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The induction stove turns on and immediately turns off

The electric stove turns on and off

Your plate turns on and soon turns off, does not turn off for a long time, turns off after turning on the oven, turns on or turns off itself? The causes of unstable operation of the electric stove can be very different, and basically they are reduced to violations in the electrical wiring of the plate, usually insulation, or to breakdown of one of its nodes.

Since there are a lot of possible reasons, to establish exactly why the electric stove is turned on and off at its own whim is possible only with the help of special diagnostic equipment, and this is work for an experienced qualified specialist.

Thermal protection is triggered

The burner can spontaneously disconnect due to overheating: thermal protection is triggered, and the power circuit is torn. But why overheating occurs, it is necessary to understand separately and there are many reasons here: breakdown of the sensor or temperature regulator. Only an experienced master can accurately establish the reason.

The electric stove of the electric stove can randomly turn on and off due to the weakening or oxidation of contacts. It is necessary to carefully examine the wires suitable for a problem fire, clean them and connect them again.

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When to contact the service

It is difficult to eliminate the malfunctions associated with defects in control defects. Such breakdowns include:

  • failure of high.voltage transistors and other electronic components;
  • microcracks and mechanical damage to the conducting paths of the circuit board of the control module, etc.;
  • unstable operation of the fan (works with jerks, does not turn on and/or does not turn off, etc.).

Important! The fan does not turn off in cases where the maximum capacity of heating of the firewood is set, or the air temperature around it exceeds 50 ° C. But does not turn on if the minimum power level is set, or the air around the device is warmed by less than 50 ° C.

induction, stove, turns, immediately

If malfunctions are detected, which cannot be eliminated independently, it is necessary to contact the service service to call a qualified profile specialist who has all the necessary spare parts. This will allow the shortest possible time to eliminate the breakdown, while maintaining intact and the safety of a fairly expensive unit.

The operation of protective mechanisms

If the electrical hob is disconnected, the most likely cause of the hock panel is to include the function of maintaining the performance of the leading components. When thermal protection is triggered, the plate will not work, because the system will understand the current state as overheating. Otherwise, the hobs will require appropriate repair or replacement of expensive parts.

Rupture of the power chain that accompanies the process of activation of the protective function. It can be caused by breakdowns of the temperature controller of the heating of the fireproke, which controls the touch panel or fan of the standard cooling system. Modern plates are equipped with overload protection systems on the network. Thus, the leading components of the slab, such as the hob and other parts, are protected from destruction or deformation. This can be caused by short circuits or multiple excesses of current strength, which leads to a shutdown of the panel.

The operation of the protection from which the induction hob is turned off can be the action of an RCD machine on the site or fuse. Until the reasons why the defense was involved, the technique will not turn on.

How the hob should work?

When the device is turned on, the current enters a special induction coil made of varnished copper, inside the closed circuit creates an electromagnetic field with a frequency of 20 to 100 kHz. It passes through the working surface of glass ceramics freely. the induction acts only on the bottom of the dishes.

The technique is turned off due to the failure of the controller of the burning controller. The solution is to change it. Too low or voltage changes in the mains. If the hob suddenly begins to work and turns off, most likely the protective relay refused.

induction, stove, turns, immediately

How to unlock the Gorenje plate burns L?

To unlock the hob:. Click on the sensor “./Off.””. For all zones of heating on the display, “l” is displayed At the same time, click on the sensors “.” and “” of the right front heating zone (the left front zone of heating for PVD 633), and then click on the “.” sensor again for this heating zone.

Choose dishes with a bottom diameter of at least 12 cm. it must match the diameter of the burner. If the bottom of the pan or pans is smaller, the stove will not turn on. Special dishes for surfaces with an induction coil have a special mark. a spiral icon. Usually pots, pans, buckets, etc.

Gas hob

The last variety of hobs is a gas surface. One of the simplest and easiest repair with your own hands. Electronics are used less, so there are not many malfunctions and everything is easily eliminated.

  • Gas is not ignited or poorly lit. Immediately check the electric fire (piezo) for the presence of a blockage or liquid. In 90% of cases, wash it carefully and dry it. If this did not help, we check the availability of electricity in the chain of piezo to the coil.
  • The gas hob does not turn on, because the gas does not enter the burner. Repair of hobs in these cases is not needed, there is enough prevention. We check the gas pipe if the crane is open and there is gas in the system, we proceed to checking the nozzles. Blockage occurs with fat or residues of food, it is enough to clean. Do not forget to wipe dry after cleaning, moisture should not stay. If the moisture remains piezo will not be ignited.

Modern hobs are equipped with sensors for determining malfunctions and diagnostic modules, an error code appears on the screen. Find the code in the instructions and follow the indicated recommendations for the elimination of a specific malfunction. Use forums, there you can find real reviews and experience in repairing yourself from specialists and other users, namely your model with detailed instructions and photos.

If we analyze all the malfunctions of the hob that may meet during operation, we can confidently say that most of them are repaired with their own hands.

Real and imaginary malfunctions of induction plates

  • Full power is not realized. As a rule, such a situation arises if the bottom of the dishes is located with a displacement from the center of the burner, or the diameter of the bottom is significantly smaller than the size of the hob.Perhaps the burner is not pressed from below to the decorative surface (weakened the fasteners, or the clamping springs burst).If the power is abruptly changing, the cause may be the triggering of the temperature sensor. It is necessary to find the reason for overheating of the induction winding. The spiral can burn out or close between the turns.
  • Some of the firewood does not work. First of all, the power connection to faulty nodes is checked. Each generator can have fuses. Also, the connecting connector from the control unit to the inductor may fail from overheating.
  • There is no reaction to the touch panel. In the presence of fat pollution, sensors may not “feel” your fingers. Clean the surface. If this did not help, check the connecting train from the control panel to the inductor circuit.
  • There is no display of residual heat (in fact. the temperature of the hob in the operating mode). The reason may be a breakdown of a thermal attemptor. If it is working (can be checked on a working burner), you should replace. Of course, check the reliability of connecting the connecting wires.
  • A cooling fan is constantly working. The noise of the propeller can be heard for some time after the end of the work, the induction coil does not cool immediately. If the fan works immediately after turning on the power (when the burner is turned off), the temperature sensor is possible, or the temperature in the area of ​​the hob is above 50 ° C.
  • The fan does not work. There are only two reasons: either the motor is burned out (we check for the forced voltage supply), or the breakdown in the control circuit (thermal attewer that controls the module).
  • Unmotivated shutdown of the hob. To begin with, we learn the standard reasons for the disconnection:
  • Within 10 seconds after turning on, you do not perform active actions;
  • Brings (at least one of them) operate in heating mode for more than 2 hours in a row;
  • Perhaps the shutdown mode is set by the timer for a short time.

Useful advice: if there are no suitable dishes, and you only have an induction stove, use the ferromagnetic disk suitable in diameter. They are on sale, or it can be made from a thick steel pan.

True, the effectiveness of the preparation will decrease sharply, because the source of heat will not be dishes itself, but a metal disk. But you can cook in your favorite copper pan or pot of heat.resistant glass.

Important! The presence of fluid (even water) in non.magnetic dishes will not force an induction burner to work. This is not a microwave.

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For more operational repair in conditions of inaccurate determination of a malfunction (and not only), you can give several useful tips. Firstly, the generators on the burners are made in the form of an independent module. They are removed. Changing the generators in places (from one burner to another), you can quickly understand what has broken, the coil or its high.frequency voltage blog.

The second advice will sometimes save a lot to save on repair. For non-cheap or rarely found due to non-proliferation in the plates market, a burned part can be unique and very expensive. And its rarity raises the cost of replacement even more. But install an element indicated on the scheme of the plate, is not at all necessary. There is a database of compliance of electronic components. It can be easily found on the Internet at the request of Datasheet or on thematic forums. It will be found more inexpensive or accessible on sale an analogue of the part, which is needed to replace in an induction stove.

If the cause of the breakdown has not been established, or there are difficulties about how to purchase and install failed modules, then it is better to contact professionals for the repair of an induction stove. You should also remember the warranty service, the right to which you can lose when opening the unit independently. The induction stove is a “smart” technique and requires careful compliance with the operating rules.


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