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The split system does not pull in the heat

Why does the air conditioner cool poorly

If for some reason the split system did not cool the airspace of the apartment or office, then this brings great disappointment. After all, in this case, the main concept of this device does not solve: it does not bring cool. And the use of the climatic for a long period has become so familiar to us that life in the summer heat without it is no longer possible.

Why does the wall air conditioner do not cool properly? To understand this, you need to understand the reasons why this phenomenon takes place. This will be presented below in the article.

What the cooling ability of the air conditioner depends on what

Cooling ability is the main characteristic of the air conditioner that determines the efficiency of climatic equipment. The power of cooling parameter is selected taking into account the area of ​​the room where the device will be installed. For the calculation, this formula is taken: at 10 kV. m rooms with ceilings of not more than 3 meters-1 kW of cooling power.

Now we consider how to determine whether the cooling of the air conditioner really worsened and is there a need for repair work, or if such an assessment of the performance of the device was a biased.

The cooling ability of climatic systems largely depends on the air temperature on the street. Effectively working air conditioner will provide an optimum air temperature inside the premises, the difference of which can be 8-12 0 or more. If the difference in temperature regime on the street and in the room where the air conditioner works is less than this parameter, then we can conclude that the split-equipment malfunctions.

How to adjust the air conditioner for heat

In 50% of cases, the air conditioner poorly heats the air in the room due to incorrect settings of the working regime. Before setting this option, carefully study the user’s instructions!

How to set up air conditioning for heat:

split, system, does, heat
  • Make sure the air temperature on the street corresponds to the recommended values.
  • To turn on the “Heating” mode, use the buttons on the internal unit or DPU panel. This mode on the remote control is indicated by the inscription Heat or in the form of an image of the sun.
  • Run the mode and set the required air heating temperature.

The first flows of warm air will not be felt immediately, but only after 1-2 minutes, and the achievement of the set temperature will occur in 10-15 minutes. Therefore, if immediately after starting the program, the air conditioner gives out cold air, do not sound the alarm, you just need to wait a bit while the equipment redirects air flows and begins to heat it.

If after this time the air conditioner continues to work for cooling, try to drop the settings in the remote control and restart the working mode. Did not help? So, there is a more global problem of malfunction, which an experienced master from the service center can always determine.

Extraneous noise in the air conditioner

During the operation of the air conditioner for a number of reasons, extraneous noises may occur. a characteristic crack, hissing, trim, strong hum, etc. D. Reasons causing atypical sounds can be several. Consider them.

The reasons for the appearance of extraneous noise:

  • filter or heat exchanger pollution;
  • unreliable fastening of parts in the block body;
  • disturbed tightness of the pipeline;
  • failure of the adjusting transformer;
  • Development of a working resource.

In this case, you also can not do without the help of the master.

Why does the air conditioner cool the air in the apartment

So, your air conditioner cools poorly. The reasons that could lead to this:

  • Dirt in the filters of the inner block. In such cases, the air conditioner usually cools slightly, but does not stop working completely. The air conditioning filter, of course, does not cool anything in itself. It works in the same way as any other similar device: it is a net that does not pass the garbage inside the air conditioner. But if there is a lot of garbage, then the same result arises: the air conditioner works, but does not cool.
  • The pollution of the heat exchanger is a similar cause, because of which the air conditioner also blows, but does not cool the room. The bottom line is that various garbage, dust, fluff, etc.D. get into the air conditioner block. The dirty urban air itself can cause contamination of air conditioning parts. Because of this, he stops cooling.
  • Fan pollution. and again the reason why the air conditioner does not cool is dirt. Here the solution is very similar to the one we used for the filter: just take and my fan with soap. He begins to work at the same speed, and our air conditioner cools the room, as before.
  • There is not enough freon. the situation is very common. Freon is a substance also known under the names “Cryadagent” and “Crydon”. It is it that enters the reaction of the air, which contributes to cooling. If there is no freon, then, of course, the air conditioner works, but does not cool. At the same time, Freon flows naturally through various joints of the pipes, so it ends in any device. It should be noted that some unscrupulous installers intend to tightly delay the joints of the air conditioner so that the freon flows faster, the device stops cooling, and you increasingly cause service to refill the freon. So be vigilant. if you often have to refuel Freon, then there is a probability that you are driven by your nose. Given that there are several varieties, some of them are refuel according to special rules. But most can be seasoned on your own. And now. your air conditioner cools the room again.
  • The fan breakdown will naturally lead to the fact that the air conditioner does not cool. You will need repairs. With the same result, an electric motor or additional fee may break.
  • The breakdown of the four.year valve will also lead to the same result. the air conditioner does not cool the room. The purpose of this valve is to switch from cooling to heating. Only specialists can diagnose such a breakdown. Reveal it yourself, based only on the fact that the air conditioner does not cool, it will not work.
  • The compressor breakdown implies different situations: close, jamming, failure of the relay, problems with the capacitor, etc.D. In the last two situations, the replacement of the broken device will help. But the closure or jamming is already a more serious problem, because of which you will have to completely replace the internal block, not only so that the air conditioner began to cool, but also so that it simply turns on.
  • Malfunctions in temperature sensors. This means that your air conditioner itself is able to cool the room, but cannot correctly determine the temperature, so it does not cool when it is necessary. Here the output is simple. replacing broken sensors.
  • Increased or reduced pressure often affects sensors sensitivity. Sometimes the air conditioner does not cold because of him, although everything looks like temperature sensors broke.
  • The capillary tube clogged. Usually understand that the problem is in this, is not difficult. Water does not drip from the external, but from the internal unit of the air conditioner. In such cases, cleaning the capillary tube helps, or its replacement with a new one, if it is advisable.

How to determine the serviceability of the split system

An important criterion for good operation of climatic control systems is the air flow temperature at the output of the evaporator block, which is in the range of 6-14 degrees for models of non.inverter. The exact value depends on the temperature of the external and internal air, the degree of clogging of the gratings of the system modules. The inverter class of air conditioners first give out the same temperature parameters, and when the air in the room cools, they gradually raise them to 12-18 degrees.

This parameter also depends on the manufacturer: in European and Japanese split systems, temperature readings are higher than in similar equipment from Asia and China.

However, this temperature does not always meet the declared criteria. What is the reason for this phenomenon. we will consider below.

Consider what problems with split systems can be tried with your own hands:

A sign of a possible reason for the method of elimination
Air conditioning does not cool the room The settings set too high temperature For quick cooling, it is better to choose the minimum temperature, and then switch to a comfortable
The technique turns on, but blowing warm air The fan or heating mode is selected Switch the split system to cooling mode
Split system blows warm air. The compressor located in the external unit does not turn on at all or is turned on for short intervals Low voltage in the network. It causes the compressor electric motor and its emergency shutdown It is necessary to install the voltage stabilizer on the air conditioner or the entire power supply in the house
A sign of a possible reason for the method of elimination
Weak cooling. Possible leakage or freezing of the internal unit of equipment Filting filters of thin and rough cleaning of the internal unit. Because of this, dust and other pollution begin to settle on the plates of the heat exchanger. As a result, the heat transfer of the radiator deteriorates and the cold production decreases Filters are removed and cleaned. When contaminating the evaporator and fan, the entire inner block must be disassembled
The air conditioner does not cold, the compressor in the outer block first almost does not turn off, and then stops working Pollution of the radiator of the external unit. The accumulated dirt makes the rotation of the fan compresses, worsens cold production, leads to overheating and turning off the compressor It is necessary to clean the outer block. In high.rise buildings, this can only be done using the services of an industrial climber
Split system after prolonged downtime blows normally, but cools slightly Insufficient amount of freon. Even in a completely sealed system, the evaporation of the refrigerant occurs at a speed of up to 7 % per year Filter refueling is required
There is blowing, air conditioning does not cold. The compressor in the external unit first works without stopping, then stops turning on. Possible indication of an error about reduced pressure A refrigerant leak from the system. With a small amount of freon, the compressor begins to work in enhanced mode. As the refrigerant is further lost, the electric motor overheats and turns off The master finds a leakage, sealing and vacuuming the system, after which it refuels it with freon
The air conditioner blows normally, the compressor of the external unit is almost not turned off, but the system practically does not cool. It is possible to freeze the tube leading to the evaporator Clogging of the capillary pipeline. Because of this, Freon begins to boil and give cold even to the evaporator. This leads to a fall in cold production, which the equipment is trying to compensate for the constant operation of the compressor Partial clogs can be eliminated by blowing the capillary pipeline under pressure. Removing a strong blockage requires the use of solvents and hydraulic cleaning. In particularly difficult cases, you have to change the capillary pipe
Air conditioner with hot air in cooling mode Damage of the switching four.way valve, which is responsible for changing operating modes The faulty valve needs to be repaired or changed. In some cases, if the owners of the equipment do not need a heating mode, the broken part is simply evaporated
There is a blowing air at room temperature. The compressor either does not start or stops working immediately after turning on the split system Compressor malfunction in the outer block. The most common breakdowns are a breakdown of windings, a cliff, an interval closing, jamming Compressor replacement is necessary. Node repair is possible only in case of jamming. For some models of air conditioners, it is advisable to fully change the external block during the compressor breakdown
Damage to the launch or working capacitor of the external unit Dismantling a faulty capacitor and installing a new
Fault of the compressor relay responsible for thermal protection of the electric motor Replacing thermorele
Blows cold, but cools weakly. The equipment is turned on for a short time and immediately turns off. Modern split systems give out error code A fault of the termistor located in the inner block, which tracks the temperature in the room. When failing, he can send an irregular signal to the control unit, which is why the air conditioner stops cooling Replacing faulty sensors
Damage to the temperature sensors of the evaporator or capacitor, which regulate the pressure in the system at different operating modes
Air conditioning blows, but does not cool. The compressor of the external unit works without stopping, and then turns off due to overheating External unit fan malfunction. The reason is most often overheating of the engine due to dust A complete replacement of the fan or its electric motor is required
Split system blows warm air The connection between external and internal blocks is violated. As a result, Freon ceases to circulate and the air conditioner begins to work in a regular fan mode. A similar problem is most often observed in old models. In new equipment, in case of violation of the connection between the blocks of the split system, it turns off and signals the malfunction of the error code Restoration of power supply of the external unit (elimination of problems with wiring or contact connections)
Inner unit control malfunction. Its causes are usually burned elements (power relay, amplifying microcircuits, microprocessor) Repair or replacement of the control module. In some cases, cleaning of the relay contacts helps
Damage to the inverter module of the external unit. In this case, the current ceases to enter the compressor Replacing a faulty inverter module

The reasons for the poor air conditioner

This problem is quite possible to cope on your own. It is necessary to open the cover of the internal unit of the air conditioner (usually it is held with plastic latches that open with a simple effort of the hand) and rinse the filters with running cold water (hot can deform them), after which install them in place.

split, system, does, heat

Particularly clogs poplar fluff and exhaust gases that form the film on the surface of the heat exchanger.

They can be cleaned with a high.pressure sink (Kurcher), steam cleaner, mechanical tools, special chemistry. Or order service.

split, system, does, heat

The air conditioner must be disassembled and cleaned by the internal unit fan, for example, with a brush or a sink of high pressure.

It is required to refuel the air conditioner with a refrigerant in any convenient way, having previously detected and eliminating the cause of the freon leakage.

The reason for this may be a breakdown of the control board, starting/working capacitor, electric motor, and in the case of the fan of the external unit, there is also an interblord connection.

This valve is located in the external unit of the split system and is responsible for switching the operating modes of heat/cold. It can be replaced or replaced.

The compressor can jam, a breakdown of windings on the housing, inter.flip.closing or internal cliff may occur. The starting/working capacitor or thermorela, the so.called “tablet” can also fail. The condenser and thermorela must be changed, but in other cases it is necessary to replace the compressor or completely external unit (the jammed compressor can be tried to “split”)

In inverter air conditioners, the compressor may not work due to the inverter power module.

Sensors can be closed whether they are closed or their resistance not to match the normal value, while the control board does not include the air conditioner or does not apply to the compressor, the sensors must be replaced with serviceable.

In this case, as in the previous one, the air conditioner includes protection until the malfunction is eliminated.

The air conditioner with a clogged capillary will not work normally, so it must be cleaned with a press or soldered to a new one. The capillary tube can be clogged with moisture, which can be removed by vacuuming.

These are the most basic reasons that the air conditioner does not cold or does not work well, but even if the air conditioner works fine, it gives out a normal temperature at the exit, but at the same time it is not cool in the room, this means that it is not correctly selected. An additional air conditioner or air conditioner should be installed.

In any case, in order to repair the air conditioning, it is important to make the correct diagnosis and identify the exact cause of the air conditioner breakdown.

Specialists of the Master Holdor company will determine any reason for the malfunction of the air conditioner and make professional repair.

Want to repair air conditioning yourself? We will definitely help you on our forum.

To get a consultation:

Trying to understand why the air conditioner does not cool, first of all look at the settings. It may be set too high temperature, and you just need to set a lower value. If the modes are selected correctly, but cooling is still ineffective, it is worth continuing to search for a problem.

If the air conditioner does not cool the air, the reasons are as follows:

Blowing goes, but it is not cold enough. The indoor unit leaks and there is icing.

Air filters are very contaminated, because of which the radiator does not give the cold. If the pollution is serious, the evaporator tubes can be covered with ice. Blok can leak due to a clogged drainage tube.

Clean filters. They easily get and wash in warm water (not hot!). It is necessary to rinse the pallet and drainage tube, treat them with an antiseptic.

The split system blows with a barely cold air stream, the compressor of the external unit turns off after a while.

The radiator of the street unit is contaminated. If there are flowering plants near the house, they quickly clog the heat exchanger with fluff. This significantly worsens heat transfer, and the compressor turns off due to overheating.

Wash the radiator with a high.pressure sink. It is possible to do this yourself only in a private house or if the block hangs on the ground floor. In other cases, specialists with auto.items will be required.

split, system, does, heat

Warm air comes from the blind. The compressor of the external unit turns on for a few seconds or minutes, and then turns off.

Perhaps the case is a low network voltage.

You need to put the voltage control relay.

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If you examined everything, and did not break down, the help of specialists will be required.

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