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The wick in the gas boiler does not burn

Why will the gas boiler go? Review of typical malfunctions and methods for their elimination

The prospect of being left without heat in a cool autumn and frosty winter period will please few. If this happens, then in the best case to return a comfortable temperature regime of the room in a few hours. After all, to come on call, the master needs time.

For the operational elimination of the problem, it would be nice to learn how to determine and eliminate the cause of violations in the work. It is necessary to figure out why the gas boiler goes out, and try to get rid of it yourself at least from elementary malfunctions. We will talk about how to find them.

Of course, no one forces you to independently dismantle the equipment or change the part, if there is no tools or preparation for this. However, information about simple and affordable repair operations will be useful. In addition, they will help to control the actions of gases, not all of which are quite experienced and competent.

Why does the gas boiler go off the gas boiler

The Ukrainian.made ATON gas boiler is a high.quality heating and water heating device at an affordable price. Myths that devices of this manufacturer are not of high quality and fail do not have soil. The manufacturer equipped a gas device with a valve of the German, Italian, English manufacturer and other reliable elements. The repair of the gas boiler aton is facilitated by a weak pressure of water, improper operation, etc. D.

Characteristics of the gas boiler aton

The device of the Ukrainian manufacturer (Fig. 1) meets every European requirement. It makes up healthy competition in all parameters and characteristics of manufacturers of European countries.

The parapet boiler (Fig. 2) has a power of 7-12.5 kW, which allows to heat the rooms without using the chimney. The unit has a hermetic combustion chamber endowed with or without a hot supply contour.

Nitrogen oxide is reduced many times, thanks to the presence of a three.way engine of combustion products. And stainless steel from which a burner is made, very resistant to high temperatures. It contributes to the injection preparation of the primary mixtures of the air with gas in the desired proportion, as a result, the gas is oxidized as much as possible in the combustion chamber. The design of the gas device allows you to install it in any convenient place.

Why the boiler goes out?

To understand why the aton boiler goes out, you need to familiarize yourself with the main reasons that can be several. The gas boiler of the Ukrainian manufacturer has excellent European protection, which automatically stops the operation of the entire system, in case of the slightest malfunction. The fault that the wick goes out is rather on a gas pipeline, a smoke removal system, hot water supply or an electric network than on the heating device itself.

The main and most common problems related:

The smells and boiler rotten

Many factors can lead to the fabric will fade. But why? Not only external, but also internal factors affect the device and its work.

  • The problem may be on the network, in the voltage difference. Therefore, the stabilizer is the best solution to this problem.
  • A gas boiler smells out due to clogging of nozzles, air-conducting air filter, which can be cleaned. During prolonged use, in the fabric and the gap can be violated, and wired contacts. The problem associated with the gap of the fragrant needs to be called a specialist. But cleaning the filter, checking the current conductor is possible with your own hands.
  • The flame can go out, looking up from the burner. Parallel whisper and noise the nozzle. The heating boiler goes out due to the breakdown in the traction sensor. When oxidizing contacts, they must be cleaned.

The reasons why the boiler wick rushes:

  • The thermocouple was burned out or contaminated. It is better to replace it.
  • Automatic block contacts malfunction. It is necessary to check, cleaning.

The above situations can lead to the fact that a notice from thermocouple does not receive automation, the valve does not miss gas. This problem is also the preface of why the wick goes out or the burner of the unit goes out. Possible problems not only need to be eliminated, but it is also important to know how to turn on the boiler aton after they are eliminated.

wick, boiler, does, burn

Problem in chimney and wind

If the boiler goes out, it’s always scary and unpleasant. In severe frost, this malfunction will lead to freezing the entire heating system and to serious consequences. The cause of the breakdown may be banal blowing of the wind from the street through the chimney (reverse traction). This leads to the fact that the gas boiler aton goes out, as the security system works and turns off all the operation of the device.

Situations provoking the operation of the unit with a faint can be related to:

  • insufficient thrust. The operation of a certain sensor leads to its heating, the boiler is turned off, and after cooling the sensor, the device starts the operation again.
  • excessive thrust;
  • reverse traction.

During the design of the location of the unit, it is necessary to consider whether the wind blows from the back of the house, whether it is strong. If the construction of the chimney was rejected from the project, then it should be finalized, change. The gas.operating pipe must be insulated, 50 cm higher from the roof skate (Fig. 3) with a diameter that is like a specific power of the unit.

To prevent and eliminate the problem that the gas boiler goes out, it blows off by the wind, it is worth creating a great craving:

  • Clean the pipe of the gas outlet. Soot and soot could clog the chimney and masonry.
  • Maximize the supply air. In the room with a boiler, a hole for air receipt should be near the floor and is close to the device.

Gas boiler and its inclusion

Before using the device, you should familiarize yourself with how to turn on the aton boiler correctly:

  • Control handle is put in position counterclockwise.
  • Pressing the control handle until the stop, without releasing it you need to press the fabric button.
  • After the flame on the litter appears. up to 10 seconds, the control handle is held.
  • The control handle is released, and the presence of flame on the fabric is checked.
  • If there is no flame, the actions of paragraph 2-4 are repeated.
  • The main burner is launched by turning the control handle over the clockwise to the position against the sign.
  • A complete shutdown of gas supply to the burner and a litter requires the rotation of the control handle by the clockwise to the position against the sign.
  • The temperature of the device is adjusted by the clockwise (decrease) and against (increase).
  • When the flames of the fabric and the burner of the thermocouple are cooled, the magnetic unit does not hold the valve overlapping the gas supply.
  • When the gas valve is disconnected and after eliminating the causes that caused the unit, the device is set on again according to paragraphs 2-5.

Why is a gas boiler often rotten

If your parapaceous, floor or wall convector runs quite often, you must definitely find out why this happens and what needs to be done to eliminate the malfunction. One of the main causes of this phenomenon may be a lack of oxygen. This is especially true for boilers that do not have an extractive traction.

What else can contribute to a lack of air for the boiler:

  • Clogging of the chimney. in this case it must be cleaned;
  • Installation of sealed plastic windows that significantly reduce the flow of fresh air into the room;
  • Replacing interior doors, as a result of which the gaps between the floor and the sash became much smaller;
  • Acquisition of a powerful hood that takes part of the air flow to itself.

In addition to lack of air, the reason that the flame does not light up, there may be a drop in gas pressure. The problem can be like on a common highway (in this case you just need to wait until it is eliminated by experts) or specifically on your network.

To find out if this, you should process all suspicious places with a sponge with soap foam. Where there is a leak, bubbles will appear. Trusting the work to eliminate such a problem is better for professionals.

A few more reasons why the boiler can happen:

  • Sensor failure. as a rule, these devices monitor the concentration of gases in the boiler and the temperature of the device. If there is a failure, then of course, the operation of the unit will be violated and it will have to be turned off for repair.
  • Poor ventilation of the room. the boiler lacks fresh air. The easiest way to solve this problem is to open the door to the room or window. If the flame appears, then you need to think about the device of additional ventilation so that the boiler does not constantly.
  • Damage to the counter that does not miss gas in the right amount. This is usually expressed in the fact that the boiler works very loudly, bangs and thumps. The numbers on the display do not change smoothly, but with jerks. Here you need to call only specialists. It is forbidden to do anything with the counter on your own.

The reason for the attenuation of the boiler can be associated with the pipe. If she burned out, she will have to change her. There is no other option.

Electronic control boiler

The Lemax boilers line, which are connected to the 220V network, is actively expanding and now includes the wall.circuit models Prime, as well as the floor Clever and Wise.

Unlike imported competitors, whose management payments are often burned out due to changes in the mains, these devices are designed to work in Russian networks.

Wall boilers, as a rule, have a built.in circulation pump, expansion tank and significantly more control and protection systems

However, such models can sometimes fail.

To ensure security, the main protection systems are still mechanical:

  • The thermocouple controls the burning and overlaps the gas if the burner is extinct. the E1 error;
  • The traction sensor gives a shutdown signal if the combustion products are not diverted. error E3;
  • The membrane gas valve will block the supply of fuel if its pressure drops below critical, or the gas is turned off on the network. E1 error;
  • The thermostat of overheating controls the temperature of the heating circuit, when overheating, it turns off the boiler with an error E2.

All these systems are arranged in the same way as in boilers with mechanical control, and their location depends on the model. Therefore, we will not re.describe the check and repair of each node, and the instructions for it will help you to find them in our boiler.

In addition, the boiler with electronic control does not start if it discovers a malfunction of any of its boards or sensor, or their unsatisfactory indications. for example, low water pressure or power voltage less than 170V.

So that the entire boiler does not have to be sorted out, the error code and its decoding in the instructions will indicate the location of the malfunction.

To configure and repair electronic controls, it is better to contact a specialist, he can weave, reflash or replace the fee

If the boiler does not react at all to an attempt to turn on, even the screen does not light up, most likely. the problem with the power supply. No matter how trite, check if the fork is included in the outlet, whether the machine is raised, is there any light in the house.

A child could pull out a plug from a socket, and the machine could turn off the voltage difference, so do not neglect this advice.

If everything is normal with power supply, and the boiler display does not light up, call the service for diagnosing and repairing or replacing electronic control elements.

How to deal with problems

If the boiler goes out, does not light up again. check the quality of ventilation in the room. This is the general reason for the problems for the atmospheric models “Potter”, “Navien”, “Ariston”, “Bosch” with an open combustion chamber, because they take the air for combustion from the room.

  • Organize high.quality ventilation in the room;
  • Install ventilation valves on sealed window bags;
  • Open a window in a boiler room for an air flow.

Check the presence of traction in the boiler chamber. To do this, light a match and bring it to the control window or a chimney remove. In the presence of traction, the flame will deviate to the side. In the absence he will burn smoothly. In the latter case, a chimney check is required.

Problems with the chimney

This is an excess, disadvantage or reverse traction. All this leads to fading the wick and automatic shutdown of technology.

Reverse rod or blowing occurs due to weather conditions: strong wind, pressure drops lead to fading the burner. During installation, consider the requirements for the height of the chimney:

  • Pipe height on a flat roof of at least 50 cm;
  • At a distance from the roof skate 1.5 meters. from 50 cm above the ridge;
  • At a distance of 1.5-3 meters. flush with the skate.

Compliance with such parameters will help to avoid blowing and reverse traction.

Excess air flow occurs with a powerful kitchen exhaust, ventilation. Solution. turning off the hood for the period of the boiler.

The disadvantage or lack of traction provoke:

  • Blocks. Arise in stationary chimneys. Clean the mine of foliage and garbage, building fragments. Stationary and coaxial pipes in winter can grow ice. Together with the products of combustion, hot steam enters the street, condensation forms, which freezes on the surfaces. Square the chimney.
  • Damage, pipe. Only the replacement of the chimney will help.

Drop in the highway

The dual.circuit device “AOGV”, “Beretta” or “Weland” is turned off and does not turn on? This is possible with unstable fuel supply. For the same reason, the burner is not healed the first time. First of all, check:

  • Pipes and joints for gas leakage. For this, lubricate them with soap foam. If bubbles appear, then there is a leak. Then redraw the valves, open the window and call gases.
  • Counter. With breakdown, the meter’s readings do not change, noise is heard, crack. Do not eliminate problems yourself. you need a specialist.

If you are all right, wait until the gas is restored.

The technique does not start after a long shutdown? Perhaps you should use antifreeze as a coolant. It does not freeze when the temperature is reduced and allows you to calmly run the system after prolonged downtime.

Fan malfunction

All boilers with a closed combustion chamber are such as Buderus. Wolf, Danko, Lemax. equipped with fans. They forcibly take the combustion products to the street. If you hear strong noises when rotating the blades or do not hear the sounds of work at all, conduct diagnostics and replace the element in case of breakdown.

The remaining malfunctions

To search for other problems, knowledge of the boiler device, which you are going to repair, will come in handy. Aton, Siberia, Buderus, Ferolli or other brand can have their own characteristics. But everyone often breaks such sensors and nodes:

  • Circulation pump. When it fails, the boiler can make noise, and the flame in the burner goes out. In such cases, the technique will not work for heating and hot water supply. Only the replacement of the pump will be the output.
  • Square. Incorrect pressure adjustment leads to separation of flame. Protection is triggered, the work stops. Set up the correct fuel supply.
  • Burner. The device turned off, the repeated ignition does not occur. Check the nozzles of the burner for blockage. Clean them of soot and dust. Also clean the photocell of the sensor and repeat the attempt to ignit.

Diagnostics and replacement are also carried out during a breakdown of thermocouple, pressure sensors and traction.

After turning off, the device does not start? Check the remote control, replace the batteries. Inspect the display. If it does not work, conduct a diagnosis of the controller.

Heating technique, which additionally connects to the network, suffers from voltage jumps. If the values ​​are less or higher than the nominal. the unit will not work. It is recommended to connect a voltage stabilizer.

It is important to understand that the emergency stop of the boiler can happen for a variety of reasons. It’s good if the code appears on the display. For example, on the scoreboard “Potter” model may be displayed A6 error. This means that the temperature has decreased in the room and an additional heater must be connected. So thanks to symbolic codes, it is easier for the user to find a problem. In other cases, you will have to check all the boiler systems.

It is always easier to prevent a breakdown than to do repair. Therefore, follow the work of the boiler, carry out maintenance once a year.

Gas boilers are considered one of the most economical and simple installation, which are used for autonomous heating of water and heating. Despite this, they are still engineering equipment. And sometimes there are situations when a gas boiler simply does not work. The reasons can be very different. Signs of malfunctions will help to find out exactly. It is important to understand the varieties of heating plants, as well as in the principles of their functioning.

Automation for gas boilers. Elimination of problems with igniting ignition

From this article you will find out what problems can arise in the automation of gas boilers, why it is not possible to light a smell, which is why the boiler can turn off for no reason, and most importantly, we will figure out what actions must be taken to diagnose and eliminate this malfunction.

Owners of power-dependent gas boilers are probably familiar with the situation when for some reason it is not possible to light the boiler, or a lot of time is spent on the igniter. In this case, the problem lies in the automation of the boiler.

To date, in domestic and imported gas equipment, the most commonly used gas valve Eurosit 630. It is he who performs the functions of maintaining a given temperature of the coolant and in the case of an emergency that carries out a complete overlap of gas supply to the burners. Further launch of boilers with such automation is possible only manually. However, the cause of emergency shutdown of the boiler is a real accident.

Let’s try to figure it out using the example of the Zhytomyr-3 boiler. From the automation, it provides for protection from the loss of flame on the litter and traction violations.

All gas hazardous work should be carried out exclusively by representatives of specialized organizations with appropriate permits. Therefore, this article is provided exclusively for introductory purposes. Also, this article will help to control the work of the master and, perhaps, will save you from the need to purchase unnecessary spare parts.

We will determine that we will call the igniter ignition. EUROSIT 630 valve control handle allows you to transfer the boiler into three main modes:

To ignit the pilot burner (fabric), it is necessary to transfer the control handle to the “ignition” position (spark), press it and with the help of the piezo.zero button to light a pilot burner. Next, the handle is held for several seconds (not more than 30) and is released. The smell must continue to burn. This is what we will call the igniter ignition. If the litter has gone out, you need to repeat the procedure several more times. If this did not help, you need to look for a malfunction.

At the time of the igniter, the flame heats the thermocouple, which in turn produces the EMF (approximately 25 mV for working SIT thermocouple), which enters the circuit of the sensor (sensors) to the electromagnetic valve.

By pressing the handle of the gas valve, we manually open the electromagnetic valve, supplying gas to the litter, which, in the case of the proper operation of the equipment, is held by the emergency engine generated and remains in the open position after the handle is released. The thermocouple itself performs the function of protecting from the loss of flame on the litter. Sensors in the chain are normally-closed and open their contacts when triggered, ensuring a complete shutdown of the boiler.

Preparation for work

To carry out work on the definition and elimination of problems with the ignition of the fabric, we need the following tool:

We get to work

To determine the cause of the malfunction, check the thermocouple chain. the electromagnetic valve. First, check the traction sensor. In this boiler, it is located on a gas engine. To do this, remove two terminals from the sensor.

Close two terminals with each other, they must connect tightly (for this you can squeeze them a little with pliers).

Trying to make a fingernail. If this was done, the cause of the malfunction in the traction sensor. However, do not rush to change it. First, check it.

Note: In this work, we dismantle the sensor in order to show the features of its installation on the boiler and marking. To check this is not necessary.

Unscrew two screws of mounting the traction sensor to the boiler gas.

Please note that the sensor is not attached close to the gas wrap case, but is installed on paronite gaskets. This is necessary in order to reduce the heating of the sensor through its contact with the body, as well as to provide a gap between the opening in the gas engine and the plane of the sensor.

Inspect the sensor. His contacts should hold tightly on the case. There should not be oxidation on them. Sensor face value (temperature at which the sensor contact will open) in this case 75 ° C (designation on the L75C case).

Check the traction sensor by the tester, measuring its resistance. It should be minimal (equal to the resistance of the probes). 1-2 Ohms. If the sensor is not nicknamed, the replacement with a similar one is definitely necessary (with the corresponding temperature of the operation).

If the sensor managed to call, wipe the contacts of the sensor and the terminal of the circuit with alcohol, squeeze them with pliers and dry them. We mount the sensor in place and connect it. We try to make a rod.

If the ignition managed to produce, the cause of the malfunction was found and eliminated.

Be sure to check the thrust after the main burner. To do this, you can bring your hand to the place where the traction sensor is installed. It should not be warm from this hole. If this happens, it is necessary to eliminate the cause that causes insufficient traction. The sensor in this case works correctly.

Attention! Operating a boiler with a faulty chimney is strictly prohibited!

If the ignition could not be made, go further along the chain. Contacts from the traction sensor go to the trampler (thermocoupler broker).

Remove the terminals from the contacts of the traitor and measure the resistance of the circuit. It should be no more than 3 ohms.

Solving problems with a boiler attenuation

If the shutdown of the flame is caused not by the malfunctions of the boiler itself, but by other external reasons, you can try to independently eliminate the problems that have arisen. Some models of ordinary boilers can even be cleaned independently from soot and soot, but this is already the topic of a separate article.

Restoration of traction

You can figure out the fact that it is clogged. a boiler or chimney. you can, disconnecting the corrugated system of the exhaust system from the boiler itself. If there is a traction in the pipe, then we solve the problem with the boiler calling the master. Otherwise, you have to climb onto the roof and look into the pipe. If a blockage is detected, you need to remove those extraneous fragments that interfere with the passage of smoke.

Kerosene Heater Wick Adjustment

Chimney cleaning is a mandatory procedure for the prevention of its pollution

If ice is found on the headline, it must be carefully chopped so as not to damage the chimney itself. Be sure to check the sewers. A sign that you need to clean is a large amount of soot and soot extracted from the inside of the channel.

With blowing the channel due to a strong wind, you can still come to terms if this happens once or twice in the entire heating season. But if in your area the winds are a frequent phenomenon, measures should be taken:

  • First, you can try to build up the pipe. Large height will prevent the wind from force to push the air back.
  • Secondly, the competent configuration of the head can help out, which will close the hole from the side from where the winds are primarily blowing.
wick, boiler, does, burn

If electricity disappears

The energy.dependent boiler in conjunction with the circulation pump does not consume so much. It can be adapted to power from direct current and switched to work from the battery. But for powerful boilers it is not suitable. The only way out will be to connect the boiler to an alternative source of electricity, for example, a gasoline or diesel generator.

If the pressure of the gas decreases

First of all, you need to check the gas pipeline in the place where it moves away from the general highway. The joints of the joints are carefully checked, where there are traces of welding, as well as valves and taps. A specific smell that is given to natural gas at distribution stations will help detect a leakage.

It is important! If there is no gas pressure in the highway itself, you will technically not have the opportunity to influence the situation. The pumps of the gas environment do not go on sale.

The only option is to write an appeal to the corresponding authorities. Contact your neighbors. they most likely have the same problem. The preparation of a collective petition will help accelerate the decision.making process in organizing a natural gas supplier in your region.

Improper location of a gas boiler in the room

The location of the gas boiler in the room also plays an important role. In some cases, situations were observed when, for example, the boiler is located in the kitchen, it, in turn, is somewhere on the second or third floor of the building and there is a balcony in this kitchen.

So what is happening? People open the door of the balcony, their craving in the chimney is magnificent and what happens? At first we had, some kind of influx of air from the corridor or from neighboring rooms when opening the door in the kitchen and the craving was more or less stable. And here with a sharp opening of the balcony what is happening? A huge amount of fresh cold air enters the kitchen and a very sharp strong rod in the chimney forms.

The amount of air increases and hot air begins to go into the chimney at even higher speed. Thus, the wick begins to literally hesitate already, walk. That is, it can simply either blow it off, or if there are bad contacts of the security chain, or worn sensors. This can also lead to itself that your boiler will go out.

It is worth noting that the above reasons are the most common problems. Special cases are possible when only a specialist can determine the cause of the attenuation and blowing of a gas boiler as a result of a thorough inspection.

Only one thing is important. follow the safety rules of gas supply and comply with the standards prescribed there.

Why does a boiler with a gas burner go out? Set the reason, looking for a solution

“Why does a gas burner go out in my boiler?»This is one of the most ardently discussed issues on forums devoted to individual heating. Professionals rarely look at such resources, so the solutions that can be found there are most often based on speculations and guesses. Some branches in discussions are more like “harmful advice” g. Oster.

You need to understand that recommendations like “Twist such an adjusting screw” lead to the most sad consequences: from removing heating equipment from a guarantee to gas poisoning. We propose to consider how to eliminate the problems to which the owner of the boiler can resort on independently without interfering in the design and setting up a gas.air device (GSU).

Also, we describe cases that cannot do without the help of a specialist.

What the user should know about the design?

The main element of the burner is the electromechanical valve. It regulates gas supply, and its work can be fully automated. In order for the valve to open, you need to supply voltage to the coil, and then the electromagnet pushes the locking element from the saddle. When the power is turned off, the valve is returned to a closed position under the action of the spring. The voltage to the coil comes from thermocouple.

GSU is responsible for the formation of a gas-air mixture. In individual heating, two types of burners are used:

Умеет ли играть на гитаре Игорь Кущев из группы Сектор Газа?

  • Atmospheric. They get air from the boiler room due to natural traction.
  • Busy. The air is absorbed from Turbina Street.

Whether you set the task for a specialist or solve it yourself, first be sure to determine which burner is installed on your boiler:

It is also important to understand which system of power modulation in it is provided. stepped or smooth.

wick, boiler, does, burn

Why atmospheric and boosted burners rot?

Understand why the boiler goes out with an atmospheric burner is not always easy. Absolutely different problems can manifest itself in the form of the same symptom. One of the most frequent. the gas burner of the boiler lights up and goes out after a few seconds.

Consider the main reasons why this happens:

wick, boiler, does, burn

    “Wrong” traction. Natural traction is a very capricious thing, which depends on the difference in temperatures inside and outside the chimney, atmospheric pressure, strength and direction of the wind. In pursuit of an increase in efficiency, boilers manufacturers reduce the temperature of the outgoing gases to a minimum. As a result, with changes in the weather, traction can become worse, or even completely “overturned”. The rarefaction sensor, which is installed at the output of the furnace, reacts to this and gives a command to overlap the gas valve. The problem is usually solved by building a chimney.

Often poor craving is observed at the first ignition at the beginning of the heating season. The so.called air cork is formed in a cold chimney. Experienced boilers know that during the first handout, first you need to burn 2-3 tans from the newspaper in the firebox to drive out the cork, and then light a gas burner.

There is no need to talk a lot about soot in the chimney: according to the rules for operating boilers with gas burners, they must undergo service before each heating season. Cleaning the heat exchanger and chimney. mandatory regulatory procedures.

Reducing thrust in boilers with boiled burners rarely occurs. The reason for this is the improper installation of the coaxial chimney. The so.called “pipe in the pipe” design is characterized by increased condensate formation. If there is no slope towards the exit, the coaxial chimney can freeze.

With all responsibility, we declare that this method of “treatment” of a malfunction can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is worth noting that when the sensor of the traction sensor triggers, boilers with gas burners and atmospheric, and depressive types are triggered or output.

  • Thermocouple contacts were oxidized. You need to unscrew two screws, clean the terminals and re.pull them off.
  • Thermocouple does not fall into the flame. This sometimes happens after replacing or cleaning nozzles. To stabilize the work of the boiler, you need to correct the position of thermocouple.

If you understand what we are talking about, both operations can be carried out on your own.

You can correctly configure pressure in only one way: using a differential pressure gauge.

Despite the fact that in the passports of the boilers, manufacturers usually describe this process in detail, it is not worth doing it yourself. This section is for a service engineer. The user’s task is to at least minimally understand the essence of the process and accept the work.

The easiest way to protect the boiler is to install a relay or thyristor voltage stabilizer. 500 watts power will be quite enough for any household boiler with a gas burner and a circulation pump.

There is a more complicated way and more reliable: installing online UPS with a battery. The only condition for choosing. the power source should give a clean sinusoid at the output. Otherwise, the pump will refuse to work.

How to deal with tact?

Tacting is a very specific term used by installers of heating equipment. It means too frequent opening and closing a gas valve.

It is believed that tactile leads to premature mechanical wear of the parts of the burner, but either manufacturers or those who are maintaining heating systems have accurate statistics.

For most valves of household gas burners, there are no norms for the number of triggers per unit time. Therefore, clue does not always mean that there is a serious failure in work or marriage, but, nevertheless, signals that there are still certain problems, and you need to look for them in the heating system. The most common reasons for this valve behavior are:

  • Excessive power of the boiler. The heating system (radiators, registers) does not have time to scatter the amount of heat that the burner produces. If the expansion of heated area is not planned, then the only way out is to replace the burner with a less powerful.
  • There is not enough performance or pressure of the circulation pump. All centers for domestic heating systems have 3 operating modes. If switching to the highest performance does not help, you need to replace the pump.
  • Poor hydraulic balancing of the heating system. The solution is obvious: to carry out balancing.



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