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The reasons for not disconnecting the refrigerator Ariston

Why the refrigerator is constantly working and does not turn off?

The fact that refrigerators are considered household appliances belonging to the category of primary necessity, this is a prevailing fact that does not cause doubt. The failure of the refrigeration equipment creates a lot of problems, so it is not surprising that the slightest malfunctions cause fears. The most common case is violation of the staffing mode. Why the refrigerator is constantly working and does not turn off and how to solve this problem you can find out from our article.

The problem associated with the constant operation of the compressor of the refrigeration unit can be caused by two factors:

In the first case, you can almost always cope with the problem yourself, in the second, you may need the help of a specialist. Consider in detail both options.

The refrigerator of the know.Frost refrigerator does not turn off. when you can eliminate yourself

These are the common reasons for the long.term operation of the compressor, which you can cope with yourself.

  • New refrigerator or you recently turned it on. Before you reach the standard operating mode of the compressor, the refrigerator needs to dial the temperature. Therefore, the NO Frost refrigerator engine is constantly working and does not turn off. In time, the refrigerator can dial a temperature up to 24 hours. Time depends on the number of loaded products, room temperature and some other factors.
  • The “Superfrost” or “Supercool” (Supercool) (Supercool) mode is enabled. These modes are designed to quickly freeze products in the freezer or rapid cooling of a large amount of food in the refrigerator compartment. Typically, the modes are turned off automatically after 24-48 hours or they can be turned off manually. The description of how to turn off is in the instructions for your refrigerator.
  • The maximum cooling mode is set in a hot room. Putting cooling for a maximum in the heat is a common user mistake, which it seems that there is too warm in the refrigerator. It leads to enhanced compressor operation with rare shutdowns and, even, to its failure. Put standard temperature settings: 4 ° C, 5 ° C. in the refrigerator and.eighteen.19 ° C. in the freezer. Or move the refrigerator to a colder room.
  • Incorrect installation. It is necessary to place the refrigerator away from heat sources (plates, batteries, etc.D.), the minimum distance. 3 cm. In this case, direct sunlight should not fall on it. Also, the refrigerator should not be pulled point blank to the wall. Good ventilation of the back wall of the refrigerator is needed so that the capacitor (the lattice from behind the refrigerator) effectively gives heat. If you have not followed these rules, then your refrigerator No Frost can work for a long time without disconnects.
  • They laid a lot of products. A large volume of warm products increases the temperature in the chambers and “forces” the refrigerator more intensively.
  • Often open the door. This leads to warm air enters the chambers and rare shutdown of the compressor.

#Ремонт #посудомоечной машинки своими руками неисправен Тен Ariston

Possible malfunctions

Unfortunately, there are situations when the initial cooling time has come out, but the compressor is not going to rest. Or “supermurine” is turned off, the doors in the chambers are tightly closed, and the motor still works without a break. This means that there is a malfunction that requires repair. In this case, in addition to the continuous noise of the compressor, you can find that the compartments are warmer than the norm.

The main causes of the breakdown are associated with a freon leak through the micro-configuration in the pipeline on some section of the cooling circuit. The refrigerant can also come out due to mechanical damage when defrosting the freezer. If there is a leak, then at first the compressor does not turn off, and then stops working completely.

Freon leakage for natural reasons. from 2000

The refrigerant moves along a long path consisting of different sections with tubes of unequal diameter made of heterogeneous metals. Therefore, in the system of pipelines there are enough weaknesses. The main places of natural leakage:

  • Squeezing or locking compounds. They are used to dock pipes from heterogeneous metals: copper, steel, aluminum. From vibration or due to improperly performed squeezing, the elbow begins to pass the freon, and he leaves the system. The connection with the leak must be rebellious by the new.
  • “Crying” evaporator in refrigerators with a drip on the refrigerator compartment. The refrigerator evaporator is usually mounted in the back wall and is. Due to factory defects or due to corrosion of the evaporator, a leak occurs. Repairing a native evaporator is difficult and expensive, you need to cut the thermal insulation of the refrigerator, and then restore it. For such a repair, it is necessary to take the refrigerator to a stationary service, and still there is no guarantee that the defect will not appear again. Therefore, the duckling evaporator is cut off, and the external one is hung on the replacement. right inside the refrigerator compartment.
  • The heating circuit of the freezer. A steel tube is laid along the perimeter of the freezer. It contains Freon, which took the heat in the evaporator. Warm refrigerant warms the contour so that condensation does not form along the perimeter of the freezer door. The tube is hidden inside the housing and, unfortunately, is made of simple steel (it is cheaper than laying a contour of copper or stainless steel), which rusts, microxy is formed. A refrigerant comes out through them. The flipped circuit is cut, the system is connected without it. This does not hurt the refrigerator. A little inconvenience for the owners is that it will have to defrost the freezer a little more often than before.

We pierced the phone in the freezer with a knife. from 2000

Another cause of freon leakage is an accidentally damaged freezer tube of the freezer. Although the tube is made of stainless steel, its walls are thin. Therefore, they easily break through if you hurry up with defrosting and break off pieces of ice with a knife.

With such damage, the refrigerator after defrosting first does not turn off for a long time, and then stops working completely. At first, the compressor tries to cool the compartments, but does not cope due to a lack of freon. Then the motor stops, because the gas came out completely.

The damaged evaporator will have to be replaced with a new. With slight damage, there is a chance to patch a hole with a special sealant, but for a long time such a repair cannot be said in advance, so there is no guarantee for it.

From the practice of masters! If the refrigerator does not turn off for more than a day, do not torment it, turn it off and call the master. The long.term operation of the compressor can lead to its breakdown, and as a result, the repair will cost much more.

The minimum price for the work of the master, if spare parts are required for the repair, they are paid additionally

The refrigerator may not turn off not only after defrosting, but also in other situations. All the possible reasons why the compressor works constantly is in the articles “Why does the refrigerator work and do not turn off” and for models with the know.to.stroke. “14 reasons why the No Frost refrigerator works without a break”.

They did not find the reason why the refrigerator does not turn off after defrosting? Call the output service “Ice Men”! The master will come within a day, find out what has broken, and eliminate the malfunction with you at home. We repair after the application within 24 hours, we give a guarantee for repairs up to 2 years.

Problems that require repair

The reasons causing such breakdowns should be sought using special equipment. Therefore, if you do not have such an experience, it is better to contact the service. At least you will understand where to look for a problem.

The engine is buzzing without disconnecting, but there is no cold in the freezer compartment

The reason is the capillary pipeline’s blockage: as a result, the refrigerant cannot move normally along the contour. Blocks can occur due to burnt particles of compressor oil, which also move through the system.

  • Clean the circuit, system.
  • Check engine oil. Replace if it is not suitable for use.
  • Refun the system with gas-frane.

The camera freezes so that ice and snow grow on the walls

In electromechanical models, malfunction can lie in the temperature regulator. In electronic refrigerators, the evaporator sensor could break (“Indesit”, “Ariston” and other brands with know.Frost).

Since thermorele does not send the fee of temperature in the department, the board does not give a signal for disconnecting. Therefore, the motor works without a break.

To eliminate the problem, you need to replace the sensor or thermostat.

Also, the problem can be in the constant ingress of warm air into the chamber. For what reason this happens:

  • The door seal was worn out. Check, perhaps it is contaminated, so it does not fit the body. Wash it with soap solution, wipe with ammonia. If the rubber is deformed, boiled water will help to return her shape. To do this, water the seal with a thin stream. When wear, you need a complete replacement of the element.

In the refrigerator with one motor, the freezer is rewinds, and in the refrigerator, the temperature is increased

  • Slip switch in one position. The valve switches the supply of cold to the upper and lower chambers alternately. If he sticks, one of the cameras does not receive the proper cooling. The details are replaced.
  • The electronic board was out of order. Then the motor does not receive the command and does not turn off.

In models with two engines, the freezer cuts out products, the refrigerator works in the usual mode

Again the diagnosis of the module and its replacement are performed.

The freezer works without stopping, but the temperature does not reach the installed

The case is the release of the refrigerant: somewhere the circuit is broken and the gas flows out. To confirm the hunch, defrost the device and leave to stand for 24 hours. Then turn on to the network. If the refrigerator or the freezer is not turned on. the case is in the leak.

When a freon leak, call the master who will find the leakage, eliminate the problem and refine the system.

Now you know where to look for a problem in the case of such problems. Do not allow long.term operation of equipment without stopping, otherwise you will have to carry out expensive repairs.

The refrigerator is buzzing and does not turn off for a long time

If the new refrigerator is rarely turned off or does not do it at all, no need to be scared. Most often, the time should pass so that the technique adapts in a new place. You brought the equipment from the store, installed. now he needs to catch the cold into the chambers, the temperature in the department must correspond to the specified parameters. Therefore, it is better to wait a few hours.

If you have a technique for a long time, but at the same time it freezes and does not turn off, you need to be wary of. What was the reason:

  • Lost the door of the door to the camera. As a result, the cracks are formed through which warm air penetrates. To maintain a low temperature, the motor has to work with double effort. You can eliminate the problem by pressing the door denser.
  • High temperature outside. When the room is very hot, the refrigerator has to work constantly, the cold. Move the body from the wall and heating devices, providing normal ventilation.

Холодильник Ariston Hotpoint недостаточно морозит, определение неисправности

There are more serious problems. In the models “Nord”, “Samsung”, “Stinol” could break:

  • Temperature sensor. Now the main module does not receive information about the temperature in the chamber. Therefore, the compressor does not receive commands to turn off. You can eliminate the problem by replacing the sensor.
  • Electronic module. The opposite problem. The fee cannot receive and give commands. Nodes and details are left without control. The main module is called or replaced.
  • There was a blockage in the evaporator tube. Due to the depressurization of the system, a blood clot is formed in the tube. It is better to call a specialist to find and eliminate the problem.
  • Cooling gas leak. The refrigerant in the system becomes not enough for normal cooling. Therefore, diagnostics are carried out to detect the leakage place, as well as refueling freon.
  • Compressor. With its wear, the technique may not turn off and not freeze. The engine does not have enough power to create pressure in the discharge tube. Therefore, the technique works, buzzes, but does not freeze.

After defrosting, the refrigerator does not turn off

By turning off the equipment from the network, you took up the defrosting. But when turned on, there was some kind of failure. The refrigerator may not turn off, but not cool. In this case, give the technique time to set the temperature, especially if the shelves are loaded with warm products. If the work has not resumed in a day, you will have to understand possible breakdowns.

In modern models LG, Sharp, Ariston, a sound signal can work, red lamp blink. To deactivate the sound, press the button on the control panel. They did not find a button? Look into the manual.

  • The flow of gas-fraone, which serves as a refrigerant. Users who break off the ice with a knife or other sharp objects may encounter such a problem. this leads to damage to the chamber. Freon is pumped or replaced by a filter-dryer. Usually, after refueling, the system restores operation.
  • Compressor malfunction. At the same time, the motor works, buzzes, but no cooling occurs. We need a compressor replacement. After such a repair, the refrigerator should be restored.

When defrosting or intensive operation, the thermostat handle could turn, which led to a constant increase in temperature. Therefore, after turning on, the engine works without stopping. Correct the problem by adjusting the position of the thermostat.

Knou Frost refrigerator does not turn off: why

The frequent problem of the refrigerators “” Indsitis, “Atlant”, “Samsung” with the Nou Frost system is the thermostat. If its values ​​are set at the maximum mark, you need to reduce a degree to 2.5. If the regulator is broken, then the part is replaced.

See if the “Super.Summary” mode is turned on. In models with mechanical control, you can disable the installation only by hand.

Also, the cause of the problem could be depressurization, the entry of warm air into the chamber or the flow of a refrigerant. For accurate diagnosis, it is better to call the master.

The Atlant or Indesite refrigerator does not turn off

We described the general problems of refrigerators above. the same thing happens with two.chamber models of Atlant and Indesit. The malfunction could occur after defrosting, when the equipment does not turn off and constantly works. This leads to a rapid failure of the motor-compressor.

The master will also be able to check and eliminate such problems:

  • blockage in a capillary tube, which leads to poor circulation of the refrigerant through the system;
  • A leakage of gas-freon from microcracks in the evaporator is a serious repair when it is necessary to eliminate the damaged area and refuel the system with a refrigerant.

The refrigerator is constantly working: what can be done yourself

Sometimes the reasons for the constant operation of the compressor of the refrigerator are associated with violation of operating conditions or the refrigerator is generally working normally. Here is a list of such reasons for ordinary refrigerators with a “drip” thaw in the refrigerator compartment and manual defrosting in the freezer.

  • You just turned on the refrigerator. If the refrigerator is new, after repair, defrosting or you just turned it on after downtime, then the constant work of the motor is the standard situation. The refrigerator needs to dial the temperature in the chambers, so it does not turn off. Wait for up to a day when the temperature in the chambers drops to the given values, and the compressor of the refrigerator will turn off.
  • Heat in the room. A common operating error when users include the maximum cooling mode of chambers in the heat. For this reason, the refrigerator works all the time and does not turn off. This is dangerous for the compressor, reduces its service life. Set the standard cooling settings: in the refrigerator. 4 ° C, 5 ° C, in the freezereighteen.19 ° C.
  • Activated the fast frost function (Superfrost) or cooling (Supercool). These functions are designed for quick freezing or cooling of large batches of products. In most refrigerators, they turn off automatically 24-48 hours after turning on, but there are models in which they need to be disconnected manually. Check if these functions are included on your refrigerator. Perhaps because of this the engine does not turn off.
  • You put a lot of products in the freezer. Warm products increased the temperature in the freezer compartment, so the engine works without a break. Wait for up to a day until the products freeze, or turn on the Superfrost mode for their fast frost.
  • You often open the door of the freezer or refrigerator compartment. For this reason, warm air enters the chambers, and the refrigerator does not turn off for a long time. Try to minimize the opening of the refrigerator, especially in the heat.
  • Accidentally forgot to close the door. Check if the refrigerator door is tightly closed. If not, open it and close it again.
  • Errors when installing the refrigerator. For good ventilation of the rear lattice (condenser) of the refrigerator, it is necessary to leave the gap between the wall and the refrigerator. Also from the side walls to heat sources (stoves, batteries, dishwasher) should remain at least 3 cm. If you have violated the installation rules, then the capacitor will be poorly given heat, the motor will work without a break, and the refrigerator will be bad to freeze.

How to eliminate the malfunction of the unit

In those cases when the lighting light is burning, and the refrigerator does not turn on, the Freon circulation circuit may be guilty. It is a chemically inert substance that easily passes from a liquid state to a gaseous and vice versa.

The phase transition is accompanied by the release or absorption of a large amount of heat. This is where the action of any freezer or climatic equipment is based. Knowing the principle of the refrigerator will never hurt its owner.

In general terms, the Freon circulation scheme looks like this:

  • The compressor compresses to the pressure of 8-10 atmospheres the refrigerant entering it, which is heavily heated;
  • The hot freon passes along the coil mounted on the back of the refrigerator, giving a large amount of energy received during compression and passing into a liquid state;
  • Before entering the cooling chamber, the refrigerant throtens, evaporating with a decrease in pressure;
  • The evaporation process is accompanied by a sharp drop in temperature, which leads to the cooling of the food compartments of the refrigerator;
  • Freon returns to the compressor reception and the cycle is repeated repeatedly.

Scheme of a compression evaporative refrigerator

Circulation scheme is quite complicated. It is in it that the reason may be hidden why the household refrigerator does not work, and the light burns. In addition to a compressor breakdown, two options for common malfunctions are possible:

  • Freon leak. It occurs due to mechanical damage caused by careless circulation, or dilapidation of old equipment. It is necessary to carefully handle the tubes on the back of the refrigerator and do not use sharp objects, trying to separate the frozen piece of ice or food from the wall of the freezer;
  • Clogging of the refrigerant circulation tract. It is possible due to the mechanical inclusions or moisture that appear in the process of long-term operation left in the system at the time of refueling. The filter and narrow areas of tubes are usually packed.

In these cases, the repair is accompanied by depressurization of the equipment, searching and eliminating the cause of the refusal, vacuuming the restored system to remove foreign inclusions and water residues while checking tightness, pumping the estimated amount of fresh freon.

Conclusion! To perform the listed operations requires special equipment and professional knowledge. You can’t do without the help of a specialist in this case.

In the process of repairing the circulation system, a replacement may be required:

Usually rejected nodes and details change to similar.

Why the refrigerator does not turn off: the main reasons

Your refrigerator works uninterruptedly and does not turn off at all. the following reasons are the explanation:

  • relay breakdowns;
  • the failure of the thermostat;
  • malfunctions of the contours of thermoregulation or boards;
  • violation of the integrity of the door seals;
  • leakage of a freon agent;
  • clogging of capillary tubes;
  • installation of equipment in an excessive warm room;
  • User installation of the program.

Each of these reasons requires a detailed consideration.

reasons, disconnecting, refrigerator, ariston

The door seal was damaged

The rubber seal is located around the perimeter of the refrigerator door, ensures its sealing and prevents the cold leakage. In the case of loose closing the sash, the load on the compressor increases. Thus, the motor compensates the excessive external heat. The breakdown is eliminated by replacing the seal.

You set this mode

When the super-commercial or expressing is turned on, non-stop functioning of the engine is possible. To eliminate the problem:

  • The refrigerator with mechanical control does not turn off, loudly and constantly works until the user disconnects the constant cooling program;
  • Compressors of electronic control models stop after 8 hours.

High temperature in the room

The location of the device is near pipes, radiators, heaters, fireplaces or on the sunny side of the room is contraindicated. Some models work non.stop even at a temperature in a room of 30 degrees. The following actions will help to solve the issue:

  • installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems in the kitchen;
  • rearrangement of the refrigerator in another room;
  • Reducing the heating temperature at the installation site of the equipment.

The thermostat failed

Thermostat or temperature sensor gives a signal for opening the circuit. With its breakdown, the compressor works uninterruptedly. it has already received information about achieving low temperature and further freezing.

When the refrigerator is constantly working without stopping and do not disconnect, determine what the reason lies, as follows:

  • Disassemble the back wall of the technique.
  • Remove the thermostat.
  • Press on the plate next to the central nut.
  • In the absence of a click, replace the part.

You can identify a problem by checking the resistance by a multimeter.

Important! Work on the diagnosis of breakdowns and replacement of the part should only be performed by a specialist.

Compressor breakdown

Drolls in the opening relay of the compressor lead to adhesion of contacts and become the cause of non.stop work. With natural wear of the part, the pressure in the pipe of discharge ceases to form, and the given temperature is not achieved.

The breakdown is eliminated only by replacing the motor that the master conducts. The works are expensive, because they include:

  • disassembly of the refrigerator;
  • compressor installation;
  • re.pumping freon;
  • launch of a thermal attemptor;
  • Testing and starting technology.

Signs of breakdown of the refrigerator compressor

Advice! It is better to fix the compressor because when buying a new technique, the risk of a part malfunction remains.

A refrigerant from the system

The compressor pumps a liquid freon into the system. The substance takes the heat from the products and takes it out. In case of violation of integrity or overcurrent of pipes, the refrigerant follows. The increase in temperature and non.stop operation of the refrigerator begins when the gas becomes small.

The problem is eliminated by refueling Freon, but only a specialist should carry out work.

Damage of evaporative pipes

Why the household refrigerator does not turn off at all if the main parts are serviceable? The compressor operates uninterruptedly when an ice thrombus formed in the evaporative tube. In case of violation of the tightness of the pipes, a similar phenomenon occurs.

It is difficult to eliminate the breakdown independently. it is necessary to almost completely disassemble the technique.

Control module failures

The element is responsible for processing a signal from a thermal attemptor. With voltage jumps or from moisture access, the part may break, and the motor can constantly work. To eliminate the breakdown, you need to flanch the control module, which will be performed by the master.

Problems of one.compressor models

With constant generation of cold and the absence of a compressor shutdown, wear or damage to the sensors is possible. The position of the circuit breaker is normalized manually. If the breakdown remains, you need to change the compressor or thermostat.

Elimination of HotPoint-Ariston refrigerator malfunctions

Consider the main reasons for the appearance of malfunctions and options for their solution.

reasons, disconnecting, refrigerator, ariston

Noisy work of the refrigerator

If a two.chamber unit used to work normally, and recently he began to make a lot of noise, buzz, rattle, check:

  • Consheals in the cell touches each other. When starting the motor, it rattles.
  • The refrigerant circulates along the contour, while gurgling sounds may be heard. This is not a breakdown.
  • Extraneous objects or furniture are in contact with the unit housing.
  • Maintain the distance between the refrigerator body and walls, furniture at least 5 cm.

Clicks and crackling during work

Similar sounds can indicate both the normal operation of the equipment and the problems that require repair. If the unit works normally and freezes, then:

  • Clicks are possible while shutting off the motor. The materials of the walls of the camera are deformed at a temperature difference.
  • When starting and off the engine, thermostat can click. In this case, the sounds should be from the first day of work.
  • The electromechanical model clicks when turned on, but the engine does not work. There were problems with the work of the thermostat. He sends the board a message about increasing the temperature in the camera, then the fee gives the command to include the motor. If the latter does not start, check the thermostat.
  • The technique includes the engine starts, but stops. Relay clicks the motor. The compressor is faulty and requires replacement. At the same time, light is on in the department.
  • The refrigerator clicks, the engine does not turn on, it is dark in the chamber. The launch relay was out of order.

No light in the department

Check the connection: whether the fork is sitting tightly in the outlet, press them stronger. If there is no light, replace the light bulb. Pay attention to the type of lighting and choose the appropriate model.

No cold in departments

If the chambers are elevated, the refrigerator can inform about this with a blink of a red bulb or a sound signal. a squeak.

The refrigerator does not cool? Read the publication “The refrigerator does not work”, and also check:

  • The density of the door of the door to the body. Inspect the seal on integrity and suitability. With pollution, wipe it with soapy solution and ammonia alcohol. With wear. replace the element. Tighten the door mounts.
  • Frequency and duration of door opening. If you keep the doors open for a long time, warm air penetrates into the chamber, which leads to an increase in temperature and the formation of condensate.
  • Thermoregulator. Is the correct value set?

With the simultaneous load of a large number of warm products, you need to wait 20-30 minutes, while the indicators recover.

  • Capillary’s blockage leads to a violation of the refrigerant circulation and a deterioration in cooling. It is better to call the master to eliminate the malfunction.
  • Compressor failure. Error A2 may appear on the scoreboard. The refrigerator will consume a lot of electricity, and the production of cold will decrease.

Also, the reasons that the camera does not freeze could become:

Products in the department freeze

A serious malfunction is a malfunction of the thermostat, then you will need replacement and repair.

The motor works without stopping

Normally, the compressor works in periods, with the shutdown “On vacation”.

If he does not turn off at all and works for wear, then:

  • The camera door does not close. Constant penetration of warm air leads to an increase in temperature. To restore the indicators, the engine works without respite, bending cold. Check the seals and door location.
  • The temperature in the room exceeds the norm. Each model, including Ariston, has a climatic class. which indicates at what temperature it can be operated.
  • Snow coating and ice exceed 2-3 mm. The heat transfer in the refrigerator is broken. Try up the unit immediately.

The compressor does not start

The engine does not function, the light in the chamber burns:

  • Problems with the work No Frost. It is recommended to contact the service center for searching and solving problems.
  • The motor winding is faulty. Need repair or complete replacement.
  • Thermostat does not work. Perhaps the wiring between the regulator and the motor is disturbed. Diagnostics and replacement are carried out.
  • Damage to the launch relay.
  • Defect of the main board.

The compressor does not turn on, the light does not burn:

All other reasons are identical to the first case.

Owl on the back wall

If a “fur coat” grows on the evaporator or on the walls, the reason may be a faulty thermostat.

reasons, disconnecting, refrigerator, ariston

Defrost the drip type models at least once every six months. For models with know.Frost, ice formation is uncharacteristic. If this happens in the freezer, the point is a faulty timer of hidden.

Water at the bottom of the refrigerator

Products pressed to the back of the department accumulate condensate, which does not go into the drain, but flows down. Sort products and remove accumulated water.



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