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Thermex heater has lost the program to configure

What the codes of errors of the water heater Termyx mean and what to do

Modern boiler models have a touch control panel with their own features. When suing in the display, errors are displayed. The code makes it clear what exactly happened to the device. To understand the cause of the breakdown, you need to know the main errors of the Termyx water heater.

These codes indicate the following errors:

  • E1. there is no liquid in the water heater;
  • E2. the thermostat is faulty;
  • E3. the temperature reached the upper boundary of the norm of 85 degrees, after which the thermal switch turned on.

Also on the screen may be displayed inscriptions Demo, Vacuum and Over-heat. This means that protection was activated when trying to turn on without water.

  • Vacuum. There is not enough water in the tank. Self.shutdown occurs.
  • Over-heat. The water temperature exceeded the norm. In different models, the permissible temperature differs. It is 85-95 degrees.
  • Sensor. The temperature sensor broke. The remaining details of the device are working.

Important! In some models Thermex not only burns an indicator with an error code. They also have a sound signal and automatic shutdown.

It happens that the device works malfunctioning, although error codes on the screen are not shown. The following problems are possible:

  • The device cannot heat the liquid or the process takes too much time;
  • extraneous noises when turning on the boiler, which indicate the wear of the parts;
  • turns on, works for a short time and turns off independently;
  • does not turn on at all;
  • leaks in different places of the tank;
  • liquid changed color, an unpleasant odor has appeared.

Water is dripping from the nursery of the safety valve?

You can read more about the safety valve here


The triggered RCD in the vast majority of cases signals that the heating element began to fail. It is necessary to replace the heater. It is very rare that the reason lies in the protective shutdown device itself, you can check the performance by clicking on the Test button on the RCD case.

When thermal protection is triggered, any indication on the device disappears, the device does not respond to the pressing of the buttons, the temperature adjustment, but the RCD continues to work (the RCD light bulb is illuminated). In this situation, press the button on thermal protection. You can read about this in detail in the article: “How to turn on the button on thermal protection!””

There is an indication on the device, but heating does not occur. One of the reasons may be a heating fault, you need to make sure his serviceability. If the heating element is faulty, it must be replaced.

There are three main types of electronic components in Thermex water heater:

  • a. Electric block. As a rule, the main reason for the failure of the blocks is voltage surges. Termyx devices are designed to work on the network of 230 volts (/- 10 percent) and the first on the path of electricity is just this component. The problem is solved by the replacement of the block.
  • B. The control panel is the main intermediary between the device and the user, the algorithms and operation parameters are set on it. If the panel does not respond to commands or behaves the way it pleases (not to be confused with the DEMO mode, see. below), then it must be replaced.
  • C. Electronic thermostat. is responsible for the correct heating and display of its value. If, when using the device, one temperature is displayed on the panel, and there is a clearly different temperature at the exit from the mixer, then the problem may be just in this thermostat.

In case of malfunction of the mechanical adjustable thermostat, the indication on the device remains (the buttons, the heating indicator are burning), but as such, no heating does not occur. It is necessary to replace the adjustable thermostat.

A number of Thermex of the DEMO demonstration mode have a number of Demo demonstration devices. In this mode, AVN sequentially shows its capabilities, but heating does not occur. In most water heaters, the Demo mode after demonstration is disconnected independently, but there are also those where the user intervention is necessary. By pressing a certain combination of buttons, the device is displayed from this mode. Detailed information can be found in the instructions attached to each device.

Check the operability of the outlet to which EVN is connected.

With an open (broken) crane overlapping the high water supply line, heated water will go into the main canal. That is, the device will work, without heating water, but your neighbors will use it. Determine simply. it is enough to touch the pipe of the main water supply, if it is warm, and cold water flows from the mixer. it is necessary to block (replace) the tap.

When the heating element is stacked, the water heating time will gradually increase and the larger the layer of this scale, the longer the heating will go. over, the heater gradually begins to overheat itself (which the triggering of thermal protection will talk about), and subsequently overheating can violate the outer shell of the heating element, which will lead to a current leak on the case and the trigger of the RCD, if available. The solution to this problem will be carried out periodic, cleaning the heating element from scale.

Important: to solve any problem with the water heater in the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region will help you specialists of Termyx-Service LLC. Residents of other regions can turn to the nearest authorized service to them.

How to turn on the button on thermal protection

To ensure safety, all AVNs are equipped with thermal protection, which de.energized the device when overheating of water. There are both self.returning emergency thermostats, and those that require the direct participation of the user to include them. The first species is represented mainly by the so.called “pills” (see. photo below). When triggered, this fuse blurs an electric circuit, as a result of which the heater ceases to heat the water, thermal protection also cools down and subsequently closes the contacts again, after which EVN begins to work again.

However, the most common is the second type, which, depending on the EVN model, may look like this:

As you can see from the photos, all protective thermostats of this type are equipped with a special button (marked with a red circle). When overheating, the contacts open, the button is elongated and the device is thus completely de.energized.

In order to return the EVN to the operating mode, you need:

In the EVN small volume, the heat.guide can be installed under the upper lid. The exact location is indicated in the instructions for the device.

thermex, heater, program

In horizontal euns, the lid is removed to which the network wire is suitable.

For clarity, below are options for placing emergency thermostats:

Inclusion with mechanical control

On the control panel are the power selection keys with mounted indication lamps.If one key is turned on, you have chosen a power of 1.3 kW, if two. 2 kW. To choose the right power, two factors should be taken into account. the required amount of hot fluid and season.

During the operation of the water heater, you can adjust the required temperature by turning the controller handle, which is located on the control panel. With a maximum turn of the handle counterclockwise, the unit turns off, when turning the maximum temperature is set as much as possible.

thermex electric water heater

How to start the operation of the unit, if the water was heated above 85 degrees and the thermal switch has worked, which turned off the heater? To do this, click the rocker rod on the thermostat to the click, the thermostat is under the protective lid.

Safety rules during operation

The following rules must be followed, which are spelled out in the operating instructions.

  • Connect the device to the mains if there is no liquid in the tank.
  • Try to remove the protective panel when the device is connected to the network.
  • Use the euns when it is not grounded.
  • Use the device when the water pressure in the highway is more than 0.6 MPa. Boiler security group with pressure indicator
  • Use water through the EVN to cook food.
  • Use spare parts that do not correspond to the recommended technical characteristics.
  • Use water in which sand impurities or other particles are located.
  • Change the mounting design.
  • To extend the service life, it is strongly recommended to clean the tank, followed by a change in the protective anode once a year. And if you have very hard water and the device works constantly, it is necessary to conduct it once every six months.
  • Turn on the device on the network
  • Set a comfortable temperature. Depending on the device you use, mechanical or electronic, there are two ways to adjust the water temperature. Heating temperature adjustment

For example, in the Thermex Bio Glassline line, temperature adjustment occurs by rotating the mechanical relay, and in the termix Stainless G.5 To set the temperature, you will need to press the arrow up on the display and hold it until it reaches the desired value.

Safety instructions when working with a water heating device

To achieve the required level of security, the device must be grounded in accordance with the current rules for installing electronic devices.

The following actions are prohibited when installing the water heater:

  • You can not connect a water heater to the network, without first filling it with water
  • It is not allowed to dismantle equipment during its functioning
  • It is forbidden to use the water heater without grounding
  • Do not connect a water pipe to a water heater without using a safety element
  • When connecting the device, the pressure in the water system should not exceed 0.6 MPa
  • You cannot use those elements that are not included in its kit for the installation of equipment
  • The water in the system should be clean, without impurities and other heavy elements that can negatively affect the work of the device
  • Water from such a water heater is not food
  • Drain water from a water heating device only with a power outlet

Correction of common water heater errors

Elimination of common errors of Ariston water heaters:

  • E1. to fix the system error, it is necessary to restart the control system, turn off the device for 5. 10 minutes. If the error appears again, inspect and dry the fee.
  • E2. before turning on, it is necessary to dial water until a stable jet in the crane appears.
  • E3. diagnose the cause of the malfunction, check the wiring. Replace the temperature sensor.
  • E4. In case of malfunction, replace the thermostat.
  • E10. Check the integrity of the wiring, the weakness of the contacts. Make sure the temperature sensor service. Eliminate the malfunction.
  • E11. Replace the temperature sensor. In case of overheating of the heater, clean the heating element from scale. The accumulative water heater must be regularly released from precipitation. Replace the heater.
  • E12. check the serviceability of sensors, heating elements, drain the precipitation or replace the heater.
  • E13. reloading of the control system, diagnosis of thermal attires and control systems of control systems. Replacement if necessary.
  • E14. check the voltage in the network. Get the heater, clean the scrap and deposits, drain precipitation. Check for serviceability. Complete the replacement.
  • E15. Check the presence of water in the water supply, the condition of the safety valve. In case of malfunction, replace the part.

Remember! Self.repair of equipment under warranty entails a complete rejection of warranty obligations by the manufacturer.

Correction of errors in Termyx water heater:

  • E1. turn off the device from the network, type water, turn on again;
  • E2. replace the thermostat;
  • E3. you need to enable the thermal switch by pressing the button inside the sensor body.

There are models with a self.operating thermal subject. After cooling the water in the boiler, he himself will return to the operating mode. To speed up the process of self.healing, it is necessary to completely change the entire volume of water in the device.

Vakum, Over-Heat, Demo is not a breakdown on the display: this is not a breakdown:

  • Disconnect the device from the network;
  • type water into a boiler;
  • Turn on the device;
  • On the sensory differential, click “^” up and not letting go, press “v” down.

Control of sensory, it is not necessary to crush much. If nothing happened after several attempts, look carefully, the inscription “Timer” should burn. It is necessary to turn off the inscription by pressing “

Good day, dear readers. Many owners of storage water heaters “Termyx”, after some time after commissioning the apparatus, find an error code E 1 on the display. According to the instructions, it means insufficient filling the tank with water. I don’t know how correct this is, in my case, everything looks somewhat different. In this article I will tell you how I cope with this nuisance.

I’ll start first. After the purchase and installation of the water heaterThermex IF LT 50V”, there were no problems for three months, until the inscription E 1 began to flash. First of all, I opened the instruction manual and read: “E1 (Vacuum) means that there is no water inside the tank, and the heating element is turned on. Elimination method: it is necessary to fill the tank with water to failure, and then turn on the power.”Not really understanding why this is happening, I decided to open the hot water crane and drain a certain amount, while slightly shaking the heater itself (suddenly an air cork was formed in it). After these manipulations, I included in the outlet and set up the temperature. Oddly enough, everything worked. But the joy was short.lived, the next day the error manifested itself again. Confident that the water heater was again ascended, carried out already familiar actions. Again everything came back to normal, but an hour later there was a squeak that announced the problem. I tried it again, it did not help. Having drove over the network, I found only standard answers, approximately as in the instructions. Well, I think, if the matter is insufficient filling, why not completely drain everything and re.fill. So he did.

To drain the water from the Termex-50 water heater, it is necessary:

During the plum, I noticed that in the toilet where the water went, some excessive substance accumulates, which, after complete drain, was gained for a good handful. When all the water leaked, I opened an incoming crane for a short time to wash the tank better. Then he took off the hose, tightened the drain plug and again opened the crane until the tank was completely filled. The signal to the fact that the tank is full, there is a constant stream of water from the mixer. You can include a water heater in the network and program the mode of operation.

All this operation saves us from the flashing error E1 for about 2-3 months, and when it occurs, I drain, wash and fill it again. During one such maintenance, I wrapped a gauze on the hose and collected all the extra muck. You can admire that it flows through our pipes.

And finally advice: use filters to additional drinking water to clean. I say goodbye to this, all the best.

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thermex, heater, program

Removing scale

Hard water supply water inevitably provokes the appearance of salt precipitation on the heater and walls of the case of deposit or simply scale. If you do not remove deposits, over time a number of problems may occur: a deterioration in the heating of water, a large noise of the boiler, the operation of the overheating relay, and even the heating breakdown. To prevent these malfunctions and, as a result, save on repairs, regularly. at least once a year. clean the water heater Termyx.



Removing the scale is carried out in three stages:

  • First. preparation for the boiler for cleaning. At this stage, you need to turn off the equipment from the network, block the water supply, devastate the accumulative container, disconnect all the wires and dismantle the heater.
  • Second. equipment cleaning. First remove solid deposits, dirt and garbage from the tank and rinse its walls with warm water. For cleaning, you can use either special chemical compounds or a solution of acetic acid: 25 ml of vinegar per 10 l of water. Rinse the internal walls of the tank with a solution. Place the heater in parallel in a container with a cleaning composition. remove the part when the scale dissolves.
  • Third. Boiler assembly. Rinse the tank and the heater with warm water and wipe it dry, then collect and connect the boiler.
thermex, heater, program

Advice. If the layer of scale on the heater is very thick, the deposits can be removed with a metal brush, but you need to do this carefully so as not to scratch the part.



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