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Thermostat replacement for the freezer compartment of your electrolux refrigerator

Electrolux repair costs for Electrolux appliances

Stopped working professional or household appliances brand Electrolux, requires skilled intervention. Authorized service center performs repairs and arranges technical support for Electrolux appliances. Our staff is made up of certified engineers with extensive experience of working with appliances of the Swedish brand.

We have established the lowest for repair services, so each owner of Electrolux devices can quickly repair their defective brand appliances.

Original spare parts directly from the Swedish manufacturer are delivered to the service’s own warehouse. European level of service is waiting for our customers:

Refrigerator Thermostat Not Working: Diagnosis & Repair or Emergency Fix No Spoiled Food

  • fast response to the request;
  • Thorough diagnostics on-site, without disassembly and removal of equipment;
  • Repair at the customer’s home;
  • Replacement of broken parts with original spare parts;
  • issue of a warranty card for free in-service service for the duration of the warranty period.

Order by phone or through a special form on the site. Please name the model of the appliance and the fault. The master with a set of equipment and spare parts leaves on a call, so that in one visit to return the appliance in good working order. There is obligatory control testing for the working condition of the household appliance.

Repair for Electrolux refrigerators

Service Repair Time Cost,
Diagnostics of the refrigerator 1 hour Free Order for free
Evaporator Replacement 1 hour 30 minutes from 2290 Order with 10% discount
Freon Refilling 1,5 hours from 1490 Order with 10% discount
Replacement or repair of temperature sensor 1,5 hours from 1990 Order with 10% discount
Capillary Tube Cleaning 1,5 hours from 1390 Order with 10% discount
Fridge Circuit Repair 1 hour from 3490 Order with 10% discount
Replacing the starting protection relay 2 hours from 1790 Order with 10% discount
Fixing refrigerant leakage and microcracks in the gas system of the refrigerator 2 hours from 890 Order with 10% discount
Gas system dryer filter cleaning 1 hour 30 minutes from 390 Order with 10% discount
Vacuumizing of refrigerator 1 hour from 1790 Order with 10% discount
Door hinge 30 min from 800 Order with 10% discount
Replacement or repair of drip heater 1.5 hours from 1190 Order with 10% discount
Electric circuit repair 30 minutes from 2490 Order with 10% discount
Refrigerator timer replacement 1 hour from 1490 Order with 10% discount
Repair of defrost system (No Frost) 1 hour 45 minutes from 1790 Order with 10% discount
Thermostat replacement 2 hours from 1490 Order with 10% discount
Drainage System Cleaning 1,5 hours from 990 Order with 10% discount
Dehumidifier filter replacement 1 hour from 790 Order with 10% discount
Evaporator Repair from 1 hour from 790 Order with 10% discount
Control Module Repair 50 minutes from 890 Order with 10% discount
Fridge Wiring Repair 2 hours from 490 Order with 10% discount
Solenoid Valve Repair from 40 min from 890 Order with 10% discount
Fridge Noise Removal 45 minutes from 390 Order with 10% discount
Capillary tube blockage removal 1 hour from 1390 Order with 10% discount
Repair of motor, compressor 1 hour from 1490 Order with 10% discount
Service name Time of repair Cost,
Freezer diagnostic 1 hour Free Order for free
Electronic Sensor Replacement 50 min from 790 Order with 10% discount
Door Handle Replacement from 25 mins from 640 Order with 10% discount
Fix Freon leak, recharging of freezer 2 hours from 690 Order with 10% discount
Freon charging 2 hours from 1790 Order with 10% discount
Freezer Changing the Thermostat from 40 min from 1390 Order with10% discount
Replacement of defrost valve, heater (NO Frost) from 1.5 hours from 890 Order with 10% discount
Sensor Replacement in the Foam Part 1.5 hours from 890 Order with 10% discount
Freezer evaporator repair 2 hours from 4,490 Order with10% discount
Replacing the starting protection relay 50 min from 790 Order with 10% discount
Freezer Compressor Replacement 1.5 hours from 3490 Order with 10% discount
Repair of electronic module (board) 1 hour from 1790 Order with 10% discount

Why the upper chamber of the fridge Electrolux does not work?

The Swedish manufacturer Electrolux produces a wide model range of refrigerators that are highly valued in the Turn-off or reduction of temperature in the upper chamber is one of the breakdowns faced by the owners of the household appliance.

A household appliance for cooling and freezing food is a complex unit consisting of parts, units, interconnected systems. Common technical problems for Electrolux refrigerators, which lead to incorrect operation of the upper chamber, are:

  • breakage of the thermostat or sensors;
  • malfunction of the starting protection relay;
  • Problems in the work of the motor-compressor;
  • freon leakage;
  • Capillary tube clogs;
  • No Frost system malfunction;
  • Electronics failures.

The cause of temperature drops or disconnection of the upper chamber can be factory defects, operating loads, and non-compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Before proceeding to repair your Electrolux refrigerator, a proper diagnosis is necessary. There is a whole range of parts, units, system failures and malfunctions that lead to the temperature disturbance in the upper chamber.

Improper handling

Careless observation of the Electrolux manufacturer’s recommendations could result in the shutdown of one of the fridge compartments. Therefore, it is worth checking:

  • Correct installation (recommended distance from the wall is not less than 5 cm, to the heating systems. over 50 cm);
  • loading the chamber in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • Correctness of the set modes;
  • tightness of the door (if the seal is worn out, it is recommended to replace it).

The cause of temperature increase in the chamber can be distortion of the door and warm air penetration (can be eliminated by adjustment of the bottom brackets with a special key).

How we work?

Free diagnostics after the master arrives at your home. Specialist determines the cause of malfunction of the refrigerator. The thermostat is checked with a multimeter. Immediately after diagnosis, troubleshooting is carried out. The faulty thermostat is replaced with a new one that fits your Electrolux fridge. Guarantee is provided after completing the service.

To call a specialist at home, call us or leave a request in the form on the site. The master within an hour will be at you.

Refrigerator Thermostat Replacement Offer

Those who are not confident in their abilities, we advise to invite the master at home and determine the breakage on a professional level (whether the thermostat is serviceable or the reason in another). Only an experienced technician will be able to determine the functionality of the thermostat of your refrigerator and send it for repair or replace it with a new sample. The invited specialist will offer you to make an order for the repair of the device and to pay for it according to the indicated in the price list.

To replace the thermostat of the new device it will require no more than half an hour, whereas the repair by yourself will take much more time. Laying the wiring and running the refrigerant pipe will require professionalism and experience of such works. Alone, without the help of the expert to deal with the refrigerator thermostat breakage will be difficult. Only people who are well versed in the subject can do it on their own. In all other cases, it is better to entrust the replacement of the refrigerator thermostat to an experienced technician, offering him an order to perform the relevant operations.

Features of Electrolux refrigerators

Electrolux refrigerators are popular among customers because they are ergonomic, modern models are equipped with convenient shelves for storing products, which allow you to save space. Repair for such models is required not seldom. Due to the use of unique manufacturing technologies, the temperature in the chamber is maintained constant and there are no unpleasant odors.

Some Electrolux models are equipped with a digital display, which displays the temperature readings. Such fridges do not consume much electricity and are notable for their reasonable cost, they work quietly.

Common breakdowns Electrolux

Calling specialists at home may be required if there are malfunctions, the equipment ceased to function normally and perform its basic tasks.

Frequent breakdowns: The absence of cold in the freezing compartment, the appearance of ice, the refrigerator does not turn on, the equipment has an electric shock.

Our company has many positive feedbacks about their work and extensive experience in repairing refrigeration equipment. If you need repair please contact us and the specialists will promptly come to any address within the repair of refrigerators Electrolux

Call and diagnosis in the follow-up work

Diagnostics of the fridge without ordering the repair, defining the breakage

Home delivery of parts for major repairs

Fixing the refrigerant leakage Refrigerant charge

Fridge electrical circuitry and control board repair

Replacing the electronic temperature sensor

Replacing the Electrolux fuse

Diagnostics is free of charge with a repair contract. In case of refusal of repair from 500 Minimal prices. Determine the final price after diagnostics.

Main malfunctions

Alarm is displayed on the control panel

Inadequate cooling, insufficient cooling, temperature too high

Ice forms in the lower part of the freezer compartment

There is a damage, a crack, a scratch or a hole in the fridge with a freezer compartment

The door of your refrigerator with a freezer compartment is hard to open

No sound of a working compressor

Strong noise when the refrigerator is working

Fridge shuts down shortly after turning on

Electrolux certified engineers

All the masters of our service center have certificates, which give them the right to restore the serviceability of the Electrolux brand appliances and prove the high level of professional training of the engineer.

Scheme of work

The operator asks the customer about the behavior of the equipment, selects a master and agrees on a convenient time for a visit of the employee of the service center.

By clicking Submit you agree to the processing of your personal data and confirm that you are of the legal age to do so.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Replace Defrost Thermostat 808062701

Professional repair

Repair, installation and connection of appliances according to Electrolux quality standards.

Why the upper chamber of the Electrolux fridge is not freezing?

Refrigerator malfunctions can occur all of a sudden, which is especially important in the summer when the high temperature indoors makes the equipment unable to cope with the tasks. As a result. no freezing in the upper chamber. To diagnose and repair your appliances, it is worth using the services of experienced engineers who have everything you need to quickly determine the problem and fix it properly.

Electrolux refrigerators fail for such reasons:

  • The fan motor is not working properly. It makes loud noises in the process. The motor may be covered in ice or burned out. To determine the cause of the malfunction, defrosting the refrigerator is recommended.
  • Compressor can burn out. An indication of a problem is the presence of a puddle under the bottom of the structure.
  • If the hardware components are functioning correctly, it is worth proceeding to check the cooling system. The filter-drier becomes clogged, the same applies to the capillary system, which consists of thin tubes designed to circulate the refrigerant.

Freon leakage is one of the most common causes of equipment malfunction. Refrigerant “escapes” through small cracks in the evaporator or after damaging the walls of the refrigerator due to improper defrosting.

Refrigerators with mechanical and electronic control are subject to the problem, and its elimination requires the participation of the master, who has everything necessary to determine the cause of failure.

Why the freezing chamber of refrigerator Electrolux doesn’t freeze?

The freezing chamber of the unit receives attention of the user not so often as the main chamber. Its task is to freeze food, the task of the owner is to remove food as needed. Often the fact that the freezer does not freeze is not immediately apparent. Failure manifests itself as a puddle on the floor or humming of the compressor motor.

Frequently the following defects are diagnosed:

  • The motor turns on, but immediately stops working. This indicates a breakdown of the compressor, which is responsible for the operation of the freezer. Occurs due to high load on the unit.
  • The compressor works well but often shuts down for a long time. The air sensor does not work, which happens when the control board malfunctions.
  • The thermostat does not work.

Called a specialist to the house for the repair of the refrigerator. Was satisfied with everything, from the low price and polite treatment to the rapid replacement of the refrigerant.

Your refrigerator is severely clogged. The repairman has cleaned the whole drainage system and changed the filter-dryer. Who faced this problem. contact the service center.

If you suddenly see a puddle of melted ice on the floor, your Electrolux is probably not freezing. Sometimes the reason is inappropriate operation. For example, the indicator of thermostat is not set for optimal 18-19 °С, but much higher, that is why the undesirable “thaw” occurred. If there is too much ice, there is a gap where the seal is sealed and it can let the moisture in. If this is a technical problem, you will need specialist help.

Possible freezer problems

If the Electrolux does not freeze the freezer compartment, check the thermostat. The arrow should be between 3 and 4, which corresponds to the optimum temperature mode that is favourable for the products and the equipment alike. Set it in this position and see if the problem disappears.

Defrost the freezer and wipe the seal thoroughly. Perhaps after that it will fit snugly enough. the leaks will stop.

If after these actions the freezer still does not freeze, trust the professionals. The Electrolux Customer Service engineer will perform a diagnosis, repair and replace the defective parts with the original parts if necessary



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