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What does 5e mean on the washing machine

The meaning of error 4E on the washing machine Samsung and its elimination

Samsung washing machines are of high quality and long life. A quality self-diagnostic system allows you to pay attention to any malfunction in time. This allows you to prevent the aggravation of the problem and make repairs in time. It is worth noting that in some cases you will need to contact a specialist.

Inspecting the washing machine

Once you understand what the error means, you can go directly to the elimination of its cause. No matter how exactly you plan to repair the device, using your own resources or by calling a specialist, first of all it is worth to perform a number of simple steps. These are simple operations during which the cause of malfunction will be accurately determined and, possibly, corrected.

  • Disconnect the drain hose and make sure that it is not damaged. It is also necessary to check the connections to the machine and sewage system for leaks.
  • Check that the drain is correctly positioned. In the case of a strong height difference, water can spontaneously return to the drum, causing system errors.
  • Inspect the drain strainer for cleanliness and for misalignment during installation.
  • Ensure that the inlet opening in the detergent pan is not blocked. If clogged, water may flow past the tray, flowing into the pan.
  • Visually inspect the cuff, make sure there are no tears or abrasions.
  • Check the integrity of hoses approaching to the drain pump, check the reliability of their fastening with clamps.
  • Check the condition of electrical wiring, special attention should be paid to the contact pads, during operation they are often covered with a layer of oxide, which makes it impossible to transmit signals to and from the control module.

Another simple way, which is suitable not only for Samsung machines, but also devices from a number of other manufacturers. to restart the washing machine. This will help in the case of a failure in the system, for example, due to a voltage drop. It is not difficult to restart the machine, just unplug it for a few minutes and plug it in again.

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During the washing process, the machine drains water from the tank with the help of the pressostat. a special device that determines the volume of liquid in the tank and its absence. If the drain does not occur, there may be several reasons for this:

  • clogged sewer pipes;
  • clogged filter (coins, rubbers and other objects);
  • the drain hose is clogged or jammed;
  • pump breakage;
  • Damaged contacts, as well as their connections;
  • The filter is not working properly;
  • Impeller defect.

Causes of the error

After the washing process starts, the drum will fill with water, flushing the detergent out of the tray. Then, at the end of the washing cycle, the appliances will begin rinsing. It is necessary to drain the soapy waste water and fill the drum with clean. If something prevents it, then the Samsung machine gives error 5E.

Unable to drain the waste water occurs due to the following reasons:

  • The drain hose does not allow water to pass. There could be a clog in it where it connects to the siphon, for example. Or something strongly pressed the hose, or even kinked it.
  • Water does not even enter the drain hose due to a clogged filter.
  • Problem with the water pump.
  • Software malfunction.

Causes of Error 5e

Among the main reasons of code 5e occurrence we can single out

  • The water drain is clogged. The passage of water through the part is blocked partially or completely.
  • Debris accumulation in the place of hose connection to the sewer. Sometimes small objects and debris get into the siphon and block the flow of water.
  • Dirt and debris clog drain hose. Even with careful loading of items, it cannot be ruled out that small objects will get inside the system. For example, a button or rivet may come off a garment while washing. It may end up being pumped out by the pump along with the used liquid. If there are many of these items, they will clog the hose. This will make it impossible to drain the water, the system will stop the cycle and generate an error.
  • Drain hose is kinked. Occasionally, overcooking this part can also cause the code to occur.
  • Control board malfunction. The system may not be receiving a drain signal. Sometimes it can be caused by a software problem, but more often it is a sign of a more serious problem.
  • Drain pump failure. The first problem that can occur is disconnected contacts leading from the pump to the control board. Such a problem often occurs due to incorrect transportation of the washing machine. Another option is a faulty pump, when a complete replacement of the part is required.
  • The presence of dirt and foreign objects, blocking the exit of water through the drain connection. Through this part, the used liquid enters the pump for pumping out.
  • Wires connecting the pump to the electronic module are damaged. They can burn out or be damaged. The wiring may have to be replaced completely or be damaged only partially.

Error 5E Samsung washing machine: meaning and elimination

Now, thanks to new technology, the root of the problem can be identified by a code on the display. The important thing is to know what this code means.

Error 5e can occur when the machine is rinsing or during the main wash step. If you have an older model of machine Samsung, not equipped with a screen, this problem will indicate the light in front of the temperature value of 40 degrees plus the flickering lights of all modes.

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Is it worth worrying about it? No. All you need to do in this situation: perform a few simple steps, in case they do not help, contact a good service: repair of washing machines at home Perm.

What to do with the filter compartment you already know. All the above-described manipulations should be performed regularly, so that in the presence of a Samsung washing machine error 5E, you can be sure that the problem is not in the filter.

To avoid this particular problem, don’t forget to also carefully check the s in your clothes before machine cleaning for tiny debris that settles in the compartment and keeps the liquid out.

Samsung Washing Machine 5E Error Fix

When the 5E error pops up on your Samsung washing machine, but the drain hose and filtration section are fine, look for a breach externally at the junction with the sewer pipes.

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What does the error code E1 mean on Samsung washing machines

If you have purchased a wonderful washing machine Samsung, and after a while there was a failure, do not get upset, because you can eliminate the cause yourself. The manufacturer has taken care to make it easier to find the breakdown with the code on the display. From this article you will learn what the error code E1 means in Samsung washing machines and how to fix the problem.

What does Error 5E (SE) on a Samsung washing machine means, and how to fix it yourself

In modern models of the washing machine Samsung error 5E (before 2007). code E2) means problems with the water flush at the washing or rinse stage. In half of the cases, you can try to eliminate the causes of this error signal yourself.



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