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Towel rail with 60 cm side connection

Lateral connection to the DHW system model Rt

Convenient both in use and during installation, towel dryers with side connection of Rt series each year get more and more loyal fans. And the main merit of this, in addition to the excellent quality of such designs, is a whole list of their undoubted advantages. The welded construction makes the product reliable, even in the event of extreme temperature fluctuations and high water pressure. While a sufficiently large area of heat transfer is achieved through the presence of multiple bars at once. In turn, standard connectors (32, 50 and 60 cm) are available for the connection to the domestic hot water system.) guarantee that the system will be 100% suitable for each Russian-style plumbing. A wide range of models and dimensional variations will allow you to choose the most suitable product for the interior of any bathroom. In addition, such stairs are quite versatile and are actively used not only in apartments and private homes, but also in the toilets and showers of public facilities or even industrial facilities. They are multi-contour models that provide maximum heat dissipation.

Water towel dryers Lesenka PM series with a shelf

The water towel rail Lesenka can have a classic design without any frills or it can be complemented by a special shelf. Perfect for large rooms and for active use. It allows you to dry a large number of towels or clothes without sacrificing space. The presented devices allow convenient and compact storage of linen without taking too much space. At the same time the things stay dry all the time. If you know all the advantages of these products, you are satisfied with our price and you can make an order. Delivery by our courier does not take long.

towel, rail, side, connection

Water towel rails with side connection

Most often the water towel rail has a side connection. These models are chosen by many consumers for a reason, because they are economical, energy-independent, do not require additional work during installation. They are perfect for a residential house or bathroom in a commercial building. From other categories of products, these products are distinguished by a low price, excellent heating of the room and drying a large volume of things, as well as the classic version in the form of a ladder will not take too much space. If you need quality sanitary ware in Moscow and with delivery in other cities, then we have the best model for any requirements.

Popular manufacturers

The room’s interior depends on the chosen model of the towel dryer, but practice shows that luxurious design is not a guarantee of high quality. When selecting a heating element, it is advisable to use the ratings of manufacturers, which are based not only on a large range, product quality, duration of presence in the market of manufacturers, but also on the reviews of construction contractors, private individuals.

It is possible to allocate three best water towel dryers:

  • Margaroli Venta 405. the Italian manufacturer offers a model made of brass with a reliable layer of chrome plating. The device looks like a coil, but it has rotation nodes, so you can perform a turnaround of 180 degrees. Robust assembly ensures high-pressure operation.
  • Terminus Astra New Design. a domestic manufacturer made of high-quality thick-walled stainless steel with perfectly polished surfaces. Offers excellent functionality and a modern, designer-level look that is remotely reminiscent of a ladder.
  • Zehnder Stalox STXI-060-045. model made of stainless steel with almost invisible welds. Relatively small size ladder is designed for high working pressure.

Note that the manufacturer is not the most important parameter when choosing, t. к. Sometimes little-known companies can offer better quality devices than global brands.

Water towel rails with a side connection

Water towel dryers get heat through connection to heating systems or hot water systems. The most reliable and versatile is the side connection (also called vertical). This method is also suitable for heating systems with hidden pipes. Water at the side connection circulates from top to bottom.

Water towel dryers with a side connection perform several functions: serve as source of additional heat in the bathroom or toilet room, dry towels, clothes, linen, reduce humidity. Towel dryers with side connection are often made in the form of a classic serpentine or ladder. But today there are a lot of design solutions of side towel dryers with sections in S-shape, U-shape, M-shape and with absolutely non-standard original designs.

The total length of the heat pipe or the number of heat sections are directly related to the size of the bathroom or toilet room. If the room is small and the area does not exceed 8 m², three or four heat sections of a towel dryer will be enough for it. The larger the size of the room, the larger the dryer should be.

Advantages of a side-mounted towel dryer

  • Connection to the heat carrier on the side of the towel radiator allows it to heat evenly and give off heat well. The water inlet is located at the top, and the outlet is at the bottom, the movement of the heat carrier is natural, and heating of the entire area of the device occurs evenly. This makes the side version one of the most effective.
  • The dryer with a side connection is mounted in the main riser, so when installing it, there is no need to damage the wall lining.
  • The installation of a towel dryer with a side connection can be performed after the completion of tiling and finishing work on the room.
  • At installation it is not necessary to lay any additional pipes.
  • The side-connecting, non-spanning dryers are ideal for cramped bathrooms, where space is at a premium. In addition, these towel rails are usually symmetrical and wraparound, so they can be connected to
  • The side of the heated towel rail is located on the side that will be most optimal for the use of the device.
  • Modern models due to a variety of designs and parameters are very functional, and the side connection will allow you to use their functionality to 100%. Even non-wide models, when installed thoughtfully, will effectively dry towels and provide additional comfortable heat.
  • Lateral towel dryers are aesthetic because the communication systems remain invisible. At the same time, innovative welding technologies that do not disrupt the structure of the metal and make the seams invisible, as well as original design solutions make the models of these towel rails suitable for the most demanding customers.
  • Choosing a towel dryer with a side connection
  • Choosing towel dryers that connect to the side requires attention to some details:
  • heat pipes of a towel dryer should not have a diameter less than 2,2 cm;
  • The device must be made of stainless steel, steel with chrome plating or brass with nickel plating;
  • The towel radiator should be able to withstand a pressure of 6 bar in case of an autonomous heating system and 15 bar in case of a central heating system or HTW;
  • the walls of the heat pipes should be at least 1.5 mm thick;
  • You should pay attention to the position of the Mayevsky cock, and if the installation is carried out with the reversal of the device, it is necessary to change the location of the Mayevsky cock and the plug before installation, so they were in the right place.
towel, rail, side, connection

If you need to buy a towel dryer with a side connection, study our models: they are various in design and price and are able to decorate and make comfortable any bathroom.

Features and advantages of towel rails

As source of additional heat, these devices make it possible to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room and get rid of humidity. Towel rails of the water type have several advantages:

  • high level of heat dissipation;
  • warm water in the unit provides independence from the work of the power grid;
  • no electricity is used for heating.

In the water supply system devices can be installed in parallel, in series or with a bypass. The last option allows you to turn off the device when you do not need it (for example, in the heat). Installation of these devices is carried out in several ways, depending on how the water pipe is located:

Depending on the scheme of the device of the heating system, we can choose a convenient option. In our catalog we also offer the model with the universal connection Scraper. Before you buy a towel radiator you should also decide on a suitable shape. Products are represented in several varieties:

Our store offers a wide range of models to suit all sizes of stainless steel bathtub. The TRUGOR assortment offers variants providing excellent heat emission, they are perfectly capable of withstanding high pressure and are corrosion-resistant.

Water heated towel rails

Water towel rails, are an indispensable attribute of any bathroom. In addition to their main purpose of drying things and reducing humidity in the room, they maintain an optimal temperature regime, and also play the role of compensating loop, which takes the load off the hot water system. Nowadays water towel dryers presented in the market have various forms and colors that can satisfy anybody, that is why they are not just sanitary devices but also objects for an interior.

Water towel dryers are quite popular, their main advantage is the absence of additional costs for its operation, in contrast to electric towel dryers, which consume electricity. It is also worth noting that water variants can have a side or bottom type of connection. The most popular type of connection, is the side. Diagonal is more suitable for towel dryers in the form of a ladder, and at the bottom type of connection experts recommend installing a bypass, by analogy with conventional heating radiators. In addition, water options have the ability to install adjustment taps, with which you can choose the best temperature mode for your bathroom.

The water towel dryer is a wall-mounted stainless steel radiator, which can work at the expense of hot water or heating systems. In addition the water towel dryers can differ in type of connection, it is diagonal and vertical type of connection. In turn, electric models are characterized by ease of installation as they work on the power grid with a voltage of 220 V and can be installed even in places where there is no access to the heating system. Besides, the electric towel dryers are autonomous, have low power consumption, and the variety of models can satisfy any taste. It is connected to the heating or hot water system, which allows it to heat evenly along the entire curved pipe. This eliminates the risk of fire or electric shock. Water towel dryers have a number of disadvantages, such as the need to obtain permission from the utilities for their installation, and the blowing of the heating system can lead to traffic jams in the pipes of the device. With the end of the heating season, the owners need to look for an alternative to them or connect to the hot water system.

Towel rails with side connection, water

Connection can be on the left or right, it is enough to turn the dryer during installation in the right direction. Staircase towel dryers with lateral connection have been developed specially for problem-free replacement or the usual coil, installed by the construction company at the delivery of the house, or to replace the U-shaped or Foxtrot to the staircase with a greater heat output. And since the standard lateral connection in the delivery of standard apartments 320, 500 and 600 mm, the side stairs are made with these dimensions on the axes of the connection.

Of the disadvantages it is worth noting the fact that in the installed form, its dimensions, together with the corner connections, by 10 cm more than its width and not everyone will like it.

If there is a possibility to bring the pipes to the towel dryer from below or from the side, then pay your attention to the ladder with a universal connection, in them and the water circulation will be better and the appearance!

Technical characteristics

Made of stainless steel AISI304 steel grade, main manifolds of 32 mm tube, 2 mm thick, crossbars of 25 mm tube, 1 mm thick.8 mm or from 18 mm pipe, thickness 1.5 mm. it depends on the model. In Ultra models, which can also be made with side outlets, the crossbars are 25 mm, in all other models 18 mm. “Bochata”, welded on the side of a 32 pipe, have a length of 50 mm, length knurled thread of 20 mm, the end flared for the gasket. Heat output depending on the width and height of 180 to 730 kW / h. Towel rails are designed for both forced and natural circulation of hot water.

Complete set

The complete set includes: Towel rail, top part with taps Maevsky, fasteners to the wall with rings, screws into the wall, rubber pads. Connections to the DHW straight and angle are not included in the kit and are purchased additionally.

Delivery options

You can come to us, to twist in hands and buy a towel dryer with a side connection at a discount.10%. Any way of payment. Delivery in Moscow and Moscow region 1-2 days. We will send your order in any city of Russia. Production Russia, m. Moscow, Zigzag Ltd. Guarantee 5 years.

Towel rail with lateral connection 60 sm

The surface of the towel radiator has a mirror finish, horizontal bars in the shape of a “wave”, and a ray of light.

Towel rail surface has a high gloss mirror finish, horizontal dividers in the “Wave” shape and raked edges in the “Arc” shape.

The surface of the towel radiator has a mirror shine, horizontal crosspieces in the shape of “Wave”, and the raked surface of the towel radiator.

Towel rail surface has a mirror shine, horizontal bars in the form of “Wave”, and r.

Towel rail surface has a high gloss mirror finish, horizontal bars in “Arc” shape and distances from the radiator.

The surface of a towel dryer has a mirror shine, horizontal crosspieces in the form of “Arc”, and r.

Towel rail surface has a high gloss mirror finish, horizontal bars in “Arc” shape, and distances from the radiator.

Towel rail surface has a high gloss mirror finish, horizontal bars in the form of “Arc”, and distances from the towel radiator to the rack.

The surface of a towel dryer has a mirror shine, horizontal crosspieces in the form of “Zig-Zag”, and p.

towel, rail, side, connection

The surface of the towel radiator has a mirror shine, horizontal bars in the form of “Zig-Zag”, and p.

The surface of a towel dryer has a mirror sheen, horizontal dividers in the form of “Neo 1”, and ra.

How To Install A Hot Wire Heated Towel Rail

The surface of the towel radiator has a mirror shine, horizontal bars in the shape of “Neo 1”, and ra.

The surface of the towel radiator has a mirror shine, horizontal bars in the shape of “Neo 1”, and ra.

The surface of the towel dryer has a mirror luster, horizontal bars in the shape of “Neo 1”, and ra.

Towel rail surface has a mirrored sheen, horizontal lintels in the shape of “Neo 2”, and ra.



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