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The reasons for the failure of the microwave oven

What to do if the microwave stopped turning on

In the work of any household appliances, failures occur. Most often they occur due to non-compliance with the rules of operation and care. If the microwave stopped turning on, it is necessary to understand the causes of the malfunction, eliminate them and try to avoid such situations in the future.

To make it easier to understand why the microwave does not turn on, you should first understand its design and the principle of operation. The device of all models is approximately the same. The stoves consist of:

  • magnetron, which generates energy;
  • transformer transforming energy;
  • rectifier or high.voltage diode;
  • heating chambers (with or without pallet);
  • pallet;
  • fans;
  • power cord and fork to connect the device to the electric network;
  • ordinary or quartz heater (installed in devices with grilled).

Когда СВЧ-печь подключают к электрической сети и запускают, на обмотки трансформатора подается напряжение, увеличивая которое он обеспечивает ускоренный подогрев. Using the magnetron connected to the induction coils, a high.frequency electric field is created, in which food is heated. To protect the magnetron from overheating, the heat.guide is installed in the device.

If the permissible heating temperature is exceeded, the thermallane automatically breaks the chain along which the electricity is coming. In this case, the microwave do not turn on. When cooling occurs, the relay returns contacts to the working position, and the technique begins to function again. Stopping the device is possible due to a fan that cools the magnetron and other technical elements and helps to spread air flows inside the chamber. If it fails, the control and protection system stops the operation of the equipment.

The microwave does not turn on due to improper operation or as a result of failure of parts.

Advice. Before moving on to diagnosis and repair, it is recommended to study the instructions for the operation of the device.

If after connecting and starting the microwave does not turn on, the first thing is to check the outlet. For this, another device is connected to it, for example, a table lamp. If it does not work, then the outlet is faulty. Then the microwave oven is included in another outlet and check its performance.

They also pay attention to the fork of the device, see if it is tightly included in the outlet. To check its performance, the equipment is connected to a carrying or tee. If the problem is eliminated and the stove has earned, in the future they adjust the connection to the power supply network.

Then check the door. The microwave oven is equipped with a special mode that does not allow it to turn on if the door is not closed completely. The cause of loose fit may be shook loops. In this case, the microwave clicks and does not turn on. To eliminate the problem, the door is removed, the loops are changed to new. This can be done independently, only a narrow screwdriver will be required to replace.

If everything is in order with the connection to the network and the door, you should consider options for technical breakdowns, due to which the microwave does not turn on. There are several of them.

Blocked fuses

Blocked fuses are immediately visible during examination. they blacken and swell. The faulty part must be immediately replaced, since without adjusting the temperature regime the microwave can burn out. The detail is changed to identical independently or turning to the master.

Transformer breakdown

The transformer belongs to the main components of the microwave, which processes and transmits the incoming voltage. It fails due to burning out the primary or secondary winding. This will be seen during visual inspection. Any malfunctions in the work of the transformer lead to the fact that the device ceases to function. It is difficult to eliminate problems at home, so you need to contact the master.

Office of the control unit

When the control unit fails, it is impossible to start the equipment. To verify the fee remove and inspect. Often a fuse is burned out on it, diodes, zener diodes and capacitors can be damaged. In this case, the repair of household appliances should be entrusted to the specialist.

Problems with the capacitor

Capacitor disruptions do not immediately lead to a disconnection of the device, but the accumulation of such problems provokes a breakdown of technology. The failed detail needs to be replaced. It is carried out by a specialist.

High.voltage diode malfunction

If the microwave oven does not turn on, the problem may be a breakdown of a high.voltage diode. The burned part is changed to a new.

The way out of the system of magnetron

Magnetron is a small block with antenna. Due to the fact that he gives electromagnetic waves, heating the dishes occurs. In the case of it, the stove stops turning on or works, but does not warm. To replace the magnetron, it is recommended to contact specialists. With an independent replacement, it should be noted that it should correspond to the old.

Damage to mica plate

Electromagnetic waves are reflected from this part, forming the necessary flows for heating dishes. When it wears out, problems arise in the work of technology. it ceases to warm up products. And air flows under high pressure without direction damage the case and technical elements of the device. The damaged part is changed to the new until the device was broken down. It is easy to do it yourself.

Does not turn on

If the microwave oven does not turn on and the lamp does not burn, first of all it is worth checking the connection to the network. The adapter must be reliably fixed both in the device itself and in the outlet. Make sure there is a connection to the mains, the current is supplied. Try to include in another outlet that exactly works.

reasons, failure, microwave, oven

If this method does not help, the problem has arisen more serious. You can order a microwave repair in our company, as well as get a complete diagnosis. With self.inspection, check the fuses. They tend to burn and break when the voltage difference. There are two fuses in total, and both can affect the ability of the stove to turn on.

The first thermal sensor is located on the outer side of the camera, the second is a network fuse. When detecting a malfunction, it is necessary to replace them. If this did not help revive the technique, it’s time to move on to more radical measures.

A microwter of the latch is installed in the door, which signals the door position: closed/open. If the switch is broken, the stove turns on, but the heating does not start, the plate does not spin. The mechanism is simple: the control module believes that the door remained open, and waits for it when it is closed.

Search for a malfunction in a microwave

If the microwave oven has a digital display on which the error code in the form of the letter E with the number has appeared, then you need to find in the instructions for the operation of the furnace what fault means this code. Perhaps, having completed the instructions, you do not have to engage in serious repair.

Attention! When repairing a microwave, you should be careful. Touching the bare sections of the circuit connected to an electrical network can lead to electric shock defeat. Do not forget to remove the fork from the outlet and discharge the high.voltage capacitor when checking!

Before starting the independent repair of the microwave oven, you need to remove the fork out of the outlet, turn out several screws fixing the lid and remove it, moving towards the posterior wall of the stove.

Further, all parts and nodes are carefully examined for the presence of mechanical or thermal damage in the form of darkening. The density of the planting of unit terminals is checked. If there are no visual defects, then according to the instructions in the table, the search is carried out and eliminated.

A table of frequently occurring malfunctions of microwaves and ways to eliminate them
External manifestation of a malfunction Possible cause of the malfunction Search for a malfunction Repair method
The furnace does not turn on The camera door is loosely closed Check the door Close the door tightly
Tymer’s handle turns on the axis Remove and check the handle for defects Replace the handle
No voltage in the outlet Check the presence of voltage Connect any proper electrical appliance to the outlet, for example, a desk lamp
The network cord is faulty Check with an external inspection fork and cord for mechanical damage, check the integrity of the cord wires with a multimeter In case of malfunction, replace the cord
Electric contact is broken at the connection site of the cord terminals in the network filter Check the reliability of connecting the cord to the filter and the lack of blackening and oxides With weak contact, squeeze the uniform terminal with pliers, if there are oxides, clean the surfaces with sandpaper. In case of destruction of terminals, replace them or solder the wires directly to the contact paths of the printed circuit board
Frown F1 on the network filter Break the fuse with a multimeter. In the case of its cliff, it is open with open (resistance should be zero) and closed (resistance should be equal to infinity) door contacts of the end switch SWC If SWC malfunctions, replace, in the absence of the opportunity to remove the terminals from it and insulate. Set a new F1 on the same current or repair. If the new fuse blocks, then you need to look for a short circuit in other nodes of the scheme
Faulty end switch SWA or SWB Call the circuit breakers with a multimeter. With the door open, the resistance should be equal, and with closed. zero) If the circuit breaker malfunctions, replace it, in the absence of an opportunity, if only one of two fails, remove the terminals from it and connect them among themselves
Mechanical damage to the mobile bar with hooks on the door Make an external inspection of the bar for damage Depending on the damage, replace or repair
The mechanical timer or control unit is faulty In a mechanical timer, you need to call the contacts and check the engine operation. The electronic unit is not subject to independent repair Clean contacts or replace a faulty node
The display shines, when you press the button, nothing happens The control unit is faulty or the contact platforms of the buttons in the touch panel are polluted Remove the control unit and rinse alcohol alcohol alcohol If it did not help, replace the control unit
The display shines, the modes are set, when you press the start, nothing happens The start button does not work in the control unit Rinse alcohol contacts of the touch panel and buttons In case of malfunction, replace the control unit
Malfunctioning relay of inclusion in the control unit Call the relay winding and check the contacts In case of malfunction, replace the relay
When you press the Start button, the food does not warm up, but the fan, plate rotate, the lighting of the chamber turns on A high.voltage fuse has burned out, a power transformer, a high.voltage capacitor, a diode or magnetron Check the fuse, power transformer, high.voltage capacitor, diode and magnetron by multimeter Replace a faulty part
Inverter or magnetron burned out in modern stoves Replacement to determine the faulty node Replace the inverter or magnetron
The microwave warms poorly FM fan does not work, the magnetron overheats and the protective thermallane is triggered Check with your hand the ease of rotation of the fan impeller and the multimeter integrity of its winding Lubricate the fan shaft with machine oil, replace the fan in the case of a break in the winding
Low voltage on the network or loss of emission by magnetron Voltage If the voltage is normal, replace the magnetron
The furnace does not turn off after working out the timer The timer is faulty Check the gear timer mechanism Replace the timer
A meal does not rotate The plastic coupling was worn out Remove the plate and inspect the coupling for the presence of destruction In case of detection of defects, replace the coupling
The engine rotation engine is faulty or the power circuit is broken Check your hand to the freedom of rotation of the shaft and ring the winding With tight rotation, grease the shaft bearing, in the case of a break in the winding, replace the engine
Dirt has accumulated under the plate Remove the plate and inspect Remove dirt
When heated by food from the chamber, a crack is heard and light discharges are observed A mica plate is burnt, an isolating the waveguide of the magnetron Inspect a mica plate for defects (darkened place, hole). The plate is located on the right side of the stove camera In case of defects detect, replace the plate. The mica plate serves to protect electronics from falling vapor. If not for replacement, then you can temporarily warm up food and without it
The camera stopped illuminated A light bulb burned out Check the light bulb and reliability of fixing the clogging terminals for the conclusions of the cartridge Replace the light bulb or squeeze the terminals with pliers

The simplest causes of malfunctions and advice to eliminate them

The microwave stove the disk, but does not warm food? In addition to the lack of heating, pay attention to additional signs. for example, a microwave is buzzing or greatly noisy.

First of all, it is worth seeing the instructions, because there are tips that can help to deal with the causes of a malfunction of the technique. But the main problems are similar, so we will analyze them. Let’s start with the simplest breakdowns that can be fixed at home.

Insufficient voltage

The required voltage in the network for the proper operation of the microwave. 220 V. If this figure is below even by 5-10 V, then the technique will warmly heat, weakly or after time. depends on the voltage value. In order to prevent such jumps, it is necessary to install a voltage stabilizer.

Another option, in which a lack of voltage can happen. connecting to the same outlet of large household appliances like a refrigerator or washing machine, or even using a double/tee. Such actions are unacceptable, since the microwave oven should have its own free socket.

Technical difficulites

It happens that the problem is not in the microwave itself, but, for example, in the wire or outlet. To make sure that the problem is exactly in this, just connect the equipment to another outlet and carefully inspect the cord. If problems are detected, it is necessary to replace either a socket or a cord.


The microwave is arranged in such a way that it will never turn on with the door open. This is facilitated by special latches on the doors. If they broke or just do not fit, then the microwave can warm it worse or not at all heating food. In this case, there are only two options. to change only latches, or the whole door.

Incorrect mode

The fault that heating does not work in the microwave, there may be ordinary human inattention. This happens if the previous action of the microwave was defrosting, and then the function was forgotten to turn off or change. In this mode, food will never warm up. Everything that is required in this case is to set the warm.up mode and, if necessary, increase the power.

If all of the above points are checked, and the microwave still does not warm food or does it badly and for a long time, then most likely there was a really serious breakdown, which is not always possible without a professional.

Top Reasons Microwave Is Not Working — Microwave Oven Troubleshooting

How the life of the microwave extends

The microwave must be constantly washed and cleaned from pollution. You can not turn on an empty microwave oven. Do not put a metal dishes and dishes inside the device, which has a metal spraying.

Make sure that there is no damage to enamel. So that spray of fat does not fly apart, cover the plates with food cap. Do not put large dishes in the microwave chamber. She will damage the enamel.

Common malfunctions of microwaves and their causes

We have long been accustomed to warm up and defrost food in the microwave. The microwave oven has long and firmly entered our life and won her place there. And when suddenly this useful device fails, it grieves us very much. If you have some knowledge in the field of electromechanics and radio engineering, then in the case of a slight breakdown, the microwave can be tried to be repaired on your own. But if you have a significant malfunction or your knowledge is insufficient, it is better to use the services of a professional master.

It is believed that the microwave oven is a fairly reliable unit that rarely fails. And most often the reasons for its breakdown are improper operation and wear of parts during the long.term use of the device. So why can the microwave break?

  • Upcoming dishes are used for heating when heated. In the section, only glass or plastic dishes can be used. The container cover should be open. When warming up with a hermetically sealed lid, an explosion of dishes can occur, which will damage the inner camera and details of the stove.
  • The working microwave contains a metal object. Often users leave cutlery in the dishes, which can lead to sincerity, crackling and breakdown on the inner surface of the chamber. The use of metal dishes or dishes with foil patterns applied to it will lead to the same consequences.
  • When heated by food, a special plastic cap is not used. It protects the walls of the chamber and internal elements from pollution by drops of liquid and fat, evaporating from the surface of the dish when warming up.

The internal platform for the dish does not rotate

If a special (most often glass) stand for dishes slows down, the problem should be sought under it:

  • Zasor under the platform. Remains of food, crumbs accumulated under the stand and block movement. This problem is easily eliminated by gently removing pollution.
  • If the wheels are clean, but there is no rotation, then the drive engine is out of order. It can be damage to the winding, gear or couplings. In any of these cases, the motor can be fixed by replacing the damaged part.

The microwave does not start: the main reasons

If the MVP has stopped turning on, the first thing the user should check is whether the equipment is connected to the outlet reliably. A faulty outlet and may be the “nail in the wheel”, due to which the microwave turned off and does not turn on. The easiest way to check the serviceability is to include another working device in it. Does not work? Now find a good outlet and include MVP in it. Works? So, 100 % is to blame the outlet.

Circuit breakers

If the problem is excluded, it is worth checking the network cord and fuses. there are two at once in the microwave: high.voltage and temperature sensors.

reasons, failure, microwave, oven

The blown-up element needs urgent replacement, but it is worth considering that since the microwave has broken due to fuse burning out, the matter is not only in it-there is a problem due to which there was an overload. Your task is to visually inspect the internal details of the stove at the time of darkening, burnt places, pomp, bloating, smell of Gary, etc. D. Repair (with your own hands or with the help of a master) is carried out depending on the type of problem discovered.


The most vulnerable parts of the transformer are winding and temperature fuses. The search for breakdowns is reduced to the analysis of the stove, so you should not repair it yourself. it is better to contact the service center and not to tear the seal so as not to lose the current guarantee (if its term has not expired).

Control block

Verification showed that all of the listed elements are working? It is possible that the failure is behind the malfunction. What to do? First of all, you need to rent a fee and inspect it visually. A fuse is located on the board, which often blocks. Also inspect the tracks. if swollen capacitors, damaged diodes and zener diode are found, look for a problem.

Do not understand electronics? Instruct the work to the specialist. over, it is problematic for us to give you further instructions for action, due to a huge variety of MVP schemes. each brand and even the lineup has its own schemes.

Falf in the control unit

The integse integration of the microwave oven can be represented by touch buttons and display. In this case, in order to detect problems, you should cheat with the error code, having previously studied them. The device will independently diagnose and indicate a malfunction or error.

If a button integration is used, then there is a mechanical timer and manual modes switches. Search for a breakdown in this case is easier:

To determine the problem, it is necessary to call the built.in fuse, which is located in the power supply unit of the control unit of the microwave oven.

Using a voltmeter, check the presence of a voltage at the transformer input terminal (while terminals and connector must be disconnected).

If the voltage does not appear after installing the mode and turning on the timer, then the microwave oven control is required. The control unit is faulty.

METAL in MICROWAVE Oven Is NOT That Dangerous

To carry out repairs with your own hands, microwave ovens must have a set of professional tools, special devices, elements, as well as knowledge of radio engineering. Find on the Internet and download a diagram of a similar block (since each fee contains an individual scheme) or remove the module from the body independently and take it to the workshop. You can also buy a new control unit and make a replacement.

When concluding, it can be said that a malfunction of the microwave oven appears due to improper use. When a microwave of the microwave, in your house appears, it is necessary to treat it very carefully and follow all the advice of manufacturers, both in terms of operation and care.



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