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The water heater is simple when turning off hot water

TOP 10: Water heaters rating with protection from inclusion without water 2021-2022

Selection/Review is compiled according to the editors of Ratingfirmporemontu.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to buy. Before buying, you need a consultation with a specialist.

Rating 2021-2022 The best water heaters with protection against inclusion without water according to buyers: which water heaters are better to buy, how to choose the right price, buy in a reliable online store of your city.

The principle of operation of a flowing electric heater

In running models, water heating occurs at the time of its passage along the line. The principle of operation is as follows: the pressure of the water launches a relay that includes a heating element (TEN). Passing through the heating element, the water heats up and goes to the patching point of the already hot. The water temperature at the entrance is about 10 ° C, and at the output there can be from 35 to 85 ° C, depending on the power of the device.

In some models, in which 2. 3 heater are installed, heaters can work both at the same time and separately.

Cumulative, flowing and bulk water heaters

Let’s decide which water heater you and your family need. Let’s start, perhaps, with the size of the tank. One person spends from 200 to 350 liters of water per day; If there are small children, then the consumption can increase somewhere one and a half times. But hot water is diluted with cold half, that is, each member of your family will need from 100 to 175 liters. Do not forget about kids: you need to plan at least 150 liters of hot water from the tank on them.

If you live in an ordinary apartment, then water heaters with a tank of 5 to 50 liters will suit you. Others simply will not fit there. But in the cottage-another thing: you can purchase a heater with a tank for 100-200 liters there there.

Accumulative water heater. tank from 5 to 550 liters with a heater inside. It works very simple: as soon as hot water begins to be consumed, cold water is added to it from the water supply and heats up to the desired temperature. That is, the tank is constantly working. The built.in heating limiter does not allow the water temperature in it to rise above 85 degrees Celsius.

Accumulative water heaters are wall.built, built.in for a sink, floor. Baki for them is made of materials with thermal insulation. therefore, your water does not cool for a long time. You can use water from several taps at once. When it is all salt, you will need to wait until a new portion is warming up.

The flowing water heater is much less than the accumulative. The most thing for a small apartment, a good garage or house in a well.maintained garden cooperative with a water supply system. The water does not accumulate in them, heats up only when passing through the heating element or a spiral heating element. you do not need to wait. The water temperature in such a heater will not be higher than 60 degrees Celsius. The kit may include a shower watering can.

Bulk water heaters are made for houses without water supply. This is a 3-30 liter of plastic or stainless steel, with a heater, always located below the tap, and a temperature controller for manual temperature installation. He has a lid at the top. Having removed it, you can pour water. Such an unit is simply necessary for you away from civilization: let the warm water, but it is.By the way, it is worth adding that the accumulative heaters are more economical than running.

Mariupol, February 26. March 1 ⁠

I continue the narrative of our stay in Mariupol during the fighting in February. March 22. I immediately want to thank everyone who commented for interest in the topic, many. for the warm words of the support that I read. I want to immediately answer some questions. Our house has been preserved whole and unharmed, in general, our street was not much injured. We are now in the glorious city of Rostov on the Don, I quietly fuck from the local traffic. The daughter went to school, in fact, this is the main reason for our long stay in Rostov. Unfortunately, the secondary school of Mariupol will not soon begin the normal educational process. After graduating from the daughter of the school, I think we will return to Mariupol. Having a 15.year work experience at the plant, I am thinking of combining work at the plant and remote. But I will not plan, of course, nothing.

All lovers of Ukraine, especially often repeated in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, questions about where and how the APU should fight. Several theses for you: 1. No one euvkui. The Armed Forces of Ukraine went into the houses, at best, they drove people with a minimum of things, equipped Dota in apartments, and sometimes broken out pieces for more convenient movement between fire points. Where people went? Went into the cellars, to the neighbors. acquaintances. relatives. If someone believes that this is normal, your right.

I have not seen more than one case of distribution of humanitarian aid in the Leningrad region. Evening market. According to rumors, there was nothing on the eastern either, but I do not specifically illustrate the rumors in the description, later I will explain why. T.e., the state has absolutely not attended by the life and health of its citizens. over, to connect all kinds of organizations, such as the Red Cross began only for the soldiers who escaped under the Azovstal. Apparently, their lives were much more important than people’s lives.

About a change in views. From what I saw and heard, anger and hatred of Russia because it all began, quickly enough replaced with ardent hatred of Ukraine when people realized that they were simply thrown. I do not specifically write about ideology, about beliefs, and.t.D. I’m talking about ordinary laymen. And when a relative comes to you, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine was kicked out of Quatrira. And under the curtain, Russians come, immediately pull communications, carry water, what. No food.

A separate mockery was an early payment of salaries and pensions. It seems to be a choresho, but shops almost immediately stopped accepting the card as payment. And people sat, like with money, but completely useless.

So, the night from February 25 to February 26 was quite calm, it was then that the light was turned off. Artillery worked in the distance, our neighbors only from time to time the vote from time to time. The next day in the morning there was a relative lull, we decided that it was nice to go to the store. My wife categorically refused to let me out, they say, grab me immediately and send me to the army. No counterrs were accepted and my wife, taking the cart, went shopping. While she was walking, I launched a generator, turned on the soldering iron and began to repair defective flashlights, cook and charge everything Power Bank. Thanks to campaigns and Aliexpress, I made myself a hefty bank for 16 18650 batteries with high emergency. Also, I rebelled several other lanterns, since the batteries were free, as there were also boards for charging such batteries. While I was doing this, my wife called, I went out and met her, because even it was hard for her to pull. After her campaign in the store, our products were swollen with meat. pork, immediately cut into pieces of 400-500 grams and laid in the freezer. Sugar, cookies, eggs, cereals for a dog, a loaf, crackers, salty crackers. I don’t remember everything anymore.

The rest of the day was gaining drinking water, we had a reverse osmosis filter, with the generator he worked.

The shooting during the day was not very active, sometimes something fled nearby, then mine fled and laid on the floor in the room. The night passed relatively calmly.

The next day, I was going to go to the store already. The wife was afraid of remote shelling, she no longer protested and let me go, demanding that I would take a phone with me and called her from time to time. It was relatively calm outside, but when I went out, I saw a pillar of black smoke very close to the house. I quickly returned home, I was met by a sobbing spouse with a cry that now, an arrow.car fight was already going on nearby. I “reassured” her, showing a burning house from the window, where slate with a characteristic sound began to burst. While she looked at this with horror, I gathered all the fire extinguishers, pulled them to the border of the plots, opened the supply of water to the street (February, the water was blocked and insulated), threw the hose to the fire extinguishers. With my mind, I understood that if the fire spreads to our site, all my preparations would not help, but you need to do something.

When the flame calmed down a little, I went to see what happened there. The reason for the fire was banal. Due to the fact that they turned off the electricity, people tried to bask, not a very good exhaust pipe caused the burnout of the whole house. Surprisingly, firefighters arrived, although they were very tight with water, neighbors were worn, they passed the firecrackers, they poured on the foci of fire. Helped to extinguish the house a bit, but they will not make their own purchases, went to the store. There was no more jam in the store, I bought milk, rawcoped sausages, something else seems to be onions. Only cash was accepted in the store, generators and only two cash desks worked, because in line I stood for at least an hour. People surprised. There was a woman behind me, holding a bottle of cognac with a check and a liter bottle of Pepsi. And there were many of them. After the products, I went to the pet store bought 5 kg. dog food, 5 kg of cat food, and a little more feline canned food. There is a similar situation. People were half.bought on a kilogram of food.

In the evening, when we were already going to bed, a bright flash hit the window, simultaneously with a strong blow. Overnev from this, I neatly looked out into the street, but I saw nothing. There was still a connection, but very unstable, from SMS they learned that this plane hit the school 48. From the explosion, according to rumors, the basement of a standing house in which people were hiding. And a few hours before, a good familiar old woman called me and with tears reported that next to them, in the courtyards, the Armed Forces of Ukraine instructed a bunch of equipment, there were many soldiers nearby.

Boiler shutdown at night

If you use hot water in the morning, of course, it will not be convenient for you to get up in 2 hours to heat it, so you need to turn off the boiler, you decide, but it will be more logical to leave it in working mode. If in the morning there is no urgent need for it, then to save electricity de.energize the device.

water, heater, simple

How to do this, we will consider on the example of the following models: Termyx, Ariston, Electric. On units with mechanical control, it will be necessary to translate the torsion of the heating of the water to the extreme left position, and turn off the network button, and, of course, turn off the outlet from the outlet.

If you have a device with electronic control, it is still much easier. Just on the control panel, press the OFF button and turn off the power grid, and if a separate automatic machine is installed on the heating device, turn it off.

If you have a storage water heater with a timer of inclusion, you can set the time in the evening and get heated water in the morning. The most popular model with this function is Thermex 1D 50V.

However, in this model, users are faced with the “demo mode” problem, the heating device is turned on, the temperature is installed, however, cold liquid is still flowing from the tap. Disable the demo mode is very simple. it is necessary to press the arrows up and down on the display and hold them about two to three seconds.


Types of storage water heaters

Heater of this type are divided into two types. open and closed. The most popular. closed type. Open or non.pressure devices with an air valve are used in places of low pressure of the water line, frequent disconnections of the water supply, make it possible to connect only to one point of water clearance.

  • external building,
  • thermal insulation,
  • accumulative capacity,
  • Cold patching pipes and hot jet out,
  • Ten (sometimes dry and submersible),
  • Thermal attewer,
  • magnesium anode,
  • The reverse and safety, the discharge valve (the reverse is designed to exclude the ingress of heated liquid into the cold pipeline, the safety. opens at excess pressure in the tank, the water through the discharge valve enters the drain).All these valves are at the inlet of cold water.

The external protection of the device consists of a casing and thermal insulation, its thickness is about 5 cm. Due to this, heat persists up to one and a half days after the heater is turned off. Insulation is made of polyurethane or foam rubber, the tank itself is usually metal, occasionally plastic.

The most expensive is stainless steel. The inner surface is covered with fiberglass, biostecloramals, which include silver or titanium.

Note that Europeans do not use stainless steel, consider it unsafe for ecology and health.

Heating occurs with hets, they are wet and dry.

The wet is immersed in water, prone to the formation of scale, the more it is, the worse the heater works, the more he consumes electricity. Dry is in a tube of enamel coating, there is no contact with water, it is considered better, more durable, but boilers with it are almost twice as much as.

The water heater has from one to six heater, this allows you to choose the most economical regime depending on the situation. To reduce the corrosion of the container and devices in it, a magnesium anode is used, which is located next to the heating element.

Thanks to its properties, the anode does not allow the scale to gather on the walls of the tank, rusty to the internal elements, taking all the “negativity” on itself and gradually destroying. Its service life, on average, is about four years, then it must be changed.

There is a thermostat inside the container, it is mechanical and electronic. Mechanical open the electric circuit when the liquid heats up to a given temperature. Electronic more advanced, they save about 12 % of electric energy (how much electricity does the boiler consume in this article).

If you opt for this type of water heater, you must take into account a number of negative points:

  • You will not be able to use such a device if low pressure is in the water line, it should be at least 6 atmospheres.
  • If water with high pollutions, you need to install the filter, otherwise the boiler will soon be out of order (read the choice of the filter here).

Types of boilers

There are three main types of electric water heaters (boilers): accumulative, flowing and combined. They differ from each other not only in size and appearance, but also in cost. Consider each of these types separately.

Boilers are of different types


They are also called capacious water heaters. Such devices can contain a large amount of hot water, heating it from time to time to the temperature set by the user. The boiler drive is great for large families, where a lot of warm water is required daily.

Accumulative boiler


Unlike accumulative, running boilers heat the water immediately before serving the crane. Therefore, hot water is issued in unlimited quantities. Running devices are compact, so they do not take up much space in the bathroom. Of course, there are minuses. For example, when opening several cranes at once in the apartment, the water will not have time to heat up to the desired temperature.

Facial boiler


Water heating in a combined boiler is carried out using a heat exchanger, which is connected to a separate boiler or a centralized heating system. In the summer, when heating is turned off, the water heats up with the heating element of the heater). This type of water heaters is used in residential premises quite rarely, which is associated with a large electricity consumption.

Combined boiler

note! It is more profitable to install indirect heating boilers in private houses where there is no central heating system.

Choosing the best boiler for the apartment

water, heater, simple

Which flow water heater is better to choose?

In the market for household appliances, you can see a wide variety of running water heaters of various configurations, appearance and other parameters. To choose the most preferred option in each case, it is recommended to get acquainted with the main criteria for choosing this electrical device.

When choosing a flow water heater, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Performance and power. Perhaps it is power that is a decisive criterion when choosing a water heater. It depends on this parameter what volume of water will be heated over a certain period of time. When using the device at home, it is enough to purchase water heaters with a power of up to 8 kW, this is enough to warm 3-5 liters of water for 60 seconds. It takes an approximately 20-25 seconds to heating. Models of 3-4 kW power are used in warm places or in summer, when the water temperature in the highway is not lower than 16-18 degrees.
  • Directive modes and types. Despite the fact that the design of a flow water heater is very simple, according to the type of control, this device is divided into: electronic and hydraulic.

Electronic type of control allows the consumer to install, depending on the needs of the water pressure and the maximum heating. The devices are equipped with sensors and a microprocessor that analyzes the temperature of the water in the pipeline and pressure. In order to save electricity, you can set optimal parameters in each individual case. The disadvantages include a high price.

Mechanical, It is also a hydraulic type of management is characteristic of all budget models of flowing water heaters. As a rule, implemented in the form of a step switch. The most budget models are not equipped with sensors for adjusting the pressure and water temperature.

– the possibility of programming new operating modes;

– overheating protection, automatic shutdown mode;

– restriction of maximum and minimum water temperature;

– the ability to connect the device to solar panels.

To narrow the search circles, it is also strongly recommended to familiarize yourself with the rating of the best running water heaters according to consumers and specialists in 2022.

Rating of the best running water heaters

The Ministry of Construction cancels the provisions of the Government Decree of 05.06.2011 54 to support scammers⁠ ⁠

Our apartment building is located in the Noginsky district of the Moscow region, now it is the Bogorodsky city district. In September 2020, we were transferred to payment of utilities to EIRC. And the amounts for payment increased sharply, on average about two times. In addition to those fraud mechanisms that were described in the article “How we are robbed by the Criminal Code and EIRC. Housing and communal services fraud ”, the transfer of calculations from Formula 3 (3) PPP354 to Formula 3 (1) affected the accruals.

The bottom line is that our house was originally designed and built by fully equipped ODPA (common house metering devices) and IPU (individual/apartment metering devices). For such houses, heating calculations are provided according to Formula 3 (3). This means that the heat for heating the apartment takes into account the IPU. In addition, the ODPU takes into account the heat spent on the whole for heating the whole house. Exceeding the indications of the ODPU above the sum of the readings of all IPPs is “scattered” to apartments and non.residential (commercial) premises in proportion to their total area. Well, at least it should be.

Formula 3 (1) is designed to calculate the heating fees for houses in which there are ODPU, but not all apartments are equipped with IPU. And according to this formula, the owners of premises not equipped with IPU are paid according to the standard, which is calculated for average consumption on M2 in the premises equipped with IPU.

So, the inhabitants of our house suddenly saw that the amounts of accruals increased sharply with equal readings of the IPU, and we began to understand. As a result, we found that one of the many reasons for increasing the accrual for heating was the transfer of the house into not fully equipped IPUs! How it is justified by the Criminal Code and the EIRC, and how it affected the amount? Very simple: they said that part of the IPU did not go in verification and therefore are considered faulty. And since they are faulty, they believe that our house is not fully equipped with IPU. This is the type of justification. And nothing that is p.59, in which up to 3 months in fact, IPU is inoliting after the end of the interior interval, nothing that is a passport of an apartment building (MKD), in which the house is fully equipped with IPU, does not mean anything for the Ministry of Construction that the action/inaction of one of the owners of the MKD affects by the size of the board for all other owners and, moreover, towards the increase. However, some win in payment. Let’s figure out who is beneficial for such a transition.

When switching to Formula 3 (1), those who have not passed the IPU in a timely verification or replacement do not begin to pay according to its indications, but according to a certain standard, which is calculated from the average consumption of heat with those who have IPA. Naturally, those who believed the IPU, the apartments were insulated, save heat in the calculation for reducing payments. And those who did not believe the IPU are unlimited, batteries fried all over, windows are regulated by the temperature in the house. Many of them generally demolished the doors and windows to the balcony and carried heating radiators onto the balcony. With IPU, they would be tortured to pay for heat, but according to Formula 3 (1) they pay for average consumption for M2 Economic owners of attorney IPU.

As you know, the entire heat consumption of the house taken into account by the ODPU also increases and scatters into all apartments evenly, both on those who have IPA, and on those who have not been found. If, according to Formula 3 (3), taking into account all the other frauds in November 2019, it was 2 times more for payment than on IPU, then after the transition to 3 (1) in November 2020 already 3.3 times (with equal IPP consumption!).

We decided to find out the opinion of the government itself, as a body that adopted a resolution and sent a collective appeal:

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To the Government of the Russian Federation

From residents of an apartment building at the address: Moscow region, Bogorodsky city district, the village of Shemilovo, ul. Orlova, d. 26

Appeal for clarifying the provisions of a normative act (government decree of 06.05.2011 N 354)

We turn to you as a state authority, which has adopted a government decree of 06.05.2011 N 354 “On the provision of communal services to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and residential buildings” (along with the “Rules for the provision of communal services to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and residential buildings”) and, accordingly, the only body, competent to provide clarifications for clarifications the provisions of this resolution.

Our house was commissioned in two stages, in 2016 and 2017.

All residential and non.residential premises of our house in accordance with the project are fully equipped with individual metering devices (IPU) of thermal energy.

Our apartment building is fully equipped with common house energy metering devices (ODPU) in accordance with the project.

Most of the IPU after the expiration of the next verification were found or replaced by new, owners of the premises.

Until August 2020, calculations for thermal energy for heating were carried out through the management organization LLC Biserovo Service LLC. The calculation of the utility service fee for heating in the i-m residential or non-residential premises was carried out in accordance with Formula 3 (3) of Section I of Appendix N2 of the Government Decree of 06.05.2011 The size of the fee for thermal energy for premises, the IPA of which was not timely debited or replaced, was carried out during the three calculation periods in the average value of consumption in accordance with subparagraph “A” of paragraph 59, and after 3 settlement periods according to the consumption standard established by the administration Bogorodsky city district of the Moscow region, 0.027143 Gcal/m2 of the total area of ​​the premises.

Since September 2020, our house has been transferred to calculations for housing and communal services in Mosoclertz LLC. At the same time, Mosoliritz LLC changed the status of our house to an “apartment building, which is equipped with a collective (common house) device for thermal energy and in which at least one, but not all residential and non.residential premises are equipped with individual and (or) common devices thermal energy accounting ”, declaring premises in which they were not in a timely manner or replaced by new IPPs (Communist Party) of thermal energy, unequipped with such metering devices.

With the beginning of the heating season, MosoliRTS LLC performs the calculation of heating on formula 3 (1) using formula 3 (7) to determine the volume (quantity) consumed for the estimated period of thermal energy, which is not equipped with a meter of accounting of the i-th room ( In our case, the accounting device that has not passed timely verification). over, for the premises in which the intercept interval expired and the number of calculated periods expired, during which the calculation is made in the average value (p.59), the increasing coefficient of 1.5, provided for the.60.



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