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Washing machine Ardo does not merge water reason

ARDO washing machine does not drain water

If your ARDO washing machine does not drain water, check out this article, perhaps a breakdown can be eliminated on your own. Here you can familiarize yourself with a number of reasons that are the culprits of the situation.

Often this happens, the washer just “got up”, there was water in the tank and no manipulations like turning on/off, the mode is not helped.

Your first actions will be:

  • »To substitute for some dishes under the washing machine so as not to fill the floor;
  • »Drain into water in manual mode; When you get rid of water, check the filter:
  • »Carefully inspect the filter and its hole for the presence of foreign objects (buttons from clothes, coins, pins, etc.D.);
  • “If such elements are found, remove them;
  • “After that, turn on the car again and look, if there is still no plum, then continue to read, otherwise you can close the article.

The filter is clean. what’s next?

So, if the filter is clean, but still does not drain the ARDO washing machine and that’s it. It is necessary to find what is the reason for this behavior and why Ardo does not drain well? It is necessary to check the drain hose. It can be connected to a siphon, and to the sewage system itself directly.

  • »Pull out the drain hose;
  • »Handing it over the sink or anything;
  • »Turn on the washing machine in any mode and check the drain;

If the water has gone calmly, then the sewage system is closed and the washing machine has nothing to do with it. The sewage system is not clogged. what’s next?

If the previous points did not give anything, then you need to look for the following suspects:

  • »Faulty pump (drain pump);
  • »Figure water level sensor (presetthus);
  • »Faulty electronic module.

T.to. To identify the malfunction of these elements, it is necessary to disassemble the washing machine, then without proper knowledge this should not be done and it is strongly recommended to contact specialists.

Hanging on an annex. Does not drain water

I washed on a program of 60 degrees in a normal cycle. Perhaps due to overloading with linen (from the words of the hostess it was much loaded), stopped working. Does not drain water. They took out linen. Superflow does not start. Detling water does not go. A short program 20` starts and is interrupted on the water bay. Then in silence you can hear how part of the water goes into the drain by gravity. It looks like a drain is not blocked. What to do?

Check for the presence of a blockage in the filter, a drain hose, if the pump does not help to replace

Check if the drain hose has fallen to the floor (it should make a loop up). Well, the problem looks like a drive engine or block. management.

Clean the hoses you need to pipe filter

You need to check the filter, for blockages. Perhaps a pump is worn out.and prove the brushes on the motor.

The drain hose that goes from the machine to the sewer clogged. If a siphon is also included in this chain, then it can also clog with garbage. Filter filter. Coins, pebbles, paper, buttons and other items that were not laid out from s can block the filter. Something was clogged with a drain pipe, which is located between the tank of the washing machine and its pump. If the washing machine does not drain water and buzzes, then, probably, the pump was coming out of standing, responsible for pumping water. It consists of an electric motor, a shaft with a plastic impeller and two pipes. The operational resource of the pump is about 5 years. Often, masters who analyze the pump, they find the threads wound on the shaft of the impeller and the hair, which were the reasons for the refusal. In addition to the engine burning, the impeller may also break, but the entire node changes, in this case, entirely. Electronic control module malfunction. Its refusal may occur during voltage jumps or due to the natural wear of electronic elements. Too long. Over time, the power of the drain pump gradually decreases. Typically, this power is enough to drain water through a standard hose about 1.5 m long. If a longer hose is used, then the pump can physically be unable to pump water to such a distance. Typically, such a refusal happens if the old machine was rearranged to another place, lengthening by half or more of the drain hose.

The causes of poor drain

It is very important to figure out why water does not pump out from the washing unit. The reason for the wrong pumping may be:

  • Flotting a filter device. Different small items remaining in the s of clothes can fall into it when washing: fabric, pieces of paper, coins, etc. That is why the technique cannot properly lower the water. It is recommended to perform periodic cleaning of the filter so that the washing of things occurs according to all the rules.
  • Clogging of the drain hose. This is a very common cause of incomplete drain from the tank. Disconnect and clean the hose.
  • The pump does not function properly. This element of the washing unit consists of nozzles, a impeller made of plastic, as well as an electric motor. The reasons for the refusal of the pump (pump) may be the threads wrapped in the shaft of the impeller and hair. For this reason, draining water into the sewer can be completely blocked. Read more about how to clean the pump, read here. Also, the cause of the drain pump can be the failure of the impeller, breakdown of the electric motor. In this case, it is necessary to replace the entire node, otherwise the washing machine cannot simply function normally.
  • Moneliness of the control module. The burned elements of microcircuits or a failure in the firmware of the module can make it inoperative, as a result of which the washing machine will not be able to pump out water. In this case, the repairs or replacement of the programmer will help.
  • Incorrect installation of the hose. With long operation, the power of the pump is reduced. Such power, as a rule, is enough to pump water when using a hose, the length of which is usually about 1.5 meters. In the case of using a longer hose, the drain pump will simply not pump out water to the end. This happens when already outdated equipment was installed on another place and significantly increased the length of the hose. How to organize water drainage correctly, read in our article.
  • Electric wiring malfunction. Due to the improper installation of the washing unit, excessive vibration may occur. As a result of this, malfunctions may occur in the electrical wiring, which will lead to a refusal of the function of normal pumping of water. You can solve this problem only by resorting to the services of a specialist.

If the service life of the washing machine is more than 7-8 years, and it is noisy during squeezing linen, then perhaps a pump is broken. You need to perform its replacement.

Many modern washing machines are equipped with a scoreboard that shows not only the mode of operation of the unit, but also error codes. Thanks to this indication, it is possible to more accurately identify the breakdown.

Eliminate all the breakdowns independently in which the washing machine cannot carry out normal pumping of water, sometimes it is impossible. Automatic washing units can pump water poorly due to clogging of the pipe, which is connected to the drain pump inside the washing unit. In case of malfunction of the pump, electrical wiring, as well as the failure of the elements of the circuits and software modules, the SMA can not only poorly drain the water, but also not pump it out at all. If you do not have repair skills and technical knowledge in the area of ​​the washing machine, you should consult a highly qualified specialist.

Types of faults of washing machines Ardo

They can be physical type, when the details are worn out and are not subject to replacement. This can be an electronic malfunction, for example, incorrect connection or operation of the device.

The owner can cope with simple problems on his own. The main thing is to follow the instructions for eliminating the breakdown of the machine. Other malfunctions of the Ardo washing machine will be eliminated only by the master.

No water is heated

Most often, the heating element fails in these washing. You can determine the problem during washing at 60 degrees. If you attach a hand to the door of the door and the glass is cold, then the electric heater burned down.

You can change the electric device for heating water yourself. For this you need:

  • Turn off the machine and remove the fork out of the outlet, pull the pipe from the sewer, and disconnect the water supply hose from the water pipe.
  • Unscrew the bolts from the back of the washer.
  • You need to turn off all the wires under the drum and unscrew the bolt that holds the heating element.
  • Gently pull the heater without damaging nearby details.
  • Remove the scale from the holder of the heater.
  • Insert a new heating element into the holder of to get him back in the same place.
  • Connect the wires and tighten all the bolts.

There is no water intake after the washing machine is turned on

Water may not enter the washer after it is turned on especially often in Ardo washing machines with vertical loading. The owner of the device with horizontal loading is unlikely to suffer from this breakdown. In the latter case, the maximum that can happen is that he forgot to turn the crane on the feed.

HOW TO Disassemble and Clean Ardo Pumpsets

A vertical can have two options for a problem:

    The filter is clogged. To clean it, turn off the machine from the network and close the tap for water supply pipe. Waterflow filters are usually located on the back, where the hose is located and the water supply valve is located.

Unscrew the bulk hose and with pliers remove the filter. Pull out and clean it with water and a toothbrush. You do the same with hoses if they are equipped with grid filters. Install everything back in the same sequence.

The norm of water is exceeded when it is submitted

Another frequent problem of washing machines Ardo is the excess of the water supply rate. There can also be two ways for correction. in case of improper connection of the drain hose to the sewer pipe, or electronics may be faulty. The last mistake can only be eliminated by a qualified specialist. The usual owner to cope with the first problem.

Instructions for eliminating the increased water supply rate:

  • The requirements for the drain hose are as follows: it should not be too long, otherwise a strong load on the pump will occur. He will fail a previously due date.
  • Connection to the sewer siphon should be located at a level of at least 50 centimeters from the floor.
  • In the case of connecting to a sewer pipe or to the place of drain below 50 centimeters, automatic drain will occur constantly.

The liquid accumulates under the machine

If water is typed under the machine, this case is also divided into two types. In the first case, the owner falls asleep a lot of washing powder. A foam is formed, which seeps out through some holes in a typewriter, on the floor then it turns into water.

In the second case, the accumulation of water can be a breakdown of a pipe or a torn cuff, a poor laying of the hose. Sometimes the drum itself can flow. In any case, only a specialist will help here.

Zasori of the drain tract

When the drain tract of the washing machine is clogged, the water may not merge and remain the drum. In rare cases, a water level sensor is damaged.

The blockage is determined as follows. The washing machine stopped its work, the error “No plum” appeared on the display “.

First of all, try the typewriter to set the program on the drain, putting the switch to the right position. If it does not work, then proceed to eliminate the breakdown of the subsequent scheme:

  • Disconnect the drain hose from the sewer pipe.
  • Take a bucket and put a hose in it at a minimum distance from the floor.
  • Most of the water should merge.
  • Unscrew the filter and drain the remaining water.
  • Then pull out the plug and clean the filter.

If the problem is not in the blockage, then it is better to call the master. Since in most cases the solution to this problem can lead to a breakdown of expensive details.

Extraneous noise

Extraneous noise during the operation of the washing machine can occur due to the incorrect installation. The washing room must be set in level. It is desirable that it is on a flat hard surface from the tile.

Typically, washing machines are installed in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

The cause of the roar in the drum may be extraneous metal things. They must be removed from s during preparation for washing things.

In rare cases, bearings may be faulty. In order to repair this problem, a challenge of the master is needed.

Electronic control malfunction

If the electronic board does not work or some control buttons fail, then this means that it is time to replace the electronic module. To replace it, it is recommended to call the master.

Most often errors are signed by indicators on the control panel. Ardo errors codes

In order to determine the error and eliminate it, you need to remove all the linen from the drum and in the mode of 30 degree washing, start it.

The following numbers indicate a certain breakdown:

  • E00, e01. drain does not work. Clean the filter.
  • E02. drain and water flow does not work. Check the connection of the hose.
  • E03. water does not leave the drum.
  • F2. temperature sensor does not work.
  • F4 no water drain.
  • F5. water supply filter does not work.
  • F8. problems with Aquastop.
  • F13, F14. critical errors.
  • F6, F9, F12. problems with an electronic module.

Elimination of breakdowns

If the washing machine does not wash things well, then perhaps the drum was overloaded during washing, or an insufficient amount of detergent was flooded. It is recommended to put the amount of powder that requires and revise the number of things laid in the machine.

With poor spin, its low speed may have been chosen, or things were unevenly distributed in the drum. The last problem is observed during the washing of a small number of things. It is necessary to properly distribute things in the drum.

Eliminating the blockage of the pump

To eliminate the blockage, it is necessary to open the lid of the drain pump, unscrew the self.tapping screw that holds it.

  • Unscrew the lid of the drain filter. Drain the water.
  • Then turn the pump counterclockwise, pressing the car inside the car.
  • Then pull it through the bottom of the washer. Put the machine on the side and take out the pump.
  • Disconnect the wires, clamps and remove the nozzles suitable for it.
  • Now you can clean the pump and put it back according to the same scheme.

Replacing details

Repair of Ardo washing machine is not always limited only to cleaning parts. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the failed elements. In addition to the heater, it is better to replace the details with a specialist in the repair of washing machines, since an unskilled person can only harm the unit.

The washing machine Ardo does not drain the water what to do the video

Why, the ardo washing machine does not drain water, which can be done on your own?

Cut with garbage a connecting pipe (between the tank and the pump). There was an extraneous thing in the pomp. Cut the pump filter (pump) clogged with garbage. The pump broke. Sewer or siphon. Blocking the hose through which water is drained.

You can clean the filter yourself. If this does not help, you need to change the drain pump.

If there is no blockage, you need to check if the control unit for the pump 220 volts issues

Do not puzzle, unscrew the filter, remove the pump in 80 % of cases of an elastic band or a rag on the impeller, money and much more you forgot to get out of your s. The most important thing is that when draining there is at least some sound if there is a grave silence, then the food is absent.With such an instrument and experience, the problem cannot be solved.

Open the decorative hatch or remove the panel (perhaps you will have to use a flat screwdriver for this); Tilt the washing machine a little to the side and cut it off on the wall so that the water container can be slipped under the edge of the machine, be careful so that the machine does not slip; Get the filter handle, turn it counterclockwise (you should not completely twist it) and drain the water into the prepared container.

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Causes and signs of a malfunction

How the user can understand that there was a malfunction:

  • Pay attention to the first signs of a breakdown. For example, water merges slower than usual.
  • The washing machine does not drain water at all.
  • The washing cycle takes place as usual, but when it reaches the drain, the system freezes.
  • The machine drains water through one wash.
  • After draining the seas does not begin.
  • After the main washing, the water merges, after rinsing. no.

You can also notice a loud noise: the car will buzz, as if draining the spent water.

  • The wrong regime is set.
  • The drain pipe, hose, sewage.
  • The pressure sensor failed.
  • The drain pump broke.
  • The electronic board burned out.

What to do if the washing machine does not drain water

If the drain in the washing machine does not work, first of all check the correctness of the connection and other external factors. For this you do not need to disassemble the washer.

washing, machine, ardo, does
  • Check the correct installation of the program. In cases where the “manual” or “night regime” is selected, as well as washing delicate fabrics, the machine may stop after rinsing. before the spinning. Cancel the mode and run the drain.
  • Inspect the plum hose. If he leaned out or a blockage formed in it, then the water will not be able to go into the sewer.
  • Both sewage systems and a siphon could clog (if the washer is connected through it). To check this, it is enough to disconnect the hose and direct it into the sink, and then start the drain. If the water flows from the hose, then the reason is in the sewage. You can clean it with special means or call plumbing.

If you have tried all the methods, but the drain does not turn on, restart the washer, turning it off from the network for 15-20 minutes. Then start the drain program again.

No tool is triggered? You need to proceed to the diagnosis and repair of internal parts.

The drain occurs, but not to the end

The washing machine is gaining water, but does not completely drain. The reason is the plum of the plum system. Start checking the drain filter.

  • Open a small hatch at the bottom of the front panel. To do this, lift his latches.
  • Substitute a flat container and unscrew the filter.
  • Drain water, clean the filter of blockage.

In some models, the filter is attached with screws. Therefore, first of all, unscrew the screws, and then the filter.

It also happens that the drain filter does not open, because the drain plug does not unscrew. She gets to the case. You can soften the connection of the WD-40 liquid or remove the filter with the pump.

If the filter is clean, proceed to further check. Now you need to check if the drain pipe is clogged. This could cause the fact that the water does not drain completely.

You can get to the pipe through the bottom of the washer, the rear or front panel. It all depends on the brand of the washing machine: “Indesit”, “Samsung”, “Ariston” or “Zanussi”.

  • After you got to the pipe, unscrew the bolts of its fastening.
  • Split the clamps with the pliers and disconnect the pipe from the tank to the pump.
  • Feel the nozzle with your hands, checking if its channel was clogged.
  • After cleaning, install it in place.

Lubricants buzzing during plum

If the car, trying to drain water, buzzes and cracks, the reason may be in the pump. To check its performance, you need to look at the impeller.

  • Blind the flashlight in the open filter hole.
  • Turn on the pressing mode and check if the impeller is spinning.
  • If the impeller does not rotate, you need to completely check the pump. It is located next to the drain pipe.

To remove the pump, unscrew the mounting bolts and disconnect the wiring. Now inspect both the impeller and its engine. It happens that foreign objects are wrapped around the impeller. If everything is clean, call the pump with a multimeter to make sure whether the voltage is supplied to it. The wiring is also examined.

If the pump does not give any indicators, he needs a replacement. You can buy a new detail in a specialized store by naming the brand and model of the washing machine.

The pump works continuously

The drain pump works and does not turn off? Damage arose in electronic control board. Its elements failed, so she does not give the pump a command to stop working.

For inspection, you need to remove the control board from the case:

  • Disconnect the washer from electricity.
  • Remove the top cover by twisting two screws in the back.
  • Pull out the submarine tray, pressing the latch in the center and pulling it over.
  • Unscrew the screws behind the tray and from the opposite side of the panel.
  • Light up the latches.
  • Disconnect all the wires from the board and remove it from the panel.
  • See if there are burnt parts on the surface.

Do not try to repair electronics yourself, it is better to trust professionals.

The press.steam is faulty

When the pipe of the press startup is clogged or it completely fails, the module does not receive information about the amount of water in the tank. Therefore, it does not give a command for pumping water. By removing the top cover, you can disconnect the sensor tubes and clean them from the blockage. Either remove the press.steaming, unscrewing the mounting screw, and install a new device.

Carry out regular prevention of blockages, periodically cleaning the drain system from garbage. Also rinse the submarine tray under a crane with running water.

Inspect all things before loading, cleaning your s from extraneous items. Place clothes with small details in special wash bags.

Now you know what to do if the machine does not drain water or drains it continuously. Use our advice to return the machine to disposal.

Reasons why the washing machine poorly drains water

Varieties of malfunctions are as follows:

  • Water drain is extremely slow, the process is accompanied by errors on the display of the washing machine.
  • During spinning, draining or other stage of washing, water does not follow naturally, errors also occur on the display.
  • With some washing, the water merges, with others. no.
  • During the main washing of errors, there is no error, but at the stage of rinsing, the washing machine does not drain water.
  • After the drain, the squeezes are blocked.

Repair Ardo washing machine pours water

After determining the problem, it is easier to understand in which element of the washing machine should look for a malfunction.

Filter blockage

The filter in the washing machine is necessary for the normal operation of the drain pump, it is located in front of it. It lingers villi and threads from clothing, as well as small objects that can damage the drain pump when it gets inside. The filter can clog so much that it will not let water pass. Therefore, it must be cleaned from time to time. To do this, it is enough to twist the cell from the lower part of the washing machine and rinse the elements under the stream of water, having previously pulled out the entire garbage.

Problems with a pipe

If the blockage went further, to the pipe, you will have to open the body of the washing machine. To do this, you can call the master, or do the following actions independently:

  • block water supply;
  • remove hoses fixed behind the washing machine;
  • Cover the floor with a rag;
  • extract a container for powder;
  • Using an exhaust hose from the service hatch from the bottom of the machine, drain the remaining water into a low basin;
  • Remove the filter.

After the filter has been removed, it is necessary to remove the pipe, clean it and dry it with a screwdriver or pliers. Before installing, it is best to make the lubrication of the landing site of the pipe using a sealant.

Problems with the impeller

One of the most often breaking details of the washing machine is the pump’s impeller (drain pump). Due to small garbage, such as coins and buttons, the impeller flies from the axis and ceases to function. As a result of which the pump also comes into a malfunction and does not pump out water. The impeller can also fly during the drain mode, at the first speed. The reason for the unreliable mount. The problem is solved quite simply, but it requires soldering skills. Having made a hole in the impeller, you can fix a cut bolt with a diameter of about 3 mm in it. With a reliable mount, the impeller will not fly, ensuring the normal operation of the pump.

Pump malfunction

The washing machine stopped draining the water due to failures of the pump. But before starting to disassemble the washing machine, it is necessary to determine the reason more thoroughly. To do this, follow the operation of the pump. For prevention, it is also necessary to clean the filter and check the drain hose. After that, you can inspect the sensors and contacts going to the pump panel. With proper skills and experience, the malfunction will be noticeable at the stage of draining or filling water. the pump will begin to buzz and try to pump or pump liquid intensively or pump. Water is not gained in the tank. Most likely, errors will most likely appear on the display.

Electric wiring malfunction

If the drain in the washing machine does not work and the indicators do not burn when turned on, then there are malfunctions with electrical wiring. First of all, it is necessary to check the voltage in the outlet. For this, a two.pole indicator or multimeter is used. In the absence of voltage, disassemble the outlet and see if the wires are intact.

If the outlet is serviceable, then the reason may lie in the damaged cord of the washing machine. To fully check the integrity, it is necessary to disassemble the case and determine where the wire enters. In the absence of voltage at the end of the cord, it should be replaced.

With good cable and outlet, you need to look for a breakdown in the control unit of the washing machine. To do this, you need to find a place on the board for which the voltage is supplied, and call it using a multimeter. If it is equal to the voltage in the network, it means that the board is damaged. It must be replaced.

A malfunction of the press start

Pressostat is a rounded part with a plastic building. The hose and wiring through the valve are connected to it. With the help of the press, the module receives a signal about the termination of the water fence. It is located at the top of the body of the washing machine, usually near the side wall. The malfunction of the press starts is most often reported by the error code that occurs on the display after self.diagnosis during washing. To decipher the code, you must see its value in the instructions. With a breakdown of the press, the water will merge poorly, or not go out at all. The details of the details require special skills or assistance to the master.

Programmer malfunction

The programmer is easy to determine on each washing machine. this is an element of control, which is a handle on the main panel. It looks like a simple, but in fact a complex mechanism, controls the inclusion and disconnection of all stages of washing, as well as a set and drainage of water. If you disassemble the case, you can see that the programmer consists of many small details, any of which can be broken with poor drainage of water.

The breakdown of the programmer is characterized by a sudden shutdown of the washer. Often, with a malfunction of this part, the machine does not turn on at all. The washing time indicated on the display is also absent or constantly changes when the programmer fails.

How to drain water

In order to drain the water from the washing machine, even if it breaks, it is necessary:

  • Disable power;
  • open the filter cover from the bottom of the case;
  • stretch the hose of emergency plum;
  • direct the end of the hose to a low and wide container for draining water;
  • Remove the safety plug and wait until all the fluid flows into the basin.

A deep container is needed so that the water level at the end of the hose is lower than in the body of the washing machine. The deeper the basin, the more it will be possible to drain water from the body.

Typical and rare breakdowns of ardo washing machines

Masters of service centers argue that all malfunctions in ARDO brands are divided into 2 types: typical and rare.

Typical. These are malfunctions characteristic of all washing, not only Ardo brands, but also any others. For example, in each typewriter such a misfortune can happen: water does not merge, the drum has flowed, and so on.

Rare. Such breakdowns are associated with the brand of the machine, and depend on the technologies used in the manufacture of cm. These include a tank overwhelmed with water, insufficiently heated water and others.

Attention! According to experts, in 9 out of 10 cases, Ardo washing machines with conventional and vertical loading bother the owners with typical breakdowns that are not related to production features. This proves once again that the ARDO technique is quite reliable.

Breakage typical for cm ardo

A number of signs usually report. Having carefully studied them, you can recognize the failure. Therefore, it is better to start with a review of signs of breakdowns that are most often found:

  • Water does not merge. This can happen for a number of reasons, among which, mainly, the blockage of the drain system consisting of a pipe, a plum hose and a pump (drain pump). Extremely rarely this problem arises due to the failure of the thermal sensor.
  • Water stopped basking. This is especially noticeable in high.temperature washing modes. Understand that the water is not warming up, you can by cold linen and not decomposed spots on it. Classes a crash of the heating element (heating). Lime plaque and scale slowly but confidently destroy the detail, which is why it burns out. The detached resource of the part is not excluded.
  • The drum stopped spinning. stuck, like dug. The arrangement of Ardo washing machines is such that the drum is driven by a special belt. If the belt flies from the pulley or breaks, the tank stops spinning. In this case, you need to correct or replace the belt.
  • Noise and “left” sounds. knock, hum, roar. If you hear them in working mode, then the reason lies in the bearings. Often noise an object that got into the tank is a button, a coin, etc.P.
  • Water leak. The fault of dangerous breakdown. violations in the pump or nozzles. In the most severe case, you will need to replace the bearing and oil seals of the Ardo washing machine.
  • Program failure. The machine does not start. All this is characteristic of the breakdown of the control module.

Do not panic, you can often do without a master. Perhaps, properly determining the breakdown and its reason, you can fix the washer yourself.

How to drain water quickly

To diagnose the breakdown yourself, you first need to drain the water from the drum.

  • Through the drain hose. This method comes to mind the first. The main thing here is to make the sleeve lying below the level of the tank. In this case, water will pour itself. Further, substitute a bucket or any other container under the tube wait until the liquid comes out.
  • Through the drain filter. Here you need a low container, because the filter is located almost by the floor. Put the container under the filter hatch and carefully unscrew the cork. You don’t need to do this completely. It is enough to wait for the moment when the water is piled.
  • Emergency hose. Some of the manufacturers of the equipment (far from everyone) introduces a special emergency hose into their devices, just for cases when you need to urgently drain the water in the tank. It is located under the plug, where the filter is. Remove the phone, lower it into the cooked container and remove the plug.
  • Drain pipe. It is worth resorting to this method only when the previous methods did not work. Open the rear panel of the machine and find the drain pipe. Most often he is under the drum. Throw rags on the floor and put the container under the pipe. Remove the clamp and carefully start disconnect the pipe itself. Get ready that there is a lot of water from the tank.

Prevention recommendations

The lion’s share of the problems is easy to avoid by observing simple recommendations for the operation of washing machines:

  • Before washing, check your clothing s, nothing should lie in them. You even need to get store checks. It is impossible to allow the rattle and crack of foreign objects to come from the drum.
  • Do not stuff the drum with clothes to failure. It is better to wash the linen twice;
  • Bras, it is better to wash in a special bag. a flying bone can damage the impeller;
  • Do not rash too much powder in the tray, you can clog it. Lumps of powder settled on the walls of the pipe, and the drain hole is narrowed due to this. The problem can lead to the fact that water will begin to accumulate in the air conditioning compartment.
  • Buy a network filter and connect the device through it. This will help prevent the consequences from voltage drops;
  • Sometimes clean the parts of the car from hair, extraneous objects and debris residues. It can also help in cases where the machine is buzzing hard.



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