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Things after the drying machine look like

Drying machine

I really want a drying machine, tired of hanging underwear, they say and ironing much less, I have a lot of washing, there are 2 bookmarks per day. Please, the owners will respond, please advise on several questions. Especially about the installation vertically on the washing room. Thanks!

I have a boosch dryer. I am satisfied. I don’t know about the installation. standing next to the washing.

At the washing room, first look in the instructions or the Internet whether your washing machine is designed for an additional load on top, and what is its upper cover, often it is just a thin sheet of plastic, which easily breaks

There is a dryer, stands above the machine, but on the shelf. Ordinary shelf, workers attached fasteners to the wall, and on them a shelf, all iron. You need to look in the instructions for the washing room, what weight is the top calculated. And yet, I don’t know how others. After drying from the underwear, the smell of such a metallic. I only dry in it large things: sheets, duvetings, etc.P., t.to. With all sorts of blouses there, for some reason, for some reason, until the end after ironing does not leave. From linen seems to be nothing like that. Things are less crumpled, but this does not mean that they do not need to be ironed at all)

I love. Ironing is really smaller. And the problem goes away “where to hang?”. For mothers of young children, the dryer is generally salvation, there is no problem with the last clean pajamas, threw it, washed and an hour later, and a half, everything is dry and clean.

If there is little space, it may make sense to buy a combined washer-souville. I have this, 6 kg washing, 3-4 kg of drying. I am delighted with her, especially the price.

I do not always dry, but often helps out. I also wash and dry the down jackets in it, it breaks the fluff correctly, do not pay decent money dry cleaning. Other manufacturers have 9 kg of washing models. 5 kg of drying. If you plan to dry often, these are more suitable for you.

If you still carefully fold warm linen after drying, then you can not iron.Of course such things. how to stroke a shirt.

We have an ASCO dryer, installed directly on the washing machine, but the same company, there is special.fasteners. I am very satisfied, the towels are soft, as in hotels. I could not achieve anything before. Smell from linen, as they write above, we do not have. If there is a lot of linen, for example, a bunch of towels, then it does not dry until the end. Well, shirts, linen and children’s things dries to the end. I also have a problem that there is nowhere to dry. Dries for about an hour depending on the load, it determines. Yes, even a huge plus. She removes dust, hair, etc.P. Then clean the filter, so much there.

Girls, thank you very much! I have 2 children, the girl is still small, we often change the outfits, it was already exhausted (jackets, rugs, covered, generally a problem where to dry. boy asthmatic, so cleaning and washing is endless ((

Special thanks about the shelf!! I will probably do it)

9, so small things will still have to be ironed.

But bedding and bedspreads can not be stroked.

Anyway, when there is a drying function in the washing room, this is much better. Tested on yourself.

Bosch drying machine Makhh7. review

I don’t like to iron, I don’t know why, but I don’t like. I have mom before the purchase of dryers even panties and bedding stroked and I don’t like. But the drying apparatus did not appear immediately, but with the birth of the child and the scandal that the whole apartment is littered with wet diapers and other things, but there are no clean socks. Then the question was very relevant everyone needed pure things, and I could not wash once again.to. The linen simply did not have time to dry and it still had to be ironed.

Of course, I heard about the dryer, but so far I have not seen in a knowledge, I have not understood how much this drying machine is a useful thing.

At first it was scary to dry clothes, t.to. I was afraid to spoil, but I got used to it very quickly and now I will tell you what and how I dried.

Photo 1 program. The main programs that I used.

things, drying, machine, look

1) Extrassu cotton. I don’t really like this program, t.to. There is very little residual moisture in linen and it turns out crumpled, after drying 15 minutes in folded form lies and straightens a little, but still crumpled. Can be used for bedding.

Why Your Clothes Dryer is Leaving Black / Gray Marks on Your Clean Clothes

2) cotton. Drying in a closet. This is my favorite program. For street things (T.shirts, shorts, trousers, cotton jeans, skirts and blouses) I put this program and press the feather so that the clothes are dried and not crumbling. After drying, I hang it on hangers or put and put it in a closet. The iron is not needed! Hurrah!

3) cotton. Drying in a closet. The same as n.2 Only moisture in clothes is greater, so I do not use it.

4) cotton. Drying under the iron. You yourself probably guess that I do not use this program. Linen is enough raw under the ironing, but I don’t like to iron.

5) 6 min. Wool with button feather and button iron. I’ll say right away that this is not a drying of wool, it is its release and softening. Woolen things become soft and fluffy and wet. Next, you put them on a towel or a hanger and dry them at room temperature. I hang up dresses and skirts and trousers on a hanger. 6 minutes, the machine, as it were, steams the wool and it becomes not mint and soft.

By the way, who loves soft terry towels and terry robes and plush toys. it’s just a miracle what these things become soft without air conditioning! I wash only powder, do not add anything. Plush toys will be like new even after several washes. Dry as synthetics of drying in a closet with a feather or as a very dry synthetics by pressing a button with a feather.

Now consider synthetics. I wear many things from synthetics. In quality things are different. If things can be dried, then the drying of the drying is dry in a cabinet with a feather, if things cannot be dried, then at my own peril and risk I put 2-3 things in the drum and turn on the p.5. 6 minutes wool with a feather and iron. During drying, things are steamed and I immediately take them out and hang them on hangers, things dry faster and they do not need to be ironed.

Drying programs in time and super 40 I did not use. Synthetics are dried quickly, and cotton can be turned on before bedtime and disgusted in the morning in the cabinet.

Down jackets. The program is long, set at night. In the morning I took out a very fluffy down jacket and sprayed it with antistatic. It is necessary to dry 1 jacket, during the drying process it will flush so much that the whole drum will take. Some have a special ball for down jackets, I did not have that, so I dried without it.

Now the basic principles of drying. Room where there is a dryer (in my kitchen) should be well ventilated. Turn on the dryer. Open the window by 1-2 divisions or on the entire window depending on the weather (in the summer on the entire window), linen is dry and there will be no condensation in the room. Now I coldly open the window for 1 division and push the curtains that the air passes better.

After each drying, we take out the filter (at the bottom of the drum) photo 3 and shake the dirt and the dust that gathered there from the newly dried underwear. Please note that the photo of this dirt is not from dirty linen, but from the washed and squeezed in the washing machine. Dirty linen cannot be dried in the instructions written.

At the top of the water tank photo 5 we take out and pour water into the sink. The machine does not close the machine for 2 hours so that the condensate is residual disappearing.

That’s all. We dry. We clean the filter. Pour water. We put things in the closet.

To the young mothers who bought a dryer after the birth of a child and never stroked, I advise the child to show an iron, in kindergarten he will be asked that this? And why do you need? I was asked. He did not know T.to. I did not stroke and he did not see what it was needed for.

Rules for using a drying machine

If the laundry comes out of the drying machine crumpled, this does not matter at all. It is much worse when, in the process of drying, the product irrevocably deteriorates due to the inattention of the user. Most often this happens when things that are not subject to automatic drying are laid in the dryer. As a rule, these are things that do not tolerate strong mechanical exposure and high temperatures. Among them:

  • Very thin materials, for example, lace, batist, tulle;
  • abundantly decorated products, especially with embroidery, applications, metal stripes and other elements;
  • Kapron, nylon and other polyamide fabrics.

With particular caution, it is necessary to dry multilayer products that dry out unevenly, for example, parking jackets, down jackets, feathers and pillows. Some users manage to dry such things automatically using a combination of modes: first super.speed drying, and then warm blowing already at the final stage of the cycle. However, unfortunately, not every automatic drying unit is equipped with suitable functions and programs, so you need to carefully listen to manufacturers’ instructions. Some dryers are declared as suitable pillows, blankets and jackets, others are not endowed with such functions.

When loading dryers, you should not forget that ordinary new knitwear can also sit from high temperatures. So if you bought a T.shirt or a set of underwear, it will be easier to dry it in natural conditions than then encounter a catastrophic shrinkage. The same, even to a greater extent, concerns woolen things. If you resort to automatic drying of all these products, opt for the most delicate modes.

Important! This is what automatic drying will not harm and what it is really capable of replacing the iron. these are synthetic fabrics.

Along with synthetics, this property is possessed only by some cotton things: after drying in the typewriter, you can immediately either wear them or put them in a closet.

As mentioned above, it is necessary to observe the balance when loading the drying machine. Most units are designed to load 5-7 kg, but there are compact machines in which you can dry out no more than 3.5 kg of linen. It should be borne in mind that the weight of dry things is always indicated, and not wet. In addition, these indicators are completely relevant only for cotton and linen. In the case of synthetics, for example, the permissible volume can be divided by half, and with wool the loading of the drum should not exceed 1 kg at all. Of course, you should not cut one woolen sweater into several parts, if it weighs a little larger, but the rest of the things is no longer worth loading into the machine.

A drum overload can harm not only the dryer itself, but also things inside and the quality of drying. The more clothes you push into the drum, the worse it will dry out and the more it will remember. Experienced users, for this reason, recommend drying, for example, blouses and shirts in very small quantities, regardless of the type of fabric.

things, drying, machine, look

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that before placing things in the washer, you need to sort it by color and type of fabric, the dryer also requires sorting, but only by the degree of humidity and the desired degree of drying. It may also be useful to sort by size so that, for example, socks or panties do not get inside pillowcases and duvetings. In extreme cases, fasten all locks and buttons on large products.

And the last rule. do not forget to check the linen for the presence of extraneous elements before laying in drying. Some plastic hooks or other parts can melt or stain other things from exposure to high temperatures with paint. Bones from bras better either get or sew. It is better to tie the straps of aprons and swimwear.

What to look for when choosing?

If you still decide to purchase a drying machine, be sure to delve into the study of the main characteristics and parameters of technology. It is important to choose a machine that provides the optimal drying quality and maximum comfort from operation. First of all, decide what equipment you want to place in the house, drum, or in the form of a closet?

If the free space is insufficient in the apartment, you can purchase a washing machine-automatic equipped with a drying function.

After you decide on the type of technology, you can proceed to a more detailed assessment of your favorite models. First of all, attention should be focused on the following parameters:

  • Permissible loading volume. It is important to select the size of the camera or drum depending on the needs of the family. It is better to find a car with such a capacity so as not to start it constantly half.empty. The most popular are devices that take up to 6-8 kg of things at the same time;
  • Energy saving class. It is better to select the most energy.saving equipment so that the fee for electricity does not shock you;
  • power. The greater the value of this indicator, the more promptly the drying will occur. However, first, check whether the house wiring can withstand the network of overly powerful equipment;
  • A method of rotation of the drum. Depending on the model, it can spin either constantly in one direction, or rotate alternately in different directions. The first option will be preferable, since unilateral torment is less strained and wear out the engine, therefore, such a dryer will last longer;
  • The type of moisture is removed. It is better to purchase equipment with a condensation type of drying.

Having devoted time to analyzing the main characteristics of drying equipment, you can choose a machine that meets your requirements as much as possible. If you look, you can purchase a compact model that noticeably facilitates life that does not require a lot of space, characterized by worthy indicators of work, equipped only with the necessary functions.

How else things spoil in the dryer?

There are frequent cases of damage in the drying machine of decorative inserts. High temperature can lead to deformation or complete destruction of buttons, hardware, buttons, sad pictures and other details. For example, if there is a clamp from a plastic on a jacket or jacket, then after drying it can be deformed to such an extent that it will already be impossible to fasten it. Poorly tolerate high temperature and printed pictures, which are decorated with t.shirts and other clothes. They are glued, and subsequently can simply come off. Glued rhinestones or sparkles can peel off, and then stick to another product. What to do if you need to dry just such a thing?

Carefully read the instructions, in some cases it is enough to choose the correct mode or turn out the “capricious” item of clothing inside out.

And one more important enough point. send exceptionally clean things to drying. Never try to dry the product from which the spot was simply removed. This can lead to deplorable results. For example, under the influence of high temperatures, there is a high risk of ignition of the residues of pollution, if they were left with combustible substances.

A similar effect is possible when solvents or other special liquids were used to remove spots. The foamed materials are easily ignited, so things that have used such fabrics as a heater, it is necessary to dry with particular caution.

Fifth year of relationship, is it time to leave?

I often heard that the washing-drying machines as a whole is not very. neither one nor the other, in fact. Therefore, we bought a separate drying machine (Whirlpool). In this option, just perfect!

In terms of reliability and savings, I highly recommend HotPoint, it shows itself very well in using. There are many functions, economical, and not very expensive.

Here I agree with the commentators below. Here is the issue of price and assembly. Italian brand Indesit rolled me. The cost is tolerable (but this is like anyone), but in your business it is good. There were no problems with ironing, I did not even hear about this. But it doesn’t spoil things even more so.

If the budget allows and the area of ​​course it is better to take drying separately, but this is my personal opinion.

Miele TKG640WP Chromeedition drying machine. review

In my feedback on the Miele washing machine, I wrote that we in advance considered the simultaneous purchase of the washing and drying machine of one manufacturer. After reading many reviews on the Internet, we decided that it would be the most reliable to buy from Miele.

Since the models of machines are similar, this allows them to be built into a vertical column (or horizontal in the case when there is a place). I still have both cars on the floor. Then there are plans to unite them under one countertop. Thus, it will turn out, as it were, a “pseudo.built” version, since you still can’t hide the caps of drums and front panels.

The functionality of the Miele TKG640WP Chromeedation drying machine:

It seems to me that for the convenience of using the drying machine, the amount of standard drying programs should be no less than that of the washing machine.

  • Two Programs “Cotton”
  • Delicate
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Delicate smoothing
  • Shirts
  • Express
  • Jeans
  • Smooth by steam
  • Warm blowing

Each of them can be supplemented with functions: “sparing”, “refresh”, “protection against crushing”.

Preferred drying modes Miele TKG640WP Chromeedition:

My favorite “Smooth Smooth” program starts after the main drying program. This function cost an additional 15 thousand (I don’t remember exactly, but so). Of course, she was worth it. After it you can put on a shirt right away, without ironing with an iron.

I usually put in the evening a laundry on a deferred start. In the morning, the husband wakes up and shifts the freshly.sustained shirt into the drying machine on his own. While drinking coffee, the shirt itself is dried and ironed by the steam without anyone’s participation. After half an hour I got it, put on and beautifully left for the office. If you do not find fault with quality, it looks pretty decent. I love this function in a dryer very much.

All other standard programs and additional functions work well, and the capabilities of their combination allow you to get laundry of the desired freshness and humidity.

things, drying, machine, look

The machine also admits the use of flavored capsules. This is a pleasant bonus. Since the intensity of the aroma can be adjusted independently, in contrast to standard linen fresheners during ordinary washing.

Moisture accumulated during drying can be removed in two ways:

things, drying, machine, look

We use a container. You have to pour water from it periodically, but you do not need to pull the hose to the sliding hole. So it turns out more aesthetic.

Design features of the elements of the Miele TKG640WP Chromeedition drying machine:

Belly drum is huge! This size is significantly larger than the drum of the washing machine. I do not need to divide the linen once again. After washing, I shift the whole bunch of the whole. Also, without hesitation, drying the blankets, covers and down jackets.

The design of the drum is reliable. Sometimes he serves as a place for the games of a 6-year-old son. As a “submarine”, the drum can withstand children’s 25 kilograms. For two years of operation, there were no errors, no failures, no extraneous noise. Only once a message appeared about a violation of the balance, when the children, playing, poured water into the drum, and I, loading the underwear, did not immediately notice it.

Features of the operation of the Miele TKG640WP Chromeedition drying machine:

The drying machine has three filters: two mesh and one fine cleaning (made of material similar to foam rubber). The mesh ones have to be cleaned after each drying with a volume of at least 5 kilograms. If you put linen less, then enough for a couple of times. It is easy to clean them. The filters are simply removed and inserted back, and the pollution (sediment) is just like a hand.

I clean the thin cleaning filter about once every one and a half to two months. If it is not clogged, then drying is 5. 8 kg. Cotton linen occurs without interruption. In the case when it is contaminated, then 15. 20 minutes after the start the message will appear on the “Clean the filter” panel, how many mesh filters do not clean the first mesh filters. It is also not difficult to wash the thin cleaning filter under running water, but it should be borne in mind that then it will need time to dry.

In the drying machine, as well as in the washing, there is a convenient function of delaying the start, as well as the opportunity to choose the degree of dryness of the linen and the duration of the mode.

In addition, a smart machine can independently determine the mass with humidity and corrects the drying time.

Samsung DV8000T drying machine. review

I want to share a review about Samsung DV8000T drying machine. I don’t even know how I lived without it before, hanging clothes on a dryer and collecting later. It’s like in the Stone Age! Now I can’t imagine my life without it! So it simplifies the drying process and subsequent sorting of linen!

The plus of it is that you do not need to spend time hanging underwear, and then take off this undergrack from a dryer and iron! From the drying machine, I get dry and not crumpled underwear that does not need to be ironed!

A drying machine was bought in March 2021 at a price of 68 thousand. Now it can be bought for 75-80 thousand.

A white machine with a silver touch panel that contains the tongue of Braille and is suitable for the blind. In addition to sensory buttons, a round switch is controlled.

On the panel, in addition to the selected mode and the degree of drying, time is shown before the end of the program. The plus of this drying machine in artificial intelligence, as it herself understands how wet laundry, and depending on this increases or reduces the drying time.

The drum of the drying machine looks as follows. It has a backlight that can be turned on during drying and see what is happening there. Also, if you find that in the dryer the duvetel ate the sheet, or what else, then the drying process can always be paused, open the door and re.proportion of laundry.

In front inside we see a filter for collecting piles, garbage and wool. The filter itself is double, so it is better than usual collecting garbage. However, with severe pollution of linen with wool, it is still a significant part of it enters the heat exchanger, which then must be cleaned.

The door of the drying machine can be opened in any direction. If the standard opening is not satisfied, you can outweigh to the other side. The door is slightly transparent, but darkened. If you turn on the backlight, it is clear what is happening in the dryer at the time of operation!

Drying machine weight 54 kg. Therefore, it can be calmly installed over the washing machine, which we did.

Its dimensions 606085, where the last. This is a height. But if we talk about all the protruding details (about the door and the connection system), then under the depth of the drying machine you need to leave somewhere 66 cm.

At a time you can dry at once 9 kg of linen. But the stronger the drying machine is loaded, the worse it will clean the linen from wool and dust. This, of course, will not affect the quality of drying. Therefore, if I wash baby underwear (it is without wool), then I can load all 9 kg at once. But if I need to dry bedding after washing, then I try to dry the duvetel separately from the sheet so that more cat wool remains in the filter.

Complete with the drying machine is special docking elements, thanks to which it is installed on the washing room. But they did not need them, since it was immediately planned a retractable shelf between a washing room and a dryer.

Also, a regiment inserted in the drum is attached to the dryer, thanks to which you can dry not only shoes, but also any underwear, composed in a pile. This is necessary so that the minimum of the pile is removed from the linen, and its service life does not decrease. But to be honest, I use the shelf only for drying shoes, since I can’t say that ordinary linen spoils greatly when drying without a shelf.

In addition, there is a special brush for cleaning the filter collecting pile and wool, as well as cleaning the heat exchanger.

In general, it is not particularly convenient to clean the heat exchanger to it. I usually just vacuum. And I clean the filter with my hand, simple and fast!

There is also an instruction that describes in detail what and how to dry. Various recommendations are given.

One outlet is enough for a drying machine. And if you do not have a conclusion to her sewage. that’s all right. On the left, there is a container for collecting condensate, which will need to be empty after each drying, excess fluid accumulates there.We brought the drain into the sewer, so we do not use a container for collecting condensate. The water itself goes into the sewer and does not cause unnecessary problems.

A drying machine can be controlled from the phone. There you can choose a drying mode, as well as get a recommendation for drying a specific type of underwear.

Additional functions

In addition to the main functions, in most drying machines, useful little things are provided, which will make drying linen more pleasant and less troublesome.

The “Delayed Start” function makes it possible to load linen into the drying machine and install the desired program, postponing the start of the drying cycle from one hour to 8-16 hours, depending on the model of the drying machine. You can use the time of the least electricity cost, or to get dry linen by the right period.

Antismination function reduces the number of linen folds. Especially suitable for shirts and curtains.

The function “Fiber protection” helps to avoid damage to fibers of the tissue and reduce the folds.

The function of “internal lighting of the drum” will allow you not to forget inside even small things!

It can be assumed, given all the possibilities of such technology, not many will be affordable! I can dissuade you! For example, you can buy a new VDNC ARDO drying machine from 9500!

I think there are enough arguments for “for making your choice in favor of drying machines. And by choosing Ardo drying and washing and drying machines, you will become the owner of high-quality innovative technology, which greatly simplifies your life and delights your eyes with a real Italian design!

What You Need To Know About Dry Ice Cleaning

In many European countries, the balcony is used as a place to relax. set wicker furniture or sun loungers, thereby creating places for solitude or relaxation. There are no linen ropes there, and an unnecessary trash in case “or may come in handy”. You want the same? Start by buying a drying machine!



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