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the washing machine does not spin what to do

Possible user errors

If your washing machine doesn’t spin, don’t panic. Perhaps there is no malfunction, but simply a violation of the rules of use of the machine. Yes, it is quite possible: anyone can simply press the wrong button and cause a malfunction in the appliance.

The Bosch washer does not spin in the following cases.

  • Incorrectly selected program. The whole point is that there are programs that do not provide for spinning, or perform it at minimum speed. Meaning sensitive, delicate and gentle washing, silk, wool, washing fine laundry.
  • Wrongly set speed or disabled spin mode at all. If this is the problem, just wait until the washing is finished, and then start the desired mode.
  • Reset the drum. This is a very common reason why the machine does not spin.

First, look carefully at what buttons have been pressed. If the error was made by the user, there is nothing wrong, everything can be corrected by yourself. But there are other, more serious problems, which are associated with technical malfunctions of the device. This will be discussed further in this article.

Common causes of malfunction

Most of the reasons can be dealt with by your own forces, without calling a professional craftsman.

The wringing does not work at all

If the washing machine does not spin the laundry. do not get upset. Not always the problem lies in the breakage of mechanical or electronic components of the machine. Housewives often make mistakes themselves when using the technique, due to which it begins to work malfunction.

  • Too many things loaded in the drum. Please note, each washing machine model comes with a manual, which has information on the maximum permissible load. If you exceed the limit, a special sensor will block the spin function due to motor malfunction.
  • Incorrectly selected mode. In some models of washing machines with manual and delicate washing do not wring the laundry. If one of these modes is selected, the user will take the wet laundry out of the drum after washing.
  • Unintentionally pressed “no spin” button.
  • There are too few items in the drum. This can cause imbalance and the machine to freeze during the spin cycle.

The spin may not work at all if the pump is broken. If the drum is spinning in spinning mode but the items are still wet, the pump responsible for pumping the water out is likely defective.

Machine starts a program and freezes

Situations in which the machine washes and washes and stops at “halfway” are common. It is not uncommon for users to encounter a problem in which the machine has washed the laundry, but when starting the spin program, it suddenly freezes. There are several reasons for this malfunction.

  • Breakage of laundry balance sensor. This electronic part is included in the new generation of washing machines. Older models have no tachometer. If the sensor fails, the circuit board will not receive a signal, which prevents the machine from spinning to prevent excessive vibrations.
  • Failure of the shock absorber system. Because of damaged shock absorbers, many models of modern automatic machines are able to “slow down” the spinning process, so that other mechanisms and electronic units do not fail.
  • Tachometer breakage. This electronics is responsible for the speed control of the drum rotation. If the tachometer is broken, the card can no longer “read” the number of rotations and will stop the machine.
  • The water level sensor (pressostat) malfunction. With such a breakdown, water can remain in the drum, and the appliance will not be able to recognize it. As a result, the automatic machine may hang up between rinsing and spinning.

The machine also frequently “hangs” when wringing if there are faults in the control electronics. Such problems lead to incorrect operation of the device, for example, it can hang up when washing, rinsing or spinning.

The laundry is poorly wrung after the wash is finished

The automatic machine has completed the washing process, but things remain wet. this is a common reason, with which users of household appliances turn to specialized service centers. Let’s find out why the spinning does not work fully. The most common problem is clogging of the drain filter or pipes with dirt or small debris. Slags do not let the liquid pass and water partially remains in the drum. The laundry will then be wet or poorly wrung out.

Motor malfunction. With various breakdowns, the motor can function with interruptions, not giving out the normative power. In this case, the machine will wash the clothes, but will not wring them. The fact is that the centrifuge mode requires a significant increase in drum speed. If the motor is defective, it will not be able to fully perform this task and the laundry will remain wet.

A rare problem is the failure of the control unit. Such a malfunction leads to incorrect operation of the automatic machine. In this case, the washing machine may freeze on spinning or do not spin the laundry at all.

You can fix most of the problems you have yourself. Here’s how to do it.

Signs of spinning problems

The main sign of failure of the washing machine spinning system. wet laundry, which is removed from the drum after the end of the cycle. Don’t immediately assume the machine is broken. Often the cause is an error in its operation due to setting the wrong mode.

There is no need to rush to get the laundry out of the machine. The program should be restarted, making sure that the mode is set correctly and all parameters are adjusted. Some models of washing machines allow you to simply repeat the spin. this function can also be used. If the system fails and the program does not start, you need to look for the cause.

Why does the washing machine not spin and how to fix the problem?

In today’s world there are so many important and interesting things to do that you don’t want to waste time doing the laundry. For everyone’s joy, there are automatic washing machines that cope with this duty without problems. But still sometimes even reliable equipment breaks down. It is a complete surprise when the machine does not spin during a work cycle. There is no need to rush to perform its work manually. It is better to understand what could cause a failure in the program.

The fact that the machine stopped spinning as intended, indicate two factors:

The problems in the operation of the device can be associated with various malfunctions. Before you go to a service center or call a repairman, you should try to deal with the unpleasant situation yourself.

Drum imbalance

Uneven distribution of things inside the tank causes imbalance. The washing machine displays an error message or the drum simply stops spinning. Such a problem occurs if you load clothes in a pile, but it often happens that in the process of washing the content is bunched up in a lump, due to which there is a violation. To solve the problem, it is enough to turn off the power, open the door and distribute the laundry evenly.

Useful at! Sometimes the occurrence of imbalance is due to the fact that a bulky item is loaded, which after soaking has become even heavier. Monitor carefully the size and volume of the load.

The wrong programme is used

Typically the spin ends the cycle of the machine, but not all programs support this function. In some modes, the wringing occurs at minimum speed, in others there is no wring at all, just water is drained out. Probably accidentally selected one of the following programs:

In addition, it is worth paying attention to whether or not the “No spin” option is enabled. In this case, it is enough to start the machine at the end of the cycle to “spin”.

Important! To be sure that the technique works properly, it is better to study carefully the user manual and get acquainted with how the unit operates in a particular mode.

Overloading of the washing machine

Exceeding the permissible weight of the laundry is very dangerous for the device, so if this violation occurs, an error message appears on the display or stops the entire process. To solve the situation easily. it is necessary to disconnect the power and remove a part of the items. To prevent further malfunctioning, it is important to follow the instructions for use carefully. It is necessary to take into account that after the entry of water into the drum, the clothes will become heavier, so you do not need to load the tank to the maximum.

Uneven distribution of laundry

In addition to overloading the machine, insufficient contents are also detrimental to the appliance. If you load not enough laundry in the drum, during the washing process, it will gather into one lump, and when spinning will show itself malfunctions. Special sensors determine that the load is distributed unevenly, in order to prevent serious damage it starts spinning at minimum speed or without it at all.

Interesting! With the presence of imbalance control in the washing machine, such malfunctions do not occur, because vibrations and noises are reduced in spin mode. This leads to an increase in the service life of the appliances.

Pressostat malfunction

In simple words. it is a sensor of water level control, which sends a corresponding signal to the electronic module. It alerts the system to the presence or absence of liquid in the tank, and then starts a particular mode. If there is no signal, the command is not executed.

It cannot be repaired, it must be replaced with a new one. If you do not have the necessary technical skills and knowledge of the construction and repair of washing machines, it is better to seek help from professionals immediately.

Motor malfunction

Since the spin is usually carried out at maximum speed, which a failed motor is not able to cope with, the first symptoms of failure appear precisely at the final stage of the cycle. There can be two reasons:

Determine the specific breakdown and ways to fix it under the power of only a professional. This requires disassembling the enclosure, disconnecting the motor and checking the components for proper functioning. If defective parts are detected, they are replaced with new ones. It may be necessary to replace the entire motor.

Tachometer malfunction

The sensor is installed on the motor shaft and monitors the drum speed in one minute. If the element fails, there is no corresponding signal to the automatic system and the speed does not change. This leads to inability to wring the laundry.

This is an infrequent problem. The first thing to do is to check whether the contacts have not broken off. If the problem is a loose connection, the user can solve it himself. If checking the wiring does not have the desired effect, it is likely that the tachometer is broken. Then the part will need to be replaced.

Problems with the control module

The electric module is the brain of the whole system, and is responsible for switching modes and performing all the processes of the washing machine. In this regard, there may be malfunctions not only during squeezing, but also in other phases. At best, re-flashing the system or replacing the stabilizer will help. The worst option is to replace the entire control element, which will require a large financial outlay.

Important! Only a qualified technician should repair the electric motor or electric module. Without proper experience and knowledge, you can only make the situation worse and lead to more damage.

washing, machine, does, spin

Creaking and banging in the washing machine when spinning

The presence of any atypical sounds during operation of the equipment signals that there is something wrong with it, and the unit needs to be inspected. The most trivial causes of noise include:

washing, machine, does, spin
  • Clogging of the space between the drum and the tank by foreign objects. small items, buttons or other small parts could fall into the gap and cause a rattle during washing. It is necessary to remove the heating element and take out the caught things, otherwise it can lead to more serious failures;
  • Wear of the bearings or fraying of the belt. the wringing of the laundry is accompanied by squeaks, in this case it is necessary to disassemble the housing and check the integrity of components or replace them.

Faulty heating element

The heating element maintains the correct operating temperature. If a malfunction occurs in the heater, the electronic module can receive a signal to turn off the spinning mode. You will need to check the performance of the heating element in other programs, it is also useful to visually inspect the part to make sure there is no excessive scale and damage.

Useful! In addition to the reasons described above, the washing machine can not spin, there is a clogged or defective drain pump. Due to the fact that the water is not able to escape into the sewer, the system will not start the program at the right speed.

Drain pump (pump) malfunction

Very often a clogged pump simply burns out as a result of an excessive increase in load. You will not be able to fix this problem on your own. To restore the performance of the technique will have to buy a new pump and replace it.

Important! To avoid costly repairs, always check the s of things before washing. You can also use special covers and bags to reduce the risk of clogging during the washing process.

The washing machine does not spin the laundry

In some faults, washing machines stop reproducing the spinning program or work at low revolutions. If the washing machine does not spin, the owner receives very damp or wet laundry at the end of the wash.

To continue using the device at any failure, which does not allow things to spin, it is impossible. Regular running of the machine with dysfunctional functions leads to extensive malfunctions and higher repair costs.

How to Fix a Washing Machine That Does Not Spin (Fast and Easy)

The washing machine doesn’t spin, what is the reason??

Does not work spin in the washing machine, what to do?”. with such a question many users turn to service centers for repair of household appliances. Such a malfunction occurs quite often and absolutely does not depend on what company the washing machine is made. (Service center of household appliances in Sevastopol)

Lack of spinning. a common malfunction in the operation of the washing machine

Faced with a problem when the LG washing machine does not spin the laundry? Or you own another brand of machine, such as Samsung, Zanussi, Ardo, Whirlpool, Atlant or Candy, and your machine also leaves the laundry wet after washing? The causes of this malfunction for most modern washing machines are the same. In this article we will try to understand them.

The first and most important symptom of defective spin function is wet laundry.

This problem may look different, but it results in the same thing. The most common situation is when the washing machine does not empty the water and accordingly does not spin it. The machine is programmed in such a way that if the water is not drained to the proper level, the “spin” program will not start.

washing, machine, does, spin

Wet laundry after a wash is a sure sign of spinning problems



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