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What degree of grinding to choose in a coffee machine

What kind of grinding coffee for a coffee machine is better in 2022

One of the conditions for making delicious coffee is the correct grinding grinder. It can be rude, medium, small (thin), extremely small. It is selected individually under the method of brewing: in our case, this is a coffee machine. Provides to the beloved espresso good density, a rich taste, gives the Crema structure to pure cappuccino, latte. Harvested in small quantities in order to preserve the aroma, taste characteristics.

The essence of the preparation of a fragrant drink is that the fried grains are as saturated with acids, microelements, tannins as much as possible. The necessary sweetness, piquant bitterness, special taste characteristics were handed over to brewed coffee.

To fully reveal the taste bouquet of coffeeboard, the beans are pre.chopped to such fractions:

  • Rough (large grinding). particles are up to 1 mm in diameter and are very similar to large salt; Fingers are well felt; It is better to brew such coffee in a French press, insist at least 3-4 minutes;
  • medium (universal). particles up to 0.5 mm in diameter resemble granulated sugar; the time of extraction (brewing) does not exceed 3 minutes, and the fraction itself is more suitable for coffee makers (geyser, with a filter); In the absence of a coffee maker, you can brew directly in a cup or jacket, flooding with boiling water and insisting for 4-5 minutes.;
  • small (thin). grinding type “Extra”; Used for coffee machine, provides a dense body of the drink, makes the taste as saturated as possible; allows you to prepare espresso, latte, Americano with cream texture, as well as cook delicious coffee in a Turk;
  • Extremely small-grains are practically rubbed into dust, which is ideal for making coffee “in the east” (with a small amount of gulsh in a cup).

For grinding, use manual or electric coffee grinders. The degree of grinding is chosen depending on which drink and what they are going to cook (in a coffee machine, coffee maker, Turk, brew in a cup). Grains are crushed in small quantities at the rate of 3-4 days-this is how much time ground coffee retains its rich aroma and taste. Store blanks in glass or tin cans with dense lids.

note! Incorrect grinding can ruin the taste of even the highest quality grains of proper roasting. After all, too large particles will make the drink watery, and small ones will give it excessive bitterness.

Coffee grinding

Coffee grinding can be carried out by a professional separate coffee grinder or a similar device in the construction of a coffee machine. You can find the built.in device in the model range of manufacturers of Delonga or Saco. You need to choose the degree of grinding in accordance with the environmental conditions:

In conditions of high humidity, coffee beans increase in volume and ground coffee is compacted, making espresso more bitter. At dry and warm temperatures, he does not have time to properly brew, so the tarry grains need to be pressed more in the holder.


Coffee grinding coffee is one of the decisive factors affecting the final taste of the drink. During temperature treatment, the substances are extracted in grains: caffeine, essential oils and organic compounds. The smaller the particles, the faster this process.

The choice of grinding depends on the cooking method:

Properly configured grinding is especially important for the quality of espresso, which is prepared in coffee makers with Holder (Rozhkovy).

Coffee grinding for Turks

In Turk, it is supposed to brew super.frail coffee. Suran particles form a suspension, thanks to which the drink seems thicker. You need to wait a bit while. It’s so subtlely almost impossible to turn the grain at home. You have to either buy ready.made super.frail coffee, or grind in specialized stores. It is advisable to use coffee powder as quickly as possible: it exhales for several hours.

Locks for Turks (Zazvs)

For preparing a drink in a Turk, thin and medium.sized coffee is also suitable.

When you need to change the grinding settings?

Automatic Polaris coffee machines at the factory are configured to an average. It is optimal, provides uniform grinding of coffee grains to the desired size. such as to get the correct extraction when preparing cappuccino. However, the degree of grinding can be adjusted. It is recommended to do this if:

  • Humidity changes dramatically. Coffee perfectly absorbs moisture, and therefore, with high humidity, it needs to grind it larger;
  • Air pressure or temperature changes: when grain decreases, grinding larger, with an increase smaller;
  • the used variety or degree of frying has changed, and this influenced the taste or time of cooking espresso.

Brewing time, water temperature, pressure and the size of ground coffee particles should be balanced so that when preparing a drink into it, from 18 to 25% of the aromatic components contained in the grain. When preparing espresso, these parameters are balanced as follows:

  • The amount of water is from 20 to 30 ml;
  • pump pressure. from 9 bar;
  • Cooking time. from 20 to 30 seconds;
  • Water temperature 85–98 ° C.

If coffee is prepared slower or faster than usual, you can try to change the degree of grinding. It needs to be reduced if the water spils too quickly, or make it rude if it spills slowly.

degree, grinding, choose, coffee, machine

You can also focus on taste. If it is watery, sour, and the aroma is weak, it means that the grain of the resin is too rude. If the taste is too rich, to bitterness, you need to grind coffee not so shallow.

Grinding grains is slightly smaller if:

Breville Barista Express. Tips on Grinder Adjustment!

  • You cook coffee with light or medium frying;
  • a blend with high m arabica is used;
  • It is important to get a denser cream. tender foam on the surface of the espresso.

The size of the particles of ground coffee should be larger if:

How to adjust the grinding?

Polaris models have the ability to adjust grain grinding. For example, in Polaris PacM 2060ac, the work of a built.in coffee grinder is configured by a separate regulator. To choose the degree of grinding of grains, you need:

degree, grinding, choose, coffee, machine
  • Open the compartment for coffee beans.
  • Find a rotating regulator inside it (under the lid).
  • To configure the grinding, you need to slowly and without effort to rotate the regulator.

Usually, when rotating counterclockwise, the size of the particles of ground coffee decreases, when rotating clockwise increases. Near the regulator or on it there should be an image showing how the operation of the device will change when rotating in one direction or another.

Polaris models allow you to use not only grain, but also ground coffee for the preparation of espresso. In this case, you can grind grain in a separate coffee grinder. For example, Polaris PCG 1620 Stone with steel millstones allows you to adjust the degree of grinding, as well as the number of coffee beans. Setting up a coffee grinder is very simple. To do this, just turn the regulator on its case.

In the built.in coffee grinder, you can change automatic settings. At Polaris PacM 2060ac, they become affordable if you press the regulator in the grain compartment and rotate it in this position. Such rotation allows you to change the degree of grinding within a wider limits. This option can be used in the preparation of unusual varieties or blends with a very strong or weak fry.

This adjustment has several features:

  • Even when new settings are installed, this will not affect the preparation of the drink immediately, but only from the second or third portion;
  • You can rotate the regulator only on condition that there are at least a few coffee beans in the compartment;
  • It is better to perform adjustments at a time when a coffee grinder works and a coffee maker cooks an espresso (or any other drink).

Polaris recommends setting one or another position of the regulator depending on the type, variety, frying and other characteristics of the blend used.

Иногда вместо ручной регулировки работы жерновов можно использовать настройки приготовления напитков. For example, Polaris PACM 2040S allows you to install a number of parameters using a touch control panel. By adjusting the parameters of extraction, temperature and amount of water, you can maximize the taste and aroma of your favorite coffee blends.

How to measure a dose of coffee?

The most delicious and aromatic coffee is made of just tarry grains, so it is best to take such an amount that is enough to prepare a portion of a drink. If you use an automatic coffee machine, weigh and measure coffee. She will grind the right amount of grains before cooking espresso

It is important to accurately measure the dose of coffee if you prefer to grind the grain separately or you have an open coffee maker installed. It is most convenient to use electric kitchen scales for this. An attachment of an espresso with a volume of 18–35 ml according to a classic recipe is needed 7-10 g of coffee. Use scales every time it is not necessary. You can pour a dose of coffee by eye or with the help of a suitable measuring capacity.

If during the day you drink coffee several times, it is better to grind it at once for several portions. then the size of the particles will turn out more homogeneous. Do not grind at once all the grain coffee that you have. When stored in a resin form, it disappears faster, lose its aroma and taste (even in a sealed capacity). To prevent this from happening, grind the grain portioned.

To prepare aromatic and tasty coffee, it is important to grind grains correctly. Most often, the average grinding with 0.2 to 0.4 mm is optimal. It is ideal for the preparation of espresso both in fully automatic and in vengeous models.

If you grind the grains separately with the help of a coffee grinder, you do not need to do it for too long so as not to overheat and do not burn coffee. If everything is done correctly, it turns out homogeneous ground coffee of saturated brown color with a pronounced aroma.

What kind of grinding coffee is better for a coffee jacket

The grinding is the third parameter that is important when buying coffee stakes for espresso. Ideally, you need to grind them right before brewing, but you can buy the finished powder of the desired degree of grinding:

  • Super.thin (“dust”). crushed grains in size of particles are similar to ground cinnamon;
  • thin espresso. particles the size of a bit of salt;
  • thin. like coarsely grated sugar powder;
  • medium. in size as sugar sandstones;
  • rude. like large sea salt.

What kind of grinding coffee is needed for a coffee jacket?

When interacting with hot water, extraction occurs, that is, “leaching” contained in the grains of essential oils, caffeine and other compounds that create a characteristic taste. In the case of espresso, if the grinding is too large, the coffee will be unprotected, only acids will have time to brew it, the drink will turn out to be watery, non.armed. If the grinding grinding is too small, the coffee will be redesigned, it will be bitter with an unpleasant burning aftertaste. When choosing which coffee is better for an open coffee maker, stop at an average grinding degree. Then the drink will not have a burning smell, it will retain moderate saturation and will fully reveal its taste.

It is also worth considering that the smaller the grinding, the faster the particles are extracted. But various substances do not dissolve at the same time, so it is important to track the stages of escort, each of which, when preparing espresso, lasts approximately 8-10 seconds:

  • the allocation of “sourness” from the zoines of Arabica;
  • extracting substances with sweet, fruit and chocolate tastes;
  • Tanins, caffeine, enhancing the bitterness of the drink.

The smaller the grinding of the grains, the faster the third stage will come, and it is important to stop it in time so that the drink does not deteriorate.

What coffee in grains is better for a coffee machine

Good coffee in grains cannot cost cheaply by default. At the same time, you cannot completely avoid available offers. Therefore, to evaluate the quality of the desired products, guided by only one cost, is not worth.

Another thing is the size of the “beans”. This parameter already dictates its processing requirements: too large grains wear small coffee machines quickly, and too small. clog the cameras. Therefore, the best option would be the “golden mean”, t.e. medium.sized coffee grains. And one more important point. nuclei should be without chips.

Also, the roasting of coffee stakes affect the taste and aromatic properties of the finished drink. In this regard, the Italian roast remains the indifferent leader. But it must be understood that grains of grains are discord due to the composition, origin and date of their production. When choosing the desired product, you have to not only check its storage period, but also act on its own sense of smell. After all, a poorly fried “base” or just a bad drink stands out with her fraud, bitterness, unpleasant odor.

Types, grain coffee varieties

This section affects exclusively acquaintance with products for its further preparation in a coffee machine. That is, grains of grains, which will be offered a little below, have already found a positive response in the hearts of thousands of fans to prepare an “elixir of vigor” through desktop electric gadgets:

  • Jardin. there are various degrees of frying, which increases the assortment to satisfy different users with average and lower than average consumer abilities;
  • Paulig. is distinguished by some ratio of arabica and robusta, which is relevant for a certain class of the target audience;
  • Kimbo. attracts the complete absence of bitterness and a strong coffee taste, which contributes to the rise in price.

Guttenberg and Malongo can be added to the corresponding list. These grains are also distinguished by oily brilliance and homogeneity, which is characteristic of any quality coffee. In addition to Guttenberg and Malongo are suitable for coffee machine.

If a coffee drink fan uses a coffee machine, then in most cases he chooses arabica. The latter makes it possible to produce taste parallels between the barbone, coil, aramos, typical, mocha. If the packaging indicates that coffee is a monorant, then its arabica was collected in one place in one season. For robusta, varieties of Ambri and Kuila are used. The most elite grains are those that are grown and fried in Puerto Rico.

The most popular grain coffee manufacturers

Latin America covers many countries. Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica. From here completely different varieties of coffee are obtained. For example, the Caribbean island washed by the Atlantic Ocean give the world a black drink with a very specific aroma, taste. Oddly enough, the price of the corresponding pleasure is democratic.

A large player in the coffee market is Brazil. It offers many varieties, the quality of which is always on top.

If you are interested in inexpensive coffee coffee, then the bet can be made on Mexican and Colombian crops.

In general, one cannot say with complete confidence which grain coffee is better. Brazilian or Hawaii, Mexican or Colombian. From here you have to be guided by the experience of those who have already tried them. And since a coffee machine is attached to this topic, it is also necessary to seriously perceive the suitability of grains for processing an electric device. The following coffee brands have proven themselves well:

The list makes it clear that the target market is already expanding by players from Europe. over, the grain crop can be grown in Latin America, and fried by Italians.

The difference between arabica and timid

The taste and aroma of cereal coffee depend on its species. No need to confuse the look with a variety, t.to. The latter is the derivative of the first. That is, homogeneous coffee is represented by arabica or timid, from which, with a certain mixing, you can get separate varieties. The variety is also obtained by growing coffee wood hybrids.

Arabica and robust differ from each other in shape and composition of caffeine. Arabica has a larger grain, and the taste is thin due to the small content of an invigorating substance. “Naomi” from Robusta, on the contrary, turns out to be rich, strong, remotely bitter. a large percentage of caffeine in Robust makes an invigorating drink with a foamy.

When meeting arabica and timid, both options should try. Then. it is recommended to tast the mixtures to make new discoveries for yourself.

Types of grinding coffee beans

The last type of grinding is divided into super.thin and dusty.

Choosing the degree of grinding should be based on the type of your coffee maker. After all, each type of device provides for cooking a certain grinding coffee.

A Beginner’s Guide to Coffee Grinders

Which brand to choose?


The Swiss Jardin is considered the most popular in terms of the optimal ratio of and quality. It is made from Ecuador, Colombian and Guatemal Arabica. The varieties of the ruler are characterized by a fortress measured by the manufacturer on a five.point scale and taste. Monorant is also represented.

Those who are wondering which coffee for coffee coffee machines, we recommend that you look at, for example, at the unique mixture of Jardin Colombia Supremo. Columbian Arabica is fried according to branded technology. This allows you to reveal the classic aroma to cook espresso with a characteristic variety with a shade of nutmeg.


Italian Camardo with tart aroma belongs to a high price category. It is made of environmentally friendly grain from African, Brazilian, South American and Guatemal Plantations. In the brand line you can find blend with a different ratio of arabica and robusta, arabica variety and a variety without caffeine.

When choosing ground coffee for a coffee.like type, you can stop, for example, at Camardo Espresso Ricco. The drink prepared from this mixture has a rich taste with a slight sourness and bitterness and a long aftertaste with chocolate-male notes. Foil vacuum packaging with a volume of 250 g allows you to save the original aroma.


Italian Mauro is a well-known premium brand. From his bathing is prepared mainly by espresso. The best coffee for an open coffee maker can be cooked from Mauro de Luxe blending. You will get a fragrant drink with thick foam and a balanced taste that combines the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta from Brazil and Central America.


Italian Lavazza offers more than fifteen varieties of coffee with various proportions of Arabica and Robusta. The choice for a coffee.like coffee maker can be stopped on a classic levazza Qualita Rossa bathing. It is perfect to cook coffee with a soft taste with a shade of chocolate from it.

Italian Illy. premium brand. Coffee is made of ten types of elite arabica. It has a delicate deep taste and low m caffes. The companies own laboratories in Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil and Costa Rica, where breeders are engaged in scientific research in order to improve the product. When choosing ground coffee for an open coffee maker, pay attention to Ill Espresso. It is made of arabica of medium roasting and packaged in metal jars with a capacity of 125 g. If you cook correctly, you will receive a luxurious drink with chocolate-honey taste and thick foam.


Russian Madeo is known for the unique technology of roasting. The company buys Vietnamese, Mexican, Indian, Kostarikan and Nicaraguan Arabica. Such coffee has a middle fortress, a weak sourness and a thin aroma. In a coffee.like type, you can try to cook a mixture of a Madeo Espresso Classic from Zoran from Latin America plantations. The drink will turn out with a balanced bitter-spicy taste and a pleasant long aftertaste.


The French Malongo is a premium brand with a large assortment of monosocrats that it supplies in metal banks with vacuum. Owners of throat coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee, which prefer a selected one hundred percent arabica, will like Malongo espresso with a sweet-coil tastes with vanilla, honey, chocolate notes and walnut-digital aroma.

Thus, the rules for choosing ground coffee for coffee.like coffee.like type are elementary simple.

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