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Operation of washing machines “Beko

Founded in 1926. The production association KOC Holding is not only the largest in Turkey, but also among the 500 largest industrial corporations in the world. The KOBR group includes 91 companies and covers such industries as the production of consumer goods, building materials, automobile and food industries, energy, tourism, financial and foreign trade activities.

One of the priority areas of activity of the KOBR group is the production of household appliances. CoC Holding ARCELIK A.S. produces refrigerators, washing and dishwashers, kitchen slabs, vacuum cleaners, small household appliances. The company was founded in 1955., And in 1959. The first washing machine came off from the assembly line. In 1968. In. Chairova near Istanbul built a new plant of washing machines with an area of ​​630 thousand. sq. m. Today the company takes fifth place in Europe for the production of household appliances and produces more than 6 million units per year. In 1999. Plant in the g. Chairova released 855 thousand. washing machines. Arcelik a.S. exported to 32 countries of the world.

In the Russian market, the company has been present since 1994. In recent years, a line of products with the eyelid of the eyelid is continuously updated and expanding the line of products to Russia.

ARCELIK A priority.S. is the introduction of own technologies and development into the production. For these purposes in 1975. the department of scientific and technical developments and design was created. About 2 % of the annual turnover is allocated for the implementation of scientific, technical and design work. As a result in 1998. Arcelik a.S. received the first national prize for creating a new generation of orbital washing machines. In 1999. The company received another prize for advanced quality control technologies for its electric motors.

All Arcelik plants are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 international standard and ISO 14001 environmental standards.

washing, machine, beko, connection, bluetooth

Overview of the smart washing machine LG F12u1Hbs4: Washing from a smartphone

It was a very unpleasant surprise for me when the new washing machine began to rinse the laundry only with cold water. And in winter. even icy. She did not wash the standard powders to the end. I didn’t even believe in the reality of what was happening. I thought that I got a defective copy. At the IFA exhibition in Berlin, he caught a representative of the company that made a washing machine and asked how to turn on water heating when rinsing? “Yes,” the representative answered carelessly, “we must save electricity. And do not spend it on all sorts of nonsense “. Then there were long experiments with various detergents, and it seems like expensive Japanese miracle machines was still washed to the end. But then another manifestation of concern for savings crept in.

The drum of the machine was designed for 6 kg of linen. If you score it completely, everything went smoothly. And if two.thirds. in general, too. But sometimes you need to urgently wash a couple of things, without waiting for a pile to accumulate. It is clear that the economical European will never go to this, and will go in the dirty to the last. But we, the inhabitants of the rich Russia, can still afford a little wasteful. Apparently, no one really tested the low loading mode, because the car just went crazy. Libra in the drum seemed that something appears in it and immediately disappears. Therefore, the water was typed and immediately merged. And so several times. But the most interesting began at the spin stage. The drum did not spin to maximum revolutions and for hours sluggishly threw things from the wall to the wall. At the same time, the screen mockingly showed that one minute was left until the end of washing. In fact, the process could continue for three hours and five. And all night. Sometimes I had to stop all this disgrace manually, wait until the hatch is unlocked, and save the wet thing.

All this is so tired that I began to think about buying an old machine, change all the details in it, which are possible, and wash for my pleasure. But faith in technological progress has overcome conservatism. Well, there could not be a rinse with warm water to be destroyed under the root?

It turns out that there are few, but survived. For example, in Miele machines. Very good brand, everyone recommends, but the most budget model is more expensive than 100 thousand. You can’t scare us with such numbers, but I still wanted to clarify whether there were cheaper options. The correct rinse was found in the flagship models of LG washing machines. precisely, by default it is like everywhere, cold water, but if you press a button, everything will be fine.

It was not possible to check the work with a small amount of linen, but I decided to take a chance. And some time ago, a silver LG washing machine came to me with a musical and easily memorable name F12U1HBS4. At a depth of 45 centimeters, she promised to wash up to 7 kilograms of linen.

Immediately a giant hatch is striking into the eyes, in which it seems that you can climb an adult into the drum, but it wears mainly a decorative function. In fact, the diameter of the hole for loading is quite standard. The drum is controlled by an inverter motor with direct drive, which, according to LG, increases the reliability of work and saves place in the case. About reliability, you can believe: the warranty on the motor is 10 years. I was afraid that this design would be noisy, but no. If the steel of the case is a couple of millimeters thicker, there would be no washing at all. But since the jumping of the machine in the apartment has learned to prevent concrete blocks, steel everywhere has become thin. However, so good.

Management is completely sensory, and at first I was afraid that I would never learn to install the program. it hurt a lot of options. However, in practice, to start washing, you must press literally in two places. And if you want to turn on the coveted rinse with warm water, then in three. We are an publication about IT, and therefore I will not torment you with the details of washing down blankets or derivation of stains. I will only say that the machine is erasing very high quality. Not stupid with a small volume. The powder is completely washed out, and the linen does not get up with a stake when it dries. It squeezes practically leisure. It is especially worth noting the processing of linen with hot steam during washing and spinning (Truesteam function), which makes things softer and more pleasant to the touch, as well as the function of cleaning the drum. The latter is extremely useful if you wash rugs, sneakers and other rather dirty things in a typewriter. After them, it would be useful to rinse the drum, but most of the cars do not turn on if there is nothing inside. Here you can turn on the complete cleaning of the drum without things. Men usually do not understand such subtleties (“Ha, think. rug! Yes it is not dirty!”), But women will appreciate.

Well, another function provoked to write this text. On the right on the control panel a hand with a smartphone is drawn and Tag ON is written. As I was explained, you can download programs from the Internet into the car (!) and diagnose her health. We joked for so long about the penetration of the Internet into household devices, such as microwaves and washing machines, and here it is. the future!

In fact, everything turned out to be a little more prosaic. The machine itself does not go to the Internet and does not connect to Wi-Fi. But if you attach a smartphone with NFC to it, it will offer to install the LG Smart Laundry application (smart laundry LG). In it you can choose a breathtaking number of various washing programs. significantly more than in the machine itself. After that, you just put a smartphone to the icon. and washing starts. From a smartphone, everything can be configured much more precise. Simply because the description of some points on the plastic panel will never fit. Probably, older people will still prefer to press the touch buttons on the latter, but the younger users are the idea to turn on the machine with a phone may like the machine.

Selection of a place for installation, removal of transport shoes, connection to the water supply network

2 installation, removal of packaging stiffness elements

washing, machine, beko, connection, bluetooth

authorized specialist. Contact

nearest company service center. At

preparation of the device for operation, before

center, make sure that power, water supply and water drainage system function normally. If necessary, contact a qualified electrician or plumbing

Preparation of a place for installing the device, including preparation for connecting the device to the electric network, water supply and canalies, is the bonds of the buyer.

How to connect your Arcelik, Beko, Blomberg or Grundig washer to homewhiz and tour of its features

Installation of the device and connecting it to the electric network should be carried out by specialists of the company service

the result of the performance of work by persons who do not have the right.

Inspection of the device for defects. If any, do not install the device.

Damaged devices can represent

Do not allow overcurrents, pinching or ruptures of a nerd of a power supply, bulk and

How to Connect your Beko Washing Machine to Bluetooth via HomeWhiz App

Draggling slugs when moving the product

in place during installation or cleaning.

The scope should be installed on the solid floor. Do not install the device on the carpet with a long pile or similar surfaces.

In case of installation on the washing heap

Contact machine total weight of the devices

With full loading, it is about 180 kg, so they should be installed only on an even solid floor, capable of withstanding

Do not install the device in rooms where

Mecdo with a device and other furniture should

Removing elements of stiffness of packaging

To remove stiffness elements, tilt the scope back and pull the tape.

Removal of transport shoes

Do not remove the transport shutters until you remove the stiffener elements.

non.compliance with this condition will lead to a breakdown of the scope.

[The core weaken the bolts so that

Remove safety transport bolts, carefully

are in a package with a user guide.(R)

Sh For normal operation of the machine, it is necessary

supply water under pressure from 1

up to 10 bar (0.1-10 MPa). At the same time, water consumption

With a completely open tap, it will be 10-

80 liters of water per minute. If the water supply has higher pressure, it is necessary to install a reduction valve.

If it is supposed to use the device

with two pipes for supplying water as

the plug should be installed on the inlet

hot water valve (refers to products that are equipped with a plug).

Remove the plug and seals from the intake valve on the pipe for hot water and connect the hose for hot water (refers to the products that are equipped with a plug).

Models with one pipe for supplying water should not be connected to the hot water cranes. In this case, either linen will be spoiled,

either the protection system and the machine will work

the machine of the water supply hoses that are already in use. This can cause laundry stains.

which are included in the kit, to the waterproof vehicles of the washing machine. Red hose (left) (Max. 90 ° C) is connected to a pipe for hot water, and blue (right) (Max. 25 ° C). to a cold water pipe.

When installing the machine, make sure that the connecting to the taps of cold and hot water are performed correctly. Otherwise, by

Adjusting the legs of the washing machine


The machine should be stable, without distortions. The floor under the machine should not be slippery. A machine that is not designed for the installation integrated in the furniture cannot be located inside the furniture, otherwise vibration with spinning this furniture will destroy.

The horizontal location of the upper cover is a prerequisite for the proper operation of the washing machine. The deviation should not exceed 2 degrees. In addition, the car should not swing. For proper installation in the machine, front legs adjustable in height are provided. For adjustment, weaken the fixing nut. Then they rotate the leg in the right direction, achieving its stable support on the floor. Then this position is fixed by a nut, tightened counterclockwise to the stop.

In general, the hard fastening of the machine legs to the floor is not provided. But in some cases (for example, when installing on a basement, on an inclined slippery floor, on an unstable wooden floor, etc.) such a mount can be made. For this, a number of models have special brackets for attaching the front legs.

How to eliminate refusals

We will figure out how to repair the Beko washing machines on our own.

You should know that after washing on a typewriter, waste water does not differ in cleanliness and transparency. So that various small garbage and dirt are not clogged, a special filter is installed in front of it, which in most cases is clogged. The main task is to find this element, which is usually located in the lower part of the machine, under a small hatch or panel.

Further, actions should take place in the following sequence:

  • Before extracting the filter, a pelvis is put on the floor or a rag is spread to collect the spent water, which necessarily pours from the hole. Some models of cars in the kit have a hose for emergency water descent,
  • In order to extract the filter, it should be handed over to the right side,
  • After that, the filter is cleaned and washed under a stream of water,
  • Using a screwdriver, you can clean the pipe that can also be clogged,
  • For preventive purposes, it is possible to clean the filter installed on the water fence (it is located at the fastening point of the fence hose to the rear wall). As a rule, particles of rust and sand located in tap water accumulate in it,
  • Having completed the cleaning filter, you should not rush to install it in the same place. you should examine the pump for draining itself. Quite often, machines with their own diagnostic system reveal the pump failure and give a signal about this. But sometimes, if the malfunctions are small (the impeller has gone through), the “controller” is not able to identify the problem,
  • To check the pump, it is necessary to activate the water drain mode and look at the cork hole, how the impeller works. Rotation will say that everything is fine. In case of immobility of the element, it is necessary to clean or completely replace the drain pump,
  • Now you can install everything in its place, assemble a machine and carry out a trial washing.
washing, machine, beko, connection, bluetooth
  • Water is poorly heated.

To cope with such a refusal, you will have to again perform a partial disassembly of the washing apparatus. But first it should be noted that in all machines the thermoelectric generator is one of the weakest nodes. The people call it a simple word. Ten. Mineral components located in the pipes under the influence of hot water begin to crystallize and accumulate on the heater. The plaque does not allow the heat to go to the water, so the heater is burning out. But if the water in the pipes is soft, and the scale does not appear, or you use special products, then the heating water is still able to burn out, as it has its working resource.

In order to make sure what happened to the heating element, it is necessary to get to it. The peculiarity is that in different models it is located both in front and behind. For the first case of action, the following:

  • The front panel of the machine is removed. But it is first necessary to remove the cuff from the door. You need to act carefully so as not to cause damage to it,
  • Before you will stick out two contacts with the wiring supplied to them, which must be disconnected,
  • Using a tester, you need to check the resistance. With the norm, its value will be from 25 to 30 Ohms. In other cases, we can confidently assume that Ten refused,
  • We unscrew the nut from the bolt, holding the heating element under the drum, carefully pull out the heater,
  • We clean the place for its installation from plaque and accumulated garbage,
  • Install a new analogue, connect the wires.

In the event that the heating device is serviceable, you should check the temperature sensor located under the upper panel.

  • twist the screws and remove the top panel,
  • The sensor is dismantled along with the tray for detergents and the control panel, since all this creates interference to get to the element of interest,
  • Having opened access to the sensor, you must turn off all the wires from it,
  • Check the resistance. Normally it should be 4.7 com,
  • The sensor must be held in a container with warm water. the resistance indicator should decrease. Otherwise, the element must be replaced,
  • The new sensor is installed in place, all work is performed in the reverse order.
  • Do.it.yourself electricians and electronics repair.

If you have special knowledge and the necessary experience in the repair of electrical appliances, then you can eliminate the contact of contact or oxidation of the terminal. All that is required is the circuit of the electrical wiring of the machine, which can be found in the operating instructions.

But with electronics not everything is so simple. Repair work or replacement of management fees implies special knowledge and certain experience. Taking into account the cost of a new module, you should not try to repair it yourself. In this case, it is better to invite a master who will do everything himself.

During the operation of the unit for washing things, in particular. during the execution of the spin, the machine gives out a strong vibration, begins to “jump” in different directions. Pay attention to how much linen is loaded. Vibration is possible if the maximum norm is exceeded. Another recommendation is to check how correctly the supporting legs of the. They are set in level so that the device does not stagger. Experts advise using special stands when installing a machine.

Washing machine Beko Wue6636AWE. review

I chose a machine for about a week. Was originally configured to LG. Then in the store, where we came to take the selected model, I went over to Samsung. The husband approved, when ordering it turned out that only the one remained on the window. She had a strongly scratched drum. I refused and very upset. The machine was needed yesterday, as we moved. With a small child without a machine is difficult.

The next day I was looking for again and suddenly found that I could only set the necessary settings in the machines of the brand of Beko. The previous one was also this brand, but cheap and I honestly hate it. I didn’t even consider this brand as an option at all.

But I need washing 60 degrees, which lasts no more than an hour. I can’t stand it for half a day. I usually choose a quick wash, if the temperature is 60 degrees, then it will last 58 minutes. If 40 degrees, then 28-38 minutes. I use three programs that I set it through the application and added to the favorites. Conveniently, one click and machine started.

This machine is 41 cm. depth, got up in a narrow bathroom perfectly.

I like a big drum with a pattern like samsung. Large comfortable door, reliable blocking from children.

Pair function, I doubted it for a long time whether it was worth overpaying. I use and satisfied! Increases the program time by 20 minutes. I wash the bed with this function.

Inverter engine, also satisfied. The machine compared to the past quiet and calm, does not wake the child during daytime sleep.

Bluetooth and control through a smartphone. This is more pampering than the practically necessary function, there are still many shortcomings. But the ability to run one of the three programs in the chosen one, just by pressing the key, this is convenient. Also, from the application, you can put the washing, see how much time is left before the end of the cycle and what operation is currently performed (soaking, squeezing, etc.D.).

The most important thing is that the machine is perfectly washing dirty things perfectly. After steam processing, they are so soft, well.squeezed even at 1000 speeds. The previous Beka (I call it so affectionately) also squeezed out at a thousand revolutions, but the linen was always more humid.

I hope it will last more than one year

Extraneous objects in the pump

Unscrew the lid and pull out the concentrator. Rinse it. Remove all objects from the “Snail of the pump”, and also free the impeller. Make sure she rotates freely.

Note that not only toothpicks and woolen fibers fall into the pump, but also socks with spoons, as well as hairpins, pins, bolts, nuts, seeds.

Advice! Small items are important to put in special bags for washing.

Quite often. this leads to premature wear of the pump, and its breakdown.

Washing and drying machines

Review and video of washing and drying machines

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Washing machine Beko connection Bluetooth

Scissors or a knife for opening boxes, wrench or pliers, screwdriver, drill (for drilling holes in the walls of cabinets or kitchen furniture), alcohol level

Grounded network connection (without multi.contact forks and elongating wires), water supply, draining water

Capacity for a liquid detergent, a measuring container for powder detergent, a bulk hose for tap water, a bracket for a drain hose, plastic plugs of holes for transportation bolts

60–90 minutes to install a new device

Installation of the device can be complex and even dangerous, so before starting work, be sure to read these warnings and instructions.

  • Before proceeding to remove the old device, make sure that the power supply and water supply are disconnected.
  • Before starting the removal/installation procedure, make sure that the old/new device is disconnected from the mains.
  • Install the device only on an even stable surface that can withstand its weight. It is forbidden to install the device on the carpet. This will limit the air flow to the electrical components in the lower part of the device and will lead to their overheating.
  • When receiving the device, make sure that it has not been damaged during transportation, that all spare parts and accessories are in stock and correctly equipped.
  • Make sure that there is a grounded electric socket protected by the fuse and the technical characteristics in the user manual corresponding to the table. Do not connect the device to extension wires. Follow the fact that the food wire is not pinched and not pushed.
  • If you need to install another fork suitable for an electric outlet, be sure to use a plug with a fuse of 13 A.
  • Do not touch the fork with your wet hands. Do not take out a fork out of the outlet, pulling the wire. Grasp and pull the plug body.

Make sure water supply and network power supply are disabled. If the device was fixed in the closet, turn out all the fasteners. Remove the device from the place of its installation.

Remember that the washing machines are heavy. So move them with caution. To facilitate the removal of the device, tilt it back and put the old carpet under the front legs. It will be easier for you to put out the device outward, stretching the carpet.

After that, you will get access to the rear section of the device and you can disconnect the power supply, supply and drainage of water. To release the connection compounds and drainage of water, a wrench or pliers may be required.

To prevent water from flowing, set an empty container under the water supply tap and lower the supply hoses into it and drain. After that, it will be possible to completely extract the device.

Check the local rules for the disposal of household appliances. Perhaps in the local administration you will be recommended for the waste export service. If you are going to shoot the old device yourself, remember that you will need the help of another person to raise and move it.

Make sure that in the room where you are going to install a new device, there is enough space to unpack it. If there is little free space, it may be advisable to unpack the device in another room.

To remove external packaging, use scissors or knife. Do not cut too deep. This can lead to scratches on the device case.

Washing machines are equipped with additional components to protect the drum during transportation. Before using the device, they need to be removed.

The first of these components is the foam block at the bottom of the washing machine. Tilt the device back so that it rests on the hind legs, remove the sticky tape and remove the foam block.

Other transport components are bolts on the back of the washing machine, which hold the drum motionless during transportation. Loosen the bolts with a wrench, and then turn them out.

Save these bolts and install them in the starting position, if in the future you need to transport the device. Close holes with plastic plugs that are packed along with the below below.

Remove all the labels and stickers from the display as soon as possible. The longer they remain in place, the more difficult it is to shoot them.

After unpacking, make sure that all spare parts and accessories are in stock and correctly equipped. They are in the drum of the washing machine. This is a user guide, a container for a liquid detergent, a measuring container for powder detergent, a bulk water hose, a bracket for a drain hose and plastic tunes for transportation bolts.

If you replace the old device, you already have a place for a new washing machine, as well as holes in the walls of cabinets for hoses and wires.

If you install a new device in a new place, you may need to drill holes for the hoses and the power wire in the walls of the cabinets.

On the rear panel of the device, first of all, connect the water supply hose to the washing machine. Connect the end of the hose to the washing machine, bending 90 degrees, and tighten your hand with your effort. Do not use tools so as not to pull the connection.

Then release from the clamps of the drain hose and the supply wire.

The plug body will be inserted into the compartment on the rear panel of the device. Remove the fork and close the plastic lid.

Connect the water hose. Fix the connection by turning the plastic bolt with the effort of the hand. After connecting to the water supply network, you can turn on the water supply by opening the crane or restoring the water supply inside the house.

Then it is necessary to install a drain connection. If the wall already has a drain hole for wastewater, just insert the end of the drain hose into it. It is necessary to push the end of the drain hose into the drain hole by about 12 cm.

If there is no drain hole, it is necessary to connect the drain hose to the drain drain pipe.

The drain pipe is located under the sink. On the U-shaped pipe knee there is an additional hole for connecting the drain hose. If another washing machine was previously installed and this method of drain was used, perhaps the connecting element has already been attached to the U-shaped knee.

If you install the device in this place for the first time, you may need to connect the connecting element yourself (it can be bought at any household goods store). It is quite simple. Turn the plug of additional drain opening and plunge the connecting element in its place. Make sure that all plastic plugs and limiters are removed from the connecting element and the U-shaped knee.



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