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Washing machine Indesit stinks of burning

Where does the smell of Gary in the washing machine come from, and why it smokes?

As soon as you feel the unpleasant odor emanating from the washing machine, it is necessary to stop the wash, turn off the device from the network and try to find out the reason for its occurrence. New machines with the first few washing can smell of burning. such a smell is emitted when heated new plastic spare parts. When, after a few washes, the smell does not disappear, most likely the matter is in factory marriage and you need to seek help from the service center. If the machine has long been used and suddenly began to smell unpleasant, you need to understand the causes of the odor, there may be several. If you need a Master for repairing washing machines in Saratov, contact our company, our specialists will produce it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The source of the smell of Gary in the washing machine can be a “tablet”. an element of the door lock. Modern devices uses hatch locks for washing machines operating on thermo.elements. Basically, voltage jumps in the network are led to a thermo.element breakdown. Replacing the door lock is easy. It is necessary to remove the wire mounting clamp from the loading hatch of the machine and remove the rubber cuff. The next step is to unscrew 2 self.tapping screws and extract the lock itself. If at the contacts when checking the voltage, the results of 220 volts are shown, then the “tablet” really burned out. Instead of a faulty lock, a new. In order to avoid repeating the situation in the future, it is advisable to connect washing machines through high.quality voltage stabilizers.

Immediate actions

If smoke came from the machine or the smell of Gary is felt, then the first thing you need to de.energize. If you block the current supply in time, you can stop the fire and prevent the start of the fire. Therefore, turn off the appropriate machine on the shield, or it is better to cut off the electricity in all rooms.

It is strictly forbidden to pull out the plug of the network cord, which is still under voltage! It is life.threatening! Great risk of current blow!

Until the apartment is de.energized, you can not approach the typewriter or touch its case. Remember that during problems with wiring, current leaks for all conductive materials, including metal. It is dangerous to even approach the machine. there may be a puddle of water nearby, dangerous with similar consequences. Therefore, at the slightest suspicion of fire, we quickly block the supply of electricity and only then do we begin to look for the root cause and evaluate the scale of the trouble.

The smell of burning from the washing machine reasons

Good evening, friends, help with advice, recently the smell of Gary from the washing machine drum has been smell, what are these reasons?

There are a large number of different wires in the washing machine. Due to natural wear or influence of adverse factors on them, whether humidity or physical impact. wiring can be shorted, while the braid of wiring will begin to melt.

Disassemble and check. As you can say without a visual inspection? Except to invite the fortuneteller))) Perhaps water gets to the engine or brushes. The questions have been very surprised lately)))

Ten contacts can be oxidized due to wear or high humidity, which leads to their burial and the appearance of the smell. You can eliminate the malfunction by cleaning and falling off damaged contacts. Changing the position of the pulley and deformation of the bearing due to prolonged operation leads to a change in the belt tension. In such situations, he shows or is tapped. During the squeezing, a faulty belt will publish a specific smell resembling burned tires.

The smell of burning is associated with engine malfunction

Try to wash cold water in mode. without heating water and look stinks or not.If the smell disappears, then the heater.

Why is my washing machine making a burning smell?. Appliance Breakdown Cover. 24|7 Home Rescue

The brushes sparkle so and it smells.Option 2: Change the bearings or engine brushes

On the heater, extraneous objects-gryaz fibers of clothing, etc !

Possible reasons: Ten was broken and Ten’s contact shot that caused the closing of the wire to the machine case. The brushes are worn out and the collector is closed on the contact rod of the brush. The closure of the wiring on the case must be checked the entire strapping.

Almost all contacts in the washing machine are subject to oxidation due to high humidity and natural wear. Often this leads to the burning of contacts, as a result of which the smell of burning is felt. Disassembly of the machine, stripping and rolling contacts is required. It is impossible to use a machine with such a malfunction: burning contacts can be short! Often the cause of the strong smell of burning is a grinding drive belt. Most often, this occurs with the initial stages of destruction of the bearing and distorting of the pulley. the belt tension changes, it begins to wipe or even seize. When pressing, the smell will be very specific-similar to the smell of burnt tires, gray-black smoke can also be visible. A drive belt is required, as well as the replacement of the bearing.

1) a failure in the operation of an electronic module or in a certain contact on it. In this case, the module becomes the main cause of the smell of Gary. It is necessary to diagnose the device.

2) Another common reason is the breakdown of the power supply. Because of this, there is a strong smell of Gary during the laundry washing cycle.

3) Perhaps the most common problem on which the smell of burning is observed, includes a failed heating element of the washing machine. Ten often burns out due to a large number of scenes.

Repair of a washing machine

Attention! Independent intervention in the internal parts of the equipment and work with electrical contacts is dangerous. Therefore, without special knowledge, it is better not to take risks and turn to the master. We will still describe the general sequence of actions so that you understand how to conduct a check.

Problems with filter wiring and heater

Electric contacts of washing machine often suffer from high humidity and oxidation. It is not only about the water fence in the drum, but also at the installation site of the machine. In the bathroom, condensate is often collected, which settles on all surfaces. Also, electronics are affected by voltage drops in the network.

washing, machine, stinks, burning

If the lubricants were burned with burning, inspect the wires of the network filter. It is located under the top cover of the case. Do this:

The presence of pogars, black plaque indicates damage. Elements require replacement. You also need to inspect the contacts of the heater:

To get rid of a raid on a spiral that is in the drum, start a program with hot water and add citric acid. If the smell of Gary went again after that, then mechanical cleaning or replacement of the element is required.

Damage to the wiring of SMA

All electric components of the machine are connected by wires, which lead to the control module. So the unit can control the operation of the equipment, sending signals to turning on and disconnecting to its nodes. If the wires are injected, their coating can melt, so when working, the car smokes and exudes an unpleasant odor.

It is necessary to inspect all the contacts and connections that lead from one node to another. In case of damage, seek help from the master. In the video from the user, the repairs of the BT show another option for the podgars:

The drive belt

At the base of the tank is a bearing, which over time can wear out. As a result, the pulley is overwhelmed and the belt is ground. When spinning at high speeds, the smell of burned rubber is felt and black smoke is ongoing. In such cases, you need to replace the bearing and belt.

To replace the bearing, you will have to disassemble the smell, remove the tank from the housing and knock out the worn part from the seat. You can purchase a set of an omentum and a bearing in a spare parts store.

Damage to the engine

A cracked tank leads to a leak and moisture entering the electric engine of the machine. Then a short circuit occurs. In this state, the equipment cannot be operated, so we need disassembly of the case and the search for a malfunction.

Carefully inspect the tank of washing rooms. He could crack when an extraneous object hit. A small crack can be sealed, otherwise you will have to replace the tank. Also inspect the engine and diagnose its performance. In case of malfunction, the replacement is carried out as follows:

When closed, the engine winding often suffers, so the repair is unprofitable, it is better to completely replace.

Damage of the pump

The washing machine smells of burning during washing and when the pump does not stop its work even after draining the spent liquid. As a result of this malfunction, it heats up greatly and breaks. The main signs of this malfunction are the remains of a large amount of liquid in the tank and the appearance of extraneous sounds in the drainage process.

To put a new pump pump, use this instructions:

  • Dismantle the front cover of the machine.
  • Get out the filter from the inside.
  • Unscrew the wires from the pump, and the drain pipe is from the snail.
  • Loosen all the clamps.
  • Remove the drum pipe, unscrew the mounting screw connecting the washing machine, and dismantle it with light rotational movements. If the snail is attached to the pump with screws, they are twisted, if with latches, bend with a screwdriver or a knife with a thin blade.
  • Wipe the place for the pump, install a new pump and perform all the actions in the reverse order.

The main causes of the appearance of smoke or the fire of the washing machine

The reasons that the car was smoked during washing can be such malfunctions:

  • Damage to the heating element. With the oxidation or contamination of the heating contacts, the fire, smoke or smell of burning can appear during washing, and after the end of the technique. The scale on the heater is formed due to too hard water in the water supply system, so it is recommended to use special products for softening, periodically call the wizard to clean the heating element.
  • Fucking the wiring. Such problems can lead to fire or smoke.
  • Oxidation or blocking of contact control contacts. In this case, it is necessary to clean up or replace contacts.
  • Damage to the drive belt. With deformation or change in the tension of the rubber during washing, the smell of smoke may appear, strong shaking. Such a malfunction is solved by replacing the belt or changing its tension.
  • Entering unauthorized objects into the drum or heater. If feathers, lumps of wool or pile fall into the drum or heating element, this can lead to the appearance of extraneous noise, smoke or smell of Gary. To clean the heater, you can drive out a washing machine without linen, turning on the maximum heating temperature. With severe clogging, it will require disassembly of equipment and cleaning parts from foreign objects and pollution.

The small smell of burning can also be heard at the first launches of new washing equipment. If the smell is felt and after a few washes, you need to call a specialist of the service center to inspect the machine. The master will find out what kind of problem will establish the cause of its occurrence and eliminate the breakdown.

Smoke from the washing machine went

If smoke from the washing machine has gone, then most likely, without an experienced master, the problem cannot be eliminated. Do not try to fix the equipment yourself, because safety is the main rule of any dwelling.

Why is smoke come from the washing machine? The following factors can cause the appearance of the haze and smell of Gary:

  • Garbage sticking on the heater;
  • Breakdown of the electronic control module;
  • Ten malfunction;
  • Bearing deformation, a change in the location of the pulley and, as a result, belt damage.

Only trash sticking at the heater can be eliminated on your own. To do this, you need to “drive away” the machine at the maximum temperature several times. Instead of detergents and powder, in this case, a lemon is often used. However, if after the first “run” the smoke does not stop going, you should contact the repair of washing machines at home.

If the heater is to blame

You loaded underwear into a washing machine, chose a suitable program and went to do business But suddenly you felt the smell of Gary in the apartment. First of all, usually, in this case, the kitchen and stove are checked Next. all working electrical appliances. And so, the source of the smell was found. the burning smells of the washing machine! What to do?

Firstly, you need to urgently de-energize the washing machine so that the fire does not begin. Ideally. if the machine, as expected, has its own machine (RCD). turn off it. If not, it is better to turn off all the electricity in the house and only then pull the fork out of the outlet. Now carefully look at the outlet. if you find that it was she who melted and burned. consult an electrician. If everything is in order with the outlet, the light can be turned on. Now that the machine is de.energized, and you yourself and the house are safe, let’s figure out why the washing machine began to stink burning. Perhaps in fact there is no fire and even a breakdown!

  • A new washing machine smells of burning: the smell can be at the first “runs”. plastic and other details smell of when heated. As a rule, the smell is not strong. However, if you are not erasing for the first time, and the machine continues to exude the smell of Gary. perhaps we are talking about factory marriage. In this case, contact the Service Center under Warranty
  • The old washing machine smells of the burning, but you changed the powder or erased with soap chips (so they sometimes make mothers of babies, believing that soap is safer than powders for the child). In this case, the smell source is most likely. the detergent. Soap chips and low.quality powders stick to the heater and with subsequent washing begin to “burn” and exude a burning smell. If a little funds are stuck, then the smell will pass by itself-it is enough to run the washing machine without linen at the maximum temperature once or twice.

From the washing machine smells of burning or smoking? What to do?

Until recently, the washing machine was considered a luxury subject, and now it is in almost every house. This amazing assistant allows you not only to save a lot of time, but also to give you the opportunity to do other work. But sometimes, during washing, the owners are faced with a problem that is associated with the appearance of the smell of burning in the washing machine, only the reason for its occurrence is unknown and so what to do?

First of all, what needs to be done is to immediately stop the washing process. If the typewriter has a protective shutdown device, turn it off. In its absence. turn off the equipment from the network, stretching the fork from the outlet. And only then we begin to find out the cause of the smell.

Initially, what needs to be done is to check the condition of the electric socket. Sometimes the smell occurs when the capacity of the machine is greater than the one for which the wiring is designed, as a result of which we get a overheated wire or fork. If you find that the socket is burnt or slightly deformed, then you need to contact an electrician to eliminate these reasons. If it is normal, then the cause of the smell is different.

Often, when working only acquired new equipment, the owner feels an unpleasant smell of burning from the car. It can occur due to heating of plastic parts. You should not worry in advance, after a few washes this smell will leave.

If you have repeatedly erased your weight, and the smell does not disappear, then perhaps the reason in the factory marriage or some other element has broken down. Then you need to call the master.

Also, the smell of burning can publish electric heaters (TEN). The overturned hostesses, who, instead of detergents, use soap chips or cheap poor.quality powders do not even mean that they themselves create a lot of troubles. The components that are part of the chips stick on top of the heater, and then, during the next washing, they begin to “burn”. This helps to release the smell of burning from the washing machine.

To remove a layer of detergents from the surface of the heater, it is necessary to start the operation of the machine without loading things into it, while installing the highest temperature as possible. If after that the smell did not disappear, then the reason for the breakdown is something else.

We exist many reasons why the smell of Gary forms or smoke from washing machines appears. Consider the most common of them:

Possible problem: .
2. It often happens that the machine smells of burning due to a short circuit or damage to contacts, as a result of which the control board of the washing machine is ignited. With such breakdowns, the board is mainly replaced. .
3. Another of the causes of the machine malfunction may be the closure of the wiring. It is accompanied by the appearance of a blue smoke, the smell of Gary is felt. Complete diagnosis of the machine and replacement of the section of faulty wiring are needed. .
four.If during washing you feel the smell of burning rubber or the machine smoke, then this is the likelihood that the drive belt is damaged. Such a breakdown occurs as a result of the failure of the bearing or distortion of the pulley. If the master indicates this breakdown during the diagnosis, then in this case the belt and bearings need the replacement, which will be a bag 1,200 for replacing the belt and 4,000 for the repair of the bearing.
5. It often happens that the machine leaks. Water seeps into the body of the machine, enters the engine and other mechanisms. Smoke and short circuit will not be long in coming. To prevent this, you need to eliminate the leak as quickly as possible. If the motor was damaged then he is supposed to be replaced that costs from 1,500.
6. Sometimes the smell of Gary appears due to a faulty drain pump. Even in the absence of water, it is able to work for some time, then it overheats and becomes unsuitable. This contributes to the appearance of the smell of burning plastic. To bring the machine to working condition, you need to replace the pump.
7. The smell of burning can come from the heating element when foreign bodies fall on its surface during washing (hair, shreds of wool, which a pet, pile, feathers and various other objects have left on your things). In order to get rid of the foreign bodies of the master, the master recommends setting the maximum temperature mode, “drive away” the empty machine, after filling its cleaning liquid. A robot of this nature can be made yourself or called a master whose robot will cost from 1200.

You should know that the diagnosis of washing machines is always carried out for free. When calling the master, you pay only for the call. This service costs 400.

At the end of the diagnosis of your washing machine, the master is an accurate estimate, taking into account all the work in it and purchases to replace the necessary spare parts

Conclusions from the smell of Gary

As you already understood, there are many reasons why the smell of burning in the car arises. And finding the reason for its appearance visually does not always succeed. Fifty percent of breakdowns are quite serious and unsafe for you and your home. Therefore, to eliminate them independently, without experience, is strictly prohibited!

If you smelled a burning smell during the washing or saw how the machine is smoking, you urgently turn it off and contact the master

The master will not make you wait long. In less than a day, our experts will come to the specified address, conduct a detailed diagnosis and indicate the reason for the smell of burning. Masters will professionally and efficiently carry out all the work on the repair of your favorite, after which you can again enjoy her work for a long time.

Damage to the drive belt

Over time, a change in the position of the pulley and wear of the bearings can lead to a change in the belt tension. its rewinding or jamming. In this case, the belt can also make the smell of burning, as well as contribute to the appearance of black and gray smoke. Then, together with the bearings, the drive belt is also subject to replacement. To do this, you will have to unscrew the rear wall of the unit and remove the faulty belt. At the same time, it is necessary to check the motor pulley at the time of the residues of the parts of the old belt on it. The new belt is put on first on the engine pulley, then it is thrown onto the pulley pulley. After putting on the belt, it must be leveled in the center of the engine. If bearings are also replaced, then this work must be entrusted to a competent specialist.

Type of problem A photo The main features How to get rid of problems
Contact elements of the network filter or heating element burned out Often in the air it can smell burning due to the fact that the contacts and connections burned out. The latter are prone to wear: over time, they are oxidized and fail (a natural consequence of being in high humidity conditions). Correction of the problem involves disassembling the device. The master will clean the surfaces and fall off the contacts. If the heater burned entirely, you need a replacement.
Contacts of contacts on control board One of the most frequent root causes of the smell of burning is the burnout of contacts and connections located on the control board. As the main “symptoms” can be distinguished when trying to set a work program. It will be necessary to analyze the condition of the control board of the machine. If the situation is fixable, the specialist will clean up and voltage contacts. If not, you need to replace.
The wiring was closed Often the strong smell of burning in the washing machine appears due to the closure of the wiring, which can occur due to natural wear or due to the effects of factors like humidity and mechanical exposure. In such cases, a bluish steam comes from a washing machine tank. Correction of the situation involves a diagnostic study and a complete replacement of the area where the wiring has defects.
Defects of the drive belt Sometimes the unpleasant smell of Gary is due to problems with the drive belt, which can be fraught with the course of time. This usually happens at the first stages of the destruction of the bearing (which is more expensive than the belt itself) and is often the result of a distortion of the pulley. Changing the belt tension leads to grinding and even “jamming”. A characteristic “symptom”-education in the drum after washing the smoke of a gray-black shade. It is impossible to confuse it with anything. Also in such cases, laundry after washing smells of rubber. To correct the situation, you need to replace the damaged element. a drive belt (how to replace) or a bearing (instruction).
The plum pump broke A broken drain pump sometimes begins to function without breaks. even if there is no water in the typewriter. The consequence is a serious overheating, due to which in the air it will be stolen with burnt plastic. If the washing machine smells a lot of plastic, correcting the situation implies the only way out. installing a new drain pump.
A foreign body hit the heating element If you feel an unpleasant odor that appears shortly after the start of heating of the working fluid, it is logical to assume entering the design of a foreign body. Even minor “little things” like a pile, animal wool or pillow feathers are able to affect the work of a heating element. To correct the situation, you will need to clean the heating element. This can be done without the help of a specialist-just “drive” the smudges in the working mode without any linen using a cleaning agent (you can also use citric acid). If this did not help, you will need an appeal to a specialist, analysis of the unit and manual mechanical cleaning. In some cases, one has to deal with the need to replace the heating element.

If you need spare parts for replacement, contact a home.made: a wide range, fast delivery of a warranty.

Water leaks

If the water supply hose is disturbed, then a situation may arise when the water penetrates inside the washing machine and gets to the wiring and the engine. This can lead to a short circuit, accompanied not only by the smell of burnt tires, but also by the appearance of smoke.

Leaks are also possible with other damage to the bulk hose, so it is necessary to carefully check it along the entire length, as well as the joints, the mounting of the mounts. You may have to replace the mounting elements of the hose or even the accessory itself.

When burning wires and engine, a complete replacement of these spare parts is also required.

The washing machine rustled and smelled by burning

Hello. I have a problem. She began to wash and as it reached a rinse and squeezing, which is 14 minute, stopped at the 8th minute, rustled and smelled with a burning machine. The machine turns on. What to do?

How to do? Change the burned knot! Perhaps this is a water pump engine.

I would like to know before that there was noise when spinning ? If so, then bearings, if not, see the periphery. Ten, pump, drive engine and most important electrical wiring for the presence of tough insulation.

Most likely, during the pressing of the wire wound on the pulley, but only the master will tell you exactly to open your washing machine!

Obviously, the problem is in the wiring. The problem is more likely in the pump or engine

Better not to use it further. There may be a lot of problems. Starting from moisture hit the wiring board. Call the master or if you understand this technique disassemble and look at the traces of Gary

Destruction with towel a washing machine indesit

Change the engine brushes as soon as possible, otherwise the winding of the electric motor can burn, and then you will have to change it entirely.

Good day! Possible reasons: Ten was broken and Ten’s contact shot that caused the closing of the wire to the machine case. The brushes are worn out and the collector is closed on the contact rod of the brush. The closure of the wiring on the case must be checked the entire strapping.

Good afternoon, look at the engine, brushes of the engines, most likely worn out, you need to replace with new.

Hello Iandwyn! Do not turn it on, pull out the cord from the outlet and no longer turn on. If there is any knowledge in an electrician, then a multimeter in your hands and look for a reason, if all wives are not such knowledge, then move away from this machine to a safe distance, and invite your city specialists. I wish you everything without coming has passed, the repair was decided soon, everything was corrected and done. Best regards, Artem.

open the upper and rear lid and look from where it smells of burning, it will be visible there.

If the reason that when washing the washing machine was the smell of burning, is the failed power supply, then it is required to diagnose and the elements of all electric nodes. For such work, you need a master, so call it. A breakdown of Ten can make an unpleasant odor if villi, feathers, hair or hee, mistakenly, turned on at the moment when there was no water in the tank. Heater contacts can also be oxidized due to high humidity and operation and cause the odor. You can eliminate the malfunction by cleaning and falling off the steamed contacts. To clean the heater from objects, it is enough to drive out a washing machine without linen at a maximum temperature with a cleansing agent (you can use citric acid).

Smoke went from the washing machine

Smoke from a washing machine can seriously scare the owners of the house, calmly engaged in their business. Reasons why smoke from the washing machine has gone, there are several.

The first thing to do when smoking is to de.energize the device.

If the smoke from the drum of the washing machine has gone and it smacked, then most likely, without a master, the problem cannot be eliminated. You should not try to repair equipment yourself, because safety is the main rule of the dwelling.

What you should know if smoke fell from the drum?

Most often, the cause of the smoke of washing technology is a breakdown. Когда неисправен внутренний водонагревательный элемент — задымление может появиться не только во время самой стирки, но и после ее окончания работы машины. This breakdown occurs as a result of oxidation or when contaminating contacts.

Smell and smoke during washing or smoke when spinning.

Also smoke in the drum of a washing machine occurs due to grinding the belt. Over time, the details in the device of the drum are unusable, thereby causing their deformation or a change in the belt tension, which begins to go to the ground due to the load, causing the smoke and the appearance of the smell of rubber.

The appearance of shaking and smoke during the operation of the washing machine.

For cleaning the heating, it is recommended a “run” without linen machine at maximum temperature. If the smell is still felt and the smoke remains after washing the machine, the machine is required and its mechanical cleaning, or the replacement of the heater is required.

Conclusions from the smell of Gary

As you already understood, there are many reasons why the smell of burning in the car arises. And finding the reason for its appearance visually does not always succeed. Fifty percent of breakdowns are quite serious and unsafe for you and your home. Therefore, to eliminate them independently, without experience, is strictly prohibited!

washing, machine, stinks, burning

If you smelled a burning smell during the washing or saw how the machine is smoking. Urgently turn it off and contact the master will not make you wait long. In less than a day, our experts will come to the specified address, conduct a detailed diagnosis and indicate the reason for the smell of burning. Masters will professionally and efficiently carry out all the work on the repair of your favorite, after which you can again enjoy her work for a long time.

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Hello. Why is the washing machine stink of burning:

Often fails the module or some contact is violated on the electronic control module. And this board causes Gary.

There are also frequent cases of failure of the door lock of the washing machine, where the so.called “tablet” burns out.

washing, machine, stinks, burning

Another reason for the appearance of the smell of Gary when washing and the operation of the washing machine may be out of order of the power supply unit.

The next reason for the appearance of the smell of burning is the heater (heating element). It can be shorting, hair and other villi can be wrapped on it, or in general, in some cases, there may be mistaken at that moment washing when there is no water in the tank.

Do not exclude the causes and pump (pump) of the washing machine from the list. In some cases, the pump can work continuously even after it was leaked all the water, overheat and fail. As a result, there is a smell of burning plastic from the washing machine.

Cases are not rare when water begins to leaks somewhere from the hose and gets to the wires, engine and so on. In the near future. shortening and smoke from the washing machine.

If the washing machine stinks with burning rubber, then it is possible that the wiring melts or the washing machine belt is tapped, as a result of a violation of the mounts or the failure of the bearing/pulley. What to do if you feel the smell of burning from the washing machine or if the washing machine is smoked:

First turn off and de.energize. We don’t need a fire.

If the washing machine is under warranty, we call the warranty service center. The master must send.

We would not advise us to the washing machine himself, but you can unscrew the back cover of the washing machine and try to see the smoke with your eyes or determine by the source of the smell, where exactly the malfunction. ATTENTION! This is very dangerous for your health and life, and not being a master, this cannot be done!

You can try to launch the washing process without linen and put a temperature of 0 degrees. This will determine whether there is a malfunction in Ten and its electric circuit.

Next, look for a breakdown in detail exploring each spare part at first visually, and then “nicknamed” the tester. Change, test, look again. If you felt a burning smell from the washing machine or the smoke from the washing machine went, then the best option would be to call the master to diagnose and inspect the washing machine. Then it will be known what failed.

Smoke from the washing machine can seriously scare the hostess who is calmly engaged in housework. There can be many causes of burning odor and smoke from the machine, however, the first thing is to de.energize the device and call the equipment to adjust the equipment.



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