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Towel heated towel for central heating how to choose

TOP-15 rating of the best water towels 2022 for the bathroom

Water heated towel rail. This is a bathroom product that can perform different tasks: drying things, heat the room and reduce moisture levels. But in order not to regret spent money, it is important to be able to choose the right model from a large number of options.

Water heated towel rail is a special device that heats up under the influence of hot water. As a result, you can dry any fabrics or towels on it.

It is very convenient if you need to quickly make the material dry, and it is inconvenient to hang on a regular battery or not.

In addition, the device in the bathroom avoids excessive humidity and maintain normal temperature.

In this article, we will consider how to choose a water towel rail.

Which heated towel rail is better: electric or water?

REALLY TOMENTERS with heating from the water supply or heating system are considered traditional. In the first case, they will be hot year round, except for periods of planned disconnection of hot water. In the second. hot heated towel rail only in the heating season, and you will have to look for a replacement for almost six months.

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The disadvantages of the water heated towel rail include stationary. It can only be placed near the withdrawal of hot water. Its transfer to another wall is not considered a redevelopment, however, it is associated with technical difficulties. shortening or lengthening of the pipe, installing clamps, analyzing part of the wall. The installation should only be carried out by a specialist. It is better to play it safe and call the masters from the housing office so that the installation of a heated towel rail is carried out in accordance with all the communications of the house.

Electric towels are much more mobile, they can be installed on any bathroom wall. The device from the outlet works, so you will need the help of a good electrician. for electric networks, installing waterproofed outlets. The disadvantages include increased electricity consumption. Also, when the electricity is turned off, the heated towel rail will not work.

Chermet, stainless steel or non.ferrous metals: what material to prefer?

It is better to purchase a stainless steel radiator in apartments with centralized water supply. Stainless steel. The material is not cheap, but it has good heat transfer and high corrosion resistance. For additional protection against damp and hot steam, a sparkling chrome coating is applied to the coil body, which looks very elegant and contributes to the visual expansion of the bathroom space. However, the label of the chrome surfaces should be carefully careful, otherwise the product will fade and covered with scratches.

With a stable supply of hot water, all.welded stainless steel coils can withstand high pressure and pressure fluctuations in the network. Carefully inspect the seams. reliable sealing of the joints extends the life of the device. A guarantee for at least 5 years should be provided for the premium towel rails with a premium towels; for medium.quality radiators. at least 3 years. Looking for a steel heated towel rail, make sure that the coating has no defects. Enamel and chrome are well performed by a protective function only if the coating is applied with an uniform layer, without tears and bubbles.

A spectacular drying dryer made of copper and brass will cost more than an ordinary steel coil, but at the same time cheaper than the best stainless steel radiators. Copper water heated towel rail is an ideal solution for centralized DHW networks: copper is not afraid of corrosion, excess pressure and hydraulic cores, intensively gives heat and, unlike iron alloys, does not react with impurities contained in water and generally more durable in water. On the walls of copper pipes, scale and mineral deposits are not besieged, so blockages are very rare. Brass can also boast of pronounced anti.corrosion properties and does not form a sediment, but does not take high pressure. Brass towels are often purchased for cottages and townhouses with an autonomous water supply and heating.

The buyer is not quite free when choosing a material for a dryer. The installation technique of water radiators requires that the coil is made of the same metal or alloy as the main pipeline.


A different type of device requires different installation conditions. There are options that are completely easy to connect, but there are those with which you have to tinker.

towel, heated, central, heating


  • Lateral. allows you to install the device anywhere in the bathroom and at the same time effectively distribute the heating.
  • Lower. the coolant enters the lower hole, passes throughout the coil and goes through the opposite pipe. Since the cooling portion is constantly replaced by “fresh”, heating occurs effectively, but only if there is sufficient pressure.
  • Upper. input and fluid output are on top. It is considered not the best solution, since the water, passing through the pipes, cools and rises upstairs already cold, which means that half of the dryer remains cold.
  • Diagonal. most often water comes from the upper corner and goes into the lower opposite, evenly distributing heat.

Important point: Before buying, specify the center distance between the pipes, and only knowing this value, choose the equipment. Usually it is 50 cm, but there are options from 40 to 100 cm, depending on the type of connection.

It is also necessary to select the device taking into account the existing pressure in the pipes. As a rule, it is 2.7–7 atm in high.rise buildings and 2-3 atm in private houses. These values ​​should be focused on, adding a small supply to possible water drivers.


Since the power of the device is small, it is not necessary to pull a separate fishing line for the trimmer, but the grounding is better to provide.

towel, heated, central, heating

For aesthetic design, you can organize a hidden connection when all the elements are walled up in the wall or hide behind a false panel.

In the case of melting, it is necessary to select models with an external control panel so that you can adjust the operation of the equipment.

What to check when buying?

  • The geometry of the heated towel rail. There should not be distortions in the cross section of the pipe. She must be perfectly round along the entire length, except for the bending places. If the model is symmetrical, then parts on both sides of the axis should also be the same.
  • Seal. Serious manufacturers necessarily mark all their models. The name of the company, the brand used steel and the date of production should be written on the pipe.
  • Thread. Even, all the notches of the same depth, there are no zambins or other bumps.
  • Welding quality. Simple form models are made of whole pipes, but complex models, as a ladder are welded from several elements. Their durability will depend on the quality of the seams that should look neat.
  • Pipe. The highest strength of seamless options, in order to recognize, you need to look inside the pipe. If there is a longitudinal strip of darker color, then this is a sign of welding. With high quality, there is nothing wrong, but you can not guess. There are many products from Chinese raw materials on the market, the strength of which leaves much to be desired. Therefore, if possible, choose seamless options.
towel, heated, central, heating

Water heated towel rail of imported production is not always a good option. The most popular companies from Italy, Finland and Germany are. But they are not always suitable for central water supply systems. In it, water has salts and various impurities that provoke corrosion and deposition of plaque. The bending places that clog and complicate the circulation of water are especially easily clogged. As a result, heat transfer deteriorates, in difficult cases, the device may not heat up at all. Therefore, without protecting the inside, the device will quickly become unusable. You also need to be afraid of thin walls that are sensitive to pressure drops. They are suitable only for private houses, where all indicators are regulated independently. But in the apartment this option may deteriorate after the first unsuccessful launch.

The online store “Practice” is engaged in the sale of towel rails of domestic and imported production. Choose and buy your favorite model with delivery in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Order a return call if you need a manager consultation. We know how to combine style and practicality!

Advantages of electric heated towel rails: for which the repair is launched?

Installing and connecting a heated towel rail is a troublesome matter, so it is important to weigh everything “for” and “against” to understand whether the game is worth the candle. Unlike water models connected to the heating or hydropower plant, the electrical samples of a completely closed circuit providing a higher degree of autonomy. Although there are sometimes interruptions in power supply, problems will be eliminated during the day, while repairing water supply networks and preventive work can last for weeks.

  • economy. The electrical appliance consumes a minimum of electricity and is included in the network as necessary;
  • Reliability in operation. Closed systems do not suffer from air traffic jams and pressure changes;
  • Rich decorative potential. Stylish designer models can be used as interior accents for zoning the bathroom space;
  • Simplicity of installation and permutation. You do not need to suffer with wiring communications to install a heated towel rail or transfer it to a new place. it is enough to outweigh the mounts.

How to choose the right water towel rail

Bathroom. a room with high humidity, in which for the most part there are no heating devices connected to the central heating system. Often the only source of heating here is a water heated towel rail, using hot water as a coolant, circulating in the DHW line.

Along with the drying of towels and linen, a coil without additional expenses on energy carriers heats the room and eliminates excess dampness. Which is better. it is not easy to solve. In addition to technical parameters, the appearance is also important. When choosing, taking into account the features of the interior, an ordinary bathroom dryer becomes one of the style.forming elements of the room

In models of this type, the coolant heats up from the electric network. The device itself can be connected to a cold or hot water supply network. The pluses of the purchase of an electric towel for a bath include the convenience of installation, quick heating, the ability to adjust the temperature. The main drawback is high fire hazard. But among the nominees, only the safest and most reliable models were selected.

Domoterm Classic DMT 109-4 50 × 50 EK L

Made in the form of a ladder with 4 stainless steel crossbars. A heating element is installed along the entire length of the case in the form of a tube, which heats the device itself. Serving the dry type device is cheaper, it consumes less energy, and its heating speed is higher. On the case there is a button for turning on the device. Connected using an electric wire with a fork.

Experts believe that the main drawback of this unit is the need for the correct location during installation. Other heated towel rails with a “dry” heater can be fixed in any position, even diagonally. There are no complaints about breakdowns or failures in his work by buyers.

Energy U Chrome G3K 745 × 400

The number of sections in this model of stainless towel is increased to 6. At a power of 37 watts per 10 minutes. “Dry” heating heat heats up to 60 0 from. There is a power button on the case. The kit includes brackets, screws, dowels, transition coupling. To connect to the network, it is equipped with an electric wire with a fork, its length is 150 cm.

In their reviews of the Energy U Chrome G3K 745 × 400 electric heated towel rail, users note that after 5 years of operation there are problems with the inclusion button. Repair is recommended in the service center. The pluses include rapid heating, small energy consumption.

Argo beam 4 52 × 60

Simple model in the form of a ladder with 4 sections. Compact dimensions ensure the convenience of its placement in the bathroom with a small area. The presence of a rotary mechanism allows you to fix the device in any position. The kit includes an electrical wir with a fork, mounting. Equipped with a auto dispatch system, a power button, an electric wire with a fork.

Buyers note a stylish design, a good level of heating. Lingerie quickly dries, and heat in the bathroom. It works for a long time without breakdowns, so it fully satisfies the ratio of “price-quality”. The disadvantages include the lack of a groove for fasteners.

Popular models

The best electric heated towel rail will help the rating compiled by experts, which included worthy models with high technical indicators from widely known brands.

The best models with a thermostat

Note! A heated towel rail with a thermostat is an convenient device to use, which allows you to independently set a suitable temperature.

This makes it possible to save electricity economically, which will favorably affect the wallet

TOP-4 rating of an electric heated towel rail for a bathroom with a thermostat in terms of price and quality ratio.

Terminus Classic P5 450 × 550 Electro n Chrome

An attractive model equipped with a special thermostat, which successfully combines such advantages as autonomy, ergonomicity, versatility and high strength.

The electric structure has modest dimensions, which gives an excellent opportunity to conveniently place the device in a small bathroom.

The installation of the equipment does not depend on the water supply system. this moment is especially relevant in case of disconnecting hot water.

How to fix your towel rail when it stops heating

The user will be able to regulate the temperature regime independently.


  • Power. 67 W;
  • the type of coolant. dry;
  • The materials used. stainless steel;
  • the ability to turn the device is not;
  • connection. lower right;
  • Type of connection. an electric wire with a fork.
  • ease of placement in a small room;
  • universality of the operation of the device;
  • creation of a comfortable microclimate;
  • autonomy of equipment;
  • The presence of special thermostats.

Terminus Euromix P8 500 × 850 Electro Chrome

An ergonomic heated towel rail, equipped with a thermostat for convenient choice of the most suitable temperature and a reliable mounting mechanism.

The compact design does not occupy an extra place, guarantees stable work for a long time and has an adjective design.

There will be no problems in the process of installing, however, the developer strongly recommends entrusting the case to a specialist.

Connection of electrical equipment can be organized using a cable, so be hidden.

You can turn off the device at any time using the button.


  • power. 65 watts;
  • the type of coolant. dry;
  • The materials used. stainless steel;
  • the ability to turn the device is not;
  • connection. lower right;
  • Type of connection. an electric wire with a fork.
  • High strength materials were used;
  • sufficient power indicator;
  • the ability to use hot water;
  • installation is possible in any room;
  • Innovative protection system.

Laris Euromix P5 500 × 700 e left.wool without covering

An impeccable model with a large number of sections made of strong stainless steel, aimed quickly and efficiently cope with the task set by the user.

The electrical device not only differs in stable operation, but also boasts the presence of a thermostat for a more convenient temperature choice, excellent ergonomics and a pleasant appearance.

In a set with a heated towel rail, the buyer will find an informative operating guide that will tell you how to work with equipment correctly.


  • power. 95 watts;
  • the type of coolant. dry;
  • The materials used. stainless steel;
  • the ability to turn the device is not;
  • connection. lower left;
  • Type of connection. an electric wire with a fork.
  • convenience of independent temperature control;
  • elementary control system;
  • long warranty period;
  • attractive external design;
  • Democratic price.

Lemark Pramen P10 500 × 800 Chrome

Stylish electric heated towel rail with a thermostat, which has 11 sections.

Thanks to a large number of sections, the device is ideal for a large family. now dry a huge number of small things or towels after use will turn out much faster.

In addition, the equipment is able to eliminate excess moisture in the bathroom, preventing the appearance of mold dangerous to human health.

The coating of the structure will not lose its smoothness and will not fade over time thanks to the innovative technology of electro-chemical plasma polishing.


  • power. 300 watts;
  • the type of coolant. dry;
  • The materials used. stainless steel;
  • the ability to turn the device is not;
  • connection. lower right, lower left;
  • Type of connection. an electric wire with a fork.
  • instant readiness for the working process;
  • sufficient set of functions;
  • the ability to install in any room;
  • Materials are not subjected to corrosion;
  • Work without sound accompaniment.
  • The installation should be engaged in a professional;
  • mediocre equipment;
  • With inaccurate use on the surface, scratches may appear.

The best inexpensive models that consume minimum energy

The best heated towel rails consuming a minimum of energy according to the reviews and estimates of customers.

Tera rib 500 × 600 TEN

Electric equipment that attracts their democratic price, low electricity consumption and a classic set of options.



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