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The induction stove turns off when heated

We repair an induction stove with our own hands

Induction electrical appliances were used in metallurgy and welding for a long time. Despite the apparent complexity of the devices, their manufacture does not apply to high technologies. Therefore, for two decades this principle has been widely used in everyday life: in particular, when creating electric stoves.

The breakdown of equipment with such a heater is not a big problem, however, service centers set impressive price tags at every handling. Therefore, if there are elementary skills in the radio, you can repair the induction stove with your own hands. Our review will tell about this.

Protection is triggered from overloads of the network and overheating

Thermal protection may work simply due to incorrectly selected dishes (if the plate is induction) or because of the problem with the outlet. These reasons are easily eliminated independently.

In other cases, a detailed inspection will be required, which will help to identify:

Special shutdown of the slab in these cases saves the performance of its expensive elements. However, while you do not eliminate the reason for the operation of the defense, the risk of damage will increase.

Causes of malfunctions

Having determined the reason, it is easy to build a further plan of action.

The hob does not turn on

The absence of heating of firewood, any signs of work is caused, as a rule, a number of erroneous actions when the device is turned on, programming its working functions. These are constructive features.

For example, a simultaneous touch of two or more sensory keys, random activation of locking (function “Castle from children”). In this case, you should be careful about the control panel. Sometimes for rebooting you will need to de.energize the device for a few seconds.

Often inept handling of functional settings leads to conflict reactions in the operation of control elements. If the limiting heating parameters are set, when the burner is turned on with a level of above the installed, the panel simply does not turn on.

In addition to accuracy, when entering information and using touch key, it is recommended to pay attention to the control panel and glass.ceramic surface of fireplace. Drops of water, fat, extraneous objects significantly affect the performance of the product.

Disconnected during operation

Overheating of working elements. a serious reason for turning off the plate. In this case, the fire protection system is triggered, the corresponding symbol of the indication duplicated by the sound signal appears. Excessive thermal impact entails failures in the electronic control system. The panel is also spontaneously turned off.

The melted details of the terminal box are also able to open the electric circuit when heated and expanded. In this case, the indication and other signals are useless, since the power is completely turned off.

It turns on, then disconnects

It is very important to quickly learn to recognize light indication and sound signals. If after turning on the stove after some time a characteristic sound is heard and the burner is turned off, an experienced user will quickly establish the cause. Sometimes it is enough to remove an extraneous item overlapping the sensory key.

Extremely rarely periodic switching on and disconnect due to microcrack in the glass ceramic of the heating zone. Bright starts working in the thermostat mode. Heating to a certain level turns off. As it cools, it turns on again. This reason is difficult to diagnose.

If the listed signs and failures are detected as first aid measures, in addition to the functions prescribed by the management and reprogramming, it is recommended to completely turn off the device from the network. To do this, use the vehicles of the supply line in the camshaft.

The effect is achieved by shutting down not only phase, but also a zero line. Two to three minutes after energy supply, the panel turns on, and re-installation of programs is carried out. Some models have the function of resetting manual installations to standard factory.

Important! It should be remembered that electric hobs are the highest class according to safety requirements. All work related to access to the elements of the electric circuit is carried out only after disconnecting both supply phases.

induction, stove, turns, heated

Detailed operating guide

In all cases without exception, before starting to operate the device, they carefully read the factory instructions. Different models have their own design features.

Sensory control makes equipment extremely light and convenient to operate. To turn on a fairly easy touch to the key for literally two seconds. and you can proceed to the cooking process. To turn off you will need only one second.

Often the hob stops working due to the formation of water condensation on the control board. Why is this happening? This happens when the device is located above the oven or dishwasher. If there was simply no other place for installing the panel, during installation, enhanced isolation is used from the negative effects of heat and moisture coming from below.

During operation, it is important to observe several general rules and, of course, those indicated by the factory by the manufacturer and are purely individual for a particular product.

induction, stove, turns, heated

It is recommended to select an effective heating surface for the size of the dishes. At the same time, it is important to know the features of the temperature conditions of heat treatment of various products. Using the function of automatic switching thresholds in the process of preparation, they reach the maximum savings of energy, protect the working elements from wear.

The use of the timer is also useful in work. This option is used to configure the time of operation of the burner for one cooking cycle. The timer should be installed after choosing a burner.

The function of blocking from children is a very necessary and useful addition. It avoids accidental inclusion, uncontrolled heating, and hence traumatic, fire hazardous situations.

In addition to the described, the human factor takes place. Incorrect connection, especially when using a barrier contact group, often leads to a blocking of the terminal box, up to the failure of the power control unit. In these cases, the panel works with interruptions or does not work at all.

Careless treatment, mechanical damage are also able to cause serious damage to the product. It should be remembered that the glass surface is not designed for punches and other heavy objects.

If foreign objects, water, oils come to the surface, an emergency shutdown should be made. For this, many models are even equipped with a special button. Repeated inclusion is allowed only after complete cleaning of the hock panel.

It is interesting:

induction, stove, turns, heated

Connecting a fork to the hob

Consumed power panels consumed

Possible breakdowns of hobs

All the most common malfunctions of electrical hobs are presented in the list:

  • The device does not turn on or does not work after turning on;
  • the residual heat indicator does not light up;
  • The automatic heating function does not turn on;
  • The device turns on and turns off again, the sound signal is supplied;
  • Symbols light up and sound signals of various errors (individually for each model, according to the factory instructions) are given.

In addition to the listed, such types of breakdowns as damage to the supply cable, melting the details of the terminal box, failure of the indicator unit, burner sensors, mechanical damage to the ceramic surface.

How to make induction stove. Great idea needed in your home

Contacts leave

The electric stove can randomly turn on and off due to the weakening or oxidation of contacts, both in the outlet, where the plate is connected and internal. And if you can still try to figure it out yourself with a socket and a network fork, then it is better to entrust the search for bad contacts inside the device.

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Common error codes

Sometimes owners of such technology can notice incomprehensible symbols on the sensor. The panel flashes in red-with the equipment something is wrong. It will be useful if the owners are sorted out in the codes of errors and their values. On the example of Bosch and Hansa slabs, symbols look as follows:

  • F. disagreement of dishes for this panel;
  • E1. exceeding the level of heat around the unit;
  • E3. failure in power supply;
  • E4. exceeding the maximum power of the burner;
  • E5. network error;
  • E6. lack of connection with the power unit.

If for a long time the error remains, it is necessary to call a repair specialist. The call of the master is especially relevant for malfunctions of the type E3, E5, E6. When applying for an application on the site or by phone, you must specify the error code. Then the master will drive up with already prepared tools.

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How an induction stove works

The principle of operation of induction devices is based on the heating of metals due to the transformation of the energy of the electromagnetic field into thermal. So, first, the high.frequency magnetic field creates an induction vortex current, and then metal (ferromagnet), being in its area of ​​action, begins to heat up intensively.

The induction stove, from the point of view of physics, is a high.frequency transformer. Under the glass.ceramic there is an inductance coil in which a current of up to 100 kHz flows.

The induction coil serves as the primary winding, the secondary. the bottom of the dishes, in which, when a variable magnetic field appears, the same currents occur as in the coil. Thanks to the vortex currents between the coil and the dishes, the dishes first heat up, and then the food in it.

Due to this feature, the plate does not heat up, more precisely, it can be heated, but from dishes (and not vice versa, as happens with electric stoves). Another chip of induction plates. they begin to work only when there are dishes in the heating zone. It is enough to remove the pan, and the electric circuit will open. the stove will turn off.

Important working conditions of the induction stove:

induction, stove, turns, heated
  • Metal should have ferromagnetic properties. that is, absorb the energy of the magnetic field. The main material of dishes for induction plates is steel.
  • For heating the frequency of the magnetic field should be more than 20-60 kHz, for which a high frequency generator is provided in the design.
  • The induction field acts compactly, so the bottom of the dishes (the second coil) should be located next to the inductance coil, and the surface area of ​​both coils should be the same.

Only if all three conditions are observed, optimal energy transmission is achieved. Otherwise, vortex currents flow into the void above the induction coil, excess energy overheat the primary coil.

In addition, the excessive heat load overloads the generator. As a result, the elements fail, and the repair of the induction stove is required.

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