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What can not be done with a robot with a vacuum cleaner

Is it worth buying a robot vacuum cleaner: the capabilities of the aggregates, opinions and reviews of the owners

Thinking about whether it is worth buying a robot a vacuum cleaner for a home, you have to evaluate your living conditions and compare them with the real capabilities of the unit.

After all, robotic technology, which appeared on the market relatively recently, has not yet become an absolute substitute for the good old vacuum cleaner. Although, with the right choice, it can significantly save time for cleaning.

In this article, we will consider the possibilities of robot perceptions, get acquainted with the owners’ opinions about the advisability of buying such an assistant for the home. We also give recommendations for choosing a suitable model of a robotic assistant.

The main possibilities of the robot

World-famous manufacturers offer a variety of models of robot permissions. They differ not only in weight, shape, size and appearance, but also a set of functions.

over, it is the last factor that is fundamental, directly affecting the price tag of each model.

To decide on the purchase of such a vacuum cleaner or close the issue, completely abandoning the idea of ​​acquisition, you should familiarize yourself with its capabilities in detail. And then compare them with the real conditions in which the robot has to work.

The robot can carry out dry cleaning, collecting dust with a napkin or fully absorbing all the garbage, found on the way to its vacuumber. Its presence and volume depends on the model

The roboter can do wet cleaning or a full-fledged sink. In the first case, the robot wipes the surface with a smiled napkin, and in the second it is whitening the floors, having a water container in its arsenal. Or two at once. for dirty and clean liquid

Carpet cleaning with a diligent assistant is a dream that some models of robot permuters carry out. Of course, not everyone is capable of this type of cleaning, so before buying it is worth paying attention to this parameter if there is a carpet in the house

Window washing. some universal models can not only grate the floors, but also clean the window from dust and dirt, leaving no divorces. True, a strong hand of the owner to process for processing difficult places for the unit is required. in the corners of the window canvas

done, robot, vacuum, cleaner

Wash the walls of the shower, tile in the bathroom, wipe the marble surface of the countertop. all this is capable of robots equipped with a vacuum pump. It allows you to fix it tightly on a vertical or slippery horizontal surface, but only some washers have such an opportunity

Underwater cleaning will be able to specialized waterproof models of robots. They allow you to clean the home pool from plaque and other contaminants. But the cost of this type of equipment is appropriate

So that low furniture does not become an obstacle, you should definitely look at the dimensions of the device. the thinner the robot, the more places under the sofas it can visit. True, this will not affect the volume of its vacuumber in the best way

Sensors are the safety of the vacuum cleaner, its possibilities for orientation in space/when colliding with objects. It is the sensors that will not let the robot fall off the steps if there are such in the house

It is worth noting that not every unit is able to cope with dried up drops of juice or coffee. The ability to pull the spots. the prerogative of detergents of the vacuum cleaner modifications. It will only be able to only robots, capable of processing the same place several times by several times.

Also an important characteristic is the shape. round models cope worse with cleaning in the corners of the room. Exception. models in which elongated side brushes.

Also, among the possibilities of robot permutions, the following should be noted:

  • the ability to build a map of the room so as not to encounter obstacles during subsequent cleaning;
  • Installation of a virtual barrier. walls to ban the unit access to a certain place/room;
  • inspection of the room with an optical camera placed on the case and the transfer of the information received directly to the owner;
  • Management of some models from the remote control.

The most new representatives of robots among many manufacturers are synchronized with user gadgets. This will need to install a mobile application.

Virtual barrier. a wall. this is an additional opportunity to optimize the work of a nimble assistant. The accessory may have several modes of action, for example, you can limit the site that is a mini-dining room for a pug/Persian/other pet

Before buying, carefully study the functionality of the model. in different vacuum cleaners, functions may differ.

Redmond Robot Pubeles have a majority of the listed functions. This is a modern device “2 in 1”, which can carry out dry and wet cleaning at the same time

The Redmond Robot has five automatic programs and a large volume of a vacuum cleaner (0.5 l). And the battery charge is enough for 2 hours of continuous operation. Redmond robot permissions freely penetrate the furniture and works quietly. And also cleans all types of surfaces and can work according to a given schedule.

Insufficient absorption power

Traditionally, the robots are very inferior to ordinary vacuum cleaners in power. This can be noticeable in quality of carpet cleaning: the air flow simply cannot tear the sorcerers from the pile. Power may not be enough to absorb large garbage: for example, particles of dirt from the street or grains of buckwheat.

What to do? Try to look in the settings of your vacuum cleaner selection of power level. Most often there are three of them: economical (for long.term work), standard (as a universal version) and turbo (just for difficult cases). If possible, increase power to maximum. Autonomy will drop noticeably, but the quality of cleaning can become higher. Top models can automatically recognize carpets and install the desired power.

A lot of garbage in the dust compartment

As in ordinary vacuum cleaners, in robots, the compartment clogged with dust interferes with the normal passage of air. over, the dimensions of this compartment are small in robots, so cleaning is needed in fact after each cleaning. If you do not do it, the absorption power may not be enough. hence the poor quality of cleaning.

What to do? Clean the compartment after each cleaning. You can put a remark if the robot is removed on a schedule in your absence.

Toys in a children’s room

The robot vacuum cleaner is often bought by people who do not have enough time to complete cleaning. Including people with young children. It seems like an automatic assistant should facilitate life, but in fact he will be a trinket.

On the floor of the children’s room, toys often lie, which are useless to clean in boxes and cabinets. they will be scattered again. If a budget robot vacuum cleaner stumbles upon these items, it can suck a part inside or just get stuck.

Buy a simple “smart vacuum cleaner” for cleaning apartments in which a small child lives, does not make sense. In the nursery, you still have to clean up with your hands. But you can take a closer look at the model that allows you to assign forbidden zones and put virtual walls. Look for such in our rating of ribotes-percussions 2022.

A large amount of furniture

Cleaning rooms in which too many furniture are located, especially chairs, can be too complicated for blankets. A large number of obstacles creates problems even for models with laser or optical sensors.

The fact is that even the most compact robot vacuum cleaner is an impressive “puck”. He simply cannot crawl between the legs of chairs, and the chair on wheels will not allow him to get out under the table. It may seem strange, but expensive robots are not better cleaned. On their top cover is often located a lidar turret, which adds one and a half to two centimeters to the height of the device. As a result, it will simply not be obsessed with the sofa or cabinet, the space under the furniture will remain untouched.

If there are a lot of furniture, faster, easier and better to clean with the help of wireless models.

Small but important preparation of the apartment

So that there are no problems in the process of cleaning, it is better to spend a few minutes on a short preparation of the rooms:

  • All the wires in which Mi Robot can get confused, remove from the floor.
  • Small things a vacuum cleaner can suck, so they also need to be removed.
  • Zones in which a vacuum cleaner cannot be injected with magnetic ribbons (purchased separately). Of course, you can arrange any physical barriers, but it is irrational.
  • Be sure to limit the vacuum cleaner access to the steps from which it can fall and break.

Choosing the right cleaning mode

In the Xiaomi lineup, there are and without and without robots with the function of wet cleaning, but all devices without exception have two main working regimes: complete and partial cleaning.

After scanning the working area, Mi Robot divides large rooms into zones and removes them alternately, moving along the zigzag trajectory from the wall to the wall. In each area, the vacuum cleaner passes twice. After cleaning, he returns to the base and charges. If the station is removed, the robot will return to the point with which cleaning began. If you need to stop it, press the “home” button, after which Mi Robot will return to the base.

Xiaomi robot vertebrae is capable of moving small thresholds.

The mode is useful when it is not necessary to vacuum it everywhere. For example, it is necessary to remove only under the table and a small zone around it. When this regime is activated, the vacuum cleaner cleanses the platform 1.5 by 1.5 meters. To start such a cleaning, put the robot in the right place, then press the “home” button and hold it for 5-6 seconds. After cleaning, the vacuum cleaner will return to the base.

Submarine stones of application

Now it should be noted important points why the robot vacuum cleaner does not cause admiration for some. First of all, high humidity should be noted. Когда робот приступает к влажной уборке или работает на влажной поверхности, он склонен к загрязнению и забиванию. And dust, together with liquid, leads to the formation of fungi or mold, which do not pose a danger to human health in a dry form.

And the presence of pets can play for a robot percussion both a positive and negative role. Of course, the device qualitatively cleanses the surface of the wool of favorites. But, for example, the disadvantage can be considered that a pet can leave traces of his life in the most unexpected place for the owner. And the robot vacuum cleaner will find this place and smear it with an even layer on the surface. An unpleasant moment that is clearly a lack of household robots. Therefore, if your pet is not accustomed to the tray, but you want to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for an apartment, we advise you to look for a model with a virtual wall with which you can limit the cleaning area!

The next drawback, due to which there is no desire to acquire miracle technology, can be considered the presence of a large number of corners in the apartment or house. Since the robot most often has a round shape, it does not always manage to clean all the corners of dust. Therefore, the owners have to do this on their own. However, it should also be noted that some manufacturers of ribotes-perceptions are trying to solve this problem by modernizing the corps. For example, Neato Botvac Connected D-shaped, which helps to solve the problem with imperfect cleaning angles. And there are a lot of such models in the market.

Also, it should be noted that the robot vacuum cleaner is not able to independently cope with sticky traces of drinks and food. Especially if dust or garbage sticks to these spots, which must be cleaned with your own hands, as with a regular vacuum cleaner.

Negative reviews of the owners are often found that the robot is very noisy when cleaning and it is impossible to sleep. This is not a lack of technology at all, if you know how to use it. All modern models of technology have the ability to clean the schedule, so you can set the daily mode in the settings, let’s say every other day. Then the robot will calmly clean itself while you are at work, and stand all night on charging. In addition, it should also be noted that the level of noise in robotic vacuum cleaners is much less than the usual!

Expert Council: If you have voltage drops in your house, before buying a robot permissive, be sure to take care of solving this problem by installing a voltage stabilizer. If this is not done, when a voltage jump, the robot installed at the charging station may fail, like the whole electronics in the house or apartment!

Summing up, I would like to note the fact that despite the all for and against the use of a robot permollis, everyone decides whether he needs such a “smart” robotic technique in the house or is preferable and more familiar to clean his own. Our team of experts believes that nevertheless a more robotic vacuum cleaner is necessary if you like cleanliness, but catastrophically lacking time or opportunities for daily housing cleaning.

Finally, we recommend watching a useful video:

It is important to consider. if you are tuned to buy this type of equipment, we do not advise you to skimp and choose cheap Chinese products. In this case, you will be disappointed in the purchase, since most budget models are not too modified, and their characteristics do not correspond to the declared. That is why we compiled a rating of the best robots-percussions of 2019 of different price categories. All 10 devices are optimal in price and quality. We hope you liked our answer and now you know if you need a robot vacuum cleaner in a house or apartment.

Negative aspects of the use of a robot permissor

Before buying any technical device, it is recommended to get acquainted not only with its positive aspects. So that certain disadvantages do not become an unpleasant surprise, it is advisable to read the reviews of the owners. When used for cleaning the premises of robots, there are some negative points that should be understood.

  • Working on a damp surface, the device is quickly polluted and clogged. The combination of water and dust promotes the growth of microorganisms harmful to human life, such as fungi, mold.
  • If a four.legged pet lives in the apartment, not accustomed to the tray, then it is problematic to clean with the help of the robot: the excrement of the animal automatic assistant will be smeared on the floor.
  • The round shape of the case does not allow the robot to carefully remove dust and pollution in the corners of the room.
  • Underflow closed below (chairs, sofas, ottomans), the apparatus bypasses as an obstacle. Dust accumulates there, which will have to be periodically removed by hand.
  • Cleaning sticky traces of drinks and food to an automatic cleaner is beyond strength.
  • The price of robots-sprayers is comparable to the cost of the most advanced non-automatic analogues.

The navigation of the robot

One of the main components of the device is the navigation system. Thanks to her, the robot is able to easily navigate in the room. It depends on how this system works, whether the vacuum cleaner will get stuck or get lost in space, and its direct work depends. This navigation system can be different, depending on the manufacturer and the model of the device. But still there are main navigation systems that are in great demand. These include:

Each navigation system has its advantages and disadvantages, but the principle of operation is almost the same. How the navigation system works in the robot-blade?

The most advanced navigation is considered to be laser. By this principle, the well.known models of Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One, Neato Botvac Connected, Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 and many others. The principle of operation of the laser is as follows: the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special laser range finder (Lidar), with which the presence of certain objects in the room and the distance to them are determined. These data are postponed in the memory of the apparatus and stored in the form of a map of the room. After compiling a card in memory, the device begins to clean each room, while it will move along direct marked lines. Return to the base occurs according to the same principle.

With the best robots-blankets with the construction of the room card, by clicking on the link: https: // Robotobzor.ru/rejtingi/5-luchshihihihihi.botov-pylesov-s-Postroeniem-karty-pomeshheniya.HTML.

If the system works on sensors, then the principle of action is as follows: thanks to the sensors that are under the case and in the device bumper, the robot vacuum cleaner detects any changes in the room and independently decides on how to continue further cleaning. These are the so.called beacons that coordinate the movement of the apparatus.

For example, the device discovered a chair in its path, then it will slow down its movement and when touched to the furniture will begin to be cleaned along it. The device is also able to fix the most contaminated areas on the carpet or floor. Their robot permits cleanes more thoroughly. It all depends on how many sensors the device has, their type, as well as on how quickly the signal processor is processed. Each manufacturing company lays at its discretion of movement and actions that the device will carry out in a particular situation.

Separately, you should talk about what a gyroscope is in a robot and how it helps to navigate in space.

A gyroscope is a special mechanism that responds to a change in the angles of orientation of the object (in this case, the robot of the permit), regarding the inertial reference system. T.e. In simple words, the gyroscope measures the acceleration and angular velocity of the vacuum cleaner, which gives information about the coordinates in space. Even easier. the robot remembers where he came from, where he moves and where to return (in our case, to the base after the end of the cleaning).

External sensors are, in fact, the same navigation with sensors, only using external devices to divide the room into certain zones. Due to this, cleaning can be better, as well as quick. Such sensors are also called virtual walls, since with their help the movement of the vacuum cleaner is limited.

How the external sensor works? This is a small plastic box that gives an invisible infrared signal. If the lighthouse is used, then an additional two IR rays are sent, thanks to which the robot vacuum cleaner determines the beacon finding. The work of the main lighthouse is the movement of the device to another room. The principle of operation is to stop the filing of the IR signal. The principle of operation of an external sensor is easier than a lighthouse. If the robot fixes the external sensor, then it just changes its direction.

One of the navigation options is a magnetic ribbon for a robot vacuum cleaner, which creates the so-called “barrier”, a virtual wall, beyond which the device will not be able to drive. The photo below clearly shows the principle of the magnetic tape:

How navigation works with a camera? In most cases, the camera is installed on top of the case. The readings of the robot vacuum cleaner removes from the walls and the ceiling. This principle of work is laid down in popular ICLEBO OMEGA, new ICLEBO O5, ILIFE A8, flagship IROBOT ROOMBA I7 and others.

You can find out more about the sensors of the robot permissive

Cleaning process

Now we will directly consider the principle of cleaning the robot permissive. Its main debt is the removal of garbage and dirt that comes across in his way. When working, the principle of action of any model is not very different from each other and such a variety as in the navigation system is not. The principle of dry garbage harvesting is as follows: the brush or 2 brushes that are on the sides, when moving, sweep all the dust, wool, hair and dirt that are in the corners, at furniture or near the skirting boards to the central brush.

done, robot, vacuum, cleaner

Just the main (or central) brush plays the main role in the operation of the device. Thanks to the vile structure, it is able to collect not only dust and dirt, but also hair and wool. Many people suggest that cleaning of various particles occurs due to the engine that sucks all the dirt. But this is a misconception. The brush removes all the pollution in the garbage collection. She plays the role of a broom and after the garbage hit the garbage collection, he is pressed there due to the air flow in the vacuum cleaner. After that, the air from the engine flows through the filters that are in the garbage receiver, out. The purity of the blown air depends on how high.quality filter.

However, there are some nuances in the design and configuration of the device, depending on the manufacturer. These nuances include:

  • The main brushes, their number and varieties. As a rule, it is one, but there are two, as in IROBOT robots, IROBOT. The principle of operation is as follows: when rotating the brushes to meet each other, a bastard collects wool and various pollution, and rubber collects larger garbage (sand or crumbs). There are models that have only one rubber or crap brush.
  • Side brushes and their number. For faster cleaning, some models have another side brush that is installed to the left of the device. There is an opinion that two brushes cope worse than one, t.to. Throw out garbage towards each other. We believe that 2 side brushes cope better.
  • Filters, their varieties. The robot vacuum cleaner can have both simple filters, which are napkins and multi-layer negligence. The latest filters are preferred by people who are allergic to dust.
  • Engine container and power. The volume of the container ranges between 0.25 and 1 liter, and power from 15 to 65 watts.

It should be noted that the robot vacuum cleaner will work better due to the main brush and from the absorption power. Therefore, when buying, you should first pay attention to these two factors. At the same time, if you need a robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning wool or cleaning carpets, there should be a central brush. To clean smooth flooring is better so that there is a suction hole without a turboratory.

The scheme of the robotic vacuum cleaner is clearly shown video review:

If we talk about wet cleaning, the principle of operation in this case is that the first thing the detergent robot collects all dust and garbage from the floor (1), after which the liquid is sprayed from a special water tank (2) and the flooring is rubbed with a brush ( 3). The final stage of the detergent robot is the removal of dirty water from the floor with a scraper and absorption into the tank (4). Applying a detergent robot for cleaning carpets, laminate and parquet is not rational and is not recommended by manufacturers.

done, robot, vacuum, cleaner

In more detail about how the detergent robot works, it is described

done, robot, vacuum, cleaner

There is also a combined robot vacuum cleaner with dry and wet cleaning. The principle of operation of the apparatus is that smooth surfaces are cleaned with a microfiber rag (attached to the housing from the bottom), and the carpet coatings are cleaned with the main brushes or turbo.

Only in this case, dry cleaning is first performed (the robot passes throughout the available surface), after that you install a wet cleaning unit with a cloth, moisten it (or pick up water into the tank) and start the robot. During wet cleaning, you need to limit the robot hit on carpets and wooden floors, if you do not want to ruin them. To do this, install a virtual wall, beacons or magnetic tape in the right places. In the new models, you can direct the cleaning area on the map right in the application.

Pros and cons of

It may seem that we are against robot percussion. This is not true. We just try to evaluate the gadget from all sides, and not only from the point of view of sellers and marketers. According to our conclusions, this gadget still resembles a more toy than a real assistant. After all, a person has to do dull procedures, as before: remove objects, fill in water, configure the program, give start, clean the bag of dust. And some functions, frankly, are lame, for example, wet cleaning.

Xiaomi vaccum cleaner 1c can’t find charging dock

For a city apartment, the device can be recommended for purchase if:

few angles in which dirt accumulates;

Wet cleaning is complemented by ordinary floor sink;

If a vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function, it is good to use it on small rugs or areas of rooms;

households have no habit of scattering items on the floor.

Important information! All the same, drain dirty water or clean the container after cleaning will have to be the owners, not a vacuum cleaner.

It is ideal for cleaning the kitchen with a flat floor, as well as a hall, where mainly surfaces without objects. We would not count on this gadget during general cleaning or repair. A undoubted plus will be a variety of accessories, due to which you can really facilitate some labor.intensive operations.

How to be cleaned by carpets and pets

Hard to say. This resembles a situation with car vacuum cleaners. They are comfortable, compact and. Low.powerful. The same drawback is inherent in robots. He can remove only large fragments from the carpet, but the veyy dust, sand, particles of the earth, the fallen wool will not drag. The same is true for carpets with a high pile. there the robot grazes immediately.

Important information! If dogs, cats live in the apartment, their wool will quickly clog the robot container.

Another weak link is the compact size of the device. Outwardly looks attractive, but in a technical plan, a container for garbage is also small. This means more frequent container cleaning. According to the American housewives of the Middle West, the most nasty procedure is unanimously called the cleansing of the container of dust and dirt. Wet containers will add piquancy to the process.

Unfortunately, manufacturers of robot perceptions ignore these pressing requests of consumers.

We have already repaired more than 500 apartments, we will be happy to help you


Let’s look at all the advantages of using a robot permissive.

Planned cleaning

You can program the robot vacuum cleaner for a certain period of time. You want a vacuum cleaner to clean when you are at home, or you plan to return to your apartment after a working day? Set the time and days when he can leave the dock and return one.

Double function

Some models have a built.in moist cleaning function. It is suitable for those places where the floors need to be not only vacuumed, but also remove.

Point cleaning of the floors

Instead of cleaning the whole apartment, programing your robot for point cleaning. This function is great for families with children. It is children who are inclined to shed juice, tea or other drinks on the floor. In point cleaning mode, the vacuum cleaner is focused on the area to which you point it.

Thorough cleaning

The small size of the robot allows you to easily climb under sofas, chairs and beds. There carefully cleans the space of dust, without leaving unclean residues.


Robots-blankets are easy to store in small apartments due to their small size. The docking station can be placed in the corner of the room where it will not interfere with you under your feet.

What is the danger of a robot vacuum cleaner

The serious danger that some robots-spools are as follows: vacuum cleaners can be used for eavesdropping, video surveillance and theft of personal data.

Should You Buy a ROBOT Vacuum Cleaner? (Roomba 980 Review) | The Tech Chap

Like any other device connected to the Internet, it can be combined in a botnet ddos. In any case, for the owners this is not the worst scenario.

Since the vacuum cleaner has a Wi-Fi, a webcam with a night vision and navigation controlled by a smartphone, an attacker can secretly spy on the homeowner.

Remote code execution

An attacker can find a robot vessel on the Wi-Fi network, get his address and send a request that activates the user change program. Many devices have a user name and default password, which often look like admin: 888888.

To protect your information during the operation of the vacuum cleaner, establish personal identification for it, which will not be repeated on other devices or on the network.

Interception of personal data

In this case, the attacker must have physical access to the robot-permutal.

Microsd card is used to identify weak places of the mechanism when updating it. After installing the card, firmware files are launched without digital signature, which gives the attacker control over the vacuum cleaner.

The installed script starts the code to intercept personal data sent via Wi-Fi with other devices.

There are pros and cons that should be considered when buying robots-blankets for the home. Evaluate the needs and requirements that you must follow when cleaning your space. The robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for both the floors and cleaning of carpets with a small pile. Before using such equipment for the implementation of safety measures, factory data (login and password) should be changed to individual.



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