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The refrigerator Bosch does not start the cause of the malfunction

Bosch refrigerators. We eliminate the malfunctions

On the door of the two.chamber refrigerator Bosch KGN39XW25R (with electronic control and the No Frost system) there is an indication of temperature in the refrigerator and freezer. When the door is closed, the indication burns dimly when it is open, it burns brightly. Now, with a closed door, the indication is gone, nothing burns. It works normally with the open. What could be the problem? In the lower part x.There is a ledge in the form of a small box, there is a damper. When you open or close the door, it sets. When it moves, it is very noisy (it looks like a tractor work). What could be the problem?

If the KGN39XW25R display in the X-KA models works dimly, or sometimes does not work, then this can be the reason for the failure in the control module. It is very difficult to say what could be the reason. Diagnostics by the master on the spot is necessary.

Bosch Gold Edition KGN39AK18R (No Frost). The essence of the problem: once a week I analyze the rear wall of the freezer and thaw the ice with an electric hairdryer (the ice formed does not allow air to circulate). After this operation it works fine for another week. Without this in the lower chamber 25. I understand that this operation should be performed, and they are not included. Tena rang. whole. Everything else works fine. If anyone has come across, help. Management is all electronic. A given temperature in the freezer.17 (min). The temperature holds normally.

Very often the problem arises with the evaporator sensor. It is better to check when the unit still works, because when it dries, it can show normal value. The sensor is on the evaporator. At the exit itself. (input. This is a thin tube). Do not confuse with thermal subject. He is in the middle and in black Cambrics. Meaning. at a temperature of 25s. About 5 kOhm. When heated, the resistance increases. over, the value should change stably, without “failures” and “cliffs”. Usually take in your hand and measure the tester. If the resistance increases smoothly, then look in another place, but if more, then less, then to zero. Then change the sensor.

Bosch KGN39VK15R two.chamber refrigerator with one compressor and Full No Frost. Alarm signal is constantly triggered several times a day, but the red light does not light up.

If x-k KGN39VK15R makes a sound, as with a long door, then the failure can be in the Herkono sensor of the door opening, if not, then the matter is at elevated temperature in one of the cameras. Check the freezer, if it is all in the snow and ice, then the breakdown in the system of the evaporator’s latch (the sensor of the latch or the heater of the evaporator).

In the refrigerator Bosch KGN39VK15R does not work in the refrigerator. How to fix?

If the evaporator fan does not work, then the case may be in the following faults: the fan motor is out of order and must be changed to a new one; The evaporator is all in the ice and the malfunctions in the system of the evaporator’s tightening (the thawing sensor or the heater of the evaporator). Ice and snow interferes with the rotation of the fan; The failure of the sensor x.To.

Installed a two.chamber refrigerator Bosch KGN39VW14R with electronic control and No Frost in both cameras. All indicators lit up, as written in the instructions. I checked whether there would be a signal with an open door for more than a minute, but there was no signal, but today the ALARM indicator does not light up. What is the reason?

ALARM indicator is turned on only at insufficient temperatures in one of the chambers. While you turned on the unit yesterday, there was not enough temperature in the cameras and Alarm burned. Now, the temperature is typed normal and Alarm should not burn. So that this is the normal operation of the device and you should not worry about this.

refrigerator, bosch, does, start

We have a two.chamber refrigerator Bosch KGN39VW19R with electronic control, one compressor and No Frost in both cameras. Disabled it for a while. When turned on, the upper chamber does not cool. Why is this happening?

If the refrigerator camera does not work in the KGN39VW19R, then you need to check if the evaporator was frozen in the freezer, it can interfere with the fan. In this case, the heater of the evaporator or the sensor of the latch may be faulty. If there is no ice and snow in the freezer, then the control module or fan motor can be broken.

I have a refrigerator Bosch Gold Edition KGN39AD18R No Frost. The freezer was writing up yesterday because the temperature rose to.13 degrees. When you press the ECO button, there is no reaction, but the freezer has responded to Super, and the temperature has begun, but the compressor was all the time. This morning the temperature reached.18, and I pressed Eco. A few hours later again.13 and squeaks. What broke?

There can be a lot of reasons for the malfunction of the freezer (depending on the number of compressors, such as control and type of defrosting). In the mode, the super unit works “for wear”, and therefore turns off when overheating. Examples of malfunctions with a non.working freezer: blockage in the capillary system; Damaged motor-compressor, but t.to. In the super mode, it works unlikely; Malfunction of the thermostat (or sensor) of the freezer; Refrigerant leak (freon). First, we would advise you to defrost the unit for at least a day. If after that the freezer does not work at all, then this is most likely a leak or blockage.

Two.chamber refrigerator KGN39XW26R with electronic control with the No Frost system. During the defrosting, water appeared in the Hill. camera and on the floor under the refrigerator. The capacitance for collecting condensate is completely dry. Maybe a pipe clogged for water drainage? Is it possible to solve the problem yourself? How to clean a tube?

Most likely, in the X-KC KGN39XW26R, a drainage hole in the refrigerator was clogged. It is located below on the back wall below. You can clean it with something soft, like plastic and long (for example, a cocktail tube). After that, rinse with warm but not hot water directly into the hole.

Two.chamber refrigerator KGN39AK18R Gold Edition. Holo stopped working. camera and, apparently, the evaporator sensor broke again. But first a small background. A little more than six months ago (in June 2015) there was already such a problem. Called the master (not the official). After the freezer was opened (beyond the panel) found a huge fur coat on the evaporator (if I call it correctly). As the master explained, because of the fur coat the evaporator sensor broke. For a long time defrost (master) fur coat with a hairdryer. Then changed the sensor, gave a guarantee for six months and left. And after a few months again such a problem. Opened the freezer again, found a fur coat again. It is clear that I will call the master, and not to repair it myself. But I would like to understand the source of the problem so as not to step on the same rake. I read that mold could grow in the condensate removal tube. If so, then the replacement of the sensor is not a solution. Is it possible to do it yourself?

Operating procedure

Fill out an application for repairs by leaving an application on the site or by calling the Bosch service center by phone 7 (495) 134-83-02

By pressing the “Send” button, you agree to process personal data and confirm your age in accordance with the conditions.

Our Bosch dishwasher is already two years old, and we are used to it that it has been doing well with its duties. But one of the days, the dishwasher stopped turning on. We did not dare to independently disassemble the equipment, but immediately contacted the service center. Agreed the time of arrival of the master.It turned out that the reason in the wire that was pushed during the rearrangement of the dishwasher, and over time, the contacts were erased in one place.The impressions of the service are positive. We will recommend you.

Bosch oven was bought relatively recently, so they did not expect that there could be some kind of malfunction. But when used, it was found that it simply does not heat up to the desired temperature. We called the service center to consult. The master arrived in a couple of hours. It turned out that the oven was ceased to heat up due to a faulty heater. It had to be replaced. A guarantee was provided for the repair. Service specialists worked promptly and professionally. Let’s see how it will work. Thanks.

I use the washing machine almost every day. Children’s things, the clothes of a husband-slave-everything requires washing and leaving. And when my washer stopped turning on, I really panicked and decided to immediately call the Bosch service center. It’s good that the master arrived on the same day, dismantled the washer, changed something there, collected, and she began to turn on again. How good it is that there are masters who are responsible for their work and really know how to do it.

A few days ago, my washing machine began to junk, for some reason the squeeze stopped working. I was pleased that the master came to my house on the same day when I submitted an application, that is, I did not have to wait long. It is difficult to do without a washing machine. It can be seen right away that the master is real pros. Did everything quickly, skillfully, without unnecessary questions. Thank you very much for the repair!

Bosch dishwasher always worked perfectly, but once failed. The essence of the breakdown. does not warm the water. It’s great that there is such a service as going home to home. It would be very difficult to transport it somewhere. The master arrived at the agreed time, examined everything, replaced the failed details and everything. The dishwasher began to heat the water again, which I am very happy. I am without it like without hands. It can be seen that the master is very experienced, did work quickly. Thanks!

When my coffee machine stopped pouring coffee, I had to contact the Bosch service center to eliminate the breakdown. I want to say that I was very pleased with the responsible approach of the company to repair equipment at home. The master came on the day of appeal, quickly established the reason for the problem and repaired. The repair cost inexpensively, which also pleased me. Now the coffee machine works in the same mode. It’s good when the masters know what they are doing and are with their work with their work. I will recommend the service center to my friends.

Our washing machine broke. water did not heat up during washing. Already about to say goodbye to her and buy a new one, but, having promoted the of household appliances, we found out that we could not afford even a used machine. Decided to call the repairman and did not regret. After the visit of the employee of the Bosch service center, the old “washing” is again functioning. The master arrived quite quickly. 40 minutes after our call. Special thanks for the courteousness (patiently explained why the breakdown could happen, answered all questions) and accessibility (paid only 300).

Bosch refrigerator problems began a couple of months ago. They thought that due to loading or drops on the network, but the noise remained, the rumble intensified every day. The masters called. arrived quickly. Conducted diagnostics, clarified all the details, then after the coordination of the cost of began repair. By the way, the price was more than normal. they initially counted on a large amount. The refrigerator was repaired for about 1 hour, taking into account the time of diagnosis. quickly. In general, thank you with all my heart!

I faced such a problem. the refrigerator stopped turning on. I immediately turned to the Bosch service center. I called there, left a request, agreed on the time the master arrived. Honestly, I was not sure that everything would go smoothly. But indeed, at the appointed time on the day of my appeal, the master arrived, revealed the cause of the malfunction, a little “conjured”, changed spare parts and repaired the refrigerator. Now everything works fine. The refrigerator turns on and works in normal mode, as it was before. I have never regretted that I use the Bosch technique!


Methods of eliminating defects are different: you can invite the master or carry out repairs with your own hands.

Independently eliminate such breakdowns:

  • increased noise;
  • vibration;
  • excessive cooling of products;
  • lack of light of the indicator;
  • fluid accumulation in the lower part of the unit;
  • compressor operation;
  • The starting relay of the motor ceased to turn on.

The Bosch refrigerator will not tremble if the suspensions are adjusted, creating a gap of 8-10 mm. Damage to pipelines in contact with the refrigerated unit housing causes unpleasant knocks. The master visually finds problems and bends the tubes in the other direction.

The elimination of trembling relay begins with determining its correct position in relation to the mark.

The relay should be reliably connected to the body. If in the unit of the KGN39XW25R model, data on the display are poorly visible, the reason is the control module. The wizard should be called for diagnosis.

Sometimes a problem appears in the operation of the evaporator sensor. Tenes do not function when turning on, but they are whole. The sensor is located on the evaporator. At a temperature of 25 ° C, the indications correspond to 5 kOhm. If heating occurs, resistance grows. With the help of a tester, its value is measured, if the value has increased much, it is necessary to look for the cause of the defect. When it fluctuations and a complete stop, the sensor replaces is replaced.

Useful tips

The two-chamber unit of the brand Bosch KGN39VK15, which has 1 compressor and Full No Frost system, may appear a constant Alarm signal 3-4 times a day in the complete absence of red light.

The Bosch KGN39VK19R unit does not work well if the door does not close tightly. The reason is the breakdown of the sensor. It is necessary to inspect the freezer, if it is completely covered with ice, the evaporator has become unusable.

Repair of the refrigerator Bosch KGN39VK19R is necessary if the operation of the fan located in the refrigerator is broken.

The breakdown of the evaporator is caused by such problems as:

Defects in the freezer depend on the work of compressors, control systems, drip defrosting system.

If you set the supermination mode, the refrigerator will work at full power. It can overheat and turn off. If the freezer chamber is faulty, there are: violation in the drip system of defrosting, the motor failure, the compressor breakdown, the problem in the thermostat, the refrigerant leak. The unit should be thawed. If the camera does not work, you need to check the presence of a blockage.

Malfunctions and repair of Bosch refrigerators

A week ago I bought a two.chamber refrigerator Bosch KGN39VL15R with the Full No Frost system and electronic control. Everything is normal with him, except for one. compressor sound. Its main problem is not a volume, but the nature of the sound. It is not even, but “wave.like”. above-niger-luna-lower with an interval of 2-3 seconds. It is this “wave.shaped” that catches the hearing and strains. The compressor does not concern anything, the sound goes straight from it. Stands according to all the rules, leveled away, etc.D. Compressor Jiaxipera NB1114Y. Question: Is such “wave.shaped” in the compressor work is acceptable? The warranty said that they could not help on the phone, they can send the master, and he will say that it is normal because the sound is not loud.

Norms, for the operation of the compressor do not exist. In the KGN39VL15R X-KO model, noise levels up to 42 dB are allowed.

Bosch KGN39VL11R refrigerator. When opening the door, the displayed temperatures in the main department and in the freezer light up on the display. After closing, these values ​​burn for a few seconds brightly, and then go into the operating mode, t.e. dull. This function disappears, when opening everything burns, and when you close, then after a few seconds everything goes out.

Perhaps for x-ka KGN39VL11RR includes the saving mode, read the operating instructions.

Tell me what happened to the two.chamber refrigerator Bosch KGN39VI15R with electronic control and the Full No Frost system (does not require defrosting). The upper chamber does not cold, but the freezer freezes. He invited the master, he said that the fan did not work, changed it to a new one, but he also does not turn on. Then he climbed to look at the door button, broke it off and broke it. Then he made wiring with two ends and inserted it, that is, the type made it directly, but the fan does not twist. Where to look further? Maybe this button is needed or something else has broken?

The cooling of the refrigerator chamber on the KGN39VI15R model occurs due to the freezer of the freezer: along special channels, cold air from the evaporator using the fan enters the refrigerator compartment. Indeed, if there is no cooling in x.K, maybe the fan can be faulty. While the fan does not work, the cooling of the refrigeration department will not begin, and the freezer will be badly freezing. The button only affects the fact that when the door is opened, it turns off the fan. If you have not earned an exception of the fan after replacing the fan and excluding the button from the chain, then the reason is most likely in the control module (electronic controller). You need to look at the chain from the fan to the module, including the elements on the module responsible for the power of the fan.

Stopped freezing Bosch KGN39VL15R. The compressor starts, but the fans are not heard and warm air in the refrigerator. Where to begin?

The problem is widely known. Farm the evaporator. Cause. The drainage plastic tube has broken off in the lower part of the unit, which acts on the principle of hydraulic system. As a result of which the warm air is sucked into the freezer. Drainage freezes.

Bosch KGN39SB10R two.chamber refrigerator with electronic control, one compressor and No Frost system in both cameras. On the display of the refrigeration chamber is “but”. What does this mean and what is connected with? The freezer works fine.

If the KGN39SB10R is burnt in the “Ho” indicator. This means high temperature in the hall. chamber. T.to. You have a refrigerator with Full No Frost, the malfunction may be as follows: the evaporator fan has broken, which supplies cold air into the refrigerator; The sensor of the evaporator’s racks failed, deliberately snow and interferes with the rotation of the fan; The heater of the evaporator burned down. cm. previous item; DISPECT in the operation of the control module.

The Alarm button on the Bosch KGN39VL19R refrigerator does not burn (two-chamber, electronic control and No Frost in both cameras, one compressor engine). The unit freezes, holds the temperature, but when you open the door in the refrigerator compartment, there is no sound signal, and in the freezer, when opening there is a sound signal. Is it serious?

If when opening x.To the KGN39VL19R model, the sound signal does not work, then the door to the door open can be faulty and you can replace it with a new.

Bosch KGN39NW19R refrigerator (two.chamber with No Frost). Approximately every three months, the ice intends in the freezer, and begins to squeak the signal. You have to defrost, dry for two days and then after a few months the story repeats itself. Called the masters already three, each is doing something, but the result is the same. Please help with advice why freezing occurs? Where to look for the cause?

If the KGN39NW19R holler intends to snow in the freezer, then the matter is the malfunction of the system hidden the freezer of the freezer, namely: a failure in the operation of the control module; The failure of the heater of the evaporator; Damage in the sensor Output of the evaporator.

Bosch KGN39VL14R refrigerator (two.chamber with electronic control and one compressor). At the first turned on, a constant signal sounds, and the scoreboard, where the freezer shows, constantly blink 00 and min. If you press the buttons, it does not react, in t.h. Alarm button. The main department and the freezer are working fine. What is it?

During the start of work, X-K KGN39VL14R is gaining temperature and the signal says that he has not yet gained the necessary temperature in both cells.

I have a refrigerator Bosch KGN39VL14R. Below, where the freezer, hot side walls from the outside. Tell me what the reason is? The unit is new.

Partially the capacitor tube (heat removal) is located in the aggregate case, hence and heating. There are no reasons for concern.

I bought a refrigerator Bosch KGN39VI15R, turned on, like a frost, it costs 4 on the panel and.eighteen. I worked like this for 4 days, but it is not possible to change the temperature settings on the panel. Trying to change the values ​​of the keys and., Pre.activating the desired department. The meaning seems to change to the right one, but immediately returns to the old one (to 4 or.18, respectively). The same with the super.commercial regime. The ECO mode is also not activated, when you try to activate the value, they blink and return back. The remaining modes work (Hollyday, Lock, Timer), squeaks with an open door. In addition to the problem with the panel, it gives the impression of a completely efficient device. Tried to turn off for 20 minutes and turn on again. did not help. This is a problem? And it is not entirely clear what it shows the installed or current temperature on the panel? In the documentation, this is somehow incomprehensibly described. Where then to see the current temperature?

The reasons for the problem

In general, Alarm on the refrigerator Bosch squeals if the temperature rose in the freezer or refrigerator. In this way, the indicator warns about the possible breakdown of the unit and that the products may deteriorate. Alarm translated from English means “anxiety”. The signal zummer is triggered at the same time as the light bulb. By the way, the warning lights up and when the temperature, on the contrary, drops below the set level.

refrigerator, bosch, does, start

If the indicator lights up and the sound signal in the Bosch refrigerator is triggered, you can do the following:

  • If the indicator has worked with the initial launch of the equipment or after washing the device, you do not need to do anything. The signal will turn off automatically as soon as the temperature in the chamber reaches the required values.
  • Indication is activated when overloading the strips of compartments with products. As soon as they cool, sound disconnected. But we do not recommend overloading the shelves.
  • The bulb will light up if the door is not closed. In this case, warm air will fall into the camera. Just check the door closing density and, if necessary, cover it as tight as possible.

It happens that Alarm is triggered in Bosch refrigerators without No Frost when the ice is formed on the walls of the chambers. In this case, the compressor begins to work without stopping. In this case, the unit just needs to be defrosted, washed and dried.

When the repair is required?

Repair of refrigeration equipment will be required in the following situations:

  • Wear of the door seal. Gum is installed around the perimeter of the door. If damage has appeared on it, or it is deformed, you need to replace the replacement. Otherwise, the compressor will work with a high load and will quickly fail.
  • Damage to the door loops. From the time between the body and the seal, gaps may form due to deformation of the loops. It is necessary to adjust their position by adjusting the departure of the supports and moving the loops. If the problem does not solve, the loops must be changed.
  • Compressor malfunction. If the motor is out of order, its diagnosis is carried out. With a break in windings, short circuits, the compressor is restored or replaced. In parallel with this, the filter-dryer is replaced and the refrigerated circuit refueling by freon.
  • Refrigerant leak. The refrigerant circulates the contour of the refrigerator. If the leak forms, the temperature rises in the chambers, as a result, the indication turns on. It is necessary to identify the place of leakage, carry out sealing, and then season the system by freon. Also, the replacement of the evaporator radiator can be performed.
  • The blockage of the capillary pipeline. If oil gets inside, dense deposits form in the tubes that block the cross section. In this case, you need to rinse the channels and blow. If the situation is serious, a complete replacement of the tubes is performed.
  • A malfunction of the temperature sensor. The part is not subject to repair, only replacement.
  • Problems with the hidden system. In this case, an alarm also turn on. To eliminate the malfunction, the sensor of the thaw, fan or heating tank is replaced. It depends on the nature of the breakdown.
  • ECU malfunction. Control unit. “heart” of the refrigerator. With its breakdown, the technique begins to work with failures. Depending on the nature of the malfunction, the module is either restored or changed in collection.

Why is the temperature indicator on the refrigerator flashes?

To the main reasons because of which the Bosch refrigerator flashes the temperature indicator, include:

How to make sure the alarm in your Bosch fridge doesn’t go off

  • Malfunction of the thawing system.
  • Damage of the control module.
  • Failures in the work of the thermostat.
  • Problems with the cooling system.
  • Compressor malfunction.

In two.chamber models, the indication is triggered if the temperature surges occur both above and below the established limit. Therefore, the diode can also work if the unit door was open for a long time. The indication starts in situations when the freezer compartment is overloaded or at the first launch of the refrigerator.

At the first launch, the icon will blink until the device takes the optimum temperature.

What can be done yourself?

Eliminate the problem with the flashing indicator in some cases can be eliminated independently. First of all, you need to check whether the door door is closed. If it is not fully covered, just close it denser. You can also try to reboot the equipment if the indicator has worked due to a short-term software failure. To do this, turn it off from the network for 15-20 minutes, and then turn it on again.

If the badge blinks due to a large amount of ice in the freezer, you need to see the following:

  • What mode is exhibited. When setting a super.commercial mode in the freezer, ice will appear and the indicator will work. You just need to set the normal mode of operation of the equipment.
  • Defrost the device. Perhaps in a model with the No Frost system on the fan blades intended with ice, so the temperature in the compartments rises and the temperature lamp flashes and flashes.

If the listed actions do not help rectify the situation, most likely you will have to contact a specialist.

Repair of Bosch refrigerators yourself


The fuse is turned off or failed.

Too low ambient temperature.

Elimination 2:. Check the fuse, replace if necessary.

Elimination 3:. Check the power supply.

Elimination 4:. Try to solve the problem by reducing the set temperature.

Recently, a large number of warm products were laid in the refrigerator.

The ambient temperature is too high.

The refrigerator doors were open for a long time or often opened.

Elimination 2:. Check if the door is tightly closed.

Blocking for children’s safety is activated.

refrigerator, bosch, does, start

Elimination 2:. Deactivate the blocking for the safety of children.

Ice cubes in the ice container were frozen or stuck in the exhaust opening.

Elimination 2:. Check the ice container and, if necessary, empty.

Staggering or jamming boxes or shelves.

Elimination 2:. Move the refrigerator from the furniture standing nearby and other household appliances.

Elimination 3:. Check how removable parts are installed and, if necessary, place them correctly.


Information, to eliminate the malfunctions of the Bosch refrigeration equipment, is constantly supplemented and updated. If you have not found an answer to your question, you can always get advice from our specialists.

Answers to questions about repairing refrigerators Bosch


Hello. Ice delights on the back of the refrigerator. Refrigerator Bosch, I don’t know the model. Lydia, Elektrostal, 13.01.2021


Hello. You did not indicate the model of your refrigerator, but the increase in a snowy fur coat is characteristic of models with a drop system of defrosting. To determine the exact cause of the malfunction, you need to diagnose. You can make an application for the visit of our master by phone-8 (495) 294-44-49.


Hello. The camera does not refire over the freezer. The freezer works. Bosch two.chamber refrigerator, KGN39VP10R/03 model. Tatyana Ivanovna, 20.12.2020


Hello! To determine the cause of the malfunction, you need to diagnose. You can make an application for the visit of our master by phone-8 (495) 294-44-49.


Hello. A alarm (red triangle) constantly burns on the control panel and indicators of the given temperature. After disconnecting and processing, the freezer is turned on for about five hours. But the temperature does not reach the norm. Always worked in mode.18 degrees in the freezer. I put it now.16 and still blinks. The indicator of the common camera also begins to blink. Apparently electronics dies? How much will it cost to replace this block? Unfortunately, I could not find a book with a description of the refrigerator. I can’t tell Mark. I just know that it’s Bosch. Bought more than ten years ago. Or maybe there is a marking on the back wall? Please inform. I don’t want to move it once again. Thanks.Sergey, the village of Christmas, Istrinsky district, region, 05.12.2020


Hello. To answer the question of how much it will cost, first you need to diagnose and determine the cause of the malfunction. You can make an application for the visit of our master by phone-8 (495) 294-44-49.


Hello! On the back wall (only a small fur coat appeared on the upper shelf). The refrigerator was defrosted. After turning on the fur coat, everything appears early. What is it? Bosch refrigerator, 10 years already.Oksana, 08.eleven.2020


Hello! The main reasons why snow ice is growing:. The temperature regime is set to the maximum, so the motor works at the peak of its power, the temperature sensor of the refrigerator or freezer in the evaporator came out of the freon, the freon’s leak or the circulation pipeline. To determine a specific reason, it is necessary to diagnose. You can make an application for the visit of our master by phone-8 (495) 294-44-49.

You can ask a question to a service specialist by filling out a feedback form.

Elimination of breakdown of refrigerators Bosch

Tell me, please, how to enable the supermarket mode for the refrigerator Bosch KGE39XL2or NatureCool Serie 4?

In order to use the super frost mode in the KGE39XL2or model, you need to press the Super button until the indicator on the control panel is displayed. Super defrosting turns on automatically approximately every 2-3 days. After starting this function, the unit works continuously. A very low temperature is set in the freezer.

Bosch dryer.- start button not working

The electronic control module is supposedly faulty. Bosch NatureCool Serie 4 KGE39XL2or two.chamber refrigerator. BO Work time on the back wall of the Holler. departments are drops of melt water or hoar. Why is this happening?

This is due to the constructive features of the unit. There is no need to worry, since the back wall thaws automatically. Melt water is collected in a drain groove. According to this groove, water flows inside and evaporates there.

I have the next question. Bosch KGE39AW25R Low Frost two.chamber refrigerator with electronic control and drip defrosting of the refrigerator, and manual defrosting of the freezer. He blinks and makes a signal indicator of the freezer. ALARM OFF button is burning. After pressing the button, the signal turns off, but the Alarm OFF button burns. Tell me what is the problem, what needs to be done?

If in the X-KK KGE39AW25R the Alarm indicator flashes, then this means insufficient temperatures in one of the chambers. The malfunction can be in the temperature sensor of a refrigerator or freezer. There may also be a failure in the work of controls.

Bosch KGE39AW25R refrigerator with 1 compressor and electronic control. In the middle of the night, the Alarm indicator began intermittently squeaks and burned. The temperature of the freezer flashed (critically decreased to.7, with established. 17). Opened and winged all the doors and after a couple of hours the same story. In the morning I turned it off, turned on it again, after 30 minutes again an intermittent squeak and alarm. The self.diagnosis program has not revealed any problems. With enviable regularity, continues to squeak. Ice and snow. With a refrigerator, everything is in order. What happened to him?

If the ALARM indicator burns in KGE39AW25R, this means insufficient temperature in one of the chambers. In your case, the following malfunctions are possible: Freon leakage in the system. You can check it for a day, if it does not turn on at all, then the case is in the leak; The failure of the freezer sensor of the freezer; DISPECT in the operation of the control module.

I have a two.chamber refrigerator Bosch KGE39AL20R with electronic control and one compressor. I defrost him. I set the temperature for both cameras again. After entering the mode, the temperature indicators went out. Appear only when the door of the camera is opened and then go out again. Is it normal or not? I don’t remember how it was before. Nothing is said about this in the instructions.

To say exactly how the display works in the KGE39AL20R model, we will not be able to. He can work quite well, as you described.

Not so long ago, the refrigerator Bosch KGE39XW2ar was bought. It seems to work fine, there are no questions for it. Just in case, I want to make it a self.test. Tell me how to realize it?

To start the self-testing program on the X-KK KGE39XW2AR, the following operations need to be done. Turn off the unit and wait 5 minutes. Turn it on and in the first 10 seconds after starting, press the Super button, and hold it in a pressed position for 5-10 seconds until the second warning signal sounds. The self.testing program will begin to be executed. Double warning signal, which sounds under the completion of the self.testing program, indicates the serviceability of the unit. The blinking of the Alarm button and a five.time acoustic signal indicate a malfunction.

The upper and lower chamber of the refrigerator Bosch KGE39AL20R does not cold. The room temperature holds. The compressor is buzzing, the tubes ate cold.

The most likely cause of the malfunction is the electronic module.

Two.chamber refrigerator Bosch KGE39XW2ar NatureCool Serie 4. I heard that sometimes it is necessary to clean it and washing. Tell me how to do it right?

For cleaning, use a soft cloth and warm water with a small amount of detergent with neutral pH. Water for cleaning should not get into the lighting system. The door seal should only be wiped with a cloth moistened in clean water, and then thoroughly wiped the dry. Do not allow washing water to drain through the drainage hole into the evaporation zone.

Two.chamber refrigerator KGE39AK22R with one compressor. The compressor is constantly working, holds the temperature, which you will set software. The power supply that is located below is working. Suspicions of the control board, which is located at the top. Tell me how to get to it, what needs to be unscrewed? I’m currently managing them manually.

Below the power supply for halogen (light bulbs). You unscrew the two screws on top. You push the panel into which the board is inserted with a small screwdriver (it is on latches). Three options: sensor, valve, refrigerator has already been repaired. Symptoms of a malfunction: does not turn on at all, turns on, but the compressor does not start. These models turn off m.to.

Tell me, please, what could be the reason for the breakdown of the refrigerator Bosch Electronic KGE36al20R No Frost? It has one compressor and he stopped cold.

If both cameras of KGE36al20R do not work, then a motor-compressor motor may be out of order, or a freon leak from the system. Also, the thawing sensor can be broken, and the refrigerator is continuously in the hike. If only x does not work.K, then there may be a breakdown of the system of hidden evaporator. Heater of the evaporator or sensor.

I have a two.chamber refrigerator Bosch KGE 39AW25 Sportline works perfectly, everything is fine, but sometimes the red indicator Alarm lights up, and it starts to squeak. After clicking on any button, the sound disappears, and the indicator goes out, but after some time it repeats again. What to do and what is the reason?

If the KGE 39AW25 x-co is burning an indicator of breakdowns and sounds are heard, then this means a malfunction in work. That is, high temperature in one of the chambers. While the breakdown is not eliminated, the error does not stop arising.

Bosch KGE36AL20R refrigerator with the upper freezer (electronic control and No Frost). The problem is that the freezer is very freezing from the inside, especially in the front, it is overgrown with a thick layer of hoarfrost and ice. Please tell me what can be faulty and is it possible to cope with the problem yourself?


I figure out what to do if the temperature indicator began to flash, it is necessary to evaluate the tightness of the door of the door. Otherwise, a cold leak from the camera may occur. The user is provided with the following repair options:

  • Lost the door of the door. cold air goes through voids and cracks, which is accompanied by a characteristic indication. First of all, you need to carefully inspect the seal. It can be deformed and become unsuitable for further use. Sometimes the restoration of the elastic bands implies its straightening with hot air. complex malfunctions require replacing the part.
  • Closing sensor malfunction. Often, the button of this part is not triggered or damaged, so the system gives an error. The problem is solved by replacing the failed element or gluing a segment of rubber.

If the reason for the indication is to increase ice or hoarfrost in the freezer, you will need to perform several simple manipulations in order to return the system to the previous performance.

The leading models of Bosch refrigerators support the NO Frost defrosting system, which provides uninterrupted operation for several months without planned defrosting. If this does not prevent the problem, it is worth evaluating the indicators of the temperature indicator. if the maximum mode is selected, you need to lower it to the middle. This will not have much influence on the quality of frost, but will prevent the appearance of annoying indication. In the absence of positive results after these actions, the help of a specialist will be required.

The key node of each refrigerator is the compressor. The system through a given period of time includes it to restore the optimum temperature. However, if the part starts excessively or works without stopping, this signals about any breakdown.

To restore the previous state of the unit, it is necessary to evaluate its external state. perhaps Freon flowed out of the system. Under such circumstances, you will need to seek help from specialists.

Indication blinks during malfunctions in the control board. look at the position of the temperature sensor, it determines the current operating mode.

Often the panel is contaminated with fat and condensate, which is why the buttons cease to respond to clicks. To solve the problem, you need to do a visual examination of the part and get rid of fat deposits or traces of dirt. However, the cleaning process should be as careful as possible so as not to damage the component.

Tips to the owners

In order for the refrigerator to serve for a long time and efficiently, it is necessary to take into account a number of tips for its operation:

  • Do not allow overloading the shelves and compartments for food.
  • Follow the temperature in the freezer compartment, avoid the appearance of ice or thawing.
  • Carry out planned cleaning of internal surfaces from pollution.
  • Close the door tightly.

Subject to these recommendations, the unit will last many years without repair.



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