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Turnkey installation of underfloor heating

Turnkey water underfloor heating

The use of underfloor heating as a supplement to radiator heating systems becomes more and more popular with owners of country properties. and instead of them.

In this regard, on this page, we will consider the main issues related to floor heating.

The question of what kind of floor heating to lay is often asked by customers and they ask us about it. This problem arises with the owners of cottages, since in a private house, unlike most apartments, both water and electric underfloor heating can be applied.

When choosing the type of floor heating it is necessary to take into account that the installation of water underfloor heating turnkey will be more expensive than the electric. This is due to the difference in the cost of installation work, as well as significant differences in the cost of materials used.

The price of water intra-floor heating besides the price of used pipes also includes cost of other equipment and materials, for example: floor collectors, collector cases, highways from a collector of a boiler room to collectors of a warm floor, warming mats and other. In addition, the organization of the water in-floor heating leads to an increase in the cost of the boiler room. This increase in price is caused by: an increase in boiler power, an increase in the number of hydraulic pumps, the use of a main collector with an additional number of inlets / outlets, the use of more complex and as a consequence more expensive automatics, etc.д.

But in terms of operating costs, water underfloor heating is considerably cheaper than electric underfloor heating. When installing electric floor heating in a large area, you need to be prepared for the fact that the monthly electricity bill will be significant. Also, it must be taken into account that the allocated electrical power for a private home is usually limited. Installation of electric floor heating in large areas leads to the consumption of much of this power, and often is simply impossible.

Also, the advantage of water heated floors can be attributed to the fact that they do not produce electromagnetic interference, which occurs when using electric. To date, the effects of electromagnetism on human health have not been fully investigated. And why put at risk the health of your family and your health, if you can do without the risk.

Thus, when answering the question about which floor heating to choose, we can say that it is advisable to install water underfloor heating in medium and large areas, while in smaller areas, such as a 5 m2 bathroom, it is advisable to use electric underfloor heating. In the cottages most often make the installation of water underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating installation (price per square meter)

Getting to talking about the installation of water underfloor heating, the first thing that comes to mind is a painfully familiar saying “Keep your feet warm, but your head in the cold”. Many children’s parents or grandparents would regularly repeat this wise statement and ask them to put on socks or slippers.

A large number of studies have shown that indeed the heating system with water underfloor heating in which the warm air gradually cools down as it rises is the most comfortable for human perception. And that’s why it is so widespread in our climate.

Underfloor heating installation

The system of a warm floor is a complex engineering system of the building, serves to create comfortable conditions in houses with cold floor covering (tiles, marble). We are ready to offer you the performance of all works in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. All specialists of our company have timely training and certification. Our company has approvals from SRO for works that affect the safety of permanent facilities. All works performed by our company are guaranteed for 18 months!

The laying of underfloor heating pipes

Warm floor heating pipes can be polyethylene or metal-plastic. each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the requirements for installation are the same. Each circuit of a warm water floor must be intact, without joints and branches, its length may not exceed 90 meters. Indent from the wall is obligatory (recommended indent value is 150 mm). The minimum distance between pipes is 100 mm, the maximum distance of 300 mm. The gap can be minimal around the perimeter of the room, and gradually increase closer to the center of the room. Such laying of pipes will ensure uniform heating of the entire space.

Lay the pipes in a spiral, zigzag or serpentine pattern, for larger areas use multiple loops (in this case the installation of a manifold or the device distribution cabinet is required). On the profile boards pipes are laid in recesses, other types of insulation suggest fastening through the plastic clips or special holders.

Before laying the finishing layers, you must perform a hydraulic test. connect the circuits to the manifold, bleed air and consistently raise the pressure to the operating level, controlling the possible occurrence of leaks. Keep the system under pressure is recommended for at least two days, and only after making sure that it will work, finish the installation of floor heating.

There are several options for electric floor heating. Each option has its own individual features. We tailor the model to your requirements and the type of flooring. We install systems:

An electric underfloor heating with cable is best suited for natural stone, granite and the like. In this case, the structure of the materials perfectly withstands strong temperature fluctuations. At the same time this floor heating under the tile and stone can compensate for the high thermal conductivity. When heating starts, the surface warms up quickly enough to a comfortable temperature. In addition to this method, a popular choice of our customers today are floors with thermal mats. Features of both options are that the thermal elements do not expand, which completely eliminates the occurrence of damage to the floor finish.

Under-floor heating for laminate flooring is made of thermo-film. The film type is installed directly under the flooring. During operation, the system does not heat up more than 30 degrees, which rules out deformation of the finish. Also suitable for parquet, engineered wood flooring, vinyl materials.

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A water floor is a system of pipes that is located between the subfloor and the subfloor finish. The pipes can be plastic or polyethylene, hot water inside the system is pressurised by an integrated pump in the collector. The structure is laid on a waterproofing and thermal insulation layer, the thickness of which depends on the design features of the building, as well as some other factors: cubic capacity, floor, climatic location, etc. д. The installation of the floor is best started at the design stage of the facility.

Types and advantages of electric flooring

Classification is made depending on the heating element. These can be:

  • infrared flooring or film, suitable for carpet, laminate, parquet and wood;
  • cable. the best option under the tiles, stone and porcelain tiles;
  • in the form of thermo mats, also suitable for tile and stone.

The type of electric floor depends on the price, installation method and timing of the work. detailed information you can get for free from our experts.

Underfloor heating has a number of advantages:

How to Lay and Install Underfloor Heating Mats Prior to Tiling. Tile Mountain

  • warms up the room evenly;
  • suitable for apartments and private homes;
  • Can be used under all types of flooring
  • consumes a moderate amount of electricity, more profitable than electric heaters;
  • is hidden under the decorative coating, does not occupy the area of the room.

Brigade masters of the company “San Sanich” provides another advantage of this type of heating. quick installation.

Install underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a great solution for additional home comfort. The first warm floors appeared more than 5000 years ago. Floor heating was also used in ancient Rome. Heating was done with the use of stoves and special channels under the house. Subsequently, in the collapse of the Roman Empire, the technology was lost.

At the same time, the Ondol floor heating technology has been used in Korea for thousands of years. Through special horizontal tunnels warm air was supplied from the furnaces in which wood was burned, the special design of the cavities allowed to retain and heat the inner rooms long enough. In order to keep gases out of the rooms, the floors were damped with clay. Clay was later replaced by cement mortar. One stove could heat and provide hot air to two or three houses. The Ondol system is still used in some homes in Korea today. Archaeologists have found similar heating systems in France, Romania, Ukraine, Moldavia, the Don.

Warm floors were also used in medieval times to heat castles and palaces. Technology of construction and design of heating systems was quite a costly procedure, among other things, a lot of wood was used for heating.

After many years of experience with water meters, we’ve identified for you the four highest quality brands, which we currently work with. Below you can find the and main advantages of the choice of this or that brand.

For those who want to support the domestic manufacturer and not to lose in quality. Economy, a new young brand of manufacturers from Reutov, Moscow region.

  • Best price-quality ratio
  • Domestic products
  • Production in.Reutov since 2013
  • Production fault (5/1000)

The product of Italian and Russian specialists, fully prepared for often low-quality Russian water with plenty of impurities

  • Italian quality
  • Adapted to hard water
  • Production in St. Petersburg since 2002
  • Manufacturing defects (3/1000)

We put manufacturers of Itelma meters at the top of our short rating list. Guided by German technology, the Russian factory has established successful production and has not reduced quality brand for 17 years.

The meter was designed by Russian military radio-engineers, patented and produced in Omsk. The production is carried out by a company that has produced hundreds of thousands of Elekhant electronic gas meters installed throughout Russia and the CIS, which were recognized as the best development of 2014 in the field of instrumentation by the scientific and technical council under the government of St. Petersburg.

It was so convenient to take readings! No more searching for a flashlight, wiping dust off the small display, looking for a pen and writing down readings on paper that will get lost. It was not difficult to get to the place where the meters were installed. Elekhant transmits water consumption readings to each user’s smartphone, remote display or personal account.

Such comfort was allowed high and wealthy nobility. At the beginning of the last century came the technology of heating the floor with pipes through which circulated hot water. For laying water pipes costly copper pipes were used, and only relatively recently have polypropylene or metal-plastic pipes been used.

Now the technology of underfloor heating has stepped far ahead. Create additional comfort in the house or apartment and warm yourself up during the cold season is now affordable for almost everyone, and the company “Moscow Reconstruction” is pleased to help you in this.

In addition to the mass of materials, the market offers a variety of heating options. You can use both water and electric underfloor heating. Both are great at heating your home.

And what better heated floor heating will suit you, will be able to answer our technologist. Just give us a call or leave a callback on our website.

Engineering systems design

The first and most important step in creating heating for a private home. design. You can use the standard project, or order an individual one: specialists from “VIP Heating” will be happy to provide you with this service. Our employees will perform:

  • Measurements of your home, the selection of parameters necessary for heating such an area and the layout;
  • preparation of all supporting documentation, including an explanatory note and a list of materials and components to be used in the heating system;
  • detailed plans and diagrams that installers will later use as a guide during the work.

The company not only works with heating: we also can design sewerage, water supply and other engineering systems, such as underfloor heating.



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