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Tuya 16A Wi-Fi Smart Plug Instruction Manual. Tuya Wi-Fi Smart plug

Tuya Smart Plug Offline: How to Troubleshoot

Tuya app keeps saying your Smart plug is offline, and you are not sure what to do about the issue? If so, keep reading as I’ll walk you through the steps to fix the problem. Let’s begin!

In short, here’s what to do if your Tuya Smart plug is offline:

  • Check that the your Tuya Smart plug is plugged in and powered on.
  • Check whether your Wi-Fi network signal strength is strong and stable.
  • Ensure that your Wi-Fi password is correct.
  • Check whether the app is running the latest firmware. If not, update it.
  • If it still doesn’t work, factory reset the Smart plug, uninstall and reinstall the app and then try to connect again.

Not enough information to help you fix the problem with your Tuya Smart plug? Then read on for details.

Tuya Smart Plug Offline: Try These Troubleshooting Tips

Ensure Your Device is Powered on/Ready to Connect

Tuya Smart plug (like other Smart plugs) needs to be plugged in and then powered on before you begin the connection process. If the device isn’t on, the app won’t detect it, and this may be the reason for “device offline” or so.

So before you consider other troubleshooting steps, first check that your device is actually on and ready to connect. Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds until it starts blinking rapidly. The Rapid blinking indicates the device is ready to connect, and be sure to complete the setup within 30 to 60 seconds—else, it might timeout. And this could result in connection failure.

If you’re certain that your Smart plug is powered on and ready to connect but the app still shows that it’s offline, see the next troubleshooting step.

Check Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

If your home Wi-Fi network isn’t strong, chances are the app may struggle to detect your device and hence connection failure (device offline). So check that your home Wi-Fi network is strong and stable and try reconnecting again.

If your network isn’t stable or the signal strength is low, try to locate your router closer to your Smart plug or reset the router if needed.

Ensure Your Wi-Fi Password is Correct

While this may not directly cause the offline issue, your connection will fail if you enter an incorrect Wi-Fi password. Check to ensure that your Wi-Fi password is correct—reset and set a new password if you’ve forgotten your current password.

Check Whether Too Many Devices Are Connected to Your Wi-Fi

Check that you haven’t connected the maximum number of devices your router can accommodate at a time. If so, disconnect some devices and then try to connect again.

On the one hand, you may not have reached the maximum number of devices the router can accept at a time, but too many devices can also cause connection problems with Tuya Smart Plug.

If you currently have many devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, restart the router, power off the Smart plug, and then power it back on. Now wait for a few minutes (2 to 4) and then check the app to see if the device is online.

Update the Plug’s Firmware

Now if the troubleshooting steps above couldn’t fix the problem, the next step is to check that the firmware is up-to-date.

You can check for firmware updates on the app. Tap Home, tap the device icon, and then tap the top right button and select Firmware Updates.

You may uninstall and reinstall the Tuya app, and ensure you’re running the current version of the app.

Next, try to connect your device again to see if it works.

Reset Your Device

If your device is still offline, performing a factory reset is the last troubleshooting step that may help you solve the issue. Restoring factory settings usually helps resolve several issues you are having with the device, including connection issues.

To reset your Tuya Smart plug, plug the device into a working outlet and ensure that it has received power. Then press and hold the Power button (for about 5 seconds) until you see a rapidly blinking light.

The Rapid blinking light indicates the device is reset. You can now start the connection process again.

Wrapping Up

often than not, the above troubleshooting steps should fix the offline issue with your Tuya Smart plug. But if the problem persists, contact Tuya Support for help.

You may consider replacing the device depending on how long it’s been used.

Related Questions

How do I reset my Tuya Smart plug?

Press and hold the Power button for over 5 seconds. The device should start blinking rapidly afterward, and that shows reset is complete.

Does Tuya Smart plug work with Alexa?

Yes, you can pair your Tuya Smart plug with Alexa via the Tuya app or Smart Life app.

Does Tuya Smart plug work with Google Assistant?

Yes, you can connect your Tuya Smart plug to Google Assistant for voice control. You can do this via the Tuya app or Smart Life app.

How do I change the Wi-Fi on my Tuya Smart plug?

To change the Wi-Fi on your Tuya Smart Plug, you’ll need to reset the plug and then set it up again and connect to a new Wi-Fi.

There’s no way to do this within the app, so you have to reset your device and reconfigure it.

How do I put my Tuya Smart Plug in pairing mode?

To put your Tuya Smart Plug in pairing mode, plug it into an outlet and ensure the outlet is turned on. Next, press and hold the power button on the side of the device (for a few seconds) until the indicator light blinks rapidly. The quick flashes show that the plug is in pairing mode.

You may also like to see how to fix connection problems in Gosund Smart Plug and Aoycocr Smart Outlet.

Wrapping Up

So that’s how to fix the ‘Tuya Smart Plug offline’ issue. As you can see, the problem is mostly caused by poor internet connection. So ensure your internet is stable and working properly, and then reset your device and try to connect again. This should fix the issue with your Tuya Smart plug.

Also, check your app and update the firmware. If the device is still offline, contact your manufacturer’s support desk for help.

tuya 16A Wi-Fi Smart Plug Instruction Manual

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Instruction Manual Wi-Fi Smart Plug

This Smart wall Plug is compatible with Tuya Smart platform,functional with easy access to your house Wi-Fi network for wireless control with no hub required.ZIG Mesh is performing well as the communication relay for other Wi-Fi devices.Besides,it is designed with electric monitor for monitoring your house appliances power usage to protect your house from excessive power consumption,truly saving energy and reducing energy loss in a much more smarter way.

Safety Information

Risk of Electric Shock: Electricity can cause personal injury and property damage if handled improperly. If you are not sure about any part of these instructions, please seek professional assistance from a qualifified electrician.

Product Name: Smart PlugWorking Voltage: AC110V-240V 50/60HzProtocol: WiFiRated Current: 16ASupport system: Android / iOS

Preparation for use

1.APP Download Smart Life APP

Please scan the QR code or download Smart Life on App store.

2.Register or Login

  • Download “Smart Life”Application
  • Enter the Register/Login interface; tap “Register” to create an account by entering your phone number to get verification code and “Set password”. Choose “Log in” if you already have a Smart Life account.

Steps for connecting the APP to the device

Press and hold the device button for more than 5s, the indicator light flashes to enter the network configuration mode.

  • On/off Button

Open Smart Life/Tuya App and Click“”,then the prompt page will automatically show on the screen.Click “Add”. Enter Wi-Fi Password and click “Next”,waiting for the connection completed.

Add the device successfully, you can edit the name of the device to enter the device page by click “Next”

Click“Done”to enter the device page to enjoy your Smart life with home automation.

Enter Smart Life Skill in Alexa APP

Complete product networking configuration in the AppComplete the device’s networking configuration according to the prompts in the App.Note: In the App, change the name of the device to an easily identifiable name such as Alexa; names are usually in English, such as “bed light”.

Configure the Amazon Echo device(If you have already configured Amazon Echo, you can skip this step. The following instructions are based on the iOS client.)

  • Make sure you Amazon Echo device is powered on and connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the Alexa App on your phone. After successful login, tap on the menu in the upper left corner of the Home page, select “Settings” and tap “Set Up A New Device” to set up the Amazon Echo.
  • Choose your Amazon Echo device type and language for connecting. Press and hold the small dot on the device until the light turns yellow. Then tap “Continue” to connect to the hotspot.
  • After connecting to the Amazon Echo hotspot, return to the page. At this point, the connection is successful.
  • After the network connection is successful, tap “Continue”. An introduction video will appear. After the video ends, tap “Continue” to jump to the Alexa Home page. You have now completed the Amazon Echo’s configuration process.

Key step —— Link Skill

  • Tap on “Skill” in the Alexa App menu.
  • Then search for “App Name”. Tap “Enable” to enable the Skill.
  • Enter the App account and password, then tap “Link Now” to link your App account to enable the Skill. Now you can start your Smart home journey.

Common commands

Control the device via voice commands, now you can control your Smart device with Echo. You can control your device (such as your bedroom light) with the following commands:Alexa, turn on/off bedroom light. (Turn on/off the light)Alexa, set bedroom light to 50 percent. (Set the light to any brightness)Alexa, brighten/dim bedroom light. (Increase/weaken the brightness of the light)Alexa, set bedroom light to green. (Adjust the color of the light)

Enjoy your Smart life of home automation for lighting control by using our All-in-one mobile App wherever you are in the world or simply by voice control when you are sitting at home comfortably.

  • During the free warranty period, if the product breaks down during normal use, we will offer free maintenance
  • Natural disasters/man-made equipment failures, disassembly and repair without the permission of our company, no warranty card, products beyond the free warranty period, etc., are not within the scope of free
  • Any commitment (oral or written) made by the third party (including the dealer/service provider) to the user beyond the warranty scope shall be executed by the third
  • Please keep this warranty card to ensure your rights
  • Our company may update or change the products without notice. Please refer to the official website for the


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Maintenance Records

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