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The refrigerator flowed what could be

Why the refrigerator flows

Freon R600A is gaining popularity. Cheap in production, equipped with good technical indicators, explosive, with a leak is able to cause asphyxia. It has a suffocating action. Progress is underway, today the amount of gas required for the correct functioning of the refrigerator has decreased ten times in contrast to the structures of the first half of the last century. Allowed to reduce the concentration so, with an instant R600A leak from the refrigerator, the explosion was excluded (at least 20 cubic meters). Thinking why the refrigerator flows, experienced repairmen use the term depressurization. The integrity of the Freon circulation tract is violated, the basics of equipment functioning are undermined.

The causes of the leakage of the refrigerators rotate around two factors: violations of the drainage system, non.files of the freon circuit. The reason is sometimes limited by a faulty thermostat. Let’s look at the principles of equipment.

Today, four refrigerators functioning schemes (kitchen appliances use one):

Troubleshooting Water Dispenser Issues


Classification by driving forces. Freon as a working substance is used by some schemes, adsorption. The refrigerant forces a special heating element that consumes a sea of ​​energy, the refrigerators of this type of widespread did not receive. However, an obviously undoubted advantage: silently. It is worth thinking when the nofrost fan begins to tire.

Thermoelectricity was opened two centuries ago by the Frenchman Peltier, who established: when a direct current passes through a special element formed by two semiconductors, conductors, the adhesion section is cooled. Change the polarity of the voltage. heating occurs. The principle of steel is the use of thermoelectric type refrigerators. Equipped with two radiators:

The inner air of the refrigerator decreases in temperature on the cooling radiator, the excess heat is given to the atmosphere on the heating. The devices use forced convection, each contains two fans. Thermoelectric refrigerators are of low efficiency, you can get small devices that feed on the voltage of an ordinary battery. Equipment is used to equip automobile equipment.

Incorrect installation

Most owners of this household appliances do not bother with the help of specialists and prefer to install it on their own. Most often they do it. But sometimes an incorrectly installed refrigerator can start leak. This is due to the fact that when the device is installed not in level, the door is not closed tight enough, and because of this heat penetrates the heat. This may cause the refrigerator to proceed. Solving the problem is quite simple. you need to set the device in level.

The drainage device can be damaged during the transportation of the refrigerator or during its movement, for example, in connection with the general cleaning. If this happened, you can try to put the phone in place so that it will again connect with a special tank. However, if even after that the liquid flows from the refrigerator, the rear surface should be checked for the absence of a crack. If the damaged part is detected, it must be replaced. It is not recommended to perform such an operation on your own. It is best to resort to the help of a qualified master. Failure of the moisture tank

The breakdown can be determined when examining the lower part of the back wall of the refrigerator. In this case, you can see how the liquid from the refrigerator flows down without stopping. The tank is subject to replacement, while again, it is better to entrust the repair to a specialist. However, before the master arrives, you can independently cover the crack of a sealant, impenetrable for water. Naturally, we are talking about a temporary solution to the problem. At the same time, the aggregate subsided in this way is able to work out for several days.

If the refrigerator leaks, you should not worry about the safety of the products. They will not be lost. The device itself also cannot suffer significantly.

Nevertheless, the cause of the leak will still have to be eliminated, because excess moisture has a negative effect on the condition of the surfaces.

How to avoid malfunctions?

So that the liquid inside the refrigerator does not accumulate, does not proceed to the floor, follow the recommendations for operation:

  • Follow the tightness of the device, do not leave the door open;
  • Store food in special containers, make sure that small crumbs do not fall into the drainage hole;
  • Do not store the liquid because evaporation will appear;
  • Place only chilled products;
  • During defrosting, do not use sharp cutting objects to extract stuck ice so as not to break fragile tubes;
  • During the door open, do not touch the seal, grease it with silicone;
  • Keep in cleanliness the interior of the camera, perform periodically wet cleaning and revision of the technique.

Do not ignore the liquid on the floor near the refrigerator, this is an occasion to carefully diagnose your technique. If a serious problem has arisen, it is advisable to contact the service center for repair, where the necessary measures will be taken and the problem will be eliminated. Timely repair of a faulty part, compliance with operating rules will help extend the life of the device. When rearranging, always check the condition of the camera, as well as the level of surface. The installation of the refrigerator of a non.uneven surface threatens the leakage of the refrigerator.

Obvious reasons for the refrigerator breakdown

With seeming banality, at first glance, having learned why the refrigerator flows from below, it turns out that the leak is not related to the breakdown of the refrigerator. Before you get tools or call a master, exclude signs of an external nature. The latter and could lead to the resulting water under the refrigerator. Check electricity. Perhaps they turned off the light, the outlet stopped working, or maybe someone weakly stuck an electric fork. Literally 2 hours without power supply, it is required to form a puddle under the refrigerator.

If the refrigerator is faulty, this causes special discomfort

Another reason for the occurrence of a leak, the following possible sources of flooding can be attributed:

  • Heating pipes
  • Washing machine (which is located next to the refrigerator in the kitchen)
  • The liquid spilled inside the refrigerator itself (for example, not tightly closed pack of juice, a package of milk or a bottle of mineral water. It often happens, not even from the fact that one of the household has weakly twisted the lid, but simply, manufacturers save on the packaging and the contained product follows).

When you exclude the obvious reasons for the breakdown of the refrigerator, feel free to start the next stage of the breakdown diagnosis.

Monitoring elimination measures

If the refrigerator’s chambers are dry, and there is a puddle of rotten water from the back, the reason is only in the system. You need to check if the tray is right. In some models, it is glued to the capacitor. Over the years, the connection may collapse. Perhaps the container leaned over. A hose along which water is dripping is lowered into the vessel cavity. He can jump out, then the liquid pours onto the floor, does not evaporate, forming a puddle.

Perhaps the leak appeared after cleaning the drainage. So the tube has become unusable. Only the master can change it. The work is simple, but requires the knowledge of the layout to dilute the circle of cold and the condensation reset. The spoiled tray to change and fix also trust the specialist. Temporarily under condensate, you can use a plastic bottle, but it should be regularly empty.

Why does water appear under the refrigerator

Any device requires maintenance. If the Knou Frost refrigerator has worked for 10 years without defrosting, then at any moment it may happen that water will flow from under the refrigerator through your fault. What to do? While there is time, stop the refrigerator, defrost it for several days, dry. All air labyrinths are covered with dirt. there is always dust in the air. There may even be fiber. pets wool. Clean. save the fan performance. Wash the drainage with a disinfectant solution. See how free of expiration is from the Shegla. These measures are carried out once a year and add reliability to the reliability system.

Pay attention to the back wall of the refrigerator. if it is overgrown with a thick snowy fur coat, the rewinding is broken or the door density has departed. Do not wait for water to appear under the refrigerator. What to do? Call the master. The reason can be not only in the hike, but poor operation of the cooling circuit.

Freezers of freezers of the freezer so that you can’t put forward? The door of the door is warm, the ice grows, which is why water accumulates under the refrigerator. First of all, you need to defrost blocks of ice. Then make sure that the drainage tube does not freeze passes the liquid. After the ice is touched, to make sure, the fan works, the heating heat heats up. If there are problems with the work of the heater, the services of the master will be required.

What to do if water flows from the refrigerator

First you need to remove the effects of the leak: gently (in order not to slip) wipe the floor, put under the refrigerator or a rag near it. Next, inspect the device from the inside and outside from all sides, if necessary, remove products. Subsequent actions will depend on what you will see: ice, accumulation of melt water, broken tank and so on. Here you need to decide what to do next: try to cope yourself or call a specialist.

There are a few of them. Perhaps one of them will come in handy.

  • When you determine the cause of the leak, you will surely think about whether it is possible to do without repair. And in some cases, the repair can really be done on your own. But if you see that the problem is serious, it is better not to aggravate the situation and seek help.
  • If you have enough skills, tools and patience, then in the process of repair videos will help a lot, which shows clearly what and where to remove, replace and twist. Also on some sites with repair services you can get advice from the master. Surely it will cost you cheaper than going home.
  • In the following rearrangements, it is recommended to always check the condition of the refrigerator. He should stand exactly with a tightly closed door. Then the warm air will not be able to penetrate inside and subsequently become the cause of the “flood”.

And, of course, the main advice is to read the operating instructions. This will not help to avoid corrosion of tubes and marriage, but agree: to determine the cause of the leak of the refrigerator is easier when it is clear how it is arranged.

The refrigerator flows below

What happened if brown fluid flows from below? There may be two reasons:

  • The drainage system was clogged with food garbage, which, rotting and exposed to bacteria, gives the water brown and putrefactive odor.
  • Oil follows from the compressor. this is a serious breakdown that comes from improper operation or electronics rips. Only professionals can cope with it.

Useful tips

So that there are no “fur coat” in the technique of several useful tips:

  • Open the door not for a long and not often;
  • Do not put open containers with liquids inside;
  • pack and cover the products;
  • On the inside of the purified evaporator, bed polyethylene film;
  • every 2-3 weeks thoroughly wash the refrigerator.

As you can see, you can fix many problems and leaks from the refrigerator yourself, and for some, the calling of the master is required. Do you have useful tips from personal experience to beginners. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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