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The machine does not drain the water what to do

reasons why the washing machine does not drain

You launched the wash, as usual, but noticed that it goes longer than it should be according to the program. Sometimes the reason is due to the fact that the washing machine slowly drains water. Small drain does several times: after washing, after rinsing, during an annex. And if every time the water leaves poorly, the working hours are growing.

note! We are talking about a situation where the water drains completely, but very slowly. If you are faced with the fact that the car was hanging with water in the tank, see the article why the washing machine does not drain water.

What is the cause of poor drain, this is a breakdown and a master is needed? In half of cases. no, the problem can be eliminated independently.

What can be done yourself

  • The drain filter clogged. It is located in the drain tract in front of the drain pump, delays the garbage and protects the pump from mechanical breakdowns of the impeller. Without regular cleaning, garbage accumulates and creates an obstacle to the water path. The pump cannot pump out water, which reaches it drop. Clean the filter regularly, at least several times a year. So you protect the pump and washing machine from unnecessary breakdowns, and protect yourself from unnecessary repair costs. The filter cleaning instructions are in the guide to your smell. It indicates where to find a filter node, how to clean, and with what frequency. If you have additional questions, you can ask them to our masters.
  • Blockage in a siphon or sewer pipe. The washing hose is connected to the siphon of the sink or directly to the sewage pipe through the removal. Siphon or pipe clogs over time. About the clogged siphon “sits” the water retention in the sink, the tech in the pipe will be less noticeable if only the washing machine “sits” on it. You can check that the reason is in the sewer, and not in the typewriter itself. To do this, before the laundry on an empty typewriter, you need to pull the hose out of the siphon or drive, lower it into the container and turn on the fast washing and draining. If the water will leave without delay, then the problem is in the sewage. Disassemble the siphon for its cleaning. To eliminate blockage in the pipe, use special products or use a plumbing cable.

Attention! If the car stopped on washing without lowering the water, before the repair you need to drain everything manually. How to do it correctly, read the article further.

Search for the cause of the breakdown, correction of small malfunctions

The algorithm for the diagnosis of malfunctions is simple. do not immediately disassemble the machine and, sorting out the details, try to understand why the washing machine does not drain water. It is more convenient to check the possible malfunctions as complexity increases.

Disable the device from the network. This is a prerequisite for any repair of equipment. 2. Clean the filter of the drain pump. 3. Drain water from a machine. 4. Unscrew and inspect the drain pipe. 5. Evaluate the ease of rotation of the impeller. 6. Check the performance of the pump.

If the malfunction is found at a certain stage, it should be eliminated and checked by the operation of the unit. Works. continue to disassemble the technique it makes no sense. If the problem is saved, go to the next point. The situation is quite real when one breakdown pulls another.

Some washing machines can conduct diagnostics themselves, display data on the display, you need to read the error code.

Why is the brush “Bosch” does not drain the water?

Start checking with typical problems that could lead to a plug stop. Look at the control panel. Make sure that the program is not selected “without plum”. Next, perform a check in the following sequence:

  • Disconnect the hose from the body and lower it into the sink.
  • Run any mode.
  • If the water flows from the hose, then the reason is in the suction of the sewer system.

You can clean the sewer using special tools or by calling a plumbing.

machine, does, drain, water

If the modes and communication “Bosch Max 5” (Maxx 5) or other model is in order, then the matter may be a serious breakdown. Typically, an electronic control machine displays an error code on the display. Having learned its meaning, one can come to the conclusion about the place of malfunction. But if there is no code, then you will have to check in order:

  • drainage filter and nozzle pipe;
  • pump at the time of breakdowns;
  • water level sensor for a malfunction;
  • Electronic module for bogs and damage.

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To find and eliminate the breakdown, start with the diagnosis of the internal parts of the washer.

Causes and signs of a malfunction

How the user can understand that there was a malfunction:

  • Pay attention to the first signs of a breakdown. For example, water merges slower than usual.
  • The washing machine does not drain water at all.
  • The washing cycle takes place as usual, but when it reaches the drain, the system freezes.
  • The machine drains water through one wash.
  • After draining the seas does not begin.
  • After the main washing, the water merges, after rinsing. no.

You can also notice a loud noise: the car will buzz, as if draining the spent water.

  • The wrong regime is set.
  • The drain pipe, hose, sewage.
  • The pressure sensor failed.
  • The drain pump broke.
  • The electronic board burned out.

Washing machine operating rules

In order for the technique to work without failures, you need to handle it correctly:

  • Each model has a certain bootable linen limit. If you exceed it, the unit will “work for wear”, which will significantly increase the risk of problems. Strictly observe the established standards;
  • Before washing clothes, carefully check your s and accessories. They can provoke violations in the work of the impeller, pump or engine;
  • To connect the washing machine to the mains, use the network filter if possible. He will protect the technique from voltage drops;
  • Clean the drain filter regularly;
  • select the correct washing program;
  • Each year, carry out preventive cleaning of a car without linen. with the help of washing powder and a special tool that removes the scale.

Observe simple operating rules, then the equipment will work without failures, and washing will always be in joy

Careful attitude and compliance with the rules will significantly increase the life of the washing machine.

How to understand that there were malfunctions in the operation of the device?

But what to do if you checked all the communications, chose the desired regime, and the water from the tank does not leave? In this case, the cause of the malfunction should be sought inside the device.

Modern washing machines are equipped with a self.diagnosis system and can inform the owner about the occurrence of problems during operation. Most often, an error message in the form of code is displayed on the device display. Different manufacturers have the same error in different ways. What are the symbols on the display in the technique of popular brands when discovery in the drain system? Problems with an outflow of water (most often as a result of clogging of a filter or interruption in the pump operation) are encoded by E21 symbols in Zanussi machines, F4 symbols in the ATLANT brand units. In the washing machines of the LG brand, this problem corresponds to the OE, Samsung code. E2, Candy. E02, Bosch. F03, Indesit and Ariston. F05.

In the washing machines of the HotPoint Ariston brand, problems with the drain of water are indicated by the F05 error code

In addition, there are a lot of codes indicating malfunctions of adjacent mechanisms in the device. You can get acquainted with them in detail in the operating instructions that are included in the kit for each unit.

How to drain yourself?

If you disassemble why there is no water from the washing machine, drain it first yourself, then look for the reason.

If the washing machine does not drain water, then what to do? You can remove the spent liquid from the technique yourself.

machine, does, drain, water
  • Each device has an emergency hose. It is necessary to empty the filled tank in an emergency. The emergency hose is located near the drain system filter to get access to it, open the decorative hatch, remove the hose, set the container and remove the plug from it.
  • Drain the liquid through the drain filter. This method is more time.consuming, since it is at the very bottom of the machine under the decorative hatch. Sometimes it’s hard to substitute even a flat container under it.
  • The third way is lighter. to use the drain hose. Just unscrew it from the back wall of the machine, lower it into a bucket or a large basin. It is advisable to place the containers at a lower level so that the water flows well.
  • If washing machines do not drain water, you can try another way to do it yourself. It is released through the drain pipe. It is very good if you understand how to disassemble the technique. If not, don’t try it better. If you need to lower the water, leave this method for emergency. If the water is not drained from the automatic machine, act like this: remove the rear panel, find the drain pipe (located under the tank), substitute a flat container, disconnect the clamps (they squatting the pipe to the pump system). That’s all. In the reverse order, set all the details. At the same time, you can clean.

Many masters recommend resorting to the last way immediately. When water merges, you can clean the entire drain system. It is likely that she just clogged somewhere.

machine, does, drain, water


The drain hose plays an important role in the correct functioning of the washing process. Its difficult design performs the valve function during the washing process, not allowing the water to pour out into the inappropriate moment for this. Therefore, it is logical that the problem of not draining water can lurk in this element of the washing machine.

What you need to know when connecting the hose to the washing machine:

  • Connection of the hose to the sewage hole is made in the form of a loop.
  • When installing the washing unit, it must be borne in mind that the top of the loop should be higher than the tank of the car.
  • But at the same time, the hose should not be higher than the water level. Otherwise, the water pump does not have enough power to pump the water worked out by the machine.

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If the washing machine did not pour water after the first installation or after moving it to another place, then it is possible that the problem arose precisely due to improper connection of the drain hose. Perhaps this will be warned by the machine, indicating the error code relating to the malfunctions of the hose. And if not, you have to check on your own.

To do this, disconnect the hose from the junction of it with the sewer and put this free end in the basin. Then you need to turn on the machine and wait for it to pour a little water. The next step is to enable water drainage. If the water merged without obstacles to the pelvis, then everything was in the wrong height at which the drain hose was installed. You need to properly set the height and the problem will be solved. If the water does not leak, then the hose must be removed.

The fastening of the drain hose to the washing machine is simple, but in some designs you will have to disassemble the car to get to the desired location. First of all, disconnecting the hose, you need to check if he passes water. If problems arose with this, then you need to clean it or change it to a new hose. In the process of cleaning the drain hose, do not forget about the pipe that can also be contaminated.

Then you install everything to the places where the parts were removed and check the performance of the machine. If all efforts were in vain, then it is still worthwhile to invite the masters so that he professionally determines the reason and eliminate the breakdown.

The washing machine has long entered our homes with a good assistant for the washing process. And if you install it correctly, regularly clean filters, and sometimes carry out preventive procedures with special means, it will be able to work for a long time without calling the master.



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