperature sensor

In Indesit washing machines its function is performed by a semiconductor device, R of which changes with t 0.

Testing Procedure

To assess the suitability disconnect the signal lines, remove the sensor from the Indesit: remove the back of the washing machine, unscrew the panel and the device is dismantled.

The temperature sensor of the washing machine indesit
Checking the temperature sensor of an indesit washing machine

Electronic board

The last node where to look for the cause of error f03. The module generates all fault codes based on the signals from the sensors. Self-repair. it is a thankless task. Without circuit diagrams even an experienced radio amateur cannot perform a complete diagnosis. only on the test bench, in a service organization.

Checking the electronic circuit board of an Indesit washing machine

Listen to advice from the outside is not worth it. the device Indesit, the electronics of the washing machine is different by year of issue, series. It is easy to make sure by looking at the panels of different Indesit models. But often a visual inspection, without testing, helps to eliminate the error f03. You must remove the module, otherwise the back side of the board will remain invisible.

Error F3 in an Atlant washing machine

The Atlant washing machine is not the most reliable equipment, according to the statistics of service centers, breakages with the machines of this cheap brand occur quite often. Any breakage of internal assembly is reported by the machine in the form of a code that can occur at any stage of washing. For example, error f3 in the Atlant washing machine occurs regardless of the program and the washing can continue. What does this code mean and how to fix the problem?

Explanation of the error code

F4 error indicates problems with the drainage system. The following is what will happen. Reset of water is programmed at the end of the washing cycle. The control module sends a signal to the drain pump to remove the wastewater and if the sensor does not detect decreasing of the water level within several minutes, the device stops signaling and displays a message on the control panel about the occurred malfunction.

F4 error in Atlant washing machine indicates problems in the drainage system. One of the most common causes of such malfunctions is improper connection of the drain hose

To the appearance of the error lead both to serious malfunction, for the removal of which you may need professional help, and minor breakage of parts, to cope with their own efforts. Let us consider possible causes of such problems.

The Reasons

In order to anticipate the severity of the problem and find ways to fix it, you must first understand the cause of the error.

Electronics related

Here it is necessary to say at once that these problems connected directly with electronics of the device or with problems of connection to electric network are considered the most difficult and rather dangerous to solve. Therefore, you can fix them yourself only if you already have similar experience and have the necessary tools at hand. Otherwise it is better to apply for help to professionals.

F3 E1 Whirlpool Message on Front Load Washer

Such problems are denoted by the following codes.

  • F2. The sensor which detects the temperature of the water heating is defective.
  • F3. There is a problem with the main heating element. In this case the device does not heat water at all.
  • F7. Error in connection to the electric network. It can be a voltage drop, too high/low voltage in the network.
  • F9. engine malfunction, there are problems with the tachogenerator.
  • F12. there is a problem with the motor, contacts or winding.
  • F13. electrical circuit breakage somewhere. Wires could burn out or contacts could break.
  • F14. serious malfunction of the control module.

However, problems with electronics are not always the only reason for errors in the washing machine.

With water supply and drain

The following codes indicate such problems.

  • F4. water in the tank is not draining. This can be due to a clog in the drain hose, a faulty pump, or a clog in the filter itself.
  • F5. water does not fill the tank. It either comes in very little or not at all.
  • F8. tank full. Water is either coming in too much or not draining at all.
  • F15. water leaks. Such an error can appear for the following reasons: a break in the drain hose, too much clogging of the drain filter, due to a leak in the tank of the machine.

There are also a number of other codes that also hinder the operation of the automatic machine.


These errors include.

  • None. this error indicates that too much foam is forming inside the tank. This can occur due to a large amount of powder used, the wrong type of powder, or due to an incorrect washing mode.
  • Sel. indication does not work. This error can also be attributed to the category of those that occur due to electrical problems. But sometimes the cause can be different. overloading the tank, for example.
  • Door. the door in the machine is not closed. This is the case if the door is not fully closed, if the thing is caught between the rubber bands of the door or because of a broken padlock.

Every error code has a different solution. But the general sequence of actions in case of errors from the same group will be approximately identical.

Indesit washing machine error F03: how to fix it

This error signals that when you turn on any washing mode the water in the tank is not heated, or the machine is blocked.

Indesit washing machines are of different kinds: with mechanical, electromechanical and electronic control. In machines with mechanical control, any failure is caused by rapid blinking of the power-on indicator and slow blinking of “Spin” and “Rinse”; in electronic control, the display shows the error code.

automatic washing machine, hereinafter Cwm, with this error can not heat the water, the sound signal is given after a period of time after turning on the program, the indicators flash and the display shows F03. How to fix this error in an Indesit washing machine? To begin with, let me tell you about possible independent actions to fix the breakdown:

  • Check if the 220v power supply is connected correctly. If there was a drop, you need to turn off the appliance, stabilize the power supply and turn the machine on again;
  • Press the “Start/Reset” button for a few seconds (5-10), the washing will be interrupted. Empty the drum, load the wash again. Select the mode and restart the washing machine;
  • Check for a clog in the pressostat. This is a round plastic part that connects to the tank through a tube-hose. Remove the blockage, restart the washing mode.

If these methods didn’t help, then the error is not a software error but a hardware malfunction.

What does f3 mean in a washing machine

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