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What does the star on the washing machine mean?

The conventional classification of symbols and icons

All symbols and pictograms on the front panel of the washer-dryer can be divided into four groups.

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The first group: the course of the washing process

With the icons belonging to this group, the automatic machine is switched on and off, and all the intermediate stages of the washing process are visualized through the illuminated indicator lights alternately.

  • start of the washing process;
  • prewash;
  • the operation of the dispenser in the normal mode;
  • the beginning of the process of rinsing the laundry;
  • the possibility of a second rinse;
  • emptying of contaminated water
  • spin;
  • drying;
  • the end of operation of the household appliance.

By glancing at the ruler of the listed icons, the consumer instantly determines the washing stage by the illuminated indicator.

Second group: signs of washing modes

This group includes pictograms indicating washing modes. Sometimes they are also called washing programs. Each mode is intended for the care of products made of a particular type of fabric:

In accordance with the selected program set manually or automatically (depending on the model) the temperature level of water in which the items will be washed. Also selects the desired spin mode, determined by drum speed and spin intensity. It is allowed to select a lower temperature than that specified in the program.

The third group: modes at the discretion of the consumer

This group conventionally includes symbols indicating washing programs chosen by the consumer at his or her own discretion. We are talking about such functionality of automatic machines as:

  • washing in manual mode;
  • stain removal;
  • care of delicate fabrics;
  • night cycle;
  • super intensive washing;
  • washing of children’s clothes;
  • economical washing process;
  • curtains;
  • quick washing.

On the displays of different models in addition to these designations can be seen rinsing with softener or holding the rinse mode. The number of additional pictograms depends on the functionality of models produced by different manufacturers.

Competing companies, taking into account the interests of different population groups, invent new options for washing products. Therefore, with the release of the next generations of automatic washing machines, their functionality is improved and the list of symbols is extended.

The fourth group: activation of additional functions

A separate group of buttons-indicators includes additional functions responsible for:

  • for reducing the washing time interval;
  • for reducing the number of drum revolutions;
  • for control of foaming;
  • for the clothes’s indelibility;
  • for the volume of water.

You can activate the desired function by pressing the appropriate key or indicator button. When the light comes on, it indicates that the selected function has been activated.

star, washing, machine, mean

Icons on the washing machine. what are they and what do they mean?

In the case of purchase or replacement of an old washing machine with a new one, the housewife immediately has a question of what is indicated on the control panel. Some manufacturers of this equipment indicate the deciphering next to the symbols, others attach the instruction manual in the form of an additional insert. Often after the purchase of equipment, all the information carriers are lost, so the owners of the appliance have nothing to do but turn to the Internet to find out what the icons on the washing machine mean. On the example of popular brands we suggest to consider the existing symbols and their deciphering.

Energy class

Potential buyers are more interested in this indicator than the washing efficiency. We all watch the consumption of electricity. And when buying any appliances, we try to choose a less energy-consuming model.

Any technique consumes electricity, so this criterion is not defined only for washing machines.

This is where it gets interesting. If in the efficiency and spin classes there were 7 groups (from A to G), here everything is more expanded. The most economical A has signs in different amounts (from A to A and more)

There is also a test test. In its course lay an hour-long washing at 60 degrees Celsius and determine the energy consumption. We use 1 kg of cotton items as laundry. Several washes are performed with different modes. The less consumed, the higher the grade.

star, washing, machine, mean

When buying a washing machine, it is important to understand that the machine can run for about two hours a day. Saving on electricity consumption is not profitable. Paying a lot of money for a washing machine with a low power consumption level, you will usually find yourself at a disadvantage, because the energy savings will not recover your cost of buying a washing machine. This is advantageous, for example, for a refrigerator that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The washing machine with the highest power consumption is class G, the lowest. class A.

Modern washing machines with electronic control have many differences from previous machines. Now we can adjust the temperature we need, choose a mode, turn on the various functions (spin, rinse, etc.), adjust the temperature. д.). With the advent of such features, power consumption has also increased. The washing machine has begun to perform many operations and consequently consumes more energy. The same principle applies to temperature and spin speed.

Recently, there are washing machines with a simplified control system. The washer can detect the necessary operations and functions with good energy savings. The consumption of water is also monitored and there is also a possibility of saving. You only need to select the type of fabric on the control panel of the machine, and it will do everything for you. Frankly speaking, such washing machines, of course, cost more. If you will often use the washing machine, then such costs are appropriate, because they will pay off over time. Buying an expensive washing machine with great energy savings is inappropriate, if it will be little used.

star, washing, machine, mean

The energy efficiency index (abbreviation EEI) can be found in the technical passport of the appliance. Knowing the coefficient, it is possible to know the level of energy consumption.

The power consumption level depends on the time of your washing. Therefore, washing machines with a higher class wash a little less time.

Level of electricity consumption Characteristics Power consumption, kWh/kg
А The most economical option Less than 0.17
А Low energy consumption 0,17-0,19
В Good economy 0,19-0,23
С Good economy 0,23-0,27
D Average consumption 0,27-0,31
Е Consumes a lot of electricity 0,31-0,35
F Very energy efficient option 0,35-0,39
G Too much electricity consumption than 0.39

Additional functions

In addition to all of the above, some models have additional features. So, many automatic machines are equipped with antibacterial treatment. In this case, a very high water temperature. up to 90 degrees.

Additional rinse function is available if the powder is insufficiently washed. To make things not so crumpled, you can turn on the ironing, which is shown as an iron.

Some machines have an additional rinse function. The washing machine can be secured from children’s play by pressing the lock, which will lock the device, and the child can not hurt himself.

Deciphering icons on automatic washing machines

The signs on the washing machine help to choose the appropriate type of washing for a particular item of laundry. This circumstance not only makes the process of cleaning the laundry more efficient, but also prevents its fibers from being destroyed. But not everyone can figure out what this or that symbol means.

It is very convenient if there is a brief description next to the sign, as on the models of LG, Samsung, Virpool and so on, but not all washing machines take this circumstance into account. So, let us understand what the various symbols on the washing machines mean.

Modern manufacturers please customers with a variety of different brands of such equipment. Large and compact, in classic white or other colors, expensive and economy versions. No matter what model you bought, you should pay very close attention to the operating instructions for the machine.

On the control panel of the washing machine you can see different icons with their purpose. If you do not understand what they mean, then you will not be able to use the machine effectively and for a long time. Incorrect operation subsequently threatens to spoil many things. And if you are used to buying expensive clothes, then this topic should be relevant for you. For this reason, we will try to describe in detail the most common signs depicted on the washing machine.

Manufacturers always provide washing machine models with detailed instructions for use. It provides a detailed description of all the functions and their symbols. Try not to lose this document, so that no unforeseen problems with the unit arise.

What the icons on the washing machine mean

Each washing machine function is labeled with a specific icon. The washing machine comes with a detailed instruction manual, where the hostess can get information on what the specific icon means.

As a rule, the manufacturers are trying to label the modes so as to make the designations intuitive. Let’s review the types of icons that denote the main modes: washing, rinsing and spinning.

The icon “washing”

This marking is usually located around the round handle. which is used to set the required program. In some models, they use not icons, but inscriptions in Russian, such as “Synthetics”, “Cotton”, “Wool”, etc.

most often, everything that is connected to washing is depicted as a picture with a basin. This picture is supplemented by various clarifications, for example, a basin and a hand denote hand washing mode.

Rinse mode icons

Rinsing is also marked with a sign in the form of a basin, but, unlike washing, a container with water is shown here (it is marked with a horizontal straight or wavy line). In some models, this mode is marked in the form of a watering can and drops.

Spin mode symbols

The spin is indicated in the form of a spiral or snail. If this icon is shown and the picture is crossed out, it means that the spin function in this washing program is excluded.

The icons may look different in different models, and additional markings can also be found. Consider what the icons on different models of washing machines mean.

The main signs on the panels of washing machines

Icons that are depicted on the machine. automatic, can be divided into 4 main groups.

Images that show the operation process, of which the running ones include:

Signs of different modes, which indicate the choice of temperature for certain types of fabric, as well as the spin speed of the tank:

Icons indicating the modes, selectable at one’s discretion:

  • manual and quick wash;
  • turbo;
  • fine laundry;
  • cold water;
  • economical;
  • tulle and curtains;
  • baby laundry.

Signs of the fourth group imply the presence of their own control buttons, not just a pointer:

  • easy ironing;
  • soiled fabrics;
  • Increased water consumption;
  • half load;
  • foam control;
  • number of revolutions;
  • temperature mode.

What the icons on the washing machine mean

automatic washing machine. one of the greatest inventions of the XX century. It makes household chores much easier, coping with laundry of any kind and complexity. The more different modes the machine has, the better will be the care for any kind of fabric. However, sometimes a lot of buttons on the technique is a real nightmare for women, because what the meaning of the signs on the panel is not always clear.



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