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Thermopotus has broken down what is the reason

Thermopot does not boil water. with your own hands

Thermopotus is a duet of thermos and an electric kettle, which is designed to store water.temperature water (close to boiling). This is achieved by self.re.heating of the liquid when it cools below the given level. The process occurs constantly while the liquid is in the kettle, or until it is forcibly disconnected from the electric network. But, like any other electrical appliance, this technique also fails. However, do not be upset and immediately carry it to the service. If the breakdown is not very serious, it is quite possible to repair a thermal traffic with your own hands.

Its capacity is usually 3-5 liters. For coffee breaks at large conferences, thermopotes are used with a capacity of 6, 8 and 10 liters. The thermal is not much more complicated than the teapot arranged. The main nodes of the device are placed inside the case of the plastic:

  • Flask. Made of stainless steel or special hardened glass. In the lower part of the flask there is a heating element. It has a spiral shape or is built into the bottom of the vessel. The flask is closed from above by a tight lid;
  • The front is placed in front of hot water pouring. It consists of a tube descending to the bottom of a flask, filters and a nose, under which the cups are substituted;
  • Electric pump. This is a mini-compressor pumping water through the nose;
  • Hand pump. Many models are equipped with manual pumps in addition to the electric or as the main pump;
  • Power Supply. This unit provides power heater, and also converts an alternating network voltage of 220 to low.voltage direct current, for power supply and control system;
  • Control and indication system. The electronic unit controls the operation of the thermopot: allows you to set and maintain the required water temperature, unlock the inclusion of the pump, controls its operation. The block shows the current operating mode of the device and water temperature on the display.

The device and principle of thermopot

All heating devices are arranged according to one scheme, only the additional functionality and the material from which they are produced by. The functional elements of the device are placed in the protective case, so in order to fix the thermal pound with your own hands, you will need to remove the case. The liquid is poured into the stainless steel tank, in the bottom of which two heating elements are integrated. TEN. The first hears the fluid to boiling water, and the other heater is needed to maintain temperature. All cables are equipped with a protective coating of ceramics, which does not allow cables to contact a steel tank.

In the side there is a tubular object (water pump). This pump is required for water supply. In various modifications, the voltage drop on the motor is in the range of 8-24 in.

It is worth noting an electric board on which a scheme is installed, which is necessary for secondary boiling. In addition, it is necessary to convert voltage. The broken contacts on this board can be repaired with your own hands, just using a soldering tool.

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In addition to this main board, the device also has a control module. It supports the functioning of the water supply keys and secondary heating. Indicators are also connected to the module showing in which of the available modes the equipment is currently operating.

In the heating device, the thermostat has great significance. It is mounted in the bottom or side of the water tank. For situations where the thermostat does not work for some reason, a thermal guide was created. It excludes the possibility of overheating and breakdown of thermopot with its accidental activation with an empty tank.

Having found out where all the key elements of the thermopote are located, it becomes much easier to establish the cause of the breakdown and make the repair of thermal traffic with your own hands. But it will be more correct to explore the scheme, understand all the connections and what details are subject to replacement. In some cases, the repair is impractical, and even experts do not take it.

Characteristic breakdowns and their elimination

Typical faults are characteristic. How to find them and eliminate them, will be described below in the pictures.

thermopotus, broken, down, reason

Does not turn on

If the device does not turn on, then the matter is in violation of the contacts of the electrocope. The only question is where the cliff occurred. You need to start check with a network cord. In case of its unsuitability, the wire should be replaced with a new. Then all the compounds of both thermal switches must be checked. Perhaps emergency opening occurred, and due to a faulty thermostat, the contacts did not return to the place. Also, the connection of the heat.subject may not be restored. To check, you need to disconnect the dubious part and close the wires directly. If it worked, the defective spare part is replaced by a new.

Constantly boiling water

The situation when the water is constantly boiling, and the device does not turn off can only occur in the most budget models with one thermostat. It is because of its breakdown that thermopotes do not turn off after boiling. Here you should immediately, without any checks, change the thermal switch. In good and reliable samples there is always a duplicate thermostat. And some manufacturers establish additional control in the form of a heat-subject, which will suffer if both protection will not work for any reason, and the kettle constantly boils water.

It is turned off before boiling

Usually this happens only in devices that have worked for more than one year. This is due to the loss of its properties by the bimetallic plate in the thermostat, which eventually begins to respond to a lower temperature than planned. To correct the situation, you can try to temporarily bend the contacts at the plate. And the best solution would be to replace the thermal switch.

The fact that the term is stopped boiling water, a banal scale may be to blame. Settling with a thick layer on Ten, it lowers its heat. The heating element gradually begins to overheat. At a certain moment, the thermostat sees in this threat of fire and opens the electric circuit for moments before boiling water. You can get rid of the scale on the heater with a simple boiling of a citric acid solution. If this did not help, then you will have to disconnect the heater and clean it with a knife.

There may be bad contacts for the causes of breakdowns. In this case, you should check all connections with the wires of the heating element and thermal switch. If necessary, the contacts are reinforced.

The water supply button does not work

If the water supply button does not work, then there may be several reasons. First of all, this could happen due to blockage in the system. Particles of the scale most often protrude by garbage, which settled on the walls of tubes and hoses, gradually reducing their lumen. This ultimately leads to the fact that the pump does not pump water.

To eliminate the scale, you also need to use citric acid or vinegar, boiling water with them in the device. In the case of insoluble garbage, there is a complete disassembly of the pump and the entire water system. To do this, you need to disconnect all the hoses and blow them. The pump itself should be disassembled as follows:

The fluid pouring button does not work in the case of poor contacts on the key itself or at the junction of the wires with the electric pump. To eliminate, it is necessary to check the entire scheme for cliffs. Upon failure of the second heater, voltage ceases to be supplied to the electric pump motor.

May not work auto.zero when problems in the control module. In this case, you need to check the fee for cracks and burned parts, when detecting which you will have to work with a soldering iron.

Does not warm the water with a burning light bulb

When the device does not warm the water with a burning indicator, the first thing to do is to check the heating. But if the heater is working, then the reason may consist in an electrical circuit. That is, the thermopot does not warm the water, but the light is burning if the circuit after the indicator is a fuse that burned out. To eliminate the problem, a faulty part should be replaced.

Other malfunctions

With prolonged or incorrect work of thermal mushroom, other problems may occur.

  • Repeated boiling does not work. the reason must be sought in an additional heater and control module.
  • There is no main boiling, while the repeated button works. check the thermostat should be checked.
  • Thermopotes only work for heating, but does not boil. the culprit is a burned out main heater.

water pump

The thermopote pump serves the purpose of water supply through the tap. Manual, electrical modes are possible. The design formed by several protozoa windings will not present puzzles to the experienced electrical engineering. The contacts are calling in pairs, otherwise for the mentioned Vitek 1187 you will have to lay out 30, looking for a new pump. It will be useful to check the pump removed from the thermopot for the suitability, setting the necessary stresses to the control windings. Remove the required 12V from batteries, car battery.

The desired voltage is issued by computer power supply units.

The device of the teapot-termosa

Before starting to search for the causes that caused problems in the device, it is advisable to know a little about its device. Thermopote consists of a plastic or metal case, inside which there is a metal container for water. The device closes with a lid with controls located on it.

There are 2 heater in any thermopot: one for boiling water, and the second to maintain the desired temperature regime. To control the heating fluid to a certain value, a thermostat is installed in the device. The latter is 2 types.

  • Standed. is characterized by smooth adjustment of water temperature in the range from 60 to 100 degrees.
  • Steppe-adjusting the temperature regime on fixed temperature values, for example, as in the thermopot Vitek VT-1187 GY, SATURN ST-EK8032, as well as in the Mystery MTP-2403 apparatus

Thermopotes always have several heating modes at their disposal. The more modes, the more flexibly you can control the device.

But practice suggests that in most cases there are enough 3 modes to control the temperature indicators. In inexpensive models, such as Magnit RTP-013 and Magnit RTP-002, only 1 temperature regime is available, which only allows you to boil water.

The thermopot is also equipped with an electronic board (control module) and an electric pump (pump) for the supply of heated water from the container. To supply heated water into a cup, there are several modes: hand.made, auto.zero and outstick with a lever on a nose. Such filling functions are available, for example, in the Polaris PWP 4012D or Saturn ST-EK8034 News aggregate.

The reasons for the malfunction of thermopotes.

Before the search for the causes of the thermal tank, you need to know what kind of subject it is. Thermopote is an electric kettle, which includes the function of the thermos, consisting of two cases. External, as a rule, is made of plastic, and the internal. from metal. There is a water flask in the inner case. The kettle closes with a cover on which the entire control panel is located.

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To fix any breakdown of thermopot, first of all, it is necessary to check the correct settings. In the menu of its settings, it is necessary to set exactly the temperature of the heating of the water that is necessary. If everything is in order with heating tinctures, then the reasons for the breakdown can become:

  • Thermal switch located on the bottom of the kettle;
  • Thermal object, located on the wall of the thermopot;
  • insufficient contact of any connectors of parts;
  • electronic malfunction;
  • The indicator panel stopped turning off. There are times when, on the contrary, the indicator panel turns on, and the thermopote does not start. If this is the cause of the breakdown, then it is worth checking all its nodes, wiring and the heat.subject.
  • The kettle stopped turning on. To eliminate this malfunction, it is necessary to check the correct operation of the electric circuit and temperature inclusions.

In order to more accurately identify the cause of the gadget breakdown, you will have to disassemble it.

DIY thermopot renovation

Objectively asserting, seeing the minimum limit of the price of the device 1300 (Eldorado), you consider the repair of a thermopot with your own hands as ungrateful. Products are rarely broken, new ones are equipped with a guarantee (store, manufacturer). Those who want to repair the thermal traffic with their own hands, hunting, making a living by the suppliers will provide spare parts separately for various modifications of the device.

The metallic case protecting thermopot should not heat up with water. The serviceable product is equipped with a pump controlled by a mechanical button (trivial pump), or electric. Thermopote modes regularly function with any duration of work. The listed signs characterize the regularly working modern analogue of the samovar. Deviations show a breakdown of thermopot. Even a jamming button.

The power supply of thermopot Vitek costs over 800. Textile carries:

The typical hetinax substrate is supplemented with a pair of active elements, mainly transistor keys. The new VT-1187 thermopote costs 2000, control and power fees-1500 (difference 25%). The pump of 30 will shake the will of an experienced repairman strong, like a rock. the event is economically unprofitable. There is a firm desire to repair thermopot with your own hands? Let’s start examining the power cord.

Network wire

The thermopot case is attached with several screws: dilute fasteners, having previously pulled out a plug out of the outlet. The block will be found inside, we begin with a visual inspection. Burning parts inside thermopot accurately indicate the place of breakdown. The cord is neatly separated, nicknamed the tester (diode mode). The detected malfunction of the wire will not tighten the repair of thermopot.


Typical thermopoth contains two printed circuit boards:

Both the master will examine, identifying the presence of swollen capacitors, burned resistors, unsuitable fuses, torn paths. Faulty radio elements are replaced by new ones, soldering, contacts are restored by tinning.

The first study concerns the presence of fuses, the integrity of the elements. If the replacement ends unsuccessfully, the new element is burned out. the cause of the disassembly electronic filling. Thermopot is struck by a short circuit (sharp uncontrolled current increase).

Resistor denominations are set with colored stripes. A typical problem is to detect the beginning and end of the marking.

Hint: There are special sites containing all kinds of resistance designations of all kinds. Get access to the resource, filling the search engine line with an uncomplicated phrase “Marking of resistors online”. The direction of the strips is determined by the noticed fact: a fixed set of colors meet from one edge.

Electrolytic capacitors spoiled to notice easier. cylinders swell. Newcomers looking for the methods of repairing a thermopote are interested in the issue of the appearance of a broken capacity. The answer will come automatically, only a faulty capacitor will come across. The appearance of the cylinder causes the idea: the barrel is 100% swollen. The sidewall is especially bulging (imported cuts are crossed).

It is more difficult to test diodes, but a semiconductor burns less often (silicon holds temperatures below 150 degrees Celsius). Out the element, call both sides. The turning storage marking shows the direction of the course of positive charges (lean the positive probe probe).

Torn paths of boards must be cleaned with a skin, stripping on metal varnish. The brilliant surface is shining (soldering), joins, covered with solder. Will serve for decades. Maratronics of the master repair and work.

thermopotus, broken, down, reason

water pump

The thermopote pump serves the purpose of water supply through the tap. Manual, electrical modes are possible. The design formed by several protozoa windings will not present puzzles to the experienced electrical engineering. The contacts are calling in pairs, otherwise for the mentioned Vitek 1187 you will have to lay out 30, looking for a new pump. It will be useful to check the pump removed from the thermopot for the suitability, setting the necessary stresses to the control windings. Remove the required 12V from batteries, car battery.

The desired voltage is issued by computer power supply units.

Heating elements and thermal switches

Flat sheets of metal equipped with terminals are not recommended to be tried to replace homemade. The cost of heating elements on the shelves begins 45.

Protection against overheating is carried out by bimetallic type heat switches. The characteristics of the thermopot are determined by the controlling part. Typically, there are several thermal switches, one controls the parameters of water, the second. protection against the inclusion of an empty tank. In the latter case, the heating element acquires a temperature above 100 ºС, open the power circuit.

The surfaces of the tank, the flange of the thermal switch is in contact. To improve contact, a special paste is used, similar to the covering area of ​​the cooler of the processor of a personal computer.

The principle of action of a sensitive element is as simple as possible. By noting the fact of achieving a controlled environment of a certain temperature, the contacts of the thermal switch open. The parameter value (15. 30 ºС) is reduced. the conductivity is restored. The type of components is difficult to find by reading the description of the thermopot once, the part of the part is marked accordingly. The latter will allow the suitable spare part to choose.

often, the manufacturer is not content with the given protection scheme, supplementing the equipment with thermal subjects: small cylindrical parts, tightly pressed to the tank wall with strips (brackets) glued. Having fixed the achievement of a critical temperature with a metallic capacity of thermopot, the fuse blocks, further work is impossible without replacement. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine the product for such damage.

thermopotus, broken, down, reason

The serviceability of bimetallic contact (room temperature) is checked by the call. In front of the procedure, fall out the part. Normal conditions leave contacts short.closed.

Typical problems

Most of the thermopotes operate the battered electrical circuit, allowing you to isolate standard signs of a malfunction for the units:

  • The device does not turn on, there are no signs of life. The serviceability of the power cord, fuses, and thermal switches are checked.
  • Water does not boil when pouring, the repeated boiling button is good. The thermal switch has broken the bottom part.
  • Return situation: the repeated boiling button does not work. Electronic filling elements are to blame. It is necessary to trace the chain, starting with a power source, ending with circuit land.
  • There is no main heating, order with auxiliary. The heating element, or an electric circuit that feeds the circuit, has burned down, is torn.
  • Barakholite water supply. Two options:

water pump

The thermopote pump serves the purpose of water supply through the tap. Manual, electrical modes are possible. The design formed by several protozoa windings will not present puzzles to the experienced electrical engineering. The contacts are calling in pairs, otherwise for the mentioned Vitek 1187 you will have to lay out 30, looking for a new pump. It will be useful to check the pump removed from the thermopot for the suitability, setting the necessary stresses to the control windings. Remove the required 12V from batteries, car battery.

The desired voltage is issued by computer power supply units.

Possible malfunctions of thermopotes, reasons for their occurrence and repair methods.

Thermopote does not work, there is no indication on the control panel.

Check the integrity of the connecting wires. Check the serviceability of the heat.guard and the protective thermal switch.

Thermopotes do not boil water when you turn on and valley cold water. The “Repeated boiling” button works.

You need to check the serviceability of the thermal switch in the bottom of the tank.

The “Repeated boiling” button does not work. Thermopotes boils water when you turn on and valley cold water.

The electronic forced boiling circuit (relay, transistors, rectifier) ​​is faulty).

Thermopotes do not boil water in any of the modes. There is a heating on duty.

The spiral of the main heating element has burned out or the contact is disturbed in the connection circuit of the main heating element.

The button and lever “Water supply” does not work.

If there is a water on duty, then the water supply engine or the rectifier diodes of the engine power supply is rather faulty.

If there is no water on duty water, then most likely, the spiral of the on.duty heating was burned out and the power supply is not supplied to the water pump.

These are the main malfunctions that are found in thermopotes similar in design with the model of the teapot-the thermos Elenberg Th-6012 considered in this article.

When repairing, do not forget that all the main electrical connections in thermopot are made of wires with heat.resistant insulation. Also, all connections, with the exception of the electronic circuit, are made on the connectors and the method of compression. The main printed circuit board and control board in many models are covered with waterproof varnish.

When burning heating spirals, the repair is difficult to disassemble the heating part of the tank, rewind the spiral. In this case, the repair is unprofitable, as it requires high labor costs and such materials as a high.resistant wire and mica for isolation.

Do not forget about the rules of electrical safety! In the included state on the electrical circuits of thermopot, there is a life.threatening voltage for life!



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