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What dishes for induction tiles of desktop

What does the sign on the dishes for induction plates mean?

Induction kitchen slab. a slab operating on the principle of the effects of vortex currents on the molecular structure of the dishes, which leads to its heating. Stream twisting in the current course are created due to the action of a high.frequency magnetic field.

The susceptibility of the material to the magnetic field from which the dishes are made directly affects the effectiveness of its heating. Given this fact, the modern market for kitchen accessories offers a wide selection of names suitable for these purposes.

Features of dishes

To cook food on the induction stove, you can use any dishes made of ordinary steel. However, the efficiency and level of the efficiency of the useful action from such use can be low. over, the operational loads exerted on the stove during the work process may exceed the standardized degree, which will reduce the duration of the uninterrupted operation of the device.

Dishes suitable for heating using magnetic induction are made of steel of various markings. This material has ferrimestic properties, which allows it to best respond to the effects of the magnetic field.

The special properties of steel create an obstacle to magnetic flows. As a result of this resistance, energy is produced, which makes the metal molecules perform rapid vibrations, which leads to heating the material.

Dishes made of ceramics, glass or plastic has a very low heating coefficient on the induction stove. This is due to the fact that these materials easily miss the magnetic field, which excludes the factor of exposure to the latter on their molecular structures. Heating occurs, but its degree is so small that the environment absorbs heat earlier than an increase in temperature.

To increase the efficiency of heating with an induction stove, it is recommended to use a special dishes indicated by the corresponding marking. The location of the marking sign may vary depending on the model and design of the dishes.

Many people wonder: is it possible to use cast.iron dishes on an induction stove? We answer: Any high.quality cast.iron dishes, which contains no impurities, have ferromagnetic properties and works great on induction type hobs. We present you the top 5 cast-iron dishes for induction plates, the rating is based on real sales of the Posudamart online store.

Induction slabs: what is it?

A high.quality induction plate looks like a regular electric one, which is equipped with a glass.ceramic surface. The difference is that under the burners there are not heating elements, but electromagnetic coils that create a magnetic field, which leads to the formation of vortex induction currents. They act on electrons in the bottom of the dishes, heating it and its food and liquids located in it. In other words, the dishes are heated, not the device.

The advantage of such a hob is rapid heating. No need to wait until the pan is hot. this happens in a matter of seconds. The water in the pan boils on induction three times faster than on a gas stove. Respectively, due to quick cooking, it is spent one and a half times less electricity than on an electric stove. It is also safe to cook on induction, because as soon as you remove the dishes from the stove, the heating process stops. such a stove will not suit, and the child will not burn by negligence.

It’s easier to care for such a stove. Even if milk runs away, just wipe the surface so that it becomes clean. The main thing is that pollution is required to be removed as soon as you noticed them, after turning off the burners. True, for washing should not use abrasive agents, otherwise scratches may appear. Another advantage. since the plate itself does not heat up, it is not hot in the room, even if you cook several dishes at the same time. Best choice for the hostess!

What dishes to buy for an induction stove?

When choosing dishes for induction plates, you need to pay special attention to its bottom, which should have ferromagnetic properties. If you have doubts about the magnetic properties of the bottom, they can be checked using a conventional household magnet. Another important factor is the thickness of the bottom and walls: the thicker they are, the faster the heating will occur.

The most common material used for the production of induction dishes is stainless steel. This is a practical, beautiful, light and durable material that rarely fails housewives.

Posudamart manufacturers mark induction dishes with a special icon

Cast iron dishes with enamel and without it also work perfectly on induction, the only condition is an absolutely even bottom that fit tightly to the hob.

Steel dishes, aluminum and metal alloys covered with enamel or anti.stick coating are also suitable for high.quality cooking on induction slabs.

For induction plates, glass and ceramic dishes, as well as the products of the old Soviet production, are not suitable. However, modern technologies allow manufacturers to create ceramic dishes adapted to work on induction. in the bottom of cocotes, jerow or tazhins, the magnetic disk is integrated.

Frabosk disk-adapter for induction plates will allow you to cook in any dish

Manufacturers, as a rule, mark induction dishes with a special icon, this information is submitted to the packaging and the bottom of the product.

If it is difficult for you to abandon your favorite grandmother’s pan or vintage cocoon, there is an alternative output-purchase a special magnetic disk-adapter for induction plates, it will make any dishes suitable for induction.

Rating of the best manufacturers of dishes for induction plates

There are a great many brands and manufacturers of dishes for induction plates on the market: from the abundance of products and a variety of prices, the eyes run up. What manufacturers to give preference so that the products do not disappoint and serve faithfully for many years? The world leaders in the production of modern high.quality induction dishes are France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and the USA. Posudamart hypermarket offers a wide range of dishes of leading, proven manufacturers.

Fissler Poster of the Top series Original Pro Collection series

The company that has focused on innovation controls the thickness of the walls of each product, supplies pots with measuring scales, sides for convenient drain of liquids and the innovative bottom of the Superthermic for quick and uniform heating of the dishes. Fissler collaborates with the Association of the best young chefs of Germany j.R.E., which tests brand products and gives professional recommendations.

Zwilling J. A. Henkels Professional stainless steel pan

German company located in the “capital of the blades” Zolingen. It produces pans with Duraslide anti.stick coating, reinforced titanium, and pots with a capsulated bottom of steel of cold hardening luxury and. Boxhes Zwilling J. A. Henkels is used by many world-famous chefs, including a recognized master, author of culinary bestsellers and owner of a successful restaurant Cornelia Poetto.

WMF collection of Function 4 dishes with technological multifunctional lids

The premium German brand, known since 1853, produces an innovative stainless steel dish 18/10 and the unique FusionTec material obtained as a result of the combination of steel, iron and natural minerals applied to several layers using firing at extremely high temperatures. Supervisory dishes with thick walls and multi.layer bottom are suitable for use on induction hobs and in the oven, easily washed in dishwashers. The Function 4 collection is equipped with multifunctional lids with silicone seals that allow you to adjust the amount of steam produced, and also serve as a colander for draining

Silampos stainless steel dishes from Portugal

This brand’s dishes were repeatedly marked by prestigious prizes in the fields of technical innovation and industrial design. Silampos pans, pans and buckets presented in almost 30 collections are diverse in design, and their quality is fully consistent with the price. The first line of the company was designed for operation in large catering establishments. since then it has only improved the impact, hygiene and durability of its products.

Arcos pan from the Forza collection of stainless steel

The Spanish brand Arcos is the largest manufacturer of kitchen utensils in Europe of the middle and premium price segment. The walls and the bottom of the kitchen dishes have a three.layer structure: stainless steel. aluminum. stainless steel. Such dishes warmly and evenly warms up, retains heat for a long time and slowly cools down. The assortment contains frying pans of cast aluminum with anti.stick coating and a three.layer bottom, which are also compatible with induction plates.

Anolon kitchen dishes with special aesthetics

The American company Anolon uses modern engineering solutions and technological innovations for the production of modern and functional kitchen utensils. The manufacturer promotes the food culture, and seeks to inspire consumers to create home dishes of high kitchen using convenient and functional dishes. Distinctive feature of Anolon dishes. A unique multilayer bottom of stainless steel with a copper core, providing exceptional thermal conductivity and control over the temperature regime of preparation.

Berghoff dishes, thought out to the smallest detail

The Berghoff design and design department is permanently led by the founder of Raf Vanthore, a designer with great experience. His attention to details and progressive ideas have repeatedly provided victories at international competitions, where only the design of the dishes was evaluated, but also its functionality, ergonomicity and innovation. The company produces stainless steel dishes 18/10 of the highest quality. The design of the three.layer bottom makes energy.efficient cooking and uniform distribution of heat over the entire surface, excluding the handling.

Beka German quality for a reasonable price

Poster and pans of the German company Beka conquered the world with quality, functionality, aesthetics and reasonable prices. Dishes are made of stainless steel brand 18/10, which has an almost unlimited service life. Separate series are made without familiar plastic pens, which replace convenient removable holders. Thanks to this, the dishes can be used for cooking in the oven. The capsule multilayer bottom provides the optimal distribution of heat over the entire surface and a long heat transfer.

Silga unique modular dishes

Since 1944, the Italian company Silga has been producing technological dishes of stainless steel brand 18/10. The unique modular design of the dishes allows you to combine pots, stewpan and pans, and cook dishes simultaneously at several levels, an ejeone place on the stove and electricity. Another development embedded in the production of Silga. covers with an indicator of temperature (thermal attewer), which allow you to control the level of heating (low, medium, high) in the process of cooking.

Choose cast.iron dishes for induction plates for different kitchen tasks

Each kitchen has at least one cast.iron frying pan with a regular or wooden handle. An important thing in the household. Professional cooks consider such dishes ideal for languishing dishes, however, the thickness of the pan should be at least 4 mm. Due to the thick bottom and walls, the dishes evenly warm up over the entire surface and slowly gives heat. Products can languish in a cast.iron frying pan with an hour, becoming even tastier, more tender and juicier.

Pop Up Socket Kitchen Worktop Installation | The Carpenter’s Daughter

Pancakes are baked in cast.iron pans, stew meat or vegetables, fried tobacco chicken (for this you need to further get the press) and prepare many other delicious dishes. But it is better, of course, not to limit yourself to one pan, and to purchase several. One is useful for fish (cast iron. porous material that absorbs smells), the other, corrugated, suitable for frying steaks or vegetables with rosy stripes. The handles of the pans can be solid (they need a tack or silicone pads) or wooden. Sometimes there are models with removable handles.

Fans of Asian cuisine will appreciate the cast.iron conical conical pan. Once upon a time, Chinese peasants invented it, trying to save on fuel. They seem to have succeeded-food in a pan-car is preparing quickly and remains warm for a long time-it can be re-warned! In such a bowl is prepared with a minimum of oil, so the food is useful, light and low.calorie. In a pan-car, they fried, stew, boil, baked, cook or steam. And if you purchase an additional special lattice, you can cook several dishes at once. for example, meat languishes below, vegetables on top. vegetables.

Cast iron stewpan is a universal dish that serves as an ordinary pot, and a pot, and a pan with high sides. Initially, in France, where a stewpan comes from, it was used to prepare a honeycomb. dishes, the ingredients for which were fried over high heat with constant mixing. The high edges of the saucepan allowed not only to turn the products, but also to shake them. Now the functionality has expanded, in the stewpan they pass, stew, boil and fried. He can have two pens, like a pan, or one, like a pan.

There is another dishes that reminiscent of both a pan and a pan. This is a cast.iron roasting, which is still not a pan and not a pan. She has very thick walls, so it is prepared with a minimum amount of oil or extinguished in its own juice. Such kitchen utensils will like the adherents of healthy diet. In the frozen, products languish, preserving natural taste and acquiring juiciness. This pan is also used to extinguish, frying and baking meat, fish, vegetables, it gets delicious stew, hot and casserole.

In the cast.iron duckling, despite its name, not only a duck is prepared, but also a chicken, pilaf, potatoes with meat, vegetable stew, hot, jules, cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, soups, porridge, pasta with meat and vegetables, sauces. A Kazan of cast iron is indispensable for cooking in nature, but at home a real Uzbek pilaf, lagman and shurpa can be made in it. traditional oriental soup, fat and thick, on meat broth. Or extinguish vegetables with meat, fish or pasta- dishes will languish in their own juice and will turn out as tasty as in a goose or fried.

Interesting dishes that came to us from the Middle East. Tain. In fact, this is a saucepan with a cone.shaped lid, in which the dishes are prepared slowly and differ in extraordinary tenderness, especially if the tags are made of cast iron. The secret is that in the process of cooking, steam forms, which condenses on the lid and falls back into the products. Cast iron tags for the preparation of vegetable, fish and meat dishes are especially good. even a dry beef will melt in the mouth!

In a cast.iron pan, you can prepare all the above dishes, including pilaf. It is the cast iron pan that is ideal for the preparation of the famous Swiss Fondu. And the cocot, which is outwardly easy to confuse with the pan, nevertheless solves other culinary problems, because it has a heavy, tightly adjacent cover. This dishes were invented by French gourmets who sought to maintain the taste and aroma of dishes as much as possible in the process of cooking.

Kokotnik can be called a combination of the best properties of pots, pans and gosmos. In the shape of cocots are round, similar to a stewpan, and oval in terms of a duckl’s type or a gamus. In France, cocotes are used for extinguishing and baking. The famous beef in bourgun, a rooster in wine, duck confines and a cashier (bean plowcock with greens and meat) are prepared in a cocoon. But cocottum is sometimes more than just a pan. For example, in designer enameled cocots from the French brand Staub, you can serve food to serve on the table. it looks bright, stylish and unusual.

Features of cast.iron dishes

Why cast.iron dishes are ideal for induction plates? The fact is that she has an even bottom, so the pan or pan will fit tightly to the hob and heat up faster. Cast iron also has the ability to evenly distribute heat, so the food will be prepared from all sides and will not burn. Cast iron dishes slowly cool. In addition, after turning off the burner, the effect of languor is created, which immediately affects the taste of the dish.

Cast iron. durable and wear.resistant material, practically not subject to deformations, with proper care of cast.iron dishes, you can use decades. Poster pots and roasters are indispensable for cooking in nature with barbecue and barbecue. And often pans and pots from cast iron turn into a family relic and are transferred to children and grandchildren.

Cast iron dishes can withstand any thermal loads, is not afraid of metal blades, since it has a natural and ecological anti.stick layer (patina), which is not destroyed, but on the contrary, it becomes more and stronger than years even more. Typically, it is customary to pump a new frying pan with vegetable oil. But if you buy dishes from well.proven manufacturers, you do not have to process it before the first use. it is already ready for the most daring kitchen experiments.

In addition, food prepared in cast.iron dishes is enriched with food iron and increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood. And also cast.iron kitchen utensils, if nothing is buried to it, you can not wash, but simply rinse under hot water and wipe dry. in general, continuous positive emotions!

Of the minuses. cast.iron dishes cannot be washed in a dishwasher, it rusts from long.term stay in the water. For this reason, pots and pans of cast iron after washing should be wiped dry and lubricated with oil. And, in no case, do not soak. It is not recommended to use abrasive detergents and metal lips. In addition, cast iron is quite heavy and fragile, when it falls, it is easily damaged.

You should be neat and when using such dishes on the induction stove, so as not to break the glass.ceramic surface.

Many housewives love cast.iron dishes with enameled coating. it looks stylish, does not oxidize products and does not rust. Enamel coating facilitates the care of dishes, and it is much easier to wash. But enameled kitchen utensils are prone to chips, so you need to handle it carefully and accurately. If enamel is damaged, use dishes on the induction stove is not recommended.

What should you refuse

Before choosing a new dishes for an induction stove, you need to study the material from which it is made. If the bottom contains ferromagnetic alloys, then there are no problems, such products (in accordance with the basic requirements) can be purchased. And which products are not suitable for cooking?

How to Cook with Enameled Cast Iron

  • Ceramic dishes for induction plates are absolutely useless, you can store food, but it will not heat up.
  • Glass products.
  • Aluminum pots, pans, if steel is not present as part of the metal, this nuance can be clarified by the seller, or familiarize yourself with the information on the packaging.
  • Copper dishes, like aluminum, is suitable only with a magnetic alloy at the bottom.
  • Brass products react to a magnet, but there are too few ferromagnetic particles. This is expressed in the slow and weak heating of the bottom, therefore, in long cooking. Such dishes can be suitable, but the use will be extremely uncomfortable.

Induction slabs increase their popularity. Dishes do not lag behind. On store shelves you can find induction dishes in retail and a set, with any stylistic solution and in all price categories. But there are manufacturers who produce guaranteed high.quality dishes.

  • Fissler. This company is located in Germany, and its production lines are located exclusively in the same place. In the brand dishes, everything is provided: there is uniform heating, ruler with a litter, drain nose, hermetic lids. Price policy. above average.
  • Zwilling J. A. Henckels. This brand has a wider scatter of the price: from average to luxury. The company is proud that many famous chefs choose the dishes of this particular brand.
  • Zanussi. Europe again, this time Italy. Zanussi produces induction dishes with a complex bottom structure for uniform heating. Dishes of this brand can afford a wide circle of buyers.
  • Kochstar. This German brand produces pots not only in traditional design. He has bright, juicy dishes that will not fade for many years. This is the main feature of the brand. The technical quality of utensils is excellent.
  • Staub. This French manufacturer represents a very interesting assortment of dishes. If we talk about induction, then there is a choice of shapes, styles and color.
  • Woll. The dishes under this brand is heavy: with a thick bottom and walls, with a magnificent ceramic-titan coating. Heat in such a container is evenly distributed over the entire surface, creating the 3D heating effect. The bottom of the wolle pan can reach 1 cm.

Adapters for dishes

One of the methods of budget saving is the acquisition of a special adapter, which allows you to turn any pan into utensils for an induction stove. Its acquisition will help to save on replacing existing items. Most often, such an adapter is a flat disk that has a handle. When using it, it must be placed in the heating area. A pan or pan is installed on top of the disk, which usually cannot be used with the induction panel.

The acquisition of an adapter will make it possible to prepare a similar type on plates in any pan or saucepan

Operating advice

It is important to consider not only the factors in the selection of dishes, but also know the rules for its use. Their observance will ensure the preservation of functionality and qualities throughout the entire service life. Experts recommend following the following simple rules:

  • Mixing food is allowed by wooden or silicone blades;
  • The use of metal objects is impractical, since they quickly heat up;
  • It is necessary to set pots or pans exclusively in the center of the burner;
  • If the product has thin walls, then it is impossible to leave it for a long time on the stove unattended, since there is a high probability of deformation;
  • people wearing pacemakers are undesirable to be near induction plates;
  • The use of items with soot is not recommended, since subsequently there will be difficulties with cleansing;
  • Before use, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the instructions from the manufacturer.

It is important to put a pan on the very center of the heated area, otherwise a magnetic field is created, a harmful induction stove for health wins in all parameters in comparison with electric or gas. But it is necessary to know the rules for choosing optimal dishes so that cooking is productive and bring pleasure. Once again, find out what dishes are needed for induction panels, you can from the video presented.

As it turns out, half of what is told about the operation of plates, the action of which is based on induction is not true. You just need to choose the right dishes and the preparation will pass easily and quickly.

You can, of course, adapt the old utensils, using a disk adapter, but if possible, it is better to buy a new one. After all, this will deliver a real aesthetic pleasure. to see new pots and pans on a beautiful hob.

Do you know some other features of cooking on induction surfaces? How did you choose dishes for your induction?


Since the popularity of induction plates increases, the assortment of pots for joint use is highlighted by its diversity. Today, dishes are made from the following types of raw materials.

Stainless steel

The magnet’s check before the purchase of steel utensils is mandatory, since some brands in the production process use metal alloys that will be incompatible with induction. On sale you can find separate containers for cooking, as well as steel sets that are different in size, shape and litter.

Steel pots are distinguished by their resistance to oxidation, have an anti.stick coating, suitable for subsequent storage or transportation of finished dishes.

Steel pots are low, characterized by their strength and attractive appearance.

Among the weaknesses of the dishes, a tendency to severe heating should be noted, which can lead to burns with careless handling.

In addition, traces of any touch remain on a shiny surface, which can complicate the care of the pan.

Cast iron

Cast iron pots have a centuries.old history, due to their positive features they are popular today, even for use on the last generation on hobs. This metal interacts perfectly with the induction system, stands out with its durability.

In pots of cast iron, food warms up evenly, so the dishes are cooked many times faster, the metal keeps the products warm for a long time.

In addition, cast iron is considered absolutely safe for operation and direct contact with food.

However, cast.iron pots are characterized by their impressive mass. Also, with sloppy handling, the container that fell on the stone or tile floor may split.

Enamel containers

Castlers of such material are perfect for induction, since they consist of a metal covered with enamel. Such containers do not stand out high cost, have a large operational resource and attractive appearance.

But for induction cores, it is recommended to buy pots with a flat bottom that will not produce excess noise during operation.

Raw materials are completely safe for human health, in enameled containers you can store dishes after cooking.


So that such dishes can be used with induction stoves, many manufacturers additionally include metal alloys in the bottom.

As a rule, stainless steel is used for this.


Transparent glass pots can also be operated on induction panels.

They are not on sale not so often, but have an attractive appearance.

Glass is distinguished by its environmental friendliness, it is easy to care for it.

In order to interact the container with the burner, the manufacturers additionally equip the pots with a special magnetic bottom.


Today there are pots of different volumes on sale, however, the thickness of the bottom is of paramount importance. As a rule, it happens from 0.5 to 1 centimeter.

As for the optimal size, the capacity for cooking should be such that it occupies at least 70% of the entire area of ​​the working burner with which interaction will occur.

If the dishes are smaller, then electric currents will begin to spread around without contacting the bottom of the pan.

In addition to the fact that in this way it will not be possible to cook food, so the magnetic field will also have a negative effect on a nearby technique and a person.

When choosing dishes for cooking, it must be borne in mind that the speed of cooking directly depends on the area of ​​contact with the stove.

Therefore, it is better to purchase comfortable 3, 5 or 10-liter pots, wide in diameter, but with low walls.

Some modifications of induction hobs have a function of automatic adjustment to the size of the capacities used.

If the burners themselves control the interaction with the bottom of the pan, then any dishes can be in operation: from the smallest volumes to 10 liters or more.

Rules for use

Induction slabs can be used even for the preparation of coffee in jzes. However, in this case, the adapter will have to be used (sometimes it is called, depending on the source, a pad or adapter). Without special adapters, you can only use dishes with the bottom not 0.12 m already. On separate induction plates, it is allowed to even put dishes with a width of 0.09 m.

However, the final instructions on this subject can only be gleaned in the technical documentation. Unacceptable:

  • use dishes with pierced edges and mechanical damage;
  • put on an induction stove excessively heavy containers;
  • allow inaccuisance in handling cast iron accessories.

The main recommendations for the care of dishes for induction foci are very simple. It is necessary to evaluate all funds for sanitary and environmental safety. It is best to wash the dishes with your hands, and not trust this manipulation of a dishwasher. Powder compounds should be used with caution.

Abrasive particles sometimes damage the surface very much (especially bad if the dishes are made of aluminum or has a teflon coating).

  • use only hot water for washing;
  • First soak dishes in water to soften the upper layer of dirt;
  • fight fat using vinegar additive;
  • wash first less contaminated dishes, and then more clogged;
  • Do not pour cold water into hot dishes (and vice versa);
  • minimize the use of steel brushes or hard washcloths, as well as metal scrapers.

Alternatives using adapters

Thanks to the flat disk installed between the stove and dishes, it will be possible to use even the most ordinary dishes on the induction stove. Including pots, coffee makers, pans. The inductance disk in thickness reaches 3-6 mm. This is always a multilayer product. Such an accessory replaces a ferromagnetic bottom.

If it is used, you can use containers of ordinary and heat.resistant glass, ceramics of all varieties, dousing clay, aluminum, copper.

When selecting adapters, they think about the total thickness, structure of layers, external color, diameter (with the calculation of the bottom of the dishes 80% of the surface), the presence of the removed handle (provides additional convenience).



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