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Thomas’s washing vacuum cleaner Twin Panther how to use

Thomas Twin Panther (Twin Panther). budget washing vacuum cleaner from Germany

New vacuum cleaner from Thomas. Twin Panther. attracts attention with a combination of strict elegant design and noble deep black color. When looking at him, it becomes clear why he was chosen such a name. He is like a panther, black and beautiful, and is also ruthless and accurate in his hunt for the dust. This vacuum cleaner is included in the line of budget models. It is produced in Germany at Thomas factory. This is a real representative of German production: a reliable, qualitatively assembled and durable device.

Twin Panther has small sizes. The length for its storage will require only 48.3 cm. In this case, it can be set vertically. Then it will fit even into a very small closet. 36 cm will be enough. The small size of the vacuum cleaner is important for small apartments.

A 6.meter long cord easily disappears inside the case due. And at the same time, the vacuum cleaner has a large cleaning radius. Can be vacuumed at a distance of 10 meters from the outlet. The buttons to turn on the vacuum cleaner and the pump are large, comfortable and moisture.proof.

Dry cleaning in this model is carried out with a familiar bag for collecting dust. The Micropor bag is inserted into a special plastic holder, and then this design is fixed in the ribs inside the case. The volume of the bag is very large. 6 liters. Therefore, it will be enough for a few full.fledged harvesters.

Dry cleaning nozzles are selected taking into account the most necessary minimum. There are three nozzles: for cleaning carpets and floors with a large comfortable foot switching button; for cleaning upholstered furniture and slit.

If you need some special nozzle, it can always be purchased separately. Thomas produces a wide variety of nozzles for all occasions, and they approach any vacuum cleaner of this company. For example, consider several situations. A cute fluffy kitten or puppy appeared in the family. To make it easier to collect wool, you can purchase a turboratory. Or, if there are many books or paintings in the house, nozzle is useful. Thomas has even special nozzles for dry and wet cleaning parquet and laminate. Thus, the Twin Panther vacuum cleaner does not impose an unnecessary set of accessories that must be stored somewhere else. He provides freedom of choice: to a minimum you can always buy only what really needs. And quite often there are enough of those nozzles that already have.

Wet cleaning allows you to clean the carpet with high quality and carefully, as well as cleanly and quickly wash the floor. Water and a washing concentrate of the protector are poured into the tank for clean water, the bottle of which is included (250 ml). For one gas station you need very little detergent concentrate. Only two caps. Success is guaranteed that the water under pressure dissolves dirt, and then dirty water is almost all absorbed into the vacuum cleaner. Awesome clean floor. No mops and buckets that only carry dirt. The design of Thomas vacuum cleaners made it possible to achieve residual humidity on the floor less than one percent!

Wet cleaning nozzles in the Twin Panther model: a triangular large nozzle for washing the carpet; It is given an adapter for the floors; Small nozzle for updating the appearance of upholstery upholstered furniture.

Twin Panther vacuum cleaner has good container volumes. The tank for clean water is located behind and is easily removed. He accommodates 2.4 liters. The tank for dirty water is made in the form of a bucket with a handle, which is designed to receive 5 liters. Thanks to such a large volume, if a nuisance occurred, for example, a bath shimmered, the vacuum cleaner will quickly and dryly collect all the water.

The manufacturer has the right to change the complete set, appearance and technical characteristics of the goods at his discretion and without additional notifications.

Now I know how easier cleaning in the apartment is a washing vacuum cleaner. Especially when there is a small child and a dog. Buy such an assistant told me a sister, after I tested myself. Due to the large volume of water tank, you do not need to change it after cleaning each room. In addition to wet cleaning, you can use the standard, dry. In the vacuum cleaner there is a bag of a sprayer for this. After cleaning the furniture, she looks fresher. In addition, when buying a vacuum cleaner included a special tool for wet cleaning. The vacuum cleaner itself is very convenient to use. Now it is much easier to maintain cleanliness.

I like the vacuum cleaner. Powerful, washes very well. You can easily wash the rug in the corridor with street mud. Good idea, but not the best implementation. You have to modify the design for the Germans.

So far, everyone is satisfied, although it became more difficult to run around the apartment with small ones :). Well, for the quick collection of garbage or in the case of small construction work I get an old simple vacuum cleaner. It is lighter and more convenient.

I used to use a vacuum cleaner and steam mop. When the vacuum cleaner burned down, I decided to buy two in one. Stopped at Thomas. The vacuum cleaner is powerful, first I vacuum the whole house (150 kV meters), then I do wet cleaning. I completely remove the entire area in an hour. The vacuum cleaner does not heat up. Many different nozzles for cleaning different surfaces.

Took the classic vacuum cleaner Thomas Twin Panther. In use for three months. Already now we can say with confidence that he fully met our expectations. Light, compact and maneuverable. High power guarantees rapid and high.quality cleaning. There are many all kinds of nozzles and concentrate in the kit, you can even get to the most inaccessible places.

Sometimes you do dry cleaning, and sometimes you need wet. And when these two functions are combined in one device, this is wonderful. By weight, it is much heavier than a conventional vacuum cleaner. You just need to get used to it a little. I like the variety of nozzles. often I use for the floor, for carpet and for furniture. The tank for dirt is easily washed, without problems. With the advent of such an assistant, cleaning began to take less time. Most importantly, quickly and purely!

I did so. I bought the aquafilter. As for me, so a little better filtering, and the garbage is easier. I don’t know, maybe it’s debatable, but it’s better for me. I have been using a vacuum cleaner for several years and so far no serious breakdowns. Everything works fine, there is no loss in the force of suction. The vacuum cleaner is good and properly doing its job. I recommend!

I bought this vacuum cleaner to my apartment. I did not regret it. It became more pleasant to clean up, the tube along with the nozzle does not weigh a lot. The hand does not get tired. At least the weight of the vacuum cleaner itself is 8 kilograms, for it a place can always be found. It is quite compact. The new technology with the aquafilter was a discovery for me, but there are many advantages from it. The air is moistened right during the cleaning, and now there is no need to wash the floors!

Farewell to old dust bags! This vacuum cleaner pleased us that it has a voluminous aquafilter. There were also several nozzles for him, so you can vacuum anything you want. floors, carpets, sofas. It doesn’t make noise much, so we could get out even when the children were sleeping during the day. Very convenient, especially for the same parents as we. Use simply, you can figure it out yourself!

This vacuum cleaner was presented by parents and my husband and my wedding anniversary, since my husband took the old vacuum cleaner to the garage, and there was not enough good finance for a new good. The Thomas vacuum cleaner has a lot of necessary nozzles, in general the equipment pleased, I have never met anywhere else. I would like to note a slotted nozzle, you can sprinkle even in hard.to.reach places, behind the wall, between furniture, right what is needed for our apartment. The vacuum cleaner itself is powerful, compact, it stands outside our door in the corner and does not bother anyone. The quality is German, I think it will last a long time.

Twin Panther is a multifunctional reliable vacuum cleaner, which is produced in Germany and is characterized by high quality assembly, materials and all components.

Panther performs several functions: dry cleaning, wet cleaning, as well as collecting liquids.

For dry cleaning in this model, there is a 6-liter inspection bag from non-wailed materials with a volume of 6 liters, which makes it possible to remove a large area without replacing the bag.

Twin Panther’s wet cleaning mode copes with washing carpet and solid flooring. He cleans the carpets to the full depth and removes dirt and spots. After cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, the pile straightens and fresh, and the carpets look like new. In addition, Panther quickly, efficiently and without stains washes hard coatings. After wet cleaning, all surfaces are clean and almost dry. The reservoir for the detergent solution has a volume of 2.4 liters.

Twin Panther can collect a large volume of water in a collection mode of fluids. This function will come in handy if you spilled something, and in an emergency, it will even help save the apartment from the flood.

Panther is equipped with all accessories that are necessary for effective dry and wet cleaning.

Twin Panter is a compact, light and very easy vacuum cleaner. The reservoir for the detergent solution is located on the outer part of the vacuum cleaner, which makes the process of wet cleaning as comfortable as possible.

Thomas Twin Panther. This is a good choice for busy people who love cleanliness and value quality in everything, but at the same time they can’t spend a lot of time on cleaning.

For dry cleaning:. switched nozzle for cleaning carpets and floors for cleaning upholstered furniture. Slit nozzle for wet cleaning:. nozzle for wet carpet cleaning adapter for washing the floor

Моющий пылесос Thomas Twin Tiger Обзор

The vacuum cleaner survived after operation by my sister. And that means a lot. Having stood for 4 years, it is completely packed with dirt, dust and littered with all sorts of rubbish. The plastic was partially unwound and there was not even a wheel. I came to visit a long time, took it out, washed it, changed the filter, bought chemistry and, after all the time of downtime in this state, he earned without problems. Yes, it is more difficult to use than the Kerher vacuum cleaner (I rented for cleaning the apartment), but also cheaper. Plastic nozzles, a wheel, etc. I was repaired for a penny, took it to myself, I use it with pleasure.

I remember how the first time I saw them (in 2008.), so the carpet did not recognize. It turned out that my carpet was colored, not gray)

Cleaning the device itself takes much time than cleaning rooms, which is very annoying negative emotions from picking in its dirty insides. Very expensive spare interchangeable filters. The set is about 1000 rubles. The replacement took Tefal with a cyclone filter- it turned out to be three times higher, not to tear off the floor, the collected garbage simply spills out of the collection. It costs two times cheaper.

Bought it 8 years ago for 14.000, but I was very surprised that now it costs only 20.000, if you look at how most of the other equipment has risen in recent years, then Thomas profitable purchase!

I have this vacuum cleaner for more than 10 years and so far works. Very expensive for such a functionality. With age became noisy. Apparently the engine was tired, and quite quickly, because the power has greatly decreased. It is difficult to endure, and in motion is clumsy and clumsy, since the big. There is no bag for collecting garbage, which makes simple cleaning quite problematic, you need to pour water into the container, and then wash many parts, sometimes you can do wet cleaning, but better in the hot season, since the carpets leaves damp. It is convenient to wash the windows if you do not live in an apartment, but in your house. There are no problems with the purchase of filters, although they are quite expensive. In general, I would prefer another apparatus if a choice was provided. This one does not correspond to all its declared qualities.

I have been living with this vacuum cleaner for many years. Big stationary cleaning machine at home. it is difficult to call it differently. Occupies a whole separate section in a wardrobe. Very effective. I tried to use other vacuum cleaners (without an aquafiltra). does not suit the quality of cleaning, got used to Thomas. It is natural to wash and dry after each cleaning, but I have no problems with this, especially since everything is much easier here than it seems.

I don’t understand the number of negative reviews. I just love this vacuum cleaner. Yes, he’s bulky. But I do not wear it in the apartment, but swing on wheels. not a problem in general, although my apartment is small. Complaints about the need for total washing of all nozzles. They need to be washed only after cleaning in a washing mode. In dry. It is enough to pour the contents from the bucket of the waterfilter and rinse it, you do not need to wash the tubes, nozzles and filters every time. When I need to wash, I throw everything into the bath and just rinse. (including a cover from a vacuum cleaner. She is removed). From huge advantages. they can remove everything in general. I am vacuuming not only the floor, but also fanatically passing through a slot nozzle along the gaps in skirting boards, I clean it with the same gaps in cast.iron pipes, a brush with a pile. On the tables, window sills and shelves, a nozzle for a mable of a vacuum whale and bedspreads. I have a cat and it’s just salvation. A separate question. write that it is unpleasant to pour everything that got into the aquafilter. Well, I don’t know, I feel some perverted pleasure, inspecting the contents of the bucket after cleaning: D

In operation for several years. Nothing broke, but this is most likely that I rarely use it-promise this bandura with wheels. Many write that you often need to wash the filter when cleaning, it really is. At the same time drain the water and clean all the mini filters and all the bulkheads, etc.D. and t.D. Pour water. As a result, cleaning turns into a sink of this hell! vacuumber. And if you need to transfer it, then this is a mockery of the consumer. I have two steps, but how hard it is to drag him into the room. He is not only heavy, but also bulky. You won’t turn into the room with him, while you must be careful not to turn over, the water is. Just awful! If at the same time he worked out well as a detergent vacuum cleaner, so no. When washing, water remains and when dry cleaning. Again, there is not enough power. Cleaning, as an ordinary cheap vacuum cleaner, only here you still need to wash a bunch of worships and more than once.

The basis of the instructions for the vacuum cleaner Thomas Twin TT

The task of the compilers of technical documentation, without going into the technical difficulties of the tool, teach the user the correct methods of work. Each detail has its own name, if a malfunction arose, you need to know what to look. The specification is given in the instructions. The manufacturer is responsible for the safety of the vacuum cleaner Thomas Twin. If the owner is injured, subject to the instructions, may require compensation. Therefore, the security section has developed in detail.

Plastic parts in the connectors are adjusted, the assembly and disassembly sequence is described in the instructions for the use of the Thomas TT vacuum cleaner as clearly as possible, with schemes. Cases of malfunctions, their signs, and the algorithm for correction of problems on their own are also described, if this is allowed by the manufacturer. Unauthorized operations lead to deprivation of warranty obligations.

If for some reason in the package there is no instructions for the Thomas TT vacuum cleaner, it needs to be found on the Internet on your own, before you start assembling the unit.

Short instructions for the Moving vacuum cleaner Thomas Twin TT Aquafilter

At the beginning of the document, an indication follows. the device is used for household needs in a closed room. The storage temperature is positive, humidity should not exceed 95 %. Keep the Thomas Twin vacuum cleaner according to the instructions at a distance from heaters, prevent moisture from entering the housing. After the device has been unpacked in winter, before turning on, it must take the temperature of the room.

On the first three pages of the operating instructions, a detailed detail of the Twin model is given, with the name of each component of the Thomas Twin vacuum cleaner. There is also a step.by.step circuit with a sequential assembly of the tool for dry and wet cleaning. Accessories and table with their use are located below. When unpacking on the first three pages of the document, there is a lot of useful things, which will allow you to produce a test reconciliation.

General safety rules in the operating instructions of the Thomas Twin TT vacuum cleaner

When removing the tool out of the box, you should make sure that the network cord has no damage, the fork is in good condition, the auto account is working. If there is visible damage on the housing or the drop in the tool is allowed, it cannot be used until the entire electrical wiring is examined by the company’s specialist.

The following are general safety rules when working with electrical appliances. The instructions for the Thomas Twin TT Aquafilter vacuum cleaner have a requirement. it is forbidden to work on eliminating damage to electrical units and main nodes independently.

Another important instruction requirement for safety. the Thomas Twin Aquafilter vacuum cleaner cannot work in an explosive environment, collected, dangerous and caustic fluids. You can not use a vacuum cleaner instead of a household, sucking a large amount of fine dust.

An important aspect. children or people with disabilities can work as a vacuum cleaner only under the supervision of a person who has mastered the tool. Only branded compositions should be used as detergents.

General instructions

The instructions for the Moving vacuum cleaner Thomas Twin TT described in detail the points described how correctly:

  • Connect and disconnect the suction hose.
  • Park the device in a horizontal and upright position.
  • Store accessories.
  • Conduct electronic and mechanical regulation of absorption power.

Dry cleaning using the aquafiltra

The instructions for the Thomas Twin vacuum cleaner are emphasized, only the correctly assembled system will work effectively. At the same time, it is unacceptable to use the device for collecting placers of small components, for example, cocoa powder or flour in large quantities. If the water resembles a jelly of dirt, the garbage will not sink, the filter is not.

The supply collects a dry cleaning scheme. The user should verify its correctness. But first you need to install an aquamer under the lid, as shown in the diagram.

A tank for dirty water with a filter is installed in the inner compartment, an aquafilter with a porous filter is placed in it hermetic around the perimeter. Place motor and non.filters. After pour a liter of water into the tank and close the lid. The correct assembly is checked as follows. when the device is turned on at maximum power, you can see how water dust is injected. After connecting the hose and include the device. According to the instructions for the vacuum cleaner with the Thomas Twin TT aquafilter, in the process it is necessary to observe the condition of the water filter. If necessary, the device needs to be stopped, filters are washed in clean running water, drain dirt and continue to work. At the end of cleaning, rinse and dry all the parts.

Wet cleaning mode

Before using the Thomas TT vacuum cleaner, the manufacturer strongly advises dry cleaning. Having discovered traces of unsteady dirt after the waterfilter, use the detergent mode. To maintain the performance of the pump, turn on the device only with a filled tank with a washing solution. You need to use branded cleaning products.

In the pattern for washing, the liquid is not poured into the tank of dirty water. Aquafilter is removed, but the screen is installed to prevent fluid spilles. The detergent solution should be at room temperature, poured at the place in the tank, the volume of 2.4 liters. According to the instructions, you need to attach and fix the shut.off valve in the bracket, attach to it a dispersal hose. To fix the hose on the pipe you need to clamps.

During cleaning, it is necessary to monitor the filling of the dirty bucket, during it empty, add the detergent composition. When cleaning the carpet, intensive formation of foam is extinguished by vinegar. Using the corporate party, the user will receive small foaming. The carpets after washing retain residual moisture, since the injection is deep, under pressure. Even powerful absorption is unable to pick up the rest of the remaining moisture in the fiber.

The instructions of the Thomas Twin TT Aquafilter vacuum cleaner described in detail the cleaning technology:

The manufacturer prescribes, after wet cleaning, all components should be washed with running water, including the pipe, nozzles, a flexible hose and completely dried in natural conditions. Not compliance with this rule leads to premature replacement of consumables and a bad smell from multiplying bacteria.

Collection of fluids

The manufacturer in the instructions for the vacuum cleaner Thomas Twin TT Aquafilter introduces restrictions on the use of the option. It is permissible to collect tea, juices, coffee from the floor in sink mode. But gasoline and other LVZh can form an explosive mixture of air in the optimal proportion. Acetone, caustic compounds and solvents will spoil the rubber seals of the apparatus. You can collect liquids only in the tank for dirty water. Having gained 2.5 liters, you need to drain the contents so as not to lose the absorption power.

Features of the instructions for the operation of the vacuum cleaner Thomas twin

A series of tweet vacuum cleaners includes detergents that have a dry cleaning function with aquafilter. The unit from a household network with alternating current, a voltage of 220 V operates. During the cleaning process, water and detergent solutions are used. The instructions for the use of the Thomas Twin vacuum cleaner take into account the features of the work of the device. Recommendations for compliance with security are given.

The rules for the use of the Thomas tween vacuum cleaner prescribe a neat handling of the device after the washing liquid is flooded or the aquafilter is installed. The instructions are drawn to the prevention of overturning of the apparatus tucked by water by smooth movement. In the process, you can not put the tool vertically, or turn on the dry cleaning mode without the installed waterfilter, turn on the pump without water. In all these cases, the breakdown of the device is inevitable.

The instruction prescribes, work with a soft corrugated hose, avoiding its stretching and twisting. In the process of cleaning, monitor the level of sound, its arbitrary change is a sign of blockage in the pipe, vessel or filter.

The manufacturer Thomas advises using the Thomas vacuum cleaner to use proprietary detergents and consumables. Such compositions for a vacuum cleaner do not foam. This is important that the system works stably. But before using the product, it is necessary to test the carpet in an inconspicuous place, exploring the resistance of coloring.

According to the instructions, the detergent should not fall on the skin, mucous membranes of the employee and others. It is important to observe the dosage of water in the aquafyl and the concentration of the detergent solution in the toma of the Thomas vacuum cleaner, monitor the filling and condition of the water in the tank for working out.

If the tool is used for dry cleaning with a bag, you must follow the requirements of the corresponding section of the instructions in Russian for the Thomas twin vacuum cleaner. Then, instead of the waterfilter, a bag is installed on the corresponding bracket.

Aquafilter Thomas vacuum cleaner. operating instructions

In the section “Checking the installation of the Aqua Filter system and preparing it for work”, a step.by.step setting algorithm sets the cleaning scheme algorithm. When supplying the Thomas vacuum cleaner, the aquafilter has already been assembled, but you need to make sure that everything is in line with the instructions:

  • The presence of a sprayer on the suction pipe and the integrity of rubber-refrigerator. The installation is pressed by the sprayer along the guides inside the pipe. After, the cover is closed without the use of physical efforts.
  • Is it worth it, a tank for dirty water with a “wet” filter.
  • Is there an internal aquafilter with a cube and a porous plate in the tank. The knot stands on the guides inside the tank, control the tight fit of the seal.
  • The presence of a non.engine filter filter.

Pour a liter of clean water into the tank and check if the scheme is collected correctly. To do this, you need to turn on the device at maximum power and make sure that water dust has appeared in the transparent chamber. Now you can connect a hose with nozzles and do dry cleaning of the room.

Thomas vacuum cleaner instructions with aquafilter instructs to independently control the condition of water in a dirty tank. Garbage is besieged in a water filter as a result of a spray circulating through the tank, liquid. If it turns into a jelly, the water will not enter the spray, the dust will clog the filter Negro.

In the clean room, water in the aquafilter must be changed after 40 minutes, in dirty. as necessary. At the same time, all components of the waterfilter installed in the tank are washed. The instruction manual for the Thomas vacuum cleaner with the aquafilter prescribes immediately after cleaning, wash under running water and dry the entire system. Non.fulfillment of this requirement will lead to the appearance of a bad smell and mold on filters.

Instructions for working with a detergent vacuum cleaner Thomas twin

Connection of the detergent unit in the Thomas vacuum cleaner is set out in the “Wet Cleaning” section of the instructions. It is noted that the sink mode is turned on only after dry cleaning, so as not to score with dirt a narrow gap of the washing vessel.

Since the washing mode for the Thomas tween vacuum cleaner is the main one, a large section is assigned to it in the operating instructions. It needs to be studied thoroughly. But initially you need to learn, the pump on dry cannot be turned on. There should be water in the container for the detergent solution.

Before installing the water system from the body and trim of the Thomas vacuum cleaner, the components of the aquafiltra and the filter Negro. The insert is installed from splashing water over the dirty tank. Wet and motor filters should stay in place. The instruction warns, it is not necessary to pour water into the tank of dirty water.

In the possible mode, the Thomas vacuum cleaner performs many functions. Therefore, in the operating instructions, the correct techniques for washing carpets, furniture and bedding are described in detail. Using an additional nozzle with a microfiber cloth, you can wash laminate and parquet. Special devices are used for washing glasses and mirrors. They are in a set of nozzles.

The most important condition for ensuring the performance of the system is to care for the tool. The instruction offers a method of cleaning pipes and vessels by preliminary stretching of clean water from the outer vessel. But to wash manually and dry all the details of the system, the nest and the body of the device will have to, no matter how many minutes the tool is worked out in the sink mode.


Filter: motor filter, microfilter exhaust. With dry cleaning. Micropor bag

Management and indication: electronic control, soft control switches SoftTouch, large moisture.proof buttons.

Design: a special pump, a pure water and detergent of 2.4 liters, a 5 liter absorbed tank, steel telescopic tube, vertical and horizontal parking with the ability to install the tube in breaks, the length of the network cable 6 m, radius of action 10 m, automatic cable view.

Complex: spraying nozzle for washing carpets with an adapter for smooth surfaces (tiles, floor tiles, linoleum, etc.P.), a slit nozzle of 22 cm long, switched nozzle for dry cleaning “floor/carpet”, nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture with a fragile, 1 bottle of washing concentrate for carpets and hard.floors, a bag of Thomas Micropor XXLE 6 liters.

Dimensions: 324x483x353 mm.

Mass: 8.4 kg (without accessories).

Producer country: Germany.


Thomas Twin Panther will carefully and quickly wash the floor only with clean water, clean the carpet to the very base of the pile, urgently pumps out water in emergency situations, and also wash the painted walls and windows with an adapter for smooth surfaces. A powerful turbine supplies water from a special nozzle under pressure, destroying persistent dirt, and a special surface of the nozzle removes it without a residue and does not allow divorces.

The tank for dirty water, which is designed to receive 5 liters, is made in the form of a bucket with a handle. For dry cleaning, a 6-liter Micropor bag is installed in the vacuum cleaner, which is enough for several full-fledged siders. When displaying the bag, its inlet can be blocked by a plastic holder and thus prevent the output of dust, so the whole procedure is very hygienic.

The model has a rather compact body for a detergent vacuum cleaner: in length for its storage, only 48.3 cm is needed. The vacuum cleaner can be placed vertically, then it will fit even in a small closet. A large cleaning radius allows you to vacuum at a distance of 10 meters from the outlet. The buttons of turning on the vacuum cleaner and the pump are large (you can not bend and press them with your foot), comfortable and moisture.proof.

Among the nozzles are only the most relevant: the user does not overpay for unnecessary accessories, and the necessary ones can always choose from a huge assortment of Thomas and buy.

Budgetary multifunctional model, minimum nozzles, compactness, large radius of action, power.


Thomas vacuum cleaners are very popular, but in reviews, consumers note both the weaknesses and strengths of these units (the latter are noticeably larger). The most important quality of such a technique is the highest level of cleaning the room. It remains only to be surprised: how much dust accumulates in the garbage tank after each cleaning session. From the shortcomings of Thomas, one can note:

  • high price;
  • reduced maneuverability;
  • bulky apparatus;
  • the need to clean the device after each working session;
  • expensive service;
  • Squeezed quite high for spare parts and components.

Thomas vacuum cleaners are considered one of the best in the world. If you follow the instructions, do a regular preventive inspection, then such equipment can last without failures for many years.

Watch how to use the Thomas detergent vacuum cleaner in the next video.

Wetting vacuum cleaner Thomas Twin Panther Color Black Instructions

Thomas Twin Panther washing vacuum cleaner. it wash the floors perfectly and cleans the carpets! The bag has a volume of 6 liters, which allows it to be used for several months. For a high.quality washing of the floor and carpets, the kit includes a spray nozzle with an adapter. The refueling volumes is enough for wet cleaning of large areas without refueling. Pure water tank. 2.4 liters. The container for dirty water interferes with 4 liters.

Thomas Twin Panther washing vacuum cleaner. it wash the floors perfectly and cleans the carpets!

Washing vacuum cleaner for those who are used to using bags to collect dust. It works in three modes: dry cleaning with non-rosema, wet cleaning and water collection.

The bag has a volume of 6 liters, which allows it to be used for several months.

For a high.quality washing of the floor and carpets, the kit includes a spray nozzle with an adapter. The refueling volumes is enough for wet cleaning of large areas without refueling. Pure water tank. 2.4 liters. The container for dirty water interferes with 4 liters.

Type of cleaning Dry and wet
Type of vacuum cleaner bag
Half power 240 watts
Turbcket included No
Filter filter there is
Suction pipe Telescopic
The capacity of the vacuum cleaner 6 l
Power regulator No
Power consumption 1600 watts
Radius of action 9 m
Source of power net
The length of the network cord 6 m
Nozzles in the kit nozzle for upholstered furniture, a slit nozzle, a floor/carpet nozzle, a spray nozzle for wet carpet cleaning with an adapter for hard floors
Additionally Automatic cable view, vertical parking, capacity for detergent 2.4 l

We were satisfied with the vacuum cleaner! It pleases its properties, such as powerful absorption, the difference in nozzles for different types of cleaning, it perfectly cleans upholstered furniture and carpets are quite quiet, not heavy. After his appearance in the apartment, my cleaning was noticeably simplified! Now I can entrust the washing of the sexes of my daughter, this allows the adjustment of the pipe extension by human height)

There is one drawback! The nozzle flip will fly out, you have to constantly insert into place!

It takes literally a couple of minutes to the container washing! In general, who has long dreamed of a moisture vacuum cleaner, take it won’t regret it)) for this money an excellent vacuum cleaner

Great vacuum cleaner. Year of use. Everything works like a clock. Collects and understands easily, everything is intuitively and not for long. Carpet cleaning passes with a bang, thanks an additional nozzle. Dust suction power of water is enough for the eyes. It is practically noise that it is very pleasant, you can turn on music and enjoy cleaning.

It takes, of course, a lot of space. But he is worth it.

I recommend buying. Cleaning has turned into a vacation and a pleasant lesson.

Powerful 2. Cleans and wash well. Laminate washes without “divorces”. 3. Good build quality, everything is reliable. In operation for more than a year. He copes with his functions as it should! Maneuverable brush !

one.dimensions. quite large compared to conventional vacuum cleaners. 2. No wool brush

In general, I am pleased with the vacuum cleaner. Cleaned the seat in the car (dry cleaning), the dirt was just horror. dragged one dirt three times. although it would seem that the seats are clean)

Excellent cleaning quality, stable power, everything you need is in configuration.

It is easy and easy to use it. Wet cleaning is possible not only for carpets but also for furniture. Wash it after cleaning quickly.

Not expensive, powerful, easy to use

This is a great option for those who want a good cleaning result and save the family budget. The vacuum cleaner is really powerful, it collects any garbage well. Despite the fact that it does not have an aquafilter does not feel that dust flies in the air.

you need to buy a khpa filter and parts for the full.fledged operation of the waterfilter

Excellent cleaning quality with it is guaranteed. The vacuum cleaner is not as expensive as the rest, but it does not affect the quality of cleaning.

An excellent unit, very powerful, efficiently made, with the help of its cleaning has become much faster and more efficiently, perfectly collects garbage. Multifunctional, but at the same time easy to use, chic, many nozzles and adapters for different surfaces.

Great for small apartments, it is very convenient to do with wet cleaning with it, you don’t wash the floors with a rag. Collects all the dirt, hair, cat hair. The wife is delighted!

Правильная эксплуатация пылесоса Thomas Twin t2

A good, sufficiently powerful vacuum cleaner, its power is stable, quiet, multifunctional, design is always pleasing to the eye, the quality of cleaning is wonderful with it, there are many brushes for different cleaning modes, it does not occupy much place for storage since it is quite compact, durable The network cable is that it is an unconditionally big plus because on my experience many vacuum cleaners broke off a network cable, and this does not have such a disease.

They took such a vacuum cleaner for a large house, hoping that it would provide complete cleanliness, and it happened. With the advent of this vacuum cleaner in the house, it became clean and comfortable. It is easy to use, maneuverable, absorption power is large, it does not cause trouble, it is simple in storage.

Great vacuum cleaner. Very good assembly quality. Multifunctional. Easy to use. Storage is also very simple, since it does not take up much space in the apartment. Quiet. Beautiful design. He also has a long network cable.

Wash the floors and erases the carpets. Very powerful. Easy to use, turning and reliable.

Bought a vacuum cleaner not so long ago, but they are already happy with them. Vacuums from quickly and efficiently. The power is high, so it raises the carpet. It is convenient to wash them too. From the handle do not get tired and do not hurt hands. After cleaning, he washes quickly. The old vacuum cleaner and half of such a load could not withstand.

Satisfied with the purchase. It copes well with the sink (for this they took). Bought another nozzle for washing upholstered furniture.

This is a good and high.quality vacuum cleaner. Removes dust and dirt remarkably, maneuverable, does not make noise, assembled from durable and light materials, the power is high, it wash the carpets well.



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