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The oven in the gas oven Darin is blowing out

How to diagnose oven faults

Find out why the oven in the gas stove is not working, you can use the table below. In it the faults with which experts of the enterprises and the organizations having the permission for maintenance service and repair of the gas equipment often meet are reduced.

The solenoid valve, which cuts off the gas supply.

Common to all ovens (whether “Brest” or “Gorenje” stoves) symptom of malfunction is the color of the flame. in normal operation the fire should be blue. If the flame in the oven is red or orange, it means that the appliance is not working properly. This effect occurs in case of incomplete combustion of gas or lack of oxygen and is fraught with the formation of harmful gas-air compounds that are dangerous to health.

Warning! To remove with your own hands malfunctions associated with the gas supply to the oven burners, is not only forbidden, but also extremely dangerous! Only qualified specialists certified to perform gas hazardous works are allowed to service the gas equipment.

Ways to fix the problem

Having established the reasons why the oven goes out, let’s break down the troubleshooting options:

oven, darin
  • If the faucet is damaged, it should be disassembled, cleaned and lubricated. If the cock is badly damaged it must be replaced.
  • If the nozzles and jets are clogged they must be cleaned or replaced.
  • Knob malfunction requires repair or replacement.
  • If the gas control function fails, the entire construction or parts of the appliance must be replaced.
  • Thermostat malfunction requires diagnosis. If the calibration is set, an adjustment is carried out; if the breakdown. replacement of the thermostat.
  • When using gas with low pressure it is necessary to put nozzles with wide openings and adjust the thermostat.

Gas is explosive, so for this kind of repair it is better to ask for help from employees of the gas service.

Gas stove or oven goes out, does not hold flame

The oven is an indispensable helper that makes the cooking process fast and convenient. But sometimes unforeseen situations happen, and the appliances malfunction. Let’s find out why the oven in the gas stove goes out and what to do in such cases.

Conclusions and useful video

On how to quickly remove the top panel of a gas stove Darina, you can learn from this

Instructions on how to restore the operation of the gas oven thermocouple are presented in the following video:

Despite the high quality of assembly, gas stoves Darin have their weaknesses, which just leads to premature equipment failure, long before the end of life. To avoid large monetary expenses for a call of a master, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of the device of the gas stove Darin, and independently eliminate the breakdown.

The article listed the most frequent faults of technology, as well as disclosed ways to fix them. Based on the provided instructions, you will be able to disassemble the gas stove Darin own and perform cleaning of dirty parts or, in case of breakage, replace them.

If you have already had to repair a gas stove Darin, first disassembling the necessary part of the case, please share your experience with our readers. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below the article you can tell the story of your gas stove failure, as well as tell about the difficulties you encountered during the repair process.

Gas stoves, and ovens in particular, are particularly reliable. You can still find products with 50 years of operating experience that successfully work. Alas, not all appliance owners are so lucky. Like all ovens, gas ovens can malfunction and break down. If your oven:

  • Lights up but goes out when you release the knob or button;
  • Lights up but extinguishes spontaneously when in operation;
  • The fire does not burn, even if you bring a match

Convection vs. conventional ovens explained

The burner of the gas stove or hob does not work: does not light at all, goes out or does not light from the auto ignition

Regardless of the model and manufacturer, the gas hob can at any time cease to function properly. The flame is not the same color or not uniform, the ignition does not want to work as it should, the solenoid valve closes gas-control. there are many options for problems. And, if the burner on the gas stove does not work, then, first of all, there is a desire to contact the company with which you have signed a contract for the supply of gas fuel.

But you must agree that paying a lot of money to call a master, when the problem can be solved independently, too, does not make much sense. Why involve gas workers, if you can restore the functionality of the gas equipment with your own hands. It’s a little out of the rules, but with the right approach to repair work is quite acceptable.

The main reasons why the oven goes out

The oven is a handy invention that helps housewives cook delicious and healthy meals. Dietitians say that grilled fish, meat and vegetables are many times healthier than fried or even boiled vegetables. Knowing the usefulness of such dishes, hostesses often cook them for their loved ones. But sometimes the equipment fails. What to do if the oven in the gas stove goes out? How to fix this problem?

It’s not uncommon for service center technicians to hear from oven owners about the fire going out inside the oven while it’s in operation.

Specialists identify several reasons that lead to this situation: Broken, burned the thermostat. Electromagnetic part is worn out. Oven thermostat malfunctions. The oven door is closed too tightly. Temperature regulator is located above the flame level. Loose connections in the gas control system. Insufficient combustion of the flame has been detected. Oven thermostat malfunction. The gas valve malfunctioned.

As we see the list of reasons why the gas oven Gefest, Darina, Indesit, Burning can be various. As a consequence, it is not necessary to repair the equipment with your own hands. To fix the problem, it is recommended to contact experts working with gas devices.

Thermostat malfunction

One of the important elements of the oven Indesit, Ariston and other brands, is the thermostat. It regulates the temperature mode inside the cabinet during cooking. If the temperature is below the set level, the thermostat increases the gas flow, thereby increasing it. When reaching the desired temperature, the thermostat reduces the flame, lowering the heat. At this stage, faults often occur. The regulator reduces the flame power to the lower limit, causing it to completely extinguish. In this situation, experts recommend replacing the thermocouple with a new element.

Flame goes out after releasing the knob

Modern models of gas stoves and ovens Gefest, Darina, Burning, Ariston are equipped with automatic systems that ensure safe use of the unit. This eliminates the possibility of accidental gas leakage. Innovative oven models are ignited by pressing and turning a knob on the control panel. The electronic element produces a spark that is ignited by the gas flow.

The electronic igniter has a sensor. a thermocouple. It’s a small coin-shaped copper part that gives off a charge when heated. It travels along the wire to the valve and magnetizes it. The magnetic element leaves the valve open while the charge is released. If after releasing the knob the gas in the oven goes out, then the problem is in the gas-control system.

Increased tightness of closing the door

Often housewives are perplexed why the gas ovenAriston, Gefest, Burning, Darin extinguishes? Visually checking the serviceability of the device elements, the user may not detect any failure. Of course, the fault may be hidden deeper in the design. But, experts recommend not rushing to call a craftsman.

Sometimes the problem why the oven goes out is due to incorrect actions of the user. Specifically in the tight closure of the cabinet door. We all know that the flame requires oxygen to burn. If the flow of oxygen stops, then the flame goes out. Therefore, to solve the problem you need to close the door not so tightly, leaving a small technical gap.

Why the gas oven does not work. causes that you can fix yourself

First, let’s look at the most common situations where the gas in the oven won’t light up or goes out, which are not malfunctions. And let’s tell you what to do in such cases.

  • Gas is blocked. Check that the gas supply valve to the stove and oven, or to the oven if you have a freestanding oven, is open.
  • Lack of air. Due to a possible lack of oxygen during ignition, most appliance manufacturers advise igniting the oven with the door open.
  • The gas flame sensor does not have time to heat up. Modern ovens are equipped with a gas control system. If the temperature probe does not detect an increase in temperature, it shuts off the gas supply. The sensor does not respond immediately; it takes time to detect changes. Hold the gas knob a little longer than usual (up to 15 seconds). Also remember to turn the oven to the maximum setting when you turn it on: this will speed up the probe heating up and the oven lighting up.
  • The oven burner is dirty. If there is soot in multiple gas supply holes of burner, fuel will not flow or its pressure will be insufficient. In this case, you will see that the burner will ignite unevenly. The flame can be too weak or too absent at the temperature sensor of a gas control system. Then the system will shut off the gas after releasing the knob, thinking that the oven has gone out. To solve the problem, you need to remove the burner and clean the holes in the gas supply, where the fire burns badly or there is no flame at all.
  • Burner becomes misaligned. If the oven is difficult to ignite after washing the burner, it is most likely because it has been installed incorrectly. Unevenly assembled, may burn unevenly, smoky or with orange flames. This results in insufficient thermal effect of the flame on the gas temperature sensor, causing the solenoid valve of the automatic system to shut off the gas after releasing the knob. It is necessary to check the correct installation of the burner and, in case of misalignment, correct it.
  • The gas pressure in the pipeline has dropped. If the pressure drops, a weak flame cannot heat up the flame sensor and the gas control cuts off the gas supply. This situation is extremely rare in centralized networks, but is common with cylinder gas, when it runs out. To fix the problem you need to refill the cylinder or replace it with a new one.

Most calls to the service center when a gas burner goes out are due to poor gas combustion. Caused by clogging of the fire openings of the nozzle with food, detergent or water. Self-cleaning nozzles.

The most useful addition to modern kitchen ovens is the grill function in the oven. In gas models of the manufacturer Gefest it comes in several types: normal and turbo. Both are in the form of an overhead burner, which converts the heat into infrared range: the effect is like coals in a charcoal grill.

The main causes of malfunctions

If your gas oven stubbornly refuses to work, do not panic. Most malfunctions can be repaired and the work of the appliance can be put to good use. The main thing is to pinpoint the cause of the trouble.

Practice shows that ovens fail for the following reasons:

  • thermocouple breakage. natural wear and tear or simple burning;
  • Worn solenoid valve;
  • thermostat calibration;
  • The door doesn’t fit properly;
  • The gas faucet is jammed;
  • The connection in the gas-control system is broken;
  • The oven‘s thermostat is broken.

Any item on this impressive list can be repaired by a professional technician. To carry out repairs without specific skills is almost impossible, so it makes sense to bother to look for a good specialist. First, you need an accurate diagnosis of the problem. Keep in mind that a number of spare parts will be needed. Do-it-yourself searches are a painstaking, time-consuming task. But, with experience and time, you can handle yourself and look for a good dealer in the sale of spare parts for household appliances.

Some specialists offer home oven repair services

You need to be careful here, because unscrupulous dealers invent a number of non-existent breakdowns



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