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Anti-vibration stand for the washing machine leg set 4 pieces made by SKL

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The washing machine is an indispensable piece of household equipment. With its help we provide cleanliness of home textiles and clothes in the shortest terms. However, the automatic typewriter also has disadvantages. For example, most models are very noisy while working, and some vibrate so strongly that they even “bounce”. Naturally, a “dancing” washing machine is not pleasing to the neighbors downstairs, and your own flooring is not the best effect. If you ignore this problem, even a glazed tile can be damaged, let alone simple wood or linoleum. The solution to this problem will be an anti-vibration stand, which you can order on this page.

Supports under the washing machine are often made of polyurethane, but some manufacturers prefer to make them rubber. As for their shape, they are mostly round or oval, but can also be square. The approximate diameter of each such stand is around 50 cm.

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Stand for the washing machine is made in a variety of colors, but most often fits the color of the technique or has a black and white. Recently transparent stands have become more and more popular, although it should be noted that their color does not play any technical or functional role.

Almost 90% of all washing machines, if properly and professionally installed, do not create any troubles and difficulties. But it is not uncommon for users themselves to make a lot of mistakes during operation, due to which there are problems with vibration and unpleasant noise. Special antivibration stands will help to correct the situation.

There are cases when the designers and engineers themselves make a number of mistakes, which subsequently give rise to problems. This is due to their desire to keep up with the beautiful appearance and small size of the appliances, so that the issue of their stability is displaced into the background. Most often such units are equipped with special counterweights, but as practice shows, the washing machine vibrates heavily even with them. Such models need additional supports more than others.

To use them effectively, the first thing to do is to choose or create the most stable place for the washing machine, then put special supporting parts, thanks to which there is a process of reducing vibration and, accordingly, the noise level when spinning or washing.

What do they look like, what are they made of??

Anti-vibration feet are special stands, the main purpose of which is to soften and reduce the vibration and sound that can be produced by the washing machine during operation. These look like four separate stands, made of polyurethane or rubber.

Predominantly it is possible to meet sets of round or oblong shape. However, on sale it is possible to meet stands in the form of paws. The basic function does not differ, only externally they have a different shape. For what they cost more.

In addition, the use of special rubber mats is practiced. This kind of simply lays under the technique. From the reviews of consumers and experts, the most effective and popular way. the usual rubber pads.

And they can also be different colors. This is due to the different colors of the equipment itself. However, the most common are white and black. But recently the transparent mats have gained popularity. They can be called universal, as they can be used with any color. The main thing to understand is that parameters such as shape or color have no influence on their main function.

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Shapes and sizes

Standard sizes of anti-vibration stands for washing machines, used to regulate or reduce the level of noise and shaking during the operation of equipment, set by the manufacturer. Most often we are talking about individual pads with a thickness of 1.5-2 cm with a diameter of 45 to 55 mm. Their inner part is narrower than the outer part, has a depression, these elements are usually rounded, but can have a fancy design in the form of paws of animals or other decorative elements.

Also, anti-vibration mounts can look like interchangeable legs that can be installed in place of the standard parts. They are made up of a level-adjustable base plate and a rubber pad in the floor contact area. These elements are usually rounded, look quite traditional.

Sometimes pads are called mats made of rubber, natural or synthetic, EVA. They completely take up space under the washing machine, additionally protect against small leaks. These products are 60 cm long and 40, 55 or 60 cm wide, and can be tailored to suit the size of the appliance. The thickness of the product is 1.5 to 2.5 cm, the design depends on the manufacturer, material.

Why does the washing machine vibrate?

Before you buy shims under the feet, you need to make sure that the installation of the washing machine was done correctly. Turn off the machine and shake by hand. If the body wobbles, it means that not all the feet evenly touch the surface.

To set the feet to the same height, turn the nut in different directions.

Use a spirit level for a precise check. Even with a slight tilt, the machine may make noise and shift during spinning.

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  • The shipping bolts were not removed after shipping. Then pull them out. They are located on the back panel and help to fix the internal parts of the washing machine during transport.
  • Uneven or wooden floor. The boardwalk will sag over time, causing the machine to bounce during operation. It is necessary to level the floor or install a rigid base.
  • Bearings may wear out if used continuously for a long time. Then the washing machine not only vibrates, but also emits a “terrible” hum and rattle.

Narrow machines vibrate most often. Their body is less stable, which leads to vibrations during spinning. The use of an anti-vibration mat is justified in this case.

The advantages of a vibration mat are

Most washing machines have no bottom cover, so the sound from the motor, pump, or rotating drum spreads throughout the room. By installing a non-slip anti-vibration mat under the machine, you can not only prevent the movement of the washing machine on the floor, but also reduce the noise level. The mat’s porous material is an excellent absorption material.

  • Reduction of vibration and noise;
  • good stability in place;
  • heat resistance;
  • eliminates floor unevenness;
  • Increases the service life of the machine.

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The size of the vibro mat must match the linear dimensions of your washing machine, and it will completely cover the space between the floor and the machine parts.

A stand made of an old car mudguard

Mudflaps are plastic or rubber visor over the car wheel, preventing or minimizing splashing of dirt from under the wheels of the machine. If you have an old dismantled mudguard from rubber, it will be easier to make a stand.

  • You put the mudguard under the leg of the washing machine and trace around it: you get a small hexagon.
  • From the edges of the resulting figure step back a couple of centimeters and draw another hexagon with a larger diameter.
  • In place of the small hexagon should be a recess for the foot of the CM, but to cut a hole completely, so that the foot stood on the bare floor and was only surrounded by rubber, there is no point. So we proceed to the manufacture of the niche.
  • Take a sharp knife or scissors and cut out the inner hexagon.
  • Now you need to cut it lengthwise, in half, as if to cut off its top.
  • Then you just insert the cropped hexagon into the big one, and your footstool is ready.

Attention! If the rubber is soft, you can try unscrewing the hole right away without cutting out the inside hexagon. But if it does not come out, immediately proceed to the method described above, it is fast and not laborious.

Rules for choosing the right product

Rubber is durable. There is practically no wear and tear. Rubber coasters absorb vibration well. Rubber has anti-slip properties. Since this material is elastic, the coasters can easily be stretched over the legs of the machine. Even if they don’t quite fit.

Silicone has the same qualities. However, buying silicone liners is a little more expensive. And those who choose silicone products, note that silicone overhead legs come in bizarre shapes. It can be some kind of animals or paws. And in different colors. The predominant colors are white and black. Sometimes there are also transparent ones.

There are companies, manufacturers of washing machines, which make their own stands. In particular these are products with the LG logo.

IMPORTANT! Note that it is not always necessary to take the native coaster. The lion’s share of trivets that are sold in stores are universal. Occasionally you can find such stands, which are quite suitable for both washing machines and refrigerators.

What can be done to prevent the washing machine from jumping, anti-vibration stands

With the advent of such a device as a washing machine, housewives were able to devote much more time to their chores. After all, all the basic work of washing things has taken over the washing machine.

But in each barrel has its own fly in the ointment. Under improper operating conditions appears vibration of the washing machine. This in turn is fraught with very serious consequences, up to complete destruction of the device.

For such situations there are a lot of options on the market for special antivibration stands and feet for the washing machine. It is thanks to them that the washing machine is able to continue its work at its usual pace and without any complaints in operation.

To avoid unnecessary vibration in the future, it is necessary to understand why the washing machine jumps.



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