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Indesite washing machine malfunctions

Repair of washing machines Indesitis differs from the repair of machines of other brands due to design features. Manufacturers in the race for the accuracy of the buyer equip the smell with new and new systems, sensors, functions. All this, of course, is useful for the user, but sometimes it significantly complicates the repair.

Fortunately, the device of the washing machine Indesit does not imply special technical delights, and for the machines of this brand there are even a number of typical breakdowns.

In this article we will consider how to repair the washing machine Indesis with your own hands.

Which affects the frequency of malfunctions in the washing machine Indesite?

Indesit was founded in Italy, but now has factories in many countries of the world, which has allowed to reduce its costs for the final consumer. The most popular and popular models today from this brand:

In general, this is a reliable technique that can serve for many years, but periodically even it breaks. The nature of the breakdowns and their frequency in this particular brand depends on the following factors:

  • Indesite washing machines are with a vertical and horizontal type of loading. The latter more often flows the hatch cuff, since it undergoes increased loads to ensure tightness.
  • Type of drive to transmit torque exists. When using pulleys and belt, increased vibration and breakdown of nodes appears, which contributes to the speedy failure of bearings and bushings.
  • The correctness of the installation also affects the frequency of malfunctions in the washing machine. With an incorrect horizontal, one side will undergo increased loads, which will accelerate the wear of the mechanical parts.
  • How often the machine is operated (every day or a couple of times a week) naturally affects the period of its uninterrupted service.

Faced with a malfunction, you do not need to be scared and think that now you have to buy new equipment. most breakdowns are eliminated in a few hours if there are tools and spare parts. Some problems can be fixed even with your own hands. But first it is necessary to diagnose a malfunction, accurately determining which node or part is spoiled.


At home, you can fully check only thermal ubble. To do this, you need a multimeter (from English. multimeter), tester (from English. Test. test), avometer (from ampereltomometer). a combined electrical measuring device that combines several functions.

In the minimum set, it includes the functions of a voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter. Sometimes a multimeter in the form of current measuring ticks is performed. There are digital and analog multimeters.

“Multimeter. Take (slotted or Torx. the type of slot of threaded mounts in the shape of a six.beam star. The registered trademark of TEXTRON Fastening Systems (now Acument Global Technologies). The official name recorded in the ISO 10664 standard-Hexalobular Internet, in the Russian version, GOST R ISO 10664-2007- Star.like turnkey deepening for bolts and screws. Everyday names are a star, asterisk, Torx.

Pre.pull the device from the case. To do this, remove the clamp from the cuff and pull the edge next to the lock. Then unscrew the two screws that attach the lock to the body and pull out. Tighten the chip. UBB is ready to diagnosis.

I work in the field of repair of household appliances. Extensive experience in restoring washing and dishwashers.

Standard marking of thermal lock: N, l, C. A resistor passes through N and L. These contacts have a certain resistance. The remaining couples in the break. If the contacts are numbered differently, then you can determine by resistance.

Another option is to connect the light bulb alternately to the contacts of the terminal, turn on the smoke and start the program. On the contacts that go to the resistor, the light bulb will lightly light up.

For diagnosis, step by step perform the following actions:

  • To contacts n and l, supply a voltage of 220 volts, using an extension cord.
  • The screwdriver move the moving part of the lock, to a characteristic click. The latch must jump out. Thereby simulating the closure of the door. If the click did not occur, and the mobile part was not fixed, then the lock is faulty and must be replaced.
  • After 30-60 seconds, disconnect the uble from electricity.
  • Multimeter, measure the resistance between terminals C and L. It should be equal to 0. This means that the device is working. If in the gap, then you need a replacement.

So, if paragraph 2 did not work, there was no click and the mobile part was not fixed, then this means that one of the functions does not work and the lock is defective. Further check can not be carried out, and buy a new UBB.

If when performing paragraph 4, the tester showed a breakup, then this means that another lock function does not work, and replacement is necessary.

Do not experiment with an attempt to restore the performance of the device. Thermal locks cost 300-900, depending on the brand, model and greed of the supplier of parts.

Buying a used castle is a very controversial solution. This will lead to a repetition of problems, in addition, you need to understand that burnt, worn blocking can lead to damage to the electronic module. And these are other expenses.

Bulbs flash, but the machine does not turn on

Indesit washing machine, like any other equipment, performs various work programs through the control unit. Electronic module. the brain of a machine that is a printed circuit board with transistors and microcircuits located on it. If all the LED bulbs flash, and the car does not turn on, it is possible that the control unit has failed.

This can happen when the water and oxidation of contacts gets on the board, as well as due to damage to the capacitors. For a person who is versed in microcircuits and well.owned by a soldering iron, it will not be difficult to fix such a breakdown. If you failed to fix the fee on your own, you will have to change the entire control unit.

The car will not turn on if the heater is burned out. Heating device is one of the most important parts of the washing machine. Without it, it is impossible to heat water and automatic drying. It is necessary to check the serviceability of the heater using a multimeter, and if necessary, replace the device with a new.

The main driving force of the washing machine is an electric motor. It is this device that is responsible for the rotation of the drum, and if it breaks down, the device will stop working and will blur with all indicators. Fortunately, electric motors break extremely rarely. Some manufacturers guarantee ten.year uninterrupted operation of direct drive engines. Therefore, with such a malfunction it is better to immediately contact the service center where they will make high.quality repairs or put a new electric motor.

One of the common malfunctions, when all indicators flash at the same time, is the formation of a blockage in a drain pump, which leads to damage to the pump. In this case, it is necessary to clean the impeller of the pump from the hair, wool, fabric villi, and replace the pump.

If the LED indicators blinked when the washing machine turned on, do not be very upset. After all, the breakdown can be absolutely frivolous and not requiring large monetary investments.

Typical malfunctions Indesite

Inlet filter

Installed on water supply to Indusit. Delays garbage, prevents the pollution of the mechanisms of the washing machine. Needs systematic maintenance to minimize the risk of breakdowns. The malfunction is manifested in the slow start of. To remove the filter, you should disconnect the hose.

Inlet filter of the Washing machine Indesit

The net is washed under pressure. With severe contamination, it is pre.soaked in a solution of citric acid. The softened scale is removed by a stream of hot water.

The drum bearing

The malfunction is characteristic of launders operating for a long time. Signs: creak, rattle, extraneous noises in the process of rotation of the drum, metal chips in the tank. The problem is associated with the production, drying of the lubricant: the bearing scatters from overheating. Replacement requires professionalism. call the master.

Worn bearing of the Indesit washing machine

как снять устройство блокировки люка “УБЛ” стиральной машины indesit wiu 102

Replacing bearings in the Washing machine Indesit


The malfunction is manifested in the slow drain of dirty water or the absence of it. the tank is not empty. According to repair statistics, the main reason in the contamination of the snail and the impeller.

Circulation pump 302488 Washing machine Indesit

Remove the pump, remove the scale, threads, hair, scroll the shaft manually. There is no damage, put in place. a malfunction of the washing machine was found and eliminated.

Plum filter

Irregular cleaning leads to the fact that the element is clogged to the limit from the tank of the washing machine. fibers, pebbles, small coins. the liquid removal channel overlaps. A common indesite malfunction. The problem is solved in a few minutes: disconnect the smoke, pull out the filter, rinse and put it back.

Washing machine plum filter Indesit

Increased vibration

It is impossible to count the malfunction, but with such a problem Indesite, users often encounter. If the washing machine is leveled, the reason is one: exceeding the norm of loading things, uneven laying of linen in the drum.

What to do

Failed to cope with the problem of the vibration of the washing machine. contact a professional.

Leakage in the area of ​​the hatch

The malfunction is caused by deformation, damage, natural wear of the door seal. It will turn out to seal, arrange the cuff when installing in Indesit so that the problem area is at the top. This will exclude a repeated leak if the repair is carried out poorly. Replacement is performed independently and quickly, the RTI is inexpensive.

Luke’s cuff failed

washing, machine, indesit, lock

Lack of rotation of the drum

In some models, the engine is associated with the pulley belt gear. Weakening, maximum wear of the RTI, cliff. the cause of the malfunction. It is easy to install a belt in place by scrolling the wheel.

The Washing Machine Washing machine has flown


Violation of the integrity of the signal line. the cause of the fault of the washing machine. In the process of washing, squeezing rotates the drum, smell vibrates. Plays a role and constant dampness. As a result, the compounds are weakened, the connectors sparkle, the lamella metal burns out.

Contacts of the Washing machine Indesit were damaged

Start a search for the reason for the refusal in the design of the washing machine should be checked by checking electrical circuits. Cliffs, short.circuits, melting of wire insulation. defects are eliminated by the user, the master is not needed. Nar on the contacts is removed with a skin (grinding), an alcohol solution. Clean, rinse, dry, and the malfunction will disappear.

Network filter

Find it is easy. under the upper panel Indesite. The power supply cable is suitable for him. Filter is a common cause of failures in the work. It fails due to high humidity. Accumulating on the surface, condensate leads to loss of control of Indesis. Washing malfunction is eliminated by the replacement of the filter.

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Washing machine filter Indesit

Level sensor

Another name is Pressostat. The refusal of the device leads to the fact that the Automation of Indesit does not fix the readiness of the washing machine for the washing cycle (there is no information about filling the tank). The pressing mode does not turn on, the drain is not performed. With a malfunction of the sensor, the smell does not work. It is installed in the left corner Indesite, under the top cover of the washing machine.


Yandex translator interprets the English word door like a hatch, door. Such an error indes is largely similar to F17. Indicates incomplete closure of the loading hatch, the absence of its blocking. Electronics of the washing machine does not fix the readiness of the lubricants for the cycle, does not allow the development of the program. If it is already launched, the control board gives a command to the emergency stop Indesit.

Luke of Washing Machine Indesit

What are the breakdowns

The door does not close to the end, a hindrance is felt The skew of the loops is likely as a result of which the tongue does not fall into the “groove”. You need to check the door level and whether the hatch is well fixed.
If the door level is normal. The tongue probably skewed. You need to disassemble the door of the hatch and correct the stem that “holds” the tongue.
The door closes, but there is no click Probably deformation of the guide to the groove. It is necessary to replace it.
The door closes, but there is no lock The control module is broken. Repair or replacement.
Garbage in uble (hatch lock device). You can try to disassemble and clean.
Blooded ub. Repair or replacement.

The reasons leading to a hatch lock are divided into two types:

  • Electronic. the machine does not block the hatch as a result of breakdowns inside the device. Such malfunctions can lead to a failure of UBB, small debris or foreign objects into the locking device, breakdown of the head control module. If the malfunction is associated with electronics, the door is easily slammed, but the hatch lock will not occur and the washing process itself will not begin.
  • Mechanical. external damage associated with the breakdown of the handle of the hatch, deformation of the guide plate or the castle tongue. In this case, the door will not close or close at all, but will not be fixed properly.

To simplify the search for a malfunction, manufacturers laid a list of error codes in the program. So, if the lock in the Indesit or Ariston car does not work, then F17 is displayed on the display, in Electrolux. E40, LG. de.

How to rectify the situation

If the door closes loosely, and after the examination you find a skew of the tongue or guide, you need to replace the replacement.

  • Disconnect the washing machine from electricity.
  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the loops and remove the door from the body.
  • Putting the door on a flat surface, start disassembling. You need to buy a reptity for your model first. Most likely, you will have to buy completely a pen, which includes a tongue.
  • Remove the screws around the perimeter, lift the latches and remove the inside of the door.
  • Before disassemble the handle, take a picture of the location of the parts.
  • Protect and take out the pin, after which nothing will hold the details.
  • Gather the pen in the reverse order by setting a new tongue.

What to do if it is written on the display that the door is not closed? So, the electronic lock does not work. Indicators can flash on mechanical panels. You need to replace the device ubble.

  • Open the hatch door and unscrew the two bolts fixing the device.
  • Bend the sealing rubber.
  • Remove the clamp and fill the cuff inside the drum.
  • Remove the device ub, disconnect the wiring from it.

Inspect the wiring. If the burnt parts are visible, it must be replaced. Uble is checked by a multimeter for resistance. If the lock is faulty, replace the replacement in the reverse order.


Control board is a reliable washing element, but burns due to overloads that arise both inside the machine and outside. Based on the principle of operation of the locking lock. damage here is not uncommon. In this case, two options are possible:

With the purchase of the module is not so simple. You need to find a specific fee corresponding to the machine model. In addition, it must be “flashed”, t. e. Pour a program with special equipment with special equipment, which again suits the brand. In addition, you can not confuse loops and wires that are connected to it.

I work in the field of repair of household appliances. Extensive experience in restoring washing and dishwashers.

Repair of the damaged module. cheaper. This is the most pragmatic option.

Only a problem arises with the search for an sensible specialist in electronics, especially in small cities. If there is no choice, and you are sure that the problem is in the module, then you can order it via the Internet.

But in this case, it is often more profitable to buy a new washing machine. Because the cost of electronic boards for the most common models is from 5,000 to 15,000 sometimes and more.



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