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The radiator of the refrigerator is strongly heats up

The refrigerator heats up

We’ll make a reservation right away: this article only considers why the side wall or the refrigerator heats up at the refrigerator, and why the refrigerator compressor is heated or, for example, the reasons for the elevated temperature in the chamber are considered on other pages of our site.

Since it is a refrigerator, whose main task. cool, too warm walls, of course, cannot but alert the owners. We hasten to reassure you: if the refrigerator is correctly established and the rules of its operation are followed, then in the vast majority of cases warm walls. normal phenomenon, part of the refrigerator working cycle.

The fact is that the capacitor is heated through which heat from cameras is given out. In modern devices, the capacitor tube is located on the side and covered with walls: here they are warming up. In older models, the condenser grille is located behind, and the main heating is ongoing there.

Why the side walls and partitions between cameras heat up

First deal with the structure of your technique or look into the instructions. In Soviet.made refrigerators, a grille was located on the back wall. capacitor. When the engine began to work, the back of the grate was heated, and then cool.

In modern two.chamber refrigerators, the capacitor tube is located inside the side wall, which leads to its heating. Why is it done? During the operation of the freezer, the minus temperature is created, in the places of the door adjacent to the body, cold air finds the output. If the temperature is high in the room, then condensate can form on the walls, which eventually leads to corrosion and mold on the seal.

The capacitor located behind or on the sides of the pipe allow moisture to evaporate.

So the system works. For what reasons, the walls of the refrigerator (LG brands) are basking too much:

  • The room is too hot, bad ventilation. For the normal operation of the refrigerator, the distance between the case and furniture should be 5-7 cm minimum.
  • The technique has recently been defrosted. Then it will take time to cool and the temperature resumes. The same thing happens after loading in the department of warm products.
  • The silicone (rubber) seal in the freezer is heated, which makes the door fit tightly to the body. As a result, cold air does not leak to cool the walls.

In some refrigerators (“Nord”, “Indesite”), a partition between the refrigerator and freezers is heated. This is a normal phenomenon, because moisture is most often formed here. It is recommended to take care of the side walls of technology, if they are always dry, then the breakdown does not threaten you.

Why is the compressor hot

If we do not consider the “full.time” overheating of the unit in normal working conditions, then a very strong heating of the compressor (up to a temperature above 90 degrees) may indicate the following reasons:

  • continuous operation of the unit without disconnecting to achieve the desired temperature;
  • continuous work in strong heat;
  • heat exchanger malfunctions;
  • Freon leak from the system;
  • chambers overflowed with products;
  • work in intensive frost mode;
  • twisted on the “maximum” thermostat;
  • incorrect operating conditions.

In addition, the compressor can overheat slightly after the refrigerator has been thawed. Excessively frequent opening of the doors of the chambers also leads to the rapid failure of the unit out (often this happens with those who are trying to limit food consumption, but regularly looks into the refrigerator in order to “have a bite” with something low-calorie).

It is important to note that even the highest quality refrigerators have their own work resource, and after 10-15 years, service begin to demand major repairs. However, these 10-15 years will last only if all operational standards and regular monitoring of the state of the main nodes are observed. As in the case of an automobile engine, even one small breakdown that is not eliminated in time can lead to serious problems in the cooling system, up to the full replacement.

Hot compressor is the norm?

Non.working compressor = non.working refrigerator. it is not surprising that many users pay its temperature increased attention.

The compressor constantly experiences high loads, liquefying the freon under high pressure. It is heated due to the heat received when the electric current is supplied to the winding. The hot surface of the compressor has not yet speaks about the problem. Worry. measure the temperature of the element. Normally, it should not exceed 90 ° C.

Master help is necessary if the compressor temperature is extremely high, and this is accompanied by:

radiator, refrigerator, heats
  • chaotic triggering of the starting relay,
  • overheating capacitor,
  • strong noise,
  • violation of the cycle of the compressor operation (the motor does not turn off).

An overheated compressor may be a result of other malfunctions. a refrigerant leak, a heat exchanger breakdown, sensors failure, control error you need to understand the problem comprehensively and with the help of a specialist. You can solve the problem yourself only in three cases:

Diagnostics and repair

Listen, the compressor is turned off or it works without stopping? If the operating time is exceeded, this indicates a problem. Therefore, the walls are heated and do not have time to cool.

What could become an indirect cause of continuous work?

The department door is often open for a long time

The gap could also form in the sealant, and warm air penetrates inside. The temperature rises, the sensor reports this to the main module. Therefore, the latter does not give a command to turn off the motor until the necessary values ​​are reached.

  • Read the instructions again. Do not open the door for a long time.
  • Inspect the rubber seal. If he has worn out, replace. If you clog, wash with a warm solution of water and soap. With deformation, return the shape to the rubber will help with hot water.

Irregular thermoregulator values ​​or mode

With the “Super.Summer” mode set in mechanical models, the freezer will cool “until you drop” until you disconnect it. Check, maybe you accidentally set this mode.

Too low thermoregulator values ​​lead to similar problems. Correct.

Incorrect installation

According to the rules, the case should stand at a distance of 5-7 cm from the walls, away from batteries and furnaces. If there is too little space for normal ventilation, the walls can overheat.

Warm products

You loaded a lot of products at once into the department? Then the motor will work until the temperature recovers. Normally, this should take no more than 20-30 minutes.

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If in the freezer with the know.toe Frost grows ice, this indicates a malfunction. Heat transfer is violated, the compressor works with double load, the walls of the freezer heat up.

What breakdowns are given in the continuous operation of the motor and require repair?

The thermostat broke

When the thermostat breaks, the module cannot get the temperature data in the department, so it does not send a signal to the motor for disconnecting. You can replace the thermostat yourself. Most often it is located inside the camera on the side wall (with a separate adjustment).

The problems of the evaporator

The breakdown of any element of the evaporator threatens the failure of the entire refrigerator. It is necessary to diagnose a timer of the thaw, sensor, heater. In such cases, it is better to contact the master, because you need special equipment. He will remove the back wall and replace broken parts.

Gas-freon leak

This is a refrigerant that circulates according to the system. A leak may occur for such reasons:

  • Corrosion of the steel circuit. A refrigerant moves along the contour of the contour, and the slightest damage during corrosion leads to a leak.
  • During defrosting, you used physical strength and damaged the camera, perhaps pierced the body. Read more about this on the page “What to do if you pierced the freezer or evaporator”.

You need to contact the service center for localizing damage and refueling the system by freon.

Occasionally the problem may be in the management board. When the moisture was closed or moisture, the simistor could burn on it, which controls the compressor. You need to call all the elements and eliminate the breakdown.

Noticed that the walls of the freezer are heated? Do not panic, check these elements, and then call a specialist.

Proper placement of products in a crying refrigerator

If you have a refrigerator with a drip system (the so.called crying), see how the products are blocked in it. There are no forced blowing in such models, as in No Frost. Therefore, the rear panel of the camera cannot be forced.

If the products are located close to it, cold air will not fall into the rest of the chamber. You will get a temperature difference. The temperature sensor will receive incorrect data and give the command to turn on the compressor more often, or increase its speed.

The system begins to work with greater power, Freon does not have time to cool in the chamber. Because of this, the back and side walls of the refrigerator are heated, in which the heat exchangers are located.

The compressor of the refrigerator is hot, but the refrigerator does not freeze

Finding that the temperature rose in the upper chamber, and the compressor works without stopping, it is necessary to diagnose. One camera heats up, or both. first do not realize. In the freezer, the cold lasts a few more hours.

First, it is necessary to exclude the reasons on which the increase in temperature depends:

  • Check the quality of current on the network. At a voltage below 190, the compressor will work, and the refrigerator freezes weakly.
  • If the refrigerator with No Frost, check if the fan is spinning.
  • Make sure that the door to the upper chamber is closed tightly and the thermostat is working.

While the compressor works, you need to check how it is hot. Should be touched carefully, you can get a burn. After check the condenser grille. In working condition, it should be warm. Cool capacitor or very heated on the first knee says problems.

Listen to how the compressor works. Are there any sharp sounds when stopping whether gurgling, hiss, crack in the circuit can be heard. Maybe the motor works louder than the ordinary. It happens that the engine is cut and stops soon. All this information helps to diagnose a malfunction to the master.

If the compressor heats up very much, it works without stopping, and heat in the refrigerator, the device must be turned off. The cause of the malfunction will determine the special.

We offer you to watch the video. how to facilitate the operation of the compressor by connecting the fan on the blow.

The compressor of the refrigerator failed

The compressor is one of the most important details of the refrigerator. If the motor does not cut, then the refrigerator will not work. But in the presence of certain knowledge and abilities, you can without the help of others establish the cause of the fault of the refrigerator compressor.

To find why the refrigerator compressor is heated, you need to know its device. For most modern household refrigeration devices, the engine design has no principle differences. This unit is a piston electric motor and winding placed in a sealed housing and working from alternating current. In order to realize the principle of his act, quite recall the school course of physics.

From the hermetic case, in which the engine is located, three conclusions were made:

The three of these contacts, in turn, are connected to the relay, which launches the motor. The most modern models of refrigerators have more complex electron-digital launch systems.

Hot sides of the refrigerator

Когда нагреваются боковые стенки холодильника, но при всем этом агрегат работает в стандартном режиме – означает, все нормально, и это состояние не несет угрозы для бытовой техники. But when the hot body is hot even when the refrigerator is “resting”, then there is a probability of problems.

In the operating instructions from manufacturers explain in detail the principles of the functioning and use of technology. Some manufacturers in certain models have a specialized grill on the back wall, which is a capacitor. This grill heats up during periods of the refrigerator, and then. gradually cools down.

Attention! In the part of modern refrigerators, such a grate is absent. But, it is hidden in the internal walls of the unit, which leads to their heating.

The grate is not hidden to improve the external.shaped qualities of the unit, this solution is justified in terms of the effectiveness of the refrigerator and its durability.

So, in the freezer is a minus temperature, and if the sealing gum is damaged, cold air comes out in the contact sites of the camera door with the body.

If the room is hot, then condensate occurs on the walls, which gradually leads to moldy of the sealing gum and rusting of the metal of the case. Capacitor tubes that are on the sides allow moisture to evaporate. There are other reasons why the refrigerator heats up hard:

Why the compressor is heated? Refrigerator repair. Refrigerators courses. Freon leak, bad windings

  • The room is too high, so the side walls of the refrigerator heat up.
  • Heating can occur due to excessively tight doors fit, the cold does not go anywhere, but the temperature of the seal that transmits it to the case rises.
  • The unit is attached to the wall close, which prevents normal air circulation.

According to the norms, between the refrigerated equipment housing and the wall, there must be a gap of 7 cm or more. If it is not, the refrigerator will heat up hard.

Automatic protection of the compressor electric motor from overheating

To protect compressor units from sudden overheating, automatic protection systems are used, which turn off the unit under adverse conditions of its functioning, automatically restarting it when restoring normal parameters.

The causes of the refrigerator overheating is an excessive increase in temperature due to overloads, jamming of rotating parts of electric motor, as well as when operating the unit on two phases.

The electronic protection system from several sequentially connected thermistors placed in the windows of the electric motor allows you to quickly and most accurately respond to the temperature higher than the set level, protecting the compressor when working with increased pressure or under the conditions of faulty valves. In large compressor installations to turn on the unit, the presence of the dispatcher is required, which manually restarts the compressor.

Such a system protects the equipment from multiple launches and shutdowns that negatively affect the performance of refrigeration machines and are one of the most common reasons for overheating of the piston and screw compressor.

An additional means of protecting the electric motor are fuses. disposable protective devices that are mounted in the circuit of the circuit and protect the compressor from overload when the electric motor windings are closed, breakdown in isolation and other reasons.

Why is the compressor heated

The compressor overheating can cause the following reasons:

  • The cameras are overloaded with products. With excessive filling, the circulation of the refrigerant and air is disturbed. Accordingly, the compressor overheats.
  • Placement of unbroken products on the shelves of the refrigerator. In order to cool the air inside the unit under such conditions to the optimum temperature, the motor will have to work much longer. Its temperature will increase significantly.
  • The door of the refrigerator remains open for a long time. Modern models have special indicators that provide a timely signal in a timely manner. The main thing is to hear it and close the door immediately. If you leave the refrigerator on the day of day, then you can not count on a long and efficient operation of the compressor.
  • Defrost is carried out incorrectly. precisely, it will be untimely. The thick layer of snow on the walls of the cameras is one of the most common causes of overheating of the motor.
  • Dishes in the refrigerator is not placed according to the rules. Tara of glass, metal or plastic is not recommended to lean against the back wall. After all, the compressor at the same time begins to cool the dishes itself.
  • Faulty heat exchanger.
  • Refrigerant leak. If the chiller tubes are deformed and damaged, Freon begins to stand out outside.
  • Damage to the thermal attewer. When a certain temperature is achieved, the compressor does not turn off. It works without stopping and, as a result, overheats.
  • Incorrect location of the unit. The compressor will certainly overheat if the refrigerator is near heating devices. If it is too close to the wall. ventilation will be disturbed, which will also lead to an increase in temperature.
  • Wear of the electric motor after the allotted time. The material from which the elements of the system are made gradually wear out. Funny parts are subject to replacement for new.

Important! Even the highest quality equipment after 10-15 years of operation needs to be repaired.

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Why the refrigerator heats up. the walls are warming up

Why is the refrigerator warming up

One of the problems that Electrolux refrigerators service is contacted by the service repair center is warming up. Why this can happen, in what cases the heating is normal, and in which it indicates a breakdown of technology?

All of us familiar household refrigerators belong to the class of steam.compression refrigerators. The principle of their work is based on the transfer of heat by evaporation and condensation.

In simple words, with the help of a refrigerant, heat is collected in the refrigerator and transferred outside the refrigerator, due to which the camera is cooled. The evaporator collects heat, gives. the capacitor, and the compressor provides the circulation of the refrigerant through the system.

In old refrigerators, the capacitor can be seen on the back of the refrigerator. In the new ones, it is usually hidden in the case to reduce the risk of damage and improve the design of the electrician refrigerator.

As is known from the school course of physics, heat, like any other energy, cannot take from nowhere and disappear to nowhere.

Therefore, while the inner wall of the refrigerator, where the evaporator is located, is cooled, the external, where the capacitor is located, is heated. After all, heat is tolerated there.

radiator, refrigerator, heats

Therefore, if the external wall of the refrigerator heats up during the compressor, then this simply speaks of the normal operation of the technique. The problem if she began to warm up stronger than usual.

Increased loads. If the refrigerator is packed with foods, pots with hot dishes are placed in the camera or the refrigerator door is closed loosely, as a result of which warm air constantly enters the camera, then the system experiences increased loads.

It is necessary to remove more heat from the chamber, the compressor works more intensively, and the capacitor is harder. Such work leads to increased wear of equipment, which in the end may end in a breakdown.

Therefore, increased loads should be excluded: do not put warm foods in the camera, make sure that the door is always tightly closed, if necessary, replace the door seal or eliminate its distortions.

The refrigerator is installed incorrectly. To remove heat from the back wall of the refrigerator, the air must normally circulate.

That is why in the instructions for any refrigerator Electriculus states that it must be set at a distance of 5-10 cm from the wall, other large household appliances or furniture. It is also impossible to install a refrigerator near heating devices.

If you neglect this rule, then the refrigerator will work with increased load and, among other things, overheat. Read more about this in the article “How to install a refrigerator correctly”.

Dust. Dust often accumulates in the compressor compartment (below the back of the refrigerator). For the normal operation of the refrigerator, you need to remove it from time to time. Otherwise, a layer of accumulated dust can lead to overheating, making it difficult to heat.

radiator, refrigerator, heats

The thermostat malfunction. The thermostat must turn off the operation of the motor-compressor when the temperature in the chamber reaches the necessary minimum.

If the thermostat is faulty, then this can lead to the fact that the compressor will work continuously, which will lead to increased load and overheating of the refrigerator nodes (in the same time, there will be, on the contrary, too low temperature). In this case, it will require repair or replacement of the thermostat.

The most frequent, but quite easily eliminated reasons for overheating of the outside of the refrigerator electrolyux were described above. But on this, the reasons that can lead to overheating are not exhausted. As a result of problems with electrical equipment, for example, inter.seal circuits, significant heating in certain areas may occur.

Also, the problem can be clogging the filter-dryer and refrigerator circuit. Some of these malfunctions lead to the fact that the refrigerator not only heats up outside, but also cools poorly inside. Another unpleasant symptom accompanied by increased heating may be a large noise of the refrigerator.

The exact cause of the malfunction in such cases can be identified by an electrician repair specialist after diagnostics.



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