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Notable in the domestic market is the presence of units of German production of well-known brands. As a rule, it is characterized by a high level of automation, careful execution and increased requirements for compliance with environmental regulations. Equipment and options provide owners with any level of comfort, but are very sensitive to the quality of local fuel and without serious training can not give the promised performance and efficiency.

Czech and Slovak production supplies us with rather high quality equipment for heating private houses. They are quite comparable in level of automation, reliability and safety with German, but at lower prices. Russian production is also gradually becoming noticeable in this market. First of all, a large number of simple, but quite modern low-cost boilers.

Teplodar Kupper Praktik 14

One of the best and most common wood boilers for heating a private home or cottage. Simple, single-circuit, mechanically controlled classic direct combustion boiler with a capacity of 14 kW. Despite the fact that it is positioned as an energy-independent, has a pre-installed unit of 6 kW of heating elements, which can help keep the temperature in the system by connecting it to the socket. According to reviews from owners, the capacity of heating elements is enough to keep the house warm until morning after burning through the last tab in the evening (with an area of up to 150 m 2 ).

The efficiency is not so high. 80%, but for the most budget price segment. more than enough. At full load, the burning time of one batch of wood for 8 hours. There are also disadvantages inherent in most low-cost models: steel heat exchanger, small size of the furnace chamber, limiting the length of logs.

Protherm Beaver 20 DLO

Slovak cast iron boiler is one of the best options, if the budget is not limited to 20-30 thousand. Among the direct-fired single-circuit boilers with mechanical control this boiler excels with a high efficiency of 91% and low heat losses (due to the complex construction of the heat exchanger and a good alloy). Almost all owners note the excellent build quality, reasonable size of the furnace window, through which the wood can freely fit up to 30-32 cm, practical design of the boiler. The ash drawer is large, very easy to take out, easy enough to clean.

During the practice of installation and more than 7 years of operation, the model has proven to be absolutely trouble-free, which is not surprising, because there is nothing to break in such a simple, and even cast-iron, design. The only disadvantages are high weight, typical for cast iron boilers, as well as not deep enough furnace, when refueling wood it can fly out of the ash.

Viadrus Hercules U22 D4

Another boiler of Czech production. Single-circuit, direct burning, with a cast-iron heat exchanger, but its efficiency is lower. 80%. But the requirements to fuel is much easier: you can use not the most dry wood with a moisture content of 25% and a length of 34-35 cm. This is a great alternative to the Protherm Beaver, when planning to use wood of any quality. Assembly is still of the same quality, the design is practical, serious reliability problems are unknown.

The disadvantages are the big weight of the unit. 247 kg (with 24 kW power) and not the most reasonable price.

Kentatsu ELEGANT-03 17

Single-circuit direct combustion mechanical boiler, Turkish-made and assembled, but designed and developed by Japan. This is one of the cheapest cast iron models on the market. It is quite well designed and efficient: efficiency of 80%; compact size; presence of a thermal insulation layer, which reduces heat loss through the body; protected against overheating by water-cooled grates.

Due to its low price, it has more disadvantages, such as poor build quality, a small furnace and a combustion time of up to 4 hours per load. It is also important to realize that the service structure in Russia is not so developed, not at all in a large number of regions.

Buderus Logano S171-22W

High-tech German pyrolysis boiler with bottom gas afterburning chamber. Features high efficiency up to 89%, and a large number of modern automation systems: fan and flue control, circulation pump control heating system, accounting of external temperature sensors, control of cell phone and PC.

Separately worth noting the size of the furnace and the practicality of design, because for burning you can easily use logs up to 58 cm long. Burning time averaged 3-4 hours, the consumption of wood on average 6.2 kg / hour. The heat exchanger is not made of cast iron, but of thick 5 mm furnace steel. Of course, in order to work, it is necessary to connect to the mains. In addition to the high price, the disadvantages are difficult to find.


The most famous Lithuanian model of long combustion of shaft type (with upper combustion). The main fuel is wood, but the boiler can burn other types of fuel as well, such as coal, pellets. Efficiency. 85%, the model capacity of 20 kW furnace volume is 262 liters, one load of wood it can run for 40 hours (and coal. up to 7 days). It is possible to use logs of up to 45 cm in length. The boiler is absolutely energy-independent, the heat exchanger is cast iron, in the steel case.

The only disadvantages are relatively high fuel requirements, abundant tarring on the walls and high boiler weight. 231 kg.

Boilers wood and coal

Wood-fired and coal-fired boilers are widely used for heating private houses, summer houses, lodges and holiday cottages. They do not need a gas line or a stable supply of electricity. It is a fully autonomous heat source, requiring only a supply of solid fuel.

Design and principle of operation

Modern coal and wood boilers can be called an advanced stove heat for heating by combustion of wood materials and coal. There is a furnace, where the fuel is loaded. There it burns, heating the heat exchanger from which the heated water circulates through a system of pipes. It is worth noting that the use of coal doubles the running time compared to wood. To install the boiler you need a separate room and chimney. You will also need to periodically remove the ash after burning fuel.

What are the advantages of wood boilers for the home

  • Fully autonomous to work does not require gas or electricity. Even the circulation pump in most cases can be switched to natural circulation bypass.
  • Affordable and environmentally friendly fuel heating your home with wood materials, you can be assured of their safety (unlike gas and liquid fuels). The cost of firewood in our country is not so high, so buy at once a large supply for the whole season.
  • The mechanized operation process the user only needs to load fuel in time, and the combustion is maintained by properly adjusted air damper gap. Changing the intensity of combustion is carried out with a mechanical regulator, and control by thermomanometer.

Tips for choice

Buying a wood boiler, pay attention to its power. The choice is made on the basis of the area of the heated room. It is assumed that per 10 sq. Power of the heaters for coal and wood accounts for 1 kW. It is worth noting that the capacity of the equipment when using coal and wood can be different. Therefore, immediately determine the type of fuel.

Boilers with the duration of burning of one fuel pile up to 7 days

A long combustion boiler is a boiler unit capable of maintaining fuel combustion and heat production for a longer period of time: a day or more. Most models are designed for exactly 24-30 hours of activity. However, there are solid fuel long-burning boilers that assume loading once a week, which greatly simplifies the process of combustion.

In order to achieve such a duration of heating on one fill it is important not only to choose the respective model, but also the type of fuel, its characteristics and the size of fractions.

Upper combustion solid fuel boilers

Boilers with upper combustion are designed as a practical alternative to models with the opposite (lower) combustion principle. For many heating systems, this option becomes the most suitable, based on individual requirements. These solid fuel models belong to the category of long combustion boilers, can operate in systems with natural and forced circulation, and are very effective equipment.

Bottom fired solid fuel boilers

Compact and reliable boiler with universal functions. Suitable for harsh climates. Large loading firebox, bimetallic thermometer, ash drawer. Options. draught regulator, heating element, wood box. control. manual

Boiler with universal coal and electricity operation. Pellets. optional. Model with an effective shaft construction for a productive heat recovery. Control. Manual (draught regulator. option)

Reliable and simple household boiler for warmth in the house. Additional features to burn gas, pellets and work on electricity (options). Control. manual (control unit for TENB 2. optional)

Boiler with comfortable adjustment. Warms up your home quickly, easily and reliably. Supports pellets, gas, electricity. optional. Modern Appearance. Control. Manual (control unit for HENB 2 and TurboSet automation). options)

Heating area: up to 150 m2 (with ceiling height of 2.7 m)

Classic boiler with the ability to burn up to 6 types of solid fuels. Optimal for the house or cottage. requires no electricity. Built-in thermometer and thermo-manometer. Control. manual

Model with cooker hob. Great for heating your country house. Built-in thermometer. Electric heating support. option. Control. Manual (PU for TENB 2). optional)

Energy efficient boiler for heating the country house. Burns up to 6 types of solid fuels. Does not require electricity. Built-in thermometer and thermomanometer. Control. manual

Small and stylish boiler for heating your home. Independent of electricity. Built-in thermometer and thermomanometer. Control. manual

Convenient and simple model of energy-independent boiler. Ideal for a detached house. Does not require electricity. Built-in thermometer and thermomanometer. Control. manual

Narrow boiler model in a solid body, excellent for heating the cottage. Burns up to 6 types of solid fuel. Independent of power supply. Built-in thermometer and thermomanometer. Control. manual

Compact model for private heating of large houses. Requires no electricity, burns up to 6 types of solid fuels. Built-in thermometer and thermomanometer. Control. manual

Compact model for efficient heating of private homes. Supports pellets, gas, electricity. optional. Modern appearance. Control. Manual (control unit for heating element 2 and TurboSet automatics. options)

Heating area: up to 100 m2 (at ceiling height of 2.7 m)

Convenient solid fuel boiler model for quality heating. Built-in bimetallic thermometer, durable design, compact size. Control. mechanical draught regulator

loading, wood, boilers

Top Load Wood Boiler LB 6024 | TL 400 Review

Economical boiler with maximum utilization of thermal energy. Presentable appearance, durable design. Control. automatic gravity regulator

Solid fuel boiler for a country house or cottage. Built-in bimetallic thermometer, durable design, compact size. Controls. mechanical draught regulator

Comfortable solid fuel boiler with comfortable combustion control. Built-in bimetallic thermometer, durable construction, compact size. Managing. mechanical draught regulator

Popular series boiler for heating in the countryside. Has a variety of options. Options to burn gas, pellets, or run on electricity. Control. Manual (control unit for HENB 2. optional)

Comfortable, versatile model of boiler on coal and electricity. Pellets. optional. Model with efficient shaft design for productive heat recovery. Controls. Manual (traction controller. optional)

Convenient classic solid fuel boiler for heating the country-house. Model with a large combustion chamber and increased service life. Control. mechanical draught regulator

Boiler with traditional fuel combustion. Will perfectly heat a small house. Model with a large chamber and an increased service life. Control:. mechanical draught regulator

Semi-automatic solid fuel boilers

Semi-automatic solid fuel boilers

Semi-automatic solid fuel boilers are convenient, modified units with simplified manual feeding of fuel. Work of such boiler is controlled by controller or control unit, which adjusts and maintains all optimal parameters of the system, including the temperature in the boiler and in the room, pumps work, intensity of combustion and blowing air by the fan. Heating on semi-automatic units is ensured by the long burning of fuel and minimal involvement in the boiler operation: the unit maintenance (fuel loading and cleaning) requires 35 times less approaches to the boiler in comparison with the operation of classic models.

Coal and wood-fired semi-automated solid fuel boilers are equipped with voluminous and capacious fuel loading chambers, powerful burners, and additional compartments for combustion of reserve types of fuel. Automatics of the unit can support additional functions for even more convenient operation.

Solid fuel heating boilers for private homes have a lot of advantages:

loading, wood, boilers
  • Low operating costs. Solid fuel is an efficient and economical resource for heating commercial and private facilities. According to comparative tables, the cost of central heating using anthracite was consistently lower than the cost of both oil and liquefied petroleum gas, and actually equal to the cost of natural gas.
  • A favorable indoor environment. Solid fuel heating can reduce condensation, eliminating household mold. Medical researches have shown that risk of hay fever, asthma and eczema decreases. Homes with solid fuel heating are better ventilated, because the chimney provides circulation of fresh and exhaust air.
  • Affordability. Solid fuel sources, are the most common in Russia.
  • Convenience. The calorific value of a mineral fuel, such as coal, is about four times that of wood, and its heat output is more consistent. A multi-fuel stove allows you to take advantage of different resources, such as reduced refueling frequency. Also, solid fuel stove owners can feel safe in the knowledge that they have access to fuel.
  • Eco-friendliness. Users concerned about CO2 emissions may be surprised to learn that a boiler that burns a 50:50 mix of wood and coal can have a smaller carbon footprint than gas-fired equipment.

Solid fuel heating units can be:

  • Depending on the material of the heat exchanger. Steel or cast iron.
  • Energy dependent and autonomous.
  • Single- and double-circuit.
  • Long burning.
  • With or without automatics.

Work on different types of fuel: wood, coal, pellets. Or have a combined heat exchanger, such as wood/coal, wood/pellet, wood/coal/to, wood/coal/pellet.

Solid fuel boilers

Solid fuel boilers are equipment for efficient heating of a country house and heating water for household needs. The operation makes it easy to set the temperature of the coolant and DHW water, and in some models, and the speed of fuel feed.

Design and principle of operation of solid fuel boilers

The design of the solid fuel boiler includes:

  • loading chamber, in which solid fuel is placed;
  • Heat exchanger, where the heating medium and water is heated;
  • ash pan, where the ash from the spent heating material is accumulated.

When burning wood, coal or coke, the resulting heat enters the heat exchanger. It heats the water and distributes it through the batteries. Together with a solid fuel boiler, it is important to install a condenser tank with thermal insulation. When the coolant temperature corresponds to the set level, and the fuel has not yet burned through, the heated water enters the condenser. There it will not cool down, because the tank has good insulation, and will enter the heating system when needed.

Pyrolysis boilers

Their design is distinguished by the presence of an additional chamber, necessary for the combustion of pyrolysis gas generated during the operation of the boiler. It is located in the upper part.

Pyrolysis wood boilers require not only fuel material, but also electricity, which is used to run the fan. It draws in the air used for pyrolysis gas combustion.

It is worth noting that the price of pyrolysis boilers exceeds the cost of a traditional heating boiler. At the same time during its operation the heat loss is reduced and the efficiency level is close to 90 100%.

Long-burning boilers

Have a large combustion chamber. For example, you can compare the models of solid fuel boilers of the well-known manufacturer Buderus Logano. The size of combustion chamber of solid fuel boilers of G221 series is 57 cm, and regular boilers of the same producer have the size from 30 to 53 cm. The capacity of the first ones is from 20 to 40 kW, and of the second ones. from 12 to 45 kW.

And one more thing: when operating boilers on long combustion wood you have to put fuel material in the furnace less often, which makes maintenance much easier.

The material of the heat exchanger

Cast-iron can withstand high temperatures of air heating; they rarely corrode. The material is not plastic, so the sharp change in temperature may cause cracks on the product, which can later lead to corrosion. The service life of such a heat exchanger is usually about 20 years.

Steel stoves are made of plastic. They are insured against the appearance of microcracks when changing the level of heat transfer fluid. Because of the condensate that appears on the walls of the boiler during operation, can cause rust. Relatively inexpensive in comparison with cast-iron heat exchangers.

Copper is smaller than cast iron or steel products, so the dimensions of the boiler heating is also small. Thermal conductivity of the material is higher than analogues of other materials. Practically not subject to corrosion.

Popular Solid Fuel Boiler Manufacturers

In the Internet-shop VseInstrumenty.boilers for heating with solid fuel from foreign producers, like German company Buderus, Czech brand Protherm, Italian brand SIME. Presented products are of high quality workmanship. Guarantee on goods provides up to 24 months.

Order your equipment at VseInstrumenty online store.right now! Only a few minutes are required for ordering. The goods will be delivered to the specified location in a short time. Our company also provides services for the installation of heating boilers. If you need these works, please check this with the manager when you make your purchase by calling: 8-800 333 83 28.



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