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To apply for installation of a gas meter

Replacement of gas meters

Our company Teploservis-OVK verification and replacement of gas meters for 10 years, which have expired the operating period or interval between checks.

Over such a considerable period of time we have acquired great experience in repairing and verifying gas meters, regardless of the brand and model of gas meters produced at the moment. Experience is also due to the fact that our company annually recertifies in training centers of gas meter manufacturers such as GoldCard (China), Gazdevais (Russia), Elektromed (Turkey), Elster (Germany), Schetpribor (Russia), Equatel (Russia), Elekhant (Russia), Betar (Russia), Omega (Russia), Signal (Russia), Elster (Russia), Metrix (Poland), Minsk Mechanical Plant named after A.V. Lomonosov. С.И. In the city of Vavilova (Republic of Belarus) and many others.

When carrying out verification or replacement of gas meters, we use special diagnostic equipment SPU-3M, with the help of which it is possible to work directly on the site and issue a conclusion about meter verification or gas meter replacement immediately on the day of work.

The local gas service, which is the main and only supplier of gas to the owner of the gas equipment, has the main control over the verification or replacement of the gas meter. But taking into account the fact that our company has a bilateral agreement with Mosoblgaz ADO, we can officially perform meter replacement and provide documents on the work.

How to quickly and safely install the device

If you have any questions about installing a gas meter on a single stove, call the branch office in. Ivanovo on the phone: 93-81-04 and 93-81-03 (on the phone accepts an application and specifies the time of exit specialist). You can also make an application in person, and to do this you have to contact a manager of the technical center of the branch, at: 3, Pyatnitskaya str. Ivanovo, ul. 10 augusta, 18a, kab.18a, basement. Mode of operation:

Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m

Friday: from 8-30 to 12-00 and from 13-00 to 15-30

Within a week after filing the application specialist goes out on site and install the meter, draw up the documents and take the money on the form of strict accountability.


For installation of gas meters for two or more units of gas-consuming equipment, the customer may contact the customer service department of the branch office in the city of St. Petersburg without making a call. Ivanovo, ul. 10 Augusta, 18-a, kabin. 103 work schedule: Monday. Tuesday from 8.30 to 12.00, Wednesday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.30 to 16.30 (lunch break from 12.00 to 12.48), Saturday from 8.30 to 13.00.

You must have the following documents:

A copy of the property certificate (if the housing is municipal, it is necessary to obtain the approval of the City Administration of St. Petersburg). Ivanovo);

Passports for the installed equipment (if any).

After submitting an application by prior arrangement with the client, a branch specialist will be sent to the client for inspection of the place of installation of the meter. By results of survey will be prepared the design documentation and made calculation of the estimate for performance of works. On the phone number indicated in the application, the client will be invited to the Customer Service Department for approval of the project (sketch), signing the contract and estimates. Further actions will be explained to the applicant during the reception.


If the meter is not installed by OAO Gazprom mezhregiongaz Ivanovo, you must apply to the gas supplying organization. OOO Gazprom mezhregiongaz Ivanovo (ul. For registration of the application it is necessary to have a project (sketch) and technical conditions for installation of metering devices. An expert will come out to the address. In case of non-compliance with technical requirements and current legislation, the metering device cannot be accepted for operation, of which the applicant will be notified in writing.

The list of basic violations, detected by the specialists of Ivanovo branch of OAO Gazprom gazaspredelenie in g. The work on installation of gas metering devices by third parties will be accepted in Ivanovo

In 100% of cases of installation of gas supply meters by a third party organization the documents are not executed properly. The requirements to documentation of installation of gas metering devices are contained in the following normative acts:



2.) Order of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation of April 7, 2010. N 149.

“On approval of the procedure of conclusion and essential conditions of the contract regulating conditions of installation, replacement and (or) operation of metering devices of used energy resources”

Attention! Installation of gas metering devices is referred to the work on re-equipment of gas consumption networks. In order to perform such works it is necessary to obtain technical conditions and to prepare a project (sketch). At the end of the works the “Act on the reconstruction of gas supply networks” should be drawn up.

The violations were also revealed in terms of the meter placement. Thus, according to the passport on the gas meter SGM-1,6, which is mainly installed by outside organizations in living quarters equipped with one stove, the gas meter must be installed on a vertical or horizontal section of the pipeline at a distance of at least 300 mm to the right or left or 800 mm above the gas stove. These conditions were violated in 50% of inspected objects where metering devices were installed by the third parties.

Attention! The gas meters should be installed in accordance with the conditions of their location and installation, as specified in the data sheet of the device.

There are also revealed violations of relevant sections of passports of gas meters installed by third parties in a customer’s apartment. Namely, not filled in item.14 of the passport “Sales Notice”. This violation is observed in 100% of cases under consideration.

Attention! All sections of the passport of the equipment to be installed, which must be filled in during sale and installation of this equipment, should be filled in accordingly. Improper design of passports for gas meters in the future may result in the impossibility for the customer to make claims to the manufacturer.

Address: 153002, Moscow, Russia.Ivanovo, st.Lomonosov Moscow, Zhideleva st.17A Phone: 35-75-04 E-mail: ivanovo@mrg037.ru

Smart meters

Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Moscow informs you of the possibility to use “telemetry” systems for gas settlements.

A smart meter is a metering device with built-in telemetry system, which allows for high accuracy of measurement and remote data transfer.

Advantages of smart meters:

  • Automatic transmission of meter readings. The subscriber does not have to waste time on collecting readings and transmitting them to the supplier.
  • No error of the “human factor”. There is no need to give correct readings or to call an employee to take readings and then wait for recalculation. This helps you avoid gas debts.
  • Data preservation even in case of meter breakage. The data provided by means of telemetry allows to establish the period of meter’s failure. This will allow to avoid additional charges for 6 months, prescribed by the legislation due to late notification of the gas supplier of the meter failure.
  • No delays in transmission of readings. Excludes situations of “normative” charges due to delayed transmission of readings.
  • Easy installation.

How to apply for a gas meter installation

The subscriber shall apply to the GORGAZ Service Office for any district of Moscow by telephone:

Call 8 (495) 369-52-04 or leave an application on the official website of the company.

If a Subscriber applies by phone: the dispatcher of the Service accepts the application and agrees with the Subscriber the date of execution of works (Applications are accepted from 8:00 to 20:00 every day without holidays)

When the Subscriber applies to the website of the company, the dispatcher of the Service calls the Subscriber by the contact phone number indicated in the application and agrees on the date of work.


Performance of requests is daily, including weekends from 8:00 to 20:00.

Call the Subscriber 1 hour before arrival to the place of work by an expert of the Service calls the Subscriber on the day of installation.

When the specialist arrives at the place of work, he/she signs a contract and starts the work.After the work is completed the Act of performed works is signed by the parties.You should carefully read the list of works indicated by our worker before signing the act of work performance.

To apply for installation of a gas meter

What to do if a meter is out of calibration or the meter is out of order?

Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Samara does not render services on gas equipment repair or replacement.

It is necessary to apply to the organization with which you signed a contract for technical maintenance (TSM) and perform verification of gas meters. If the gas metering device is out of order, replace it by a new one.

I had my gas metering device checked / a new gas metering device installed. What next?

After the meter has been verified/installed you must apply to any customer service outlet of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Samara LLC and fill in an application for sealing the gas meter.

The following documents should be attached to the application: gas meter installation certificate, a copy of the meter passport and copies of documents confirming the results of the last meter calibration (except for new meters).

Determination of the consumed gas volume according to the readings of the gas accounting device shall be carried out from the date of installation of the seal by the gas supply company in the place where the gas accounting device is connected to the gas pipeline.

What to do if a seal is broken or a meter is damaged?

According to the Decree of the Government of 21.07.2008 49 “On Procedure of Gas Supply for Citizens’ Needs” the Subscriber shall immediately inform the gas supplier of the damage to the seal (seals) installed by the gas supply company at the place of connection of the gas supply meter to the gas pipeline, the damage to the seal (seals) of the gas supply meter installed by the manufacturer or organization conducting the calibration as well as the emergence of the meter failure.

How is the gas fee charged if the seal is broken or the metering device is damaged??

If any of the seals are broken or the appliance is defective and the subscriber notifies the supplier on the day of the leakage, the amount of the gas consumed shall be charged according to the standard gas consumption for the period from the day of notification to the day following the day of the seal replacement.

If the seals are damaged or the gas meters are broken as a result of an inspection carried out by the gas supplier, the amount of gas consumed is determined in accordance with the standards of gas consumption for the period from the day of the last inspection to the day following the day of the seal restoration, but no more than for 6 months.

The volume of gas consumption for the period from the day of dismantling the gas metering device for sending it for calibration or repair until the day following the installation of a seal on the place where the gas metering device is connected to the gas pipeline, but not more than three consecutive months, is determined based on the average monthly gas consumption of the consumer, determined by the gas meter for a period of at least one year, and if the period of the gas metering device was less than one year. for the actual period of gas metering device operation.

After the expiration of this 3-month period, the amount of consumed gas for each subsequent month, up to the billing period in which the subscriber resumes submission of this information, is determined in accordance with standard gas consumption rates.

Who has the right to dismantle the gas meter?

apply, installation, meter

The dismantling of the metering devices for the calibration or repair is performed by the organization with which the subscriber has signed an agreement on the maintenance of the internal house or internal house gas equipment. Dismantling is executed in the presence of the gas supplier who reads the metering device and checks the safety of the seals at the moment of dismantling of the metering device.

Rules of gas accounting

Payment for supplied gas is made monthly, before the 10th day of each month.

If meter is installed

Payment for the supplied gas is made based on payment documents sent by Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Moscow to each customer. In the payment document, the consumer himself enters the readings of the metering devices in the special columns:

Gas meter readings
Previous Current Date
Due and payable: Other amount
Date of payment Subscriber’s signature_
Date of reading reading of d/c meter (m3) Difference in readings (m3) Accrued discount Debt Total payable (.) In t.ч. at the rate (.)
01.12.2008 1000 2420,00 2420,00 2420,00

If a meter reading is not recorded on the receipt, the consumer will be charged for the gas consumed in accordance with applicable law

If all citizens residing in the dwelling (residential building) are absent at this place of residence for more than 1 month and cannot give readings of gas meter, the subscriber shall notify OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Moscow by e-mail on the reverse side of the gas receipt.

new sui gas meter | online application for new connection | how apply for gas connection ? | sngpl

Subscriber sites Mailing address
Subscriber site F0509110@gazmsk.ru
Consumer area F0509210@gazmsk.ru
Subscriber site F0509310@gazmsk.ru
Consumer area F0509410@gazmsk.ru
Subscriber site F0509510@gazmsk.ru

Installation of the gas meter

In accordance with the Federal Law of 23.11.2009 г. According to Federal Law 61-FZ “On Energy Saving” natural gas consumers are obliged to meter consumed energy resources using gas meters.

  • installation of a gas metering device with the use of gas welding;
  • installation of a gas metering device under a simplified scheme;
  • Installation of a small-sized gas meter (for premises with only a gas stove).

Installation of a gas meter is mandatory for those subscribers who use natural gas for heating, if the maximum volume of gas consumption exceeds 2 cubic meters. m per hour. Owners have until January 1, 2019 to comply with this requirement.

What will happen to those consumers who never install gas meters??

In this case the specialists of Tulagorgaz will be obliged to install gas meters and recover all costs from the subscriber.

There are cases when the meter installation requires the partial reconstruction of gas supply system. Then the cost is calculated individually, because it is necessary to make changes in the project documentation.

Besides, there is a possibility to install a meter according to a simplified scheme determined by a specialist during the technical maintenance of gas equipment.

It is possible to have gas meters installed by installments. To calculate the periodic payment you can here.

To install a gas meter, you need to submit an application. This can be done at the Customer Service Department of JSC Tulagorgas (bring your passport and title document for the property) or on our website by filling out a form.

Procedure of gas meters commissioning

After a meter has been installed by JSC “Tulagorgaz” specialists the owner of the meter should address to LLC “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Tula” (11 Lenin str. М. Toreza, 14b, tel.The owner of the gas meter has to present an application for sealing the GMS with the GMS passport and the citizen’s passport

The procedure of operability determination of the GMS and its replacement

Repair of FUG should be carried out only by the manufacturer or special craftsmen with subsequent checking for leaks, calibration and sealing by a verification service.

If you notice any faults in the gas supply or smell of gas, you must immediately turn off the gas supply tap and call specialists from JSC “Tulagorgaz.

Installation of gas meters

It is forbidden to repair and replace the gas-using equipment on your own.

From 3718 without welding works

from 7810 with the use of welding works

The amounts include the cost of meter and installation work for small-sized household gas meters (G-1.6; SGBM-1.6) used per one gas stove in multi-apartment housing.

According to the Federal Law of 23.11.2009 61-FZ “On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” (hereinafter the. Energy Saving Law) until 01.01.In 2015 the obligation to equip residential premises with gas metering devices was imposed on the owners of residential premises. Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Lipetsk JSC accepts applications for installation of gas meters. Applications can be submitted:

  • via the company’s website (see. “Submit an electronic application”);
  • when contacting the branch of the company that corresponds to the location of the gas equipment (cf. “Addresses and telephone numbers of our divisions”);
  • by phone (see “Subsidies to the gas industry”). “Addresses and telephone numbers of our subdivisions”)

In case of non-compliance with this requirement after 01.01.In 2016, gas metering devices will be installed by organizations supplying or transmitting natural gas on a compulsory basis with subsequent reimbursement by residential property owners of the costs incurred in connection with the implementation of the requirements of the Law on Energy Conservation. In case of the compulsory installation of gas meters the costs to be compensated include the cost of gas meters, project documentation development, installation and commissioning works, as well as additional costs to be compensated:. without provision of installments. expenditures for receipt and transfer of funds, mailing of payment documents and correspondence for payment for installation of gas meters;. with the provision of the installment payment. the cost of receiving and transferring funds, the cost of information systems that ensure processing and storage of data on payments for the installation of meters, issuance and mailing of payment documents and correspondence during the period of installment payment. In case of refusal to pay these costs voluntarily, reimbursement will also be subject to the costs associated with the need to enforce.

Frequently Asked Questions (For individuals)

Additional gasification applies to free connection of individual houses owned by applicants (individuals) in settlements with already laid intrasettlement gas pipelines and as a rule requires completion of gas pipelines to the borders of land plots with such houses.

Gasification concerns, first of all, not only citizens, but also businesses that must pay for it, and secondly, gasification involves the construction of main and (or) inter-settlement gas pipelines, intrasettlement gas pipelines, and then the construction of a gas pipeline to the borders of the land plots of applicants.

How do I know which program I fall under??

If you have documents confirming ownership of the land and an individual house located in the settlement, which is already gasified, you will be included in the program of pre-gasification.

Therefore, you must first register ownership of the land and the house, and only afterwards apply for additional gasification.

Houses that are located in non-gasified settlements get into the regional gasification program, in order to create conditions for gasification without the use of funds of citizens.

If the house is located within the boundaries of horticultural or market gardening non-commercial associations (hereinafter. SNT), and the SNT itself is located within the boundaries of a gasified settlement, bringing the gas pipeline to the boundaries of these SNTs will be free. Within the boundaries of a home garden the citizens themselves carry out the construction of a gas distribution network (with the assistance of a gas distribution organization or other construction company). Subsequently, the connection of households is only the gas distribution organization, the cost of connecting will still be regulated by the state.

What is the target level of gasification?? Why it’s not 100%?

President of the Russian Federation V.В. Putin (order of 31.05.The task to provide for gradual completion of Russia’s gasification by 2024 and 2030 was set forth in Order No. Pr-907 of the Government of the Russian Federation of 2020.

According to the current fuel and energy balances of the regions the potential level of gasification is 82.9 %.

When estimating the level of potential gasification the following is not considered: dilapidated and deteriorated housing stock not subject to gasification, as well as apartments or households with: electric stoves, autonomous and centralized hot water supply, autonomous and centralized heating.

What are fuel and energy balances (FEB)?? Why should I care??

Forecasted levels of energy consumption should be taken into account in fuel and energy balances of regions, taking into account the prospects of regional development as well as the possibilities of using alternative sources of gas (liquefied natural gas or hydrocarbon gas) or other types of fuel. Such balances will allow, in particular, to comprehensively forecast demand for gas and other energy sources and balance all sectors of energy.

apply, installation, meter

TEB will allow to estimate perspectives of conversion of some or other settlements from other energy sources to gas.

How much does “free gasification cost?”

a. How much does it cost to connect to (the border of the land plot)?

If you are a natural person who owns a house within a gasified settlement and intends to use natural gas for personal, family, household and other needs not related to business (professional) activities. the connection costs are nil.

b. How much does it cost to connect the gas inside the area?

It depends on the amount of work for the construction of the pipeline inside the land plot, on the way of laying the pipeline. However, if you have decided to gasify your land by a gas distribution organization, the cost of such services is regulated by the state, if you use an outside organization, then the services are provided on a contractual basis.

c. And inner house gas equipment?

What do I have to do to get gas??

First of all it is necessary to make an application, to do this you can use the site of a gas distribution organization or come to one of the centers (offices) of gas distribution organizations, from September of this year it will be possible to apply through the portal of State Services, MFC, or via a single portal of the single operator of gas supply SOCGAS

I applied for gas supply. when will I get it??

In the contract there will be specified the deadlines for connection, depending on the length of the pipeline which needs to be built by the gas distribution organization to the border of your land plot. The term of connection also takes into account the time required for activities within the boundaries of your land, namely, the laying of a gas consumption network, internal gas pipelines through the house, installation of gas equipment.

Can I be refused after I filed an application??

They can if you do not provide complete documents or if the data is not filled out correctly.

Also, if the parameters of connection of your individual house will not meet the criteria, namely, the house is not registered or located in a village without gas supply.

How much will gas cost? Are there any hidden fees for gas use??

There are no hidden costs, after you connect there will be additional costs for maintenance of indoor gas equipment needed to ensure safe operation.

Will the tariff increase??

The increase in tariffs is only in line with inflation, there will be no additional increases for citizens in connection with the connection.

How to apply for additional gasification?

You can apply on the website of a gas supply company or visit one of the centers (offices) of a gas supply company, and starting from August this year you may also apply for free gas supply through portals of State Services, MFCs or a single operator of gas supply. Sotsgaz

Title documents for the land plot and an individual house, situational plan, passport, SNILS and contact information. On the websites or offices of gas distribution organizations a standard application form with an inventory of required documents will be available to you.

c. What are the criteria for eligibility for pre-gasification?

If your individual residential house and land plot are duly registered, and the house is located in a settlement that has already been gasified, you will fall under the program of accelerated social gasification (additional gasification).

If I applied in March or May I get a free additional gasification?

Conditions of free supplementary regasification are valid if you have applied for and concluded a connection agreement since April 21, 2021. So, if the contract for connection is concluded after April 21, 2021, you have made payment, you can apply to the gas distribution organization for the conclusion of an additional agreement on the free provision of services for connection. In this case you will be refunded the money you have paid, but the term of the connection agreement may be adjusted.

If a connection agreement was signed before April 21, 2021 return of money paid (in full or in part) by the gas supply company is not performed. However, you are entitled to terminate the connection agreement, not to pay the remaining fees, and to reapply for free supplementary regasification.

I still have questions. With whom can I discuss them?

The Single operator of gasification and regional gasification operators should not only organize the construction of gas pipelines, but also communicate with citizens by organizing a hot line, creating a technical possibility for the specialists to ask and answer their questions online at their official websites. Regional headquarters responsible for coordinating the operators’ activities will be formed in each region. You may also address your question to the gas distribution company.

What is EOG and ROG?

Unified gasification operator (UOG), which, in fact, will become a single center of responsibility for gasification issues and free connection of households to gas distribution networks.

A Regional Gasification Operator is a company, which is a responsibility center like the EOG in the territory of a region where its networks are larger than the EOG’s.

Conclusion of direct gas supply contracts with OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Moscow?

To sign a gas supply contract you have to submit an offer with the following documents to Gazprom mezhregiongaz Moscow:

  • Contract for the technical maintenance of in-house gas equipment;
  • A document proving your identity;
  • document confirming the right of ownership (use) of the residential premises;
  • document confirming the number of persons residing in the dwelling;
  • documents confirming the type of installed gas metering device;
  • documents confirming the composition and type of gas equipment;
  • in case of shared ownership: an application for consent to conclude a gas supply contract from the participant of shared ownership and a copy of an identity document.

In case of the first connection of the house property it is also necessary to provide:

  • Passport of Technical Inventory Bureau, Bill of Materials, floor plan;
  • A copy of the certificate of connection (technological connection, tie-in) or a copy of the certificate of readiness of gas consumption networks and gas-using equipment for connection or an act of demarcation;
  • technical conditions for connection to the gas pipeline;
  • homeowner’s gas supply project.

If the documents are submitted by an authorized person, you need the representative’s passport and a notarized power of attorney.

The offer and the documents necessary for the conclusion of the contract of gas supply you can submit to the customer service areas of the Company. Please note that consumer sites are responsible for receiving population in accordance with the service area. You can find out which district is in the subscriber’s area and contact information by following this link.

In addition, we inform you that in accordance with the regulatory requirements of Part 1 of Art. 1 Art. 540 of the Civil Code and the terms of the contract of public offer for the supply of gas for public domestic needs, posted on the official website of the Company, the contract is concluded from the date of the first actual connection of the gas-using equipment subscriber in the prescribed manner to the gas distribution network.

Until what date do you have to pay your gas bill?

In accordance with the p. 1 Art. 155 of the Housing Code and Art. 40 “Rules of gas supply for municipal needs of citizens”, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation from July 21, 2008 49, the payment for public services is made every month before the tenth day of the month following the expired billing period.

How and for what period the penalty is calculated?

According to clause. 1 Art. 155 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, under the contract for the supply of gas to meet the household needs of citizens, the payment for consumed gas volume should be made by the subscriber every month before the tenth day of the month following the expired month, under clause. 14 Art. 155 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the penalty for each day of delay is calculated based on 1/300 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of Russia, if the debt is over 90 days, the penalty is calculated based on 1/130 of the refinancing rate.

How to pay for consumed gas?

You can pay for gas in the following convenient way:

  • According to the receipt through branches and terminals of banks.
  • Through My GAS personal account, located at: moi gaz.currant.online (link), as well as via My GAZ mobile application.
  • Through the Company’s website.

How to transmit gas meter readings?

Remote transmission of gas meter readings is available in any convenient way.

  • In the subscriber’s personal account.
  • Via SMS message.
  • By E-mail.
  • Through the Company’s website.
  • Through payment terminals and Sberbank online app.
  • And also by telephone.

What is a Personal Cabinet and how to join it?

My GAS personal cabinet provides the following information: accounting and payment history, meter readings, composition of gas consuming equipment, meter specifications and other information necessary for making correct payments for gas. Search for “My GAZ” on the Internet or download the application on your smartphone or tablet from AppStore or GooglePlay. Register by following the simple and straightforward prompts. Connect the extended version of the personal account by entering the pin code from the payment document or the meter number or the amount of the last payment in kopecks on the tab “Settings.

What is the threat of unauthorized connection to the gas supply networks??

The term “illegal (unauthorized) connection to gas supply networks” shall mean the connection performed in violation of the established procedure of connection of inhouse and inhouse gas equipment of the subscriber to the gas-distributing (connected) network. Pursuant to Art. 62 of Decree of the Government of June 06, 2010 of the Russian Federation on the Application of Consumer Rights.05.2011г. N 354 (ed. of 09.09.2017г.), in case of unauthorized connection the supplier draws up an act of unauthorized connection detection. Based on the act of detection of unauthorized connection, the subscriber is charged more for gas as consumed without proper metering. Additional charge in this case is made on the basis of the amount of gas, calculated as the product of capacity of unauthorized equipment and its 24-hour operation for the period from the date of the unauthorized connection, indicated in the act of detection of unauthorized connection, and if it is impossible to establish the date of the unauthorized connection. from the date of the previous inspection, but not more than 3 months preceding the month in which such connection was detected to the date of elimination of unauthorized connection. If it is impossible to determine the capacity of unauthorized equipment, the additional charge is calculated on the basis of the volume determined on the basis of standard gas consumption with the application of a multiplying coefficient of 10 to the volume of unauthorized equipment. In this case, in the absence of citizens permanently or temporarily residing in the dwelling, the volume of utilities in these cases is calculated taking into account the number of owners of such premises. As a criminal offense, individuals may be imprisoned for up to two years under Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation or, if such actions caused the death of people, up to five years imprisonment under Article 109 of the Criminal Code Remember! Unauthorized connection to gas pipelines poses a threat to the safety of life and health of citizens!

Where should I apply to change the owner of the personal account?

In order to re-register the personal account for the new owner, you need to renegotiate the gas supply contract. To renegotiate the gas supply contract you must submit to OOO Gazprom mezhregiongaz Moscow an offer with the following documents attached:

  • Contract for technical maintenance of in-house gas equipment;
  • A document proving your identity;
  • document confirming the right of ownership (use) of the housing;
  • a document confirming the number of persons living in the dwelling;
  • Documents confirming the type of installed gas meters;
  • documents confirming the composition and type of gas equipment;
  • in case of shared ownership: statement of consent to conclude the gas supply contract from the participant of shared ownership and a copy of the identification document.

You can submit the documents necessary for renegotiation of the gas supply agreement to the Customer Service Offices of the Company. Please note that the customer service centers receive customers according to the regions of their service. Click here to find the list of district offices and their contact information.

It is necessary to make changes in personal data on your personal account.

To change the personal data you should apply to the address of “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Moscow”, bring with you:

  • a document proving your identity;
  • Document confirming the right of ownership (use) of the dwelling;
  • document confirming changes in personal data.

Necessary documents you can submit to the Company’s customer service centers. Please note that mobile phone users’ registration offices accept people according to the regions of their service. You can see which district belongs to which service area, as well as contact information, by clicking on the link.

What are the liabilities of a meter owner in case an employee of a gas supply company found out during an inspection: a) meter is defective; b) meter shows traces of unauthorized interference?

a) The gas accounting device is defective. In accordance with the item. “b” clause. 21 of the Rules of gas supply for public utilities, approved by the Government Decree of 21.07.2008г. The Subscriber shall: immediately inform the gas supplying organization about the damage of the seal (seals), installed by the gas supplying organization at the place of connection of the gas supply meter to the gas mains, about the damage of the seal (seals) of gas accounting meter installed by the manufacturer or organization, performing the calibration as well as about the gas accounting meter malfunction. According to part 2 of para. 28 of the Rules in case of damage of the seals or failure of the gas accounting device detected as a result of an inspection performed by the gas supplier, the amount of consumed gas shall be determined in accordance with the gas consumption standards for the period from the day of the last inspection till the day following the day of the seal replacement, including the place where the gas accounting device is connected to the gas pipeline after repairs, but not more than for 6 months.

b) the gas meter shows signs of tampering. П. 81 (11) of the Rules on the provision of public services to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and houses, approved by the Government Decree of 06/07/2008.05.2011г. The N354 says that the meter must be protected from tampering with its operation. In order to establish the fact of unauthorized violation of the metering device operation, the provider has the right to install test seals and indicators of antimagnetic seals, as well as seals and devices allowing to record the fact of unauthorized violation of the metering device operation, however the subscriber shall not be charged for installation of such seals or devices. When checking the condition of the gas metering device, it should be checked:

  • the integrity of the meter, no mechanical damage, no holes or cracks not provided by the manufacturer, tight fit of the indicator glass;
  • Presence and integrity of control seals and indicators of antimagnetic seals, as well as seals and devices allowing to register the fact of unauthorized tampering with meters operation;
  • Absence of free access to the switching elements (nodes, terminals) of the metering device that allow interfering with the metering device operation. If the above-mentioned indicators are violated, it is deemed to be an unauthorized violation of the metering device operation.

In case of detection of the abovementioned violations an act of unauthorized metering device operation interference is drawn up. In this case, the gas fee is recalculated for the period from the date of installation of the seals or devices, but not earlier than the date of the previous inspection by the supplier, and not more than 3 months prior to the date of the meter inspection, which revealed unauthorized interference with the meter, and to the date of removing such interference, based on the volume calculated on the basis of gas consumption standards with the multiplying factor of 10. If the subscriber does not agree with the unauthorized tampering detected during the inspection, the metering device must be dismantled by a specialized organization, packed and sealed by the supplier, and sent for independent examination within the period agreed upon with the supplier. Dismantling of meters and conducting an independent examination must necessarily be carried out in the presence of the supplier.



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