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The water flow does not work in the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

What are the problems of robot vacuum cleaners and how to fix them?

Nowadays, robot vacuum cleaners are used more and more often to help housewives in maintaining cleanliness at home. However, almost every owner at least once faced with a situation where the robot vacuum cleaner suddenly started to make noise, squeaks when working, does not turn on, does not charge, does not connect to Wi-Fi (if we are talking about high-tech models with management from your smartphone), as well as with other failures. Today we will consider the most common faults of robot vacuum cleaners, their causes and ways to fix them with your own hands.

The structure and principle of operation of a wet vacuum cleaner

The main function of a wet vacuum cleaner is that it is able to carry out wet cleaning surfaces. It can be used to wash windows and mirrors, upholstered furniture, but by turning off this option, it can be used as an ordinary vacuum cleaner, making it a dry cleaning, which makes this household appliances convenient, versatile and therefore the most popular.

The market of home appliances is represented by a wide range among washable vacuum cleaners, the vary, as well as a set of functions and used nozzles. If necessary, you can buy additional attachments.

However, any of the representatives of this category will be simple and easy to operate. It is important to carefully read the included instructions before using it for the first time. Regardless of the price and options available, the design and function of a stick is the same.

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The problem with a robot vacuum cleaner: no water for wet cleaning. What to do and how to prevent?

Robot vacuum cleaner is a great solution for the modern housewife. You can go about your business while this little helper is vacuuming or even cleaning the floors at home. But unfortunately, like any appliance, a robot vacuum cleaner can malfunction. Just recently we discussed the most common problems with robot vacuum cleaners, and today we decided to focus on one of them: the robot stopped wetting the wet cleaning cloth, the water stopped flowing. Why this problem occurs and how you can prevent it?

Robot vacuum cleaner stopped cleaning the floor

The liquid on the rag can be fed mechanically or automatically.


If the electronic assistant is equipped with an automatic water supply, the liquid container is inserted instead of the dry cleaning container. In this case, there may also be a lack of flow due to clogged holes or the tubes themselves, through which the liquid enters the rag. If your Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner has stopped delivering water, you can try flushing the system. To do this, remove the bottom cover to get to the tubes and then use a regular medical syringe to flush the hoses with water.

If the robot makes a buzzing sound when you turn on wet cleaning, but does not use water, you can resort to another option that will help restore the effectiveness of the device. There is a special connector at the point where the tank is installed and the water supply to the pump. Place a tube of appropriate diameter on it. It needs to fit as snugly as possible. Through it, using a medical syringe, try to inflate the system with water. Then carefully remove the tube, being careful to avoid getting liquid inside. Some users have noted that they were able to restore the wet cleaning function after performing these steps.

Warning. In most cases, water supply problems occur in those devices that are rarely used for wet cleaning.

If the measures described above have not helped and the Xiomi robot vacuum cleaner still does not supply water, it is better to take it to the service center to have specialists diagnose, determine the cause of the malfunction and fix it.

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In the first case, it is much easier to determine why the water doesn‘t flow. The design of the system is such that a special container is used for the liquid, which is attached to the bottom of the robot. The rag is attached directly to the container. No additional hoses, pipes, etc. are connected to this system.д., т.е. The water flow is independent of the vacuum cleaner.

For wet mopping, water is poured into a container and the water flow is adjusted up or down. The liquid is fed to the rag through special holes. These are the ones that clog over time due to the use of unfiltered water. As a rule, everyone pours it from the faucet. If your Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner does not supply water, even if it is new, the reason could be that the holes are clogged. That is why they should be checked and cleaned if necessary.

The flow of water in a vacuum cleaner Xiaomi does not work

Прокачка помпы Xiaomi Mijia Mop Essential (G1) если не тратит воду и не намокает тряпка

With a robot-vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop STYTJ02YM you can enjoy perfect cleanliness every day, because it performs not only dry cleaning, but also washes until the shine on the floor. The feature of this model is the presence of two tanks in the set (something like a robot vacuum cleaner Viomi V2 Pro), one of which is only for garbage, and the second combined. So it can easily not only pick up trash, but also do the whole 2-in-1!

Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi does not supply water to the rag what to do

Robotic vacuum cleaners are widely used today for convenient and efficient house cleaning. When problems occur with these electronic helpers, it is immediately felt and the problem has to be solved as quickly as possible. Often users of Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners complain that the device does not deliver water to the rag, and why this happens and how to find a way out of the situation, let’s understand within the article.

Cannot see base

Why the robot vacuum does not see the base? There are several common causes:

  • The protective films on the sensors have not been removed after purchase. Carefully inspect the base and body of the unit, remove all shipping films.
  • Base not installed correctly. Usually manufacturers require you to clear a space around it, leaving at least half a meter free around the parking lot.
  • No power to the base. No light in the apartment, the socket is broken, power adapter cable is damaged, which is why the electronics does not give signals, and the robot vacuum cleaner does not go to the base. Be sure you plug the base into a working outlet.

Robot vacuum cleaner does not find the base and rolls around the apartment aimlessly. Look for reviews or reviews of other users. perhaps your model is not famous for orientation in space and better help it by bringing it closer to the parking lot.

If you have a device with mapping, it can get lost after carrying it on your hands to another room, such as a bath or balcony. Take it back.

Top 10 useful features in robot vacuum cleaners that you want to pay extra for

Good day to all readers! In today’s article we will tell you about the most useful functions of robot vacuum cleaners, their differences, and skills. The fact that choosing a robot vacuum cleaner many do not take into account the fact that all vacuum cleaners are different, respectively, and fit to any apartment (house), all vacuum cleaners can not. Overpay for those robot-vacuum cleaner functions that you do not need for cleaning your apartment makes no sense, the more advanced features are only available in expensive models and not sure that they are suitable for cleaning your home. Next we will consider 10 most useful functions in a robot vacuum cleaner, which are necessary personally for your living conditions.

Zoning the room

Room zoning is one of the newest and most needed features in robot vacuum cleaners. The idea is that the robot is able to map the room by itself according to its own logic. With this feature you can line up virtual walls, change the schedule of cleaning as you like. For example: The corridor needs to be cleaned twice a week, and the children’s room every day, you can easily set such a cleaning schedule, or as you need. The second example is to clean the kitchen at 8 am, and bedroom or closet for example at lunch time. The robot vacuum cleaner can be programmed as you wish. This function is useful if you have a much larger area of the apartment or house, but if you have a one-room apartment, this feature has no sense.

Restriction of cleaning areas

This critical function is available in both budget models of robot vacuum cleaners and their premium versions. And now let’s talk about why this feature is important.

If you have in your apartment (house) are there small children, areas where a large accumulation of wires or fragile interior objects, then you should choose those models in which there is a function of building virtual walls, you limit these zones and our robot will not go there. There are even robot vacuum cleaner models that maintain restricted areas or virtual walls during wet cleaning, this will help protect your carpeting from getting wet.

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Conclusion: if there is something to protect your robot vacuum cleaner, then this feature is relevant for you.

Ремонт Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 1С не подаёт воду на тряпку. забит фильтр.

Automatically increases suction power on your carpet

If you have carpets in your home, then this feature is great for you during cleaning, because a lot of small debris and dust can hide in the nap of carpets, and automatically increasing the suction power will not leave any debris in the nap of the carpet. The idea is that the robot vacuum cleaner builds its own suction power: when you come on carpet, the robot vacuum cleaner increases this power to the maximum, and accordingly reduces it to the desired level when you move out of the carpet.

Simultaneous dry and wet cleaning

No one would argue with Us that the cleaning process is much faster and less consuming the charge of the robot vacuum cleaner itself if it has such a function as simultaneous wet and dry cleaning.

In the case if a robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a water tank and a tank for waste at the same time, then the robot is able to remove all debris in one cleaning and wash the floor, and for this you do not need to run a robot vacuum cleaner for the second cleaning, and change the dust bag for water tank, because he can do his job and for one cleaning. And if the robot vacuum cleaner is also equipped with an electronic water supply, it’s just great! It will return after cleaning to his base and will wait until the removed cloth, while the water will not flow on the floor or on the base itself.

Electronic Water Adjustment

We all know that robot vacuum cleaners often have a wet wipe by trickle, but there are vacuum cleaners that don’t have this feature and we have to wet the wet wipe ourselves, which is a problem for many people because at work we have no opportunity to wet the wipe by trickle, and as We found out wetting wipes by trickle is not very effective. Therefore, manufacturers have introduced a new feature for vacuum cleaners. is an electronic adjustment of the water supply to the wipe. In the application, you can set the degree of wetting of the napkin as you need and in which specific areas of your apartment (house) will be important to wet the napkin more or less. For example, in the bedroom where the floors are laminate, so as not to spoil the wooden coating, you set a low water supply, but in the kitchen, where the floors are tiled will be relevant high water supply. Electronic adjustment of the water flow is present even in low-end models of robot-vacuum cleaner for example take Xiaomi Mijia 1C.

Self-cleaning at the base

Self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaners. it’s really convenient, please note that this feature is needed for many people, as there is no possibility to clean the dust bag itself every few cleaning cycles, and it’s quite a chore. And yet, when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, it is better to focus on those models in which self-cleaning on the base is present. A great example is the Narwal T10 robotic vacuum cleaner. It has many useful features such as: Self-cleaning at the base, drying and rinsing wipes between cleaning cycles, which is very useful and guaranteed to clean at the highest level.

Object recognition on the floor

A great feature for a robot vacuum cleaner especially if you have small children. But unfortunately, there are only three models of robot vacuum cleaners on the market that have this priority. These models are: Roborock S6 MaxV, Deebot OZMO 960 and Deebot OZMO T8 AIVI. The robot recognizes objects that can obstruct cleaning thanks to the front camera. Cords, slippers, small children’s toys, or if your pet is not accustomed to the litter box will no longer interfere with the cleaning process because the robot vacuum cleaner is capable of bypassing such obstacles. Let’s hope that more and more robot vacuum cleaner models with this feature will appear on the sales market. And we move on to the next important feature.

Saving multiple cleaning cards

If you have a two or three-storey house, then without this feature you can not do, because if you buy a vacuum cleaner without this function, your robot will simply forget how to clean in different places in your house and the quality of cleaning will not be so positive. Thanks to this function, the vacuum cleaner does not need time to get acquainted and build a map of the room a second time. This feature is also called multi-card support, but unfortunately this feature is only available in robots-vacuum cleaners premium quality.

Remote control

Now everyone is racing to buy a robot vacuum cleaner with control via a branded mobile app, but this feature is not appropriate in cases of buying a robot vacuum cleaner for elderly people / relatives or for cleaning rooms where there is simply no access to wireless network Wi-Fi. In this case, the model that has management only from a smartphone fall away and are deprived of the right to buy just you, to replace these come robot vacuum cleaners with remote control. By the way, these models, unlike the previous feature, are also available in the budget version.

Continue cleaning after recharging

If you have a large area, then we recommend that you choose vacuum cleaners with the function of returning to the last place of cleaning after recharging the base. The fact that the robot is not capable of cleaning more than two hours without recharging, but the criteria that have a carpet and complex area planning. That is the area of 120 sq.m.m or more the robot will not be able to clean in one charge. In order not to direct then after recharging the robot vacuum cleaner to the local after cleaning, when buying pay attention to those models that have a function to remember and return to the last place of cleaning. On average, such models are only in the premium segments, because budget models in principle cannot clean large areas and even less return to the place after recharging, where they finished cleaning.

Today we’ve reviewed the Top 10 useful features in robot vacuum cleaners that are beneficial and even necessary to overpay for. The choice is yours.

The hose and sprayer are dirty

Scaling in the hose is also possible. After all, the tank receives flowing water that has not been cleaned. Inside the hose, on its walls, sediment gradually settles. They harden. In this case, the hose should be removed, cleaned and completely disassembled. When you can’t do this, you need to buy a new piece of equipment.

The cause of clogged hose can also be a detergent that accumulates during wet cleaning surfaces. In this case, you need to completely remove the feeding hose, soak it in clean water and rinse it, armed with a long stick or wire wrapped in a cloth. Continued use involves thoroughly flushing the hose every time you use chemicals.

This can also happen. Vacuum cleaner included. The pump came in working order. Spraying button lights up. However, the sprayer refuses to spray water after a short period of operation. Instead of a steady stream of water. You cannot hear the pump running.

Xiaomi Vacum mop P Water extraction issue & Fix

IMPORTANT! Because the nozzle is narrow, it must be cleaned from time to time. This is a process that requires a razor blade or other small, sharp object.



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