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The Womas Washing West Aquafilter Review

Choosing the best model of Thomas brand vacuum cleaners. Useful instruction for buyers

Thomas brand vacuum cleaners are characterized by reliability of work, wide possibilities, high assembly quality. Harvesting equipment reduces the user time, promotes high.quality cleaning of the room. The advice of specialists will tell about what kind of vacuum cleaner of the Thomas brand will be the most reliable and the best.

The German manufacturer has been producing devices for the maximum cleaning of the room for 100 years and neutralize harmful impurities in the air. The brand makes the main emphasis on detergents and aquafilters. Its assortment also contains a technique for dry cleaning, cleaning hard.to.reach places.

Unique Thomas brand chips

Deviling devices are equipped with several systems:

  • HYGIENE BOX. Express harvesting technology that is used in all detergents. Its essence is in equipping a zone under the input hole with a plastic container with a lid. Inside there is a non-jacket for 3.5 liters to collect garbage, dust, small particles. The presence of a coal filter ensures the elimination of unpleasant odors. Cleaning takes place without direct contact with a vacuum cleaner;
  • Aqua Box. Air filtering, dust suppression. The system consists of a tank for collecting dirty water, a filter lid, a suction filter, inserts against splashing. The collected dirt gets wet, becomes heavy, settles in the container. At the output, the device is sprayed by the principle of rain.
  • Dry Box. Separation of garbage into compartments of a three.chamber vacuumber of cyclone models. Pollution are simulated into small, medium and large fractions. The contents of the tank are “sealed” inside, does not fall back into the room;
  • Catdog and Petfamily. Equipment of vacuum cleaners with special turboges and nozzles for harvesting pets;
  • Perfect Air Allergy Pure and Allergyfamily. Anti.allergenic options for devices with aquabs;
  • Aqua Stealth. Parquet and laminate cleaning technology, implemented in the form of a special nozzle;
  • Wet-jet. Creating the rain effect. the air is moisturized as much as possible, all allergens are removed from it.

The German brand relies on the environmental friendliness of the home, user health and produces an extensive line of equipment.

The assortment of vacuum cleaners at the brand is very wide. So there is an opportunity to choose a model that will fully satisfy the requests of a particular user.

For owners of pets

Dry cleaning vacuum cleaner is designed specifically for the owners of four.legged pets. It is suitable for allergies, sensitive to particles of dust in the air.

Instead of the bag, the device is equipped with aquabox. Home dust, pollen, ticks, animal hair and even extraneous smells are delayed here. A special gutter is provided for the disposal of dirt in the container.

The filter kit consists of a detergent HEPA-13, coal and exhaust filters.

Electronic power control occurs with a remote control on a telescopic handle. A flexible absorption hose and an 8-meter cable with an automatic viewing function allow you to remove spacious rooms.

The kit includes a turbo engine, nozzles for furniture, for harvesting animal hair and slit, as well as a brush for carpets with a. a. a. a. a knife switch.

We liked the powerful thrust and a multi.level filtration system that guarantee the freshness of the air in the room. The model is also equipped with an option to collect fluid from the floor. But the vacuum cleaner itself after cleaning, of course, will have to be cleaned for a long time.

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I have been using 5 years. I regret that I have not bought an ordinary cheap vacuum cleaner. The price of Thomas does not correspond to the functionality and quality. Red price for him. 3000 p. 2018. It still works. Now you can buy a khep-filter (though only in one city store and then on order). Otherwise. unchanged, Melkin’s parts from plastic were broken off, replaced with improvised means. patch, island, wire. The detergent mode is used very rarely. Maybe in the vacuum cleaners of the new generation these shortcomings are already obsolete.

The life of this vacuum cleaner is more than 10 years with 2-3 single cleaning per week in the apartment. The quality of cleaning can be evaluated when draining dirty water in the toilet. Is this dust in our room? The most important thing is that the water does not become cleaner, although you are vacuumed every day. Regarding the complexity of the washing of the aquafiltra, I do not agree with the opponents. Spend 2-3 minutes. This is not very much. If there are pets for cleaning carpets, a carpet nozzle is poorly suitable. Buy a turbo. You will not regret it (not necessarily the original). Regarding the Hepa filter, I have a separate story. The new filter was enough for about six months. I purchased a new original (approximately 400-600, I don’t remember exactly). It turned out somehow very expensive. If necessary, the next replacement began to experiment. I bought a car filter for air purification in the engine from VAZ-2110. Well, in short, “I blinded him from what was. “He performed his function, however, a little worse. But cheaper. Then I am tired of this lesson and I, in general, left a vacuum cleaner without a Hepa filter. He did not work worse from this, the motor did not burn out, etc.D. The only thing that under such conditions should be done more often. This is the exit filter. In general, it is advisable to clean all the filters, the cover of the vacuum cleaner once every 2-3 months. True, you forget about it. You only remember when the suction force decreases, or the water under the lid begins to spray. Of course, such a life was not in vain for the details: the handle broke and the sealing gum on the aquafilter broke, the wheels on the carpet brush were lost, the latch on the absorption hose broke down, the adjustment of the telescopic tube does not work, the absorption hose has lost tightness (I had to restore it with electrical tape), which.in the way a spring fell out of the latch of the cover of the vacuum cleaner. Despite these little things, Thomas, as before, does a great job with his task. Therefore, when choosing a new vacuum cleaner, I will only consider this brand

I always wanted a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter, and after purchasing Thomas Twin AquaFilter, the cleaning of the apartment became joy. The vacuum cleaner is maneuverable and it is easy to roll, convenient to use and sucks dust perfectly. The power of the vacuum cleaner is good, and there is practically no dust left. I never shake off dust, but wash it off in the bathroom. All work does not work and five minutes. Quickly and filter is always clean. I especially like a long cord, which when you press the button, is instantly twisted in the vacuum cleaner housing. I’ll say that the model meets all modern requirements and I am satisfied that this particular vacuum cleaner has acquired.

washing, aquafilter, review

I really liked the vacuum cleaner. For your money excellent choice. Dry and wet cleaning, ease of use, quality work. It is a pleasure to clean the apartment with such a vacuum cleaner. He does not consume energy, he does not make noise much as for me. Very cool thing, a real cleaning assistant. I also liked the fact that there is an aquafilter in stock.

I use Thomas Twin Aquafilter for more than four months. The vacuum cleaner removes well, easily cleans any surfaces, does not leave dust, it works properly, there were no problems with it during use. Pretty light, does not take up too much space. As for the price, of course not cheap, but technical characteristics at a high level.

I rarely leave reviews, but this vacuum cleaner is worth it! I have been using it for more than a year and there are no complaints. Despite its compact size, it has sufficient power, easily assembled. He copes with both dry and wet cleaning at a time, completely removes the wool from pets from the carpets. We even vacuum the car. I hope that it will last for many more years))

Advantages and disadvantages

Thomas vacuum cleaners with aquafilter. convenient universal models. Their main advantages are:

  • cleaning quality and high degree of air purification;
  • reliability;
  • high power level;
  • relatively low noise;
  • wide equipment. thanks to various nozzles and brushes, the cleaning process is facilitated.

Each model has minor disadvantages. If you read customer reviews, then most of the Комментарии и мнения владельцев is the absence of an indicator of filling the vacuumber, a relatively small capacity of the tank. only in some types of equipment.

Similar models

Karcher is also in high demand in the Russian market. This brand has most models to the category of professional equipment, therefore, technical characteristics are better, and the cost exceeds the price of Thomas vacuum cleaners.

washing, aquafilter, review

For example, you can consider Karcher Puzzi 10/1 compared to Thomas Bravo 20s Aquafilter. The weight of the Karcher model is 10.7 kg, the capacity of the tanks for dirty and clean water is slightly smaller than that of the Thomas vacuum cleaner. At the same time, power indicators are comparable, but Karcher has higher performance.

As for the configuration, it includes only furniture nozzle and a narrow floor nozzle.

Samsung vacuum cleaners with aquafilter can also be competition, which belong to the same price category as Thomas vacuum cleaners. Here one of the most convenient options is the SD9421 model. In terms of noise and weight (and it is almost 8 kg), it corresponds to the parameters of most Thomas models with an aquafilter, but in terms of performance, quantity and ergonomic nozzles, it is somewhat inferior.

Purpose and principle of work

Thomas detergents are produced in bright design, which emphasizes the company’s innovative approach to this product. Advanced technologies, patented by the company, unite all models of detergents, regardless of the features of their design.

washing, aquafilter, review
  • Wet-Jet function-it works in such a way as to neutralize and collect the maximum amount of dust using the smallest drops of water.
  • Aqua-box is a way to collect dust, pets wool and other allergens and garbage into a tank of water, which manages to avoid repeated spraying them in the air. The company installs such filters on vacuum cleaners designed for wet and for dry cleaning at the same time.
  • Easy Drive is rubberized plastic videos that give maneuverability even enough massive models, as they can turn 360 °.

Thanks to the design, vacuum cleaners easily overcome obstacles, which other models do not always cope with. thresholds, wires stretched right along the floor.

Each model has a standard external tank of 1.8 liters. Without it, wet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is impossible, since clean water or diluted concentrate is poured here.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage that has already been mentioned is the possibility of wet cleaning of carpets and carpets, as well as upholstery upholstery, only carpets with a high pile after processing should be dried on the street. In this area, alternatives to detergent vacuum cleaners do not exist, they are also indispensable during the repair: collecting building dust, traces of wallpaper glue from the floor, wash heating radiators. this is work for such products.

  • Quick and easy removal of any contaminants from horizontal surfaces.
  • Dry cleaning and removing randomly spilled liquid.
  • Filtering with the moisture of air passing through the product, which is especially relevant for patients with asthma, as well as persons suffering from allergies. The collected dust is reliably held in the container.
  • The ability to wash vertical surfaces and remove dust from soft upholstery of furniture.
  • The ability to clean small sewer blockages.

Many experts, despite many positive qualities of detergents, are in no hurry to call them universal technology.

  • Such a technique will not be able to remove pollution from carpet coatings with dense and high pile;
  • After wet cleaning on the carpets, moisture remains, and it must be dried;
  • The product must be thoroughly washed after each cleaning, this procedure takes at least 20 minutes;
  • They consume a lot of electric energy compared to standard analogues.

The conclusions are quite simple: detergents easily remove dust and pollution from any surface, at the request of the user can make dry cleaning, moisturize and clean the air of the rooms, wash mirrors and glass, but the dimensions of the products are sometimes a little more than standard analogues, so store them in a small.sized apartment. It is difficult.

Vacuum cleaners for people who tend to allergic reactions

Choosing a model and operating rules

Before choosing and buying a detergent vacuum cleaner with the Aquafilter of Thomas, you need to pay attention to the power of the vacuum cleaner and additional configurations. The absorption power of the Thomas vacuum cleaner within 300 W model T2, 240 W Model TT.

If a washing vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter has a slight power (for example, it is a car vacuum cleaner), then it is better to buy models with maximum configuration. electric vibrators, turbonses.

The parameters of the weight and size of the vacuum cleaner with the aquafilter significantly exceed the models where filters in the form of bags. The built.in aquafilter increases the dimensions and mass of Thomas vacuum cleaner to 10 kg at the TT model and up to 9 kg in the T2 model.

Consumers who wish to buy Aqua vacuum cleaner enable low maneuverability and large weight of the Thomas vacuum cleaner into its shortcomings. Before buying a vacuum cleaner with a built.in aquafilter, it is recommended to try to work with it and evaluate whether it is convenient in operation.

The Thomas vacuum cleaner with the Aquafilter system (like washing vacuum cleaners) has several models of different price levels: medium, T2. 16500 models.

To figure out which model it is more advisable to buy, you should ask which vacuum cleaner has not only aquafilter, but also equipped with a useful configuration. The difference between Thomas with the Aquafilter of TT and T2 models in additional configuration and power (T2 has more power than TT).

To extend the service life of the vacuum cleaner with the Thomas Aquafilter, it should be correctly operated:

  • while changing dirty water, which facilitates the final cleaning of the device after cleaning;
  • The Aquafilter system requires thorough flushing and drying of all the components used, since humidity and dirt in the internal compartment of the vacuum cleaner contribute to the reproduction of fungi and bacteria and the appearance of putrefactive odor;
  • In order for the Aquafilter system to work properly, and the HEPA filter does not clog for as long as possible, it is necessary to clean the spraying aquate once a month, which inevitably falls and accumulates the smallest garbage;
  • Once every six months, the HEPA filter should be cleaned, and once a year to be changed to a new filter (this is especially true for vertical vacuum cleaners);
  • Aquafilter vacuum cleaners are not recommended for small apartments.

Thomas Aqua Pet Family

Has a function of both dry and wet cleaning. The turbo engine has included, in the previous model it is not provided with standard configuration. The power is adjustable by the switch on the case. Can collect water. The motor works with a capacity of 1700 watts. The size of the tank. 1.8 l. There is an aquafilter. Food length. 8 m.

A rich set of nozzles: a telescopic type tube, a brush for smooth and fiber surfaces, relieves wool well, for furniture upholstery with a wide downward, a slit nozzle of an elongated type, a spray for floor, carpet and fabric upholstery of furniture.

An important distinguishing feature is a compartment for storage of nozzles, in previous modifications was not provided for. Dimensions of tanks: a washing tool. 1.8 l, aquafilter. 1 liter, waste water. 1.8 l. It is allowed to work with a bag of 6 liters.

  • Provided for storing nozzles.
  • Collects dust, garbage and wool qualitatively.
  • Quiet work.
  • It is equipped with a turbo.
  • Powerful.
  • Maneuverability.

TOP-3 Thomas’s best vacuum cleaners with a turbo kitchen

Thomas Twin T1 Aquafilter

Thomas Twin T1 Aquafilter is a premium vacuum cleaner model that is equipped with an innovative two.stage injector aquafilter.

The aquafilter has a special structure, thanks to which the constant absorption capacity is maintained during cleaning. This provides the perfect cleaning result.

Reliable assembly and high.quality materials provide a vacuum cleaner with a long operation.

The vacuum cleaner engine is equipped with a special filter and cooling contour, which provides the equipment for stable operation.

To maintain excellent cleaning quality, the filter of finely cleaning Neu and other foam filters can be washed in water to remove pollution.

The vacuum cleaner is turned on and off according to Soft Touch technology, which provides a quick response to a soft click on the power button.

Explorer Ultra Blue Montblanc. полный обзор. Полное разочарование.

The corrugated absorption hose has a flexible structure, which prevents gaps during the active operation of the vacuum cleaner.

Instead of a standard vacuum cleaner, the device provides for a water system of Aqua-Box filtering.

And the Wet-Jet injector is built into the vacuum cleaner cover, which forms a water wall in the way of air movement. Due to the presence of these systems, a high degree of air purification of dust and pollen is achieved, as well as its moisture.


  • power. 1.6 kW;
  • The capacity of the tanks is 2.4 liters (for the washing solution), 4 l (for dirty water), 6 l (vacuumber);
  • noise level. 69 dB;
  • Power cable length. 6 m.

Thomas Twin Aquawash Pet

The Thomas Twin Aquawash Pet vacuum cleaner is great for families with pets, as well as for allergies.

Since it is able to efficiently remove all the wool, hair, dust, pollen and liquid pollution from the floors, carpet coatings and furniture. but also for allergy sufferers, people with diseases of the respiratory system.

A two.stage patented filtering system and a modern HEPA filter guarantee the implementation of the most efficient cleaning.

After cleaning special care for the vacuum cleaner, it is not required. Just disconnect the vacuum cleaner and remove its contents. The indicator of fullness will indicate to fill the bag and the need to devastate it.

The model of the model is made of shockproof plastic.

It is equipped with stable rubberized wheels, which allow the vacuum cleaner to easily maneuver in the room.


  • power. 1.6 kW;
  • the capacity of the tanks is 2.4 liters (for the detergent solution), 1 l (aquafilter), 6 l (vacuumber);
  • noise level. 81 dB;
  • Power cable length. 6 m.

Thomas Allergy Family

The Thomas Allergy Family vacuum cleaner is equipped with a set of accessories for various types of cleaning.

In addition to standard nozzles, the supply set includes the Aqua-Stealth nozzle for a delicate washing of the parquet, a wide turret, with which you can clean the carpet and hair carpet, and a natural horse hair for delicate dry cleaning of the parquet.

Also, the unit has a built-in water filter Aqua-Box and a non-material filter. Both devices will allow you to clean the air of dust and pollen by 99.9 %.

Thanks to this, the device is great for use by people suffering from allergies.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a convenient three.stage control of Touch. Tronic, which allows you to set one of the three capacities of the vacuum cleaner using a special regulator.

Starting the operation of the vacuum cleaner and turning it off can be performed using a foot switch. For storage of constantly used nozzles on the case there are special nests.

For the convenience of the user, the function of automatic cable box is also provided.



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