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What can replace the cloth strips for depilation


Wax strips by Shary are proven to be gentle and effective for home depilation of legs. The range includes strips for sensitive skin (with avocado extract), dry skin (coconut), for removing hard hair (almond). The kit includes 12 strips and two pouches of cooling gel to reduce hair growth and calm the skin.

Velvet Heavy Duty

Good inexpensive depilation strips with vitamins and herbal ingredients. Comes with 20 standard strips and 2 sachets of oil. The product is universal for all body surfaces (legs, arms, underarms, bikini) except face. Removes even short hairs, and girls say the pain is not as bad as with other strips.

Lady Caramel Vanilla Sensitive

The strips are designed for depilation of the body, but are also suitable for sensitive skin. Strips are of excellent quality, the wax is applied to them evenly, has a pleasant aroma. Above average efficiency, removes more than 90% of hairs longer than 2 mm, without traumatizing the skin or leaving irritation. The package contains 16 strips and 2 moisturizing wipes.

Veet SupremEssence with Velvet Rose fragrance and essential oils

  • Long-lasting effect (up to 4 weeks);
  • The skin after the procedure is smooth and soft;
  • Are easy to use (no need to heat);
  • do not irritate the skin.

How to use?

As it became clear from the previous section, the first step is to choose the right strips that are suitable for the nose, eyebrows or any other area that needs to be treated. However, depilation strips assume that they will still be used properly, otherwise you can only make things worse. What are the subtleties of their use at home, allowing you to remove hair as painlessly as possible, consider further.

Obligatory moment. preliminary preparation of the skin. Stick any strips only on clean skin. take a shower or bath before applying them. For disinfection also wipe the skin with a lotion or tonic. it is an extra argument to avoid inflammation.

In most cases, the recommended length of the hairs to remove. 4-5 mm, but this can be clarified in the instructions, which, incidentally, should be studied in advance.

At room temperature the wax is usually hard and must be heated. at home, using inexpensive strips is done simply by hand. Just rub them in your hands, but do not rush to tear off the protective layer, otherwise you will smear the wax with your fingers. When you feel that the strip has softened, remove the protective film and stick the piece in the direction of growth of the hairs, but press well, otherwise the pain will be, but the effect. no.

Hold usually not more than a few seconds, but it is also better to clarify this point in the instructions for the specific product. You have to tear it away briskly against the hair growth, and to make it less painful you have to pull the skin taut before tugging. Inexperienced masters hairs are not removed with the bulb, and just break, sometimes they even remain in the skin. remove their remnants can be glued to the treated area again.

After tearing off the strip on the skin can remain not only the hair, but also the wax. it can be removed only with the help of oily substances. Some manufacturers add a flush in the kit, but you can do with improvised means. just wipe the skin with an ordinary napkin soaked in olive oil.

Stock up on after-depilation cream, but in its absence will do and just a nourishing or moisturizing.

Be prepared for the fact that the treated area will inevitably redden, and even the most careful treatment will remove redness only in about a day. Another thing, if even after 24 hours there is no improvement. probably the inflammatory process has started, and stopping it requires additional effort. In such a case it is necessary to treat the damaged area with antibacterial agents.

Waxing for the skin is quite traumatic, and in the first few days it will be recovering from the shock experienced. at this time it is worth saving. The action of all restrictions extends for two days. at this time it is not necessary to warm up the skin, whether sunlight, sauna or hot bath.

In addition, it is undesirable to swim in public bodies of water like the sea or the pool, because the risk of getting an infection through small wounds is quite high.

What to replace strips for depilation

Using ready-made strips covered with wax is a simple, convenient way of hair removal. Like other methods, it has some contraindications associated with individual characteristics of the human body.

If you can’t use pre-waxed strips, you can find an alternative.

What can replace stripping strips for depilation? There are several options:

Similar methods of depilation are considered:

  • Using cold wax from a tube.
  • Using warm (cassette) wax.
  • Waxing with hot wax.
  • Sugaring (with sugar). Ultra-soft and medium caramel is mainly used for bandage technique shugaring, when the product is applied directly to the body area, and removed with the strip glued on top.
  • Honey waxing is a good substitute for wax strips.

It is not difficult to make strips yourself. Paper (parchment, tracing paper) or natural fabric (linen, cotton) is suitable for the base. Synthetic fabric in the manufacture of wax strips can not be used. It does not come off well, causes irritation and pustules.

A paste is applied to the base, which is easy to prepare yourself.

Salon hair removal treatments in the comfort of home

Any of the cosmetics department has a wide range of strips for hair removal. At the same time they are made on their own. For this purpose they take a natural cloth or strong paper, which are given a rectangular shape. The size of each piece will depend on the area to be waxed (face, legs, bikini zone, etc.).д.).

To make a fabric base is ideal for an old sheet or napkin. You can also use a tablecloth. The main thing is that the material has a high density, is in good contact with the wax and does not come off in pieces.

So, with the question, what to replace the wax strips, we solved. In this case, an important step is also the preparation of epilation mixture, which can be used: honey, caramel sugar, warm, cold or hot wax.

Such an ingredient as honey, every housewife has on hand. It is not only pleasant to the taste and cures colds, but also helps to get rid of body hair.

No less accessible product in the kitchen is sugar, which is used to prepare sugar paste for shugaring. This depilation method is effective for all skin areas, even getting rid of short hairs. The only exceptions are areas where there are small wounds or scratches. Refuse from such a procedure should also with varicose veins.

A woman’s fantasy has no limits! Proof of this are various forums, where you can get a lot of useful information. For some women depilation with scotch tape is the way out of the situation. The result is obvious. such experiments are often accompanied by painful sensations and rarely bring the desired effect.

Not overlooked is also an old, proven method when to solve the problem of unwanted vegetation helps an ordinary machine!

Whichever method of depilation you prefer, after completing the procedure, the skin should be softened, using special products or using baby cosmetic oil.

You can use any professional waxing paper

For waxing, it’s pretty dense and fibrous. The regular kind sticks and rips, I think.

no. The paper has to be rough so that the wax will stick, but the tracing paper is too smooth.

How to make Wax Paper at home in just 2 minutes || Wax paper for craft projects || CREATIONSHOLIC

When I ran out of professional strips, I did it with window treatments, you know, rolls of that kind of wide white scotch tape.

I tried it with regular paper. It’s unforgettable! )))) Legs 2 days then washed from the paper stuck firmly ))))

It won’t work. it’s not strong enough, it’ll just tear. But you can try cutting strips out of cloth and waxing with them.

Use an old non-synthetic sheet. cut it into cubes (127 cm or so) and iron it so it’s flat and not lumpy. It’s better than any professional paper!

That’s all I use. I buy high-quality wax.that doesn’t stay on your skin very much. Then 2 drops of oil to rinse and moisturize the skin and get high)))

No, you can’t get anything good with regular paper, I use special strips for depilation. like this http://www.epilmag.ru/item/bumazhnye-poloski-dlya-depilyacii-debilain-20_1734.Satisfied with the result, and the price is nice

What is better to epilate with a regular razor or epilator?

Epilation wax at home. collecting pros and cons

where you buy the wax, you can buy the paper. it is not so expensive. In addition, one strip can be used a couple of times

Take an old sheet of plain fabric-not synthetics. Cut into cubes (127 cm or so) and iron to be flat and without lumps!

It’s the only one I use. I buy a good quality wax.which almost does not stay on the skin. Then 2 drops of oil to rinse and moisturize the skin and binge)))

Please tell me more about how you do the whole procedure.

You take the wax in a cassette of a good brand (I’m crazy about the brand http://milenashop.ru/index.php?ukey=productproductID=270032) is Spain.

You put in a wax heater (if such is not available yet, then simply boil water in the jar and immediately there is a cassette. of course a lot of fuss yes and the water quickly comes cold, so you need to keep at the ready to hold a second “fresh” jar of boiling water).

the skin is dry clean, preferably without wounds or irritations. abundantly rub baby powder into the skin with your hands to degrease and stick the wax to the hair was the maximum)

We apply warm wax in the direction of hair growth (for amateurs put a strip the size of a cloth strip that is no more than 10 cm in length) then a piece of tissue is put on top.which should be on all parameters wider and longer than the strip of wax.

Pull the skin of your leg with the other hand, simultaneously smoothing the cloth so there are no bumps.

Next, pull the skin against the growth of hair and take the tip of the tissue strip.

We take a deep breath and ALWAYS pull the strip.

You can shout and swear)) is allowed here, most importantly, that you his shouting did not scare all around.

Here are such small pieces to treat the entire surface.

Advice. it is better itself not to try to do the back of the shin or thigh, unless you are not a gymnast in the anamnesis)

on termination to treat all oil (I use apricot oil, it not greasy and well removes a wax at once).

Do not skimp on wax! If it is of high quality, it is the key to success.

DIY Reusable Fabric Strips For Waxing | Zero Investment | Substitute For Wax Strips

Do not be fooled by simple store-bought strips like Vita and other crap. good luck!

Popular Brands

Wax strips are produced by many brands. Among the many brands are those that have managed to win a wide audience of customers and are in the ranking of the most popular. One of these brands is the company Floresan, which produces wax strips “Deep Depil”. The basis of the product is beeswax, which allows you to gently remove the vegetation from the bikini zone.

The strips contain chamomile oil extract, which is responsible for relieving inflammation along with preventing irritation. The material of the strips allows to repeat exactly the form of the body and remove unnecessary vegetation perfectly, without damaging the skin.

Faberlic hair removal strips show good results. The producer produces not only decorative cosmetics, but also helps women to fight with unnecessary hair. There are several types of strips that are designed for different parts of the body.

Byly offers its customers a series for three zones: body, intimate area and face. The strips have a pleasant smell, which include chocolate notes, green tea vanilla and cherry. There are also products for different ages.

Wax strips from Shary have proven to be a delicate and effective product for eliminating excess vegetation at home. The manufacturer produces several types of products designed for different types of skin:

  • for delicate skin with avocado;
  • Strips for dry skin with a coconut flavor;
  • against coarse hair with almond extract.

The kit contains six double-sided strips, cooling gel in the amount of two pieces. It is also responsible for slowing down growth and soothing the skin.

Among the wide range of epilation products the Velvet brand occupies a special place. The series is aimed directly at home use, has accessible instructions for use and can be used on any area of the body. The strips are suitable even for sensitive bikini areas.

Velvet wax strips contain vitamins A, E, F along with natural oils. A similar composition helps to soften, moisturize and nourish the skin during epilation. The wax strip is placed on the fabric, which allows the material to fully adhere to the skin, repeating the curves and features of relief. This quality allows effective removal of vegetation together with the roots.

The next brand that deserves attention is called White Line. The products are made in Italy and contain unique elements that increase adhesion. The entire range is tailored to the hair type of people who live in different cities.

Cliven beauty line is chosen by many girls. The strips are comfortable to use and come with wax removal wipes. The brand has been shown to be effective and the ability to purchase strips for a specific area of the body.

Vox wax strips have proven to be a quality product. The hair removal product provides a tight fit to the skin, which guarantees the removal of unwanted hair. The brand is preferred by women who are tired of using tweezers to remove whiskers on the lips. In addition to strips for face, the range includes strips for other parts of the body.

Wax strips are offered by many manufacturers. Each brand is trying to attract new customers with nice bonuses present in the box, new formulas and a wide range of products. Every woman will be able to find exactly the option that suits her skin type and the desired direction of action.

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What to replace the bandage for shugaring?

Bandage depilation technique involves the use of special strips. They are applied to the skin after the sugar paste is applied and then removed, allowing a large amount of hairs to be captured at once. Sometimes in Elseda courses beginners ask the question “what can replace the bandage for shugaring”. There is no answer here. The cost of bandage strips is not high, so there is no point in trying to think of something. But still, let’s consider this question in more detail.

What can replace the bandage for shugaring? Some tips from beauticians

Shugaring has become one of the most popular depilation procedures in recent years. It is universal: this method is applicable in the salon and at home. It is less painful compared to waxing, and in terms of efficiency is not inferior.

In fact, it is removal of hair with sugar paste. It is heated and applied to the skin in a similar way to wax. And here the paste has an advantage: a more fluid consistency, it penetrates the skin, covering each hair a little deeper mowing line. Therefore, the pain is not as intense.

The least painful and most effective method. shugaring bandage technique. It is convenient for depilation of large areas, suitable for sensitive skin (underarms, bikini). Bandage shugaring is performed as follows:

  • Heated sugar paste is applied to the depilated area against the direction of hair growth;
  • Before removing the paste, a bandage for depilation (sugar paste) is put on top of it and carefully smoothed out;
  • By pulling the edge of the band in the direction of hair growth, the paste stuck to the band is removed along with the hairs.

The advantages of such depilation at home:

  • Effectiveness. Razor, depilatory cream removes only the top part of the hair, folk remedies lighten the vegetation. And only wax removes hairs together with follicles. This allows you to get the result of smooth skin for up to 3 weeks, instead of a few days;
  • Slowing down the growth of hair. Strips for depilation at home with regular use change the structure of the hair. They become thinner, lighter, more delicate. With each session unwanted vegetation grows more and more slowly, the intervals between sessions increase;
  • Versatility. The method is suitable for any hair type and for different areas. It is better to train on the legs, hands. After practicing the technique, you can proceed to remove unwanted vegetation in sensitive areas;
  • Sparing. Depilation strips last for a long time. One can be used up to 4-5 times until the hairs stop sticking to the wax coating;
  • Mobility. For such depilation at home does not need large devices or expensive gadgets. You can always remove hairs with strips in your spare time.
  • Painful. The cold method of hair removal brings discomfort. For pain relief use analgesics. The pill is taken 30 minutes before the session, ointments or creams are applied to the treated surface in an even layer for 20 minutes, covered with food film on top;
  • The feeling of stickiness remains if the wrong technique, the presence of wax on the skin. But it is easy to correct. It is enough to wipe the surface with special wipes or use vegetable oil.



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