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The washing machine Bosch program is broken

Washing program freezes

Bosch MAXX 5 washes endlessly in any washing mode. All goes according to plan at first. The timer shows the remaining time, with the machine doing the laundry as it should. Then the timer reaches 1 minute and freezes. And the machine continues to do laundry as if nothing had happened. Have to pause and switch to rinse mode. Spin and flush without any problems. The filter is clean.

Check if there is any heat.If it is not heating replace the heating element.

Most likely you have a problem with the heater

The problem with the heating element or an electronic module, call your master

Check the connection of the machine to the sewer (the end of the drain hose must be at a height of 60-90 cm) if everything is in order, the problem is with the heating element

You need to do some diagnostics! You need to check the heating element and drain pump

The heater seems to be out of order, change the heating element

Good afternoon! In your case the electronic control module is likely to be defective. Its repair is usually carried out in the workshop on special equipment. Therefore, we advise to call a master from the service center, which will remove the electronic control board and after repair, properly install it back. Best regards. Repair of washing machines at home in Saint-Petersburg: the link

Good evening need to change the heating element (TEN) and you will be fine

Good evening! 90% failure of the heating element.

��Washing Bosch Logixx does not start the program, error F34

Thank you very much everyone who responded! And to those who pointed out the TEN, a special thank you and kudos! It turns out that six months washed in cold water. Changed the heating element itself and everything worked! FUEL, by the way, in 6 years has rotted almost completely. I just don’t understand. Why is this defect not diagnosed.

Bosch washing machine 1 min error

Hello, you need to look at the fuse, the temperature sensor. if everything’s okay, then the power to the heating element is on the control box

Hello ! My washing machine Bosch MAXX 6 the same, on the timer 0-01 washing process goes into a perpetual component, I have to turn off and put the rinse, but. I’ve burned out the heating element three times since 2005 and it wasn’t like that. Just noticed. that the door glass is cold and changed. I will of course check the fuse, but. I must have something else.

Help Once changed the pump, three times the heating element and recently, the drum seat

How to avoid breakage of the washing machine

If you are completely satisfied with your washing machine, and you want it to last as long as possible, be sure to read this article.

Washing Machine. fragile and delicate representative of household appliances. Washing machine breakdown. They are a nuisance, and it can cost a pretty penny to replace the heating elements or drum. To prevent this from happening, follow these simple rules.

How to safely wash things in a washing machine ? There are a few simple rules:

The right place

Taking care of the washing machine begins even before it is in use. Much depends on where you place the machine. Electronics don’t like moisture. Many people ignore this, and place the expensive assistant in the bathroom, where, as we know, the level of humidity is high. It is much better to put the machine in the kitchen, it is much drier, and the room is easier to air. This is the simplest rule, which will help to avoid a quick breakdown of the washing machine.

The Right Floor

The machine should stand as horizontally as possible. So all the unevenness of the floor leads to warping of the internal elements. Check that the floor, where the washing machine will be located, is as flat as possible, without warping.

Familiarize yourself with the instructions

Many people ignore it until the first problems appear, and in vain. Here are the operating conditions, possible malfunctions. Here you will find useful information on how to get things out of the washing machine, what to do if the program on the washing machine is lost, and much more.

washing, machine, bosch, program, broken

Do not use the machine as a support

Sometimes we take the washing machine as an extra shelf, loading it with everything we can. We would strongly advise against it.

Extend life

The most common fault of the machine. heating element overheating. To maximise the service life of the washer-dryer we recommend the installation of an inlet filter to prevent limescale build-up. When there is limescale in the machine, the heating element overheats and eventually breaks down.

Increase reliability

To protect the appliance from rust, the manufacturers install the strainer on the hose. It traps the rust particles, debris. Over time, the strainer becomes clogged, the water pressure becomes weak. With a bad head, the machine may not work at all or work intermittently. To avoid the problem, it is enough to periodically clean the strainer.

Or do not remove the mesh at all. Rust will settle on the pump, valves, other parts. We recommend installing a mechanical filter, which will get rid of large particles.

Reduce vibrations

Excessive vibration can also lead to breakdowns. Its level depends on the floor and the features of a particular model. We recommend installing the machine on a hard floor, which is not always possible. To reduce vibration and at the same time to reduce the noise level, we recommend the use of special rubber feet.

How to repair a Bosch washing machine that won’t start

Reduce the likelihood of leakage

If the hose leaks, water will get inside the machine where it can cause a lot of trouble. If the washing machine is not equipped with a multi-level leak protection, we recommend buying a special hose. It has two layers. If there is a breakthrough, the water gets in between the layers of the hose, then the valve closes and the water supply stops.

How to load the washing machine correctly

We often cause the malfunction ourselves. The reason for referral to the service center can become small buttons, fasteners, which come off during the washing and fall into the gap between the drum and the tank. To prevent this from happening, use laundry bags.

Don’t forget to check s for change, button all buttons, snaps, hooks.

Many of our subscribers often ask questions like: “Can I wash Plaid in a 6kg washing machine. “. Few people know that one heavy thing can cause distortion of the drum. We recommend that in addition to one heavy thing, put several smaller ones. This will avoid many problems.

Some modern machines initially have a function to eliminate imbalance. If you have such a model, this point can be ignored.

Connection to hot water pipes

It will worsen the quality of cleaning the laundry, the life of the valve will be reduced, and the dryer may fail. So that minimal savings on heating water will result in even greater costs for the repair of the washing machine.

Power surges

Voltage fluctuations in the network have destroyed more than one household appliance. To avoid being limited by the power supply, we recommend installing a power stabiliser.


Before you start the washing machine, make sure the laundry is completely in the tank. If clothes fall into the space under the hatch door, a piece of rubber may come off, and then water will leak during the wash.

Choice of temperature

We recommend washing at the lowest temperature possible. Not only will you reduce your electric bill, but you’ll also extend the life of the heating elements and reduce the risk of limescale buildup.

Select spin cycle

The lower the drum speed during spinning, the better. Fast spinning causes more wear and tear on the drive belt and things wear out quicker. The recommended spin speed:

400 rpm for woollens or delicates;

1000 rpm for jeans, towels, etc.

After the wash

Take the laundry out of the machine immediately after washing. To increase the service life, leave the appliance door closed after the wash. This will allow excess moisture to evaporate. Use a cloth to wipe the rubber seal.

Cleaning the Drain Filter

It is recommended to clean it after every 30 washings. It is easy to remove. The cleaning procedure is to rinse under running water and wipe dry with a cloth.

Water quality

We recommend you buy test strips and measure the water hardness periodically. You know exactly how much fabric softener to add, if any. This will avoid limescale on the heating element.

Breakdowns of washing machines. As a rule, are standard. Of course, following the simple rules outlined in this article, you can not completely avoid malfunctions, but you can delay their appearance.

How to reset the washing machine yourself

In today’s world, every home has a washing machine, which undoubtedly facilitates women’s work and saves time. You can simply load dirty laundry in this machine, select the required program and then go about your business. But in some cases it is necessary to urgently turn off the machine. This can occur if the white laundry in the machine by mistake loaded a dark, during the washing were found foreign objects in the device, to extract which should stop the machine, open it and take out all unnecessary. Another reason for reloading the washing machine is the wrong mode, which should be changed. In this review, we will consider how to reset the program on the washing machine if there was a malfunction.

What to do if the washing machine hangs

Since today’s models of washing machines have become “smart”, problems with the computer responsible for the modes of washing, spinning, rinsing and drying are not excluded.

If your machine is not stopping, t.е. There is a problem with the program, and it continues to rinse continuously the loaded items, then you need to turn off the.

In this situation, you need to eliminate the failure of the electronics by disconnecting the machine from the mains and draining it independently through a filter or an emergency drain. As a rule, the washing machine hangs on the rinse because it is clogged, which prevents the normal passage of water. This problem can be solved by cleaning the filter, or replacing it. If everything is normal with the drainage, then the cause is a faulty control board, motor brushes, or even a broken motor.

The motor

The system board controls the motor, sets the necessary number of revolutions for washing and spinning. A breakdown in the motor can cause programs to malfunction and damage the entire machine.

For diagnostics and repair of complex expensive parts of the washing machine contact our service.

To understand in detail the causes of program malfunction and methods of their elimination will help to

The program on the washing machine is broken what to do?

The modern automatic washing machine is a device, designed to simplify a person’s life, that is why it is not surprising that the slightest malfunction looks like a catastrophe in the eyes of its owners. No need to get frustrated beforehand. Program failure in the washing machine is not a reason to panic, but a call for immediate action.

Preliminary actions

What to do if your favorite washing program on the washing machine is broken? First of all we should not panic, run out and call a mechanic, or worse still, run to disassemble the washing machine. There are quite a few custom methods of fixing such problems, not sure they will work, but it’s worth a try. Let us list them.

  • Restarting the washing machine from the on/off button, as well as by disconnecting the power cord.
  • Starting the washing machine in test mode.
  • Starting the self-diagnosis of the washing machine.

When setting and starting a particular washing mode, a failure may occur. If the machine does not perform the program, the first thing to do is to press the button to turn off the washing machine, then wait 10 seconds, and then turn it on again and set the desired washing program. If this does not help and the problem repeats, disconnect the washing machine again, this time not only from the button, but also from the socket. Wait 5 minutes and then restart the appliance.

Some modern models of Indesit washing machines (and others) have built-in test modes or self-diagnostic modes. The manufacturer has specifically designed them to find and correct such failures. This mode can really solve the problem only in 10% of cases. Its main task is still to find the cause of the malfunction and thus save a lot of your effort and energy.

If the machine does not have a self-diagnostic or test mode, you will have to solve the problem manually through a scrupulous and methodical search. What else needs to be done as part of the preliminary actions? You need to check the connection of the machine to the sewer.

Note! There were cases when the wrong connection of the drain hose caused a “siphon effect”, i.e. self-drainage of water from the tank, and this, in turn, led to a failure of the washing program.

If the program failure occurs during the rinse/wipe phase, while the washing process was completed normally, the washing machine’s drain filter should be cleaned. What to do?

  • In the right bottom corner of the machine we find the safety hinged bar.
  • Under the bar find the large drain plug.
  • Place a large rag under the machine, then open the plug and drain all the water from the hole.
  • Check the filter for foreign objects like hair, coins, paper clips, etc.
  • Replace the plug and try to re-start the wash program.

Order of finding a fault and ways of solving the problem

The error code indicates a problem with one of the SM parts. If, for instance, error F03 appears on the display or light bar, it means that the electric heater assembly is defective. It is logical to check the heating element itself, then check the temperature sensor, then check the continuity of the circuit between the sensor and the connector of the control module. Usually at this stage the malfunction is detected, which you can fix on your own if you have the skills to use a multimeter.

For example, here’s some list of chores you do yourself:

  • mechanical repair to clean the water inlet filter;
  • cleaning the sump in front of the sump pump;
  • clearing a clogged water discharge;
  • The heater replacement;
  • Belt replacement;
  • other repairs.
washing, machine, bosch, program, broken

This can be done on your own if you have parts for replacement. But there are complex faults, where without professional tools and knowledge of CM electronic devices to perform self-repair is impossible. Attempts to independently replace faulty elements of the control module’s circuit board can lead to complete unusability of the entire module. In the case described above, you may need to look for the cause in the control module PCB itself, perhaps one of the board components is out.

Another difficulty of repair consists in the fact, that contacts of details on printed-circuit boards of some SM models are sealed with gel, and it is difficult to get to unsolder the defective details.

Tip: a complete control module costs a lot of money so when you are offered to replace the whole unit, think. is it worth the money if you can just replace the faulty components of the circuit board: capacitors, coils, diodes, possibly a power supply or processor unit. It is cheaper.

As a rule, the repair of the control module is carried out in service workshops where the defective components are replaced with the original ones. Each model has an electronic diagram of connectors and contacts which are responsible for the operation of individual programmable machine components: solenoid valves, electric motor, water pump, thermostat, etc. The sensors transmit this information to the corresponding connectors on the printed circuit board of the control module SM.

What to do if the washing machine hangs

If the washing machine hangs on the rinse after switching on and working for a long time you need to turn it off. An Indexit washing machine can be stopped by pressing the power button. Then drain the tank through the drain filter and remove the laundry from the drum. Drain the washing machine while it is washing by tilting it backwards and putting a container under it.

Check for foreign objects in the filter, which could make it difficult to drain the water and cause the washing machine’s electronics to malfunction. Detected items should be removed, and the filter should be washed and put back in place. Then restart the Indesit washing machine and pay attention to its further operation.

If the machine continues to wash and does not stop, then the failure has occurred for other reasons:

  • The drain pump is out of order;
  • The electric motor has malfunctioned;
  • Problems in the operation of the electronics;
  • No power in the electrical network.

In any case, if the washing machine hangs on the rinse, it must be unplugged, free the drum from the items, drain water through the filter or hose of the emergency drain near it and proceed to repair the product.

The problem of this nature does not go away by itself and is sure to repeat in the future if it is not corrected in the first case. Often the cause is just a clogged filter, which you can handle yourself. But other causes can’t always be fixed by yourself and require an expert.



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