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The piezo ignition device on the gas stove does not work

Piezo ignition does not work on the gas heater

Gas heaters have an automatic piezo element gas ignition system. It is powered by batteries or by pressing a button on the front of the unit. The mechanism is movable and subject to wear, so the failure of the piezo element is a frequent reason for calling for repairs. In this article we will tell about the faults of piezo ignition of gas water heaters and repair methods. Let’s explain what to do if the piezo element in the gas water heater has stopped working. Together we will try to repair by ourselves.

How to repair the piezo element

To troubleshoot the problem yourself, it is necessary to find out the cause, and then, proceed to eliminate it.

Finding the cause

We often encounter the fact that the electric ignition of one burner doesn’t work. This means that troubleshooting should be carried out along the path of the electric current to the faulty piezo element.

First of all make an external inspection. The presence of foreign objects on the contact surface must be excluded.

WARNING! When inspecting the ceramic surface of the element, it is advisable to use a magnifying glass to verify the absence or presence of cracks.

If the piezo element works, but the gas does not light, turn on the burner by means of another source of fire and carefully observe the combustion process. If the light is dim or has a yellowish shade, the cause of the fault is a poor mixture due to the need for maintenance of the gas ducts and burners.

The defect detected during the inspection is eliminated by replacing the broken element. Use a tester to detect hidden faults in the electrical wiring of the gas stove. By measuring the voltage, at the moment the button is turned on, identify the serviceability of the tested section of the circuit or control unit and the current exiting from it.

Carrying out repairs

After examining the accessible elements from the outside and the need to investigate the inside of the stove and make repairs, it is necessary:

  • To remove the top lid of the stove or to access the lower part of the hob, embedded in the kitchen furniture.
  • After performing the diagnostics and identifying the faulty piezo element, unscrew it from the inside of the hob. To avoid damaging the ceramic body, light knocking with a piece of wood is sometimes necessary.

IMPORTANT! Before removing the sparking element, you must check the tightness of contact with the network. The malfunction may be caused by oxidation of the contact surfaces.

After installing the hob, check that it functions correctly and replace everything in its original location.

Gas Stove Top Burners Not Lighting / Not Working

WARNING! The cause of malfunction of the spark element is often grease on its contacts. To remedy this defect, clean these surfaces with sandpaper.

If the control unit or contact wires are defective, replace the defective parts, and then check the operation of the stove.

The ignition does not ignite one burner

Automatic electric ignition of the burners is arranged of numerous nodes. The most critical element is the arrester (spark plug in white ceramic). Violation of the insulation of the armature wire or a crack in the ceramic will disrupt the operation of the entire device. the spark disappears on one burner. Crack or chip on the insulating surface takes the spark to the side (piercing to the body). The defect is perfectly visible in the dark. The integrity of the insulator cannot be repaired by twisting or duct tape, the only thing left is replacement. The spark plug is installed in a hole and secured to the gas burner with a cotter pin, it is connected to the unit in 100% of cases by a “papa-mama” connection. Only the original spark plug is installed instead, the analogue has a different seating and electrode height, which is the main criterion for correct operation.

How to repair the auto ignition of a gas stove by yourself.

Why can the gas stove ignition click?

The foundation may be different, but none of them are terrible.

  • If you hear the noise after washing the dishes or cleaning the hob, it could be due to moisture.
  • Oxidation of the contacts occurs which shorts the circuit.
  • Sticking or oxidising contact through fouling of the ignition switch.
  • Because of overheating or combustion there appears the breakage of one button and then the whole circuit can be short-circuited.
  • The knob is simply stuck because it has been overloaded with grease or dirt.
  • Water penetrating the ignition switch.
  • Improper operation of the stove.
  • The circuit breaker in the apartment switchboard blows out during start-up.
  • If you can hear a click, but there is no spark, it means that there is no gas.


If none of the causes is noted, it is better not to take action on your own to fix it. Contact a professional service.

Contacting special services is a guarantee of safety for the whole family, because the gas stove is a dangerous device, with one wrong set of circumstances and the real problem can turn into a big.

How the electric flame ignition system works?

In order to understand at what stage the electric ignition failure occurred, it is first necessary to understand the specifics of its work. Electric ignition system of the gas stove can be of two types:

To ignite the burner with the mechanical ignition method, press the special electro ignition button, located underneath the gas knob. Turn the gas knob at the same time. When the button is pressed, the capacitor is charging, and when the button is released, the arrester allows a single spark to ignite the gas. There is no separate button for automatic ignition. And the electric ignition function is combined with the gas knob. In this case, the knob must be recessed and turned in the right direction. At the same time, the gas supply is turned on and the piezo elements are triggered, producing sparks at a frequency of up to 50 Hz that ignite the gas. Separately, it should be noted that the igniter only works when connected to the mains 220V. This is a very delicate system, which reacts badly to surges in the mains voltage.

What to do if the ignition switch does not work

Any equipment is capable of malfunctioning from time to time and the electric stove ignition is the same mechanism, which under the influence of various external factors can stop working. If you suddenly noticed that it does not work, do not rush to call a master. It is very likely that the fault can be repaired with your own efforts.

Signs of breakage

Faulty electric ignition of the hob is evidenced by:

  • Constant “popping of the plugs” of the electric meter when you try to ignite gas with it;
  • Continuous, even after releasing the button, clicks of the piezo element, despite the fact that the gas has already been lit;
  • The firing of the automatism when using the button without igniting the gas;
  • Inability to ignite gas at ignition start due to lack of spark;
  • Inability to ignite the gas even in the presence of a spark;
  • Sudden ignition of the piezo element without first pressing the button and with the burner already lit.

In the case of detection of these or any other similar malfunctions in the electric ignition, it is necessary to understand what the problem is. Do not leave the fault without attention in any case. it can lead to even more serious malfunctions or even create a life-threatening situation.

Possible causes of failure

In order for the repair to yield positive results, it is necessary to understand what exactly should be repaired, because otherwise all the manipulations carried out on the stove will simply not yield the desired result. The most likely causes of such failures include:

  • Oxidation of the contacts or formation of carbon deposits on them;
  • Failure of the silicon candle;
  • Grease or water getting inside the mechanism;
  • Breakdown in the system’s power supply.

Even an elementary cleaning or washing of the stove can cause problems with the igniter due to the damping of its elements, so if you can not light the gas with it, it makes sense to just try to let it dry well, and only if it did not help to proceed to more serious action.

Why has the electric ignition stopped working

Existing today, the range of gas stoves and hobs produced by a large number of companies, are equipped with electric ignition burners. Gas ignites instantly, the owner only needs to press the button on the device panel. But what to do if after pressing the button the ignition does not work, and the spark on the stove did not appear?? In any case, the owner is faced with the question of repair of electric spark ignition.

At the beginning of the journey to recovery, the cause of the malfunction must be correctly determined, this process is called diagnosis. In most cases, the ignition switch does not work because of a faulty unit, oxidized contacts, a burned out button. After reading the article to the end, you will learn: how to properly diagnose a broken unit and safely make your own repairs of the gas stove.

Repair of electric ignition (ignition switch) of gas stove

How the electric stove ignition works. The ignition is activated by pressing the ignition button or the knob of the stove. Due to the closing of contacts in the circuit, the ignition unit induces a high voltage pulse in the high-voltage coil windings, supplying them to the ignition plug through insulated wires, there is a discharge to the burner.

The gas burner is ignited by an electric spark emanating from the white ceramic glow plug integrated in each burner. The spark is fed to all burners at once, but the one with gas is ignited. In the newer models of stoves (hobs), the buttons are located under the handle.

The ignition circuit only works when the stove plug is inserted into the socket. Electric ignition is powered by AC 220V, and does not like the voltage in the network. After a short circuit or water spillage, the igniter begins to snap on its own, which is a breakdown.

Signs of malfunction

Electric ignition of gas stoves can fail suddenly: the switch turns, the gas goes out, but there is no spark. Breakdown of the additional function can occur for absolutely different reasons.

But the first thing to determine is that the electric ignition function of the gas stove is really out of order. This can be indicated by the following signs:

  • When pressing the control knob or the burner button, the ignition function does not work;
  • the automatic functions of the appliance operate in continuous mode, clicking sounds are noted. There is no spark, the gas stove simply does not ignite;
  • When releasing the knob or button, the system does not shut down;
  • The device works even without pressing a button;
  • It is observed that the circuit breaker in the area of the apartment switchboard blows out when the device is switched on;
  • the presence of malfunction can be ascertained from the circuit of the piezor- ignition and electric ignition, it can be short-circuited.



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