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The humidifier cools the air or not

Moikas and air humidifiers: 10 of the most pressing issues

Currently, the most common type of moisturizer is ultrasound. He breaks the water into the smallest drops and lifts them into the air with a fan, creating a wet fog. These are the most productive devices with many additional functions. They occupy about 60% of the market.

The second in the ranking are traditional cold.type humidifiers. These include devices operating at the expense of filter matters or sponges made of porous materials, as well as air washing.

There are also hot hydration devices on the market. They are based on a heating element, open or closed, which heats water to a temperature of 65–70 ° C. She evaporates, moisturizing the air.

Air purifiers

It seems that the air and air, what to clean there and why? In fact, you do not breathe quite freely if you agree with at least one of these points:

  • You live in the city;
  • Near the house there is parking, road, industrial enterprise;
  • You have pets;
  • The apartment has carpets, curtains, soft toys.

It is clear that most of us fall into at least one group, which means they risk health. Home dust, street slagged air, animal hair and pollen make it difficult to work lungs, can cause allergies and interfere with sleep. Fortunately, the air cleaner will cope with these problems, it remains only to choose the right.

The main thing in the cleaner is the filters through which the air passes. The more of them, the more effective the device will be. Depending on the filters and their organization, cleaners are divided into several types.

Mechanical cleaners

This filter system acts as a sieve:

  • A preliminary filter in the form of a grid, the task of which is to stop large particles of dust, wool, fluff;
  • Coal: in its composition activated carbon, which copes with unpleasant odors, cigarette smoke and some toxic impurities, but is effective only in combination with other filters;
  • HEPA filter, which is able to delay particles up to 0.3 micron and provide high-quality air purification, sufficient even for asthmatics.

Such cleaners can be more noisy than their brothers, and filters require regular replacement, but with a variety of models, choosing the optimal one will not be difficult.

Electrostatic cleaners

They work during the interaction of negative and positive electric charges: dust particles pass through the ionization chamber, receive a charge and attract to the plates inside the cleaner. The electrostatic filter is able to delay particles already up to 0.01 micron, and the plates must simply be washed with water as they are polluted. These filters are quietly mechanical, but do not cope with some toxins and saturate the air with ozone, which is better to follow the concentration.

Photocatalytic cleaners

These are perhaps the most effective and modern filters. The technology is based on UV radiation, which breaks down particles of pollution even up to 0.001 micron and turns them into carbon dioxide and water. Such filters cope with large dust worse, so they often complement mechanical. The only minus of cleaners with a photocatalytic filter is a high price relative to others, but such a filter does not require either washing or replacing.

You must choose a cleaner, depending on the area of ​​the room and your readiness to care for it: change and rinse filters. Will make the use of various little things pleasant and interesting: remote control and night mode, pollution detector and other indicators.

Temperature sensor and hygrometer

Some of the models are distinguished by the presence of some modern technologies, thanks to which the humidifier becomes a multifunctional and flexible device in managing the device.

For example, the Ballu UMB-205 model has a temperature sensor and a gigrometer for humidity control, thanks to which you can configure the equipment for the most comfortable mode of operation and maintain specified air humidity parameters.

Varieties of devices

The stores offer three types of humidifiers. They are based on different principles of work: natural moisture, steam generation, ultrasound. We will consider each of them in detail.

Natural type equipment

It is also called the traditional or cold couple. Fulfills its task by natural evaporation. Special cartridges are wetted with water, after which an air stream is supplied to them from the built.in fan. Its speed is regulated, so the intensity of moisturizing can be changed. Devices of this type are the safest. They are environmentally friendly, reliable in operation.

To wet the cartridges, you can pour water from the tap. Additional plus of the device. cleansing the flow entering the housing from dust. Only the price of such devices is considered a disadvantage.

Steam devices

Pure water is poured into the body, which is brought to a boil, after which it begins to evaporate. Moisturization occurs very quickly, and the temperature rises with it. Steam equipment is good to install in cold rooms. Then it will perform two functions at once. Of course, this is not a full-fledged heating apparatus, but will be able to provide an increase in temperature by 2-3C.

It is desirable that the device is supplemented with a hygrometer and automation. Then it will not turn out to waterplows that with a steam generator can happen quickly enough. A significant drawback of the device is a large electricity consumption. In addition, you need to handle it carefully. Hot steam is unsafe. Access of children should be limited.

Ultrasonic systems

Water is supplied to the ultrasound membrane, which breaks it into microcados. The human eye sees them like fog. For a compulsory or natural stream, it is distributed by the room. In this way, large volumes of air masses are quickly moistened. The device is completely safe, it works almost silently.

The main disadvantage is sensitivity to water quality. In many models, a filter has been installed in front of the ultrasonic membrane. But if the liquid is hard, it fails very quickly.

It is best to pour distillates into the device, especially if there is no filter. Otherwise, a lime sediment will fall into the ultrasonic fog and settle on furniture, walls, t.P. It is very difficult to delete it.

Models with additional useful functions will be the best choice when you need a good moisturizer. There can be several options: ionization, cleaning, aromatization. Such complexes not only moisturize, they clean the air mixture of dust, particles of dirt.

Types of moisturizers

Household humidifiers presented in the modern market are three types: traditional, steam and ultrasound. Distribution by type is uneven: for example, at the time of preparation of this material, according to Yandex.The market is on sale 116 models of traditional humidifiers, 485 ultrasound and only 11 pieces of steam. Based on these data, it can be argued that the most common to date are not at all traditional, as it would be logical to expect, but ultrasonic moisturizers. The steam ones have practically completely emerged from the turnover and, thus, are unlikely to be of interest to us. How these models differ?

Traditional humidifiers

Traditional humidifiers moisten the air, “blowing” it through the cassette, filter or other object, abundantly moistened with water. Thus, they work on the principle of natural evaporation. These devices consume relatively slightly electricity (from 20 to 60 W) and moderately purify the air during operation due to the settlement of part of the dust in water. The key disadvantages of such devices are relatively low performance and the need to regularly change water (it is polluted) and a filter/cassette (however, some can be washed many times. then you can change, for example, once a year). The main advantage is that the air with this method of moisturizing is moistened the worse, the higher its humidity. thus, the optimal level of humidity over time begins to be supported automatically. Well, air purification of dust is also an worthless function.

Traditional air humidifier Boneco Air-O-Swiss

Ultrasonic humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers create cold steam (in fact, to be physically accurate. rather fog), consisting of the smallest particles of water. “Grinding” of water is carried out using a special membrane, which fluctuates at high frequencies (hence the name of this type of device). Ultrasonic models on average consume no more than 50 watts, have average performance and sometimes allow the possibility of heating water. Steam, thus, will be served heated, and the room will not be cooled. It is clear that for such an option you will have to pay not only the increased price of the device itself, but also with increased energy consumption. One of the key claims to ultrasound moisturizers is the appearance of a characteristic white plaque on furniture if ordinary tap water is used. In addition, if the ultrasonic humidifier does not have a built.in humidity sensor (hygrometer), it will moisturize the air and after the necessary level of humidity is no “self.regulation”, as in the case of traditional moisturizers, in this case does not occur.

Ultrasonic miniature air humidifier Redmond RHF-3308

Steam humidifiers

Steam moisturizers, as it is easy to guess, provide hydration from the air by spraying hot steam. The principle of operation of such a device is very simple: the water is supplied to a special container in which it heats up and evaporates. Such a device will not require special filters for cleaning and will be easy to care. We will have to pay for this increased energy consumption and, as a result, by increasing the temperature in the room (which, however, can be interpreted as a dignity. if the humidifier is supposed to be used where heating does not hurt). An additional advantage is that moisturizing occurs steam. that is, in fact, distilled water.

But you can’t call an increased noise level of noise: not everyone will like to use a steam humidifier in the bedrooms. Complaints were also noticed that such devices were dried by indoor plants, and with incorrect choice of the power of the device (if the humidifier turns out to be too powerful, or if it is installed in a too small room), the room is easy to create a sauna effect.

Steam humidifier Stadler Form Fred F-008EH with a funny design

Features of the operation of the air humidifier in the heat

In the summer heat, many apartment owners use the air conditioning system that provides coolness, but dries the air. Open windows can also negatively affect the microclimate. Therefore, on the question of whether the air humidifier needs to include in the summer, the medical specialists recommend not neglecting the capabilities of such devices.

With excessive dryness of air in the body, a number of problems arise:

In the absence of the necessary level of humidity, a person often wants to drink, concentration decreases, drowsiness appears.

There is a risk of allergic reactions, segment attacks.

The humidifier allows us to normalize the microclimate and avoid health problems.

Is it necessary to turn on the air humidifier in the summer

Is it necessary to turn on the air humidifier in the summer depends on the climate, the weather and whether the air conditioner works in the room. The cooling device normalizes the temperature, but eliminates moisture. In this case, there is a risk of respiratory diseases.

The established heat also overdles the air. Most of all, children and elderly people suffer from this, for whom the microclimate in the room is the key to normal well.being and performance.

If the air or office is overdried in an apartment or office, the only opportunity to correct the situation is to install a humidifier.

Simultaneous inclusion of air conditioning and humidifier

Since doctors recommend turning on the air humidifier in the summer, many are interested in whether it is possible to combine this device with the operation of the air conditioner.

The cooling system reduces the temperature in the room, and the moisture contained in the air flow turns into condensate. About 50% of water is excreted. The air becomes dry. The more powerful the air conditioner, the more moisture it deleys. To restore the level of water content in air flows, you need to put in the room a container with boiling water. It is more convenient to use a climatic device that compensates for losses.


To normalize the amount of moisture with a working air conditioner, it is recommended to turn on the air humidifier in the summer.

There are several models that differ in power and the principle of exposure:

  • Traditional. inexpensive device acting due to “cold evaporation”. The fan takes the air in the room, draws it through the tubes of water. After saturates the room with a wet air stream. The device is effective when working next to the air conditioner on.
  • Steam. use mainly in winter, since the device heats water in a barrel and emits steam, additionally increasing the temperature in the room.
  • Ultrasonic. thanks to high.frequency fluctuations, water turns into a cool fog. The device is suitable for use together at any time of the year.

It is most convenient to include air conditioning and humidifier at the same time so that a stable microclimate is preserved in the room.

How the open window affects the work of the humidifier

Cooling system users know that when working air conditioning, it is desirable to close the windows. Otherwise, the unit may fail or will not be effective. Turning on a humidifier with an open window is also not recommended. This is due to the principle of operation of the device. It acts on a certain volume of air. If air masses constantly enter the room, the effectiveness of hydration will decrease.

The microclimate system will work on marginal capabilities, this negatively affects the service life of the device.

To safely ventilate the room, it is necessary to turn off the humidifier. After the windows are closed, the device can be started again.

What to consider when buying?

When choosing a moisturizer, first of all, you should pay attention to its performance, since it is it that determines the possibility of achieving comfortable humidity in the room. The mode of automatic maintenance of humidity is very convenient, which will forget about periodic inclusions and off the humidifier manually. Another important parameter is the presence of an automatic shutdown function in the absence of water. Such an option will not allow the device to work idle, and in some cases will prevent a moisturizer breakdown.

Also, when buying, you should ask how bactericidal water treatment is carried out in it, which is especially important with the periodic use of the device or the presence of small children in the family. If such processing is laid down in the design of the cartridge, then throughout the entire time of its operation no problems with disinfection of water will occur. Such a cartridge also eliminates various types of precipitation, suspension of tap water, rust elements, sand, organic pollution. Even greater efficiency is achieved with a bactericidal coating applied to the inner surface of the water capacity. When using an ionizing silver rod, it will have to be periodically changed to a new. Finally, the absence of both of them and the third, which is usually characteristic of budget models, will lead to the need to buy a universal bactericidal composition and add it to the water every time when filling out the capacity.

The role of hyaluronic acid

The skin of a person is constantly regenerated: exfoliating fragments are replaced by new, young, and this process is continuous. A large role in regeneration is played by hyaluronic acid (hyaluron), which is part of any living organism. She absorbs and holds moisture, giving the skin elasticity. The excessive effect of UV rays and a lack of moisture prevent the synthesis of this acid in the body, which accelerates the destruction of old and slows down the growth of new cells. The skin is premature, becoming a flabby. But it is enough to increase the humidity in the room, as normal acid synthesis will be restored and moisture loss through the skin will be significantly reduced.

The work of moisturizers acting on the principle of cold evaporation is based on the fact that the built-in fan takes the air from the room and drives it through the filter gear. The filter is made of a specially prepared pulp, which intensively absorbs moisture, and therefore constantly moistened. Passing through it, the air is saturated with water vapors, while all unwanted impurities settled on the surface of the filter.

Top 5 Best Humidifiers in 2022 ��

“Cold” humidifiers are the simplest and most economical models. They not only moisturize the air in the room, but also delay large dust, fluff of plants, hair, animal hair, etc. However, such air purification will not help people suffering from asthmatical or allergic diseases, they need to use special air cleaners with non-films.

The most consumption part of the “cold” humidifiers is a filter, it serves only 3-4 months (or even less). You can replace it yourself; The new costs about 500-650 the replacement frequency largely depends on the quality of the water that is poured into the device. If it is tap water, poorly cleaned and hard, moisturizing cartridge will quickly clog. The use of such water is permissible only if the device is additionally equipped with a special softening cartridge that reduces its rigidity, or if the level of stiffness does not exceed 3.6–4.2 m-EKV/l. For the filter to last longer, manufacturers recommend using demineralized or distilled water, and this is also additional costs.


The price of humidifiers ranges from 1.9 to 15 thousand The climatic complex with a moisturizer-sparmer will cost 15-40 thousand “Sinks”. at 6-17 thousand.


“Cold” humidifiers do not create much noise (about 37 dBA), steam does not go when they work. Being nearby, you feel as if the wind from the river is inhaled in full chest. The fan speed can be changed depending on preferences. Typically, devices are equipped with two modes: night, with a minimum noise level, and daytime, with maximum performance. By the way, the performance of such moisturizers is usually about 360–400 ml/h at a capacity of 20–54 watts, though there are more powerful models, but these are rather single samples. Small power means that using the device will practically not affect the account for electricity, but low performance is a minus.

If, instead of the filter, install rotating plastic disks, which with small gaps will be collected in packages (15–20 pcs.) and partially immersed in a pallet of water, you get a variety of a “cold” moisturizer, called a “air sink”. Discs are constantly rotated, their surface, thanks to a special processing technology, always remains wet.

Dry air from the room is pumped out by the fan into the housing of the device, passes between saturated disks and absorbs fine water dust, optimally moisturized. At the same time, foreign particles in size of 5 microns or more are precipitated on the surface of the disks, after which they are washed off in the pallet of water. In some models of the “MOK”, a silver rod made of antiseptic fibers containing silver is installed. Placed in a water container, it prevents the multiplication of microorganisms.

Air purposes are a waist

Climate equipment manufacturers also produce combined devices that carry out air purification and moisturizing it. From the point of view of compatibility, the union of the adsorption air cleaner and humidifier is ideal “cold steam”. In such systems, the air first passes through the system of dust and adsorption filters (activated carbon), then moisturized and blown out by the fan. Bionaire International produces “serious” devices S-11, S-22, S-33, equipped with a contamination indicator, a tank capacity indicator, humidity meter and switching on/turning off.

The witty solution of the combined air cleaner-moisturizer was proposed by the Swiss company Axair Ltd. In the Defensor PH-5 model, the air peeled by the adsorption filter sprays water, passing it through porous coal, and takes the water dust out the fan. In the absence of water, this device works as an ordinary air cleaner.

An attempt to use water as a filter was made by the German company Venta. Venta-Airwasher “Air Rinse of Air”, according to manufacturers, not only effectively moisturizes the air, but also cleans it of dust, microbes, heavy metals and tobacco smoke. The moisturizer kit includes a bottle of Bio-Agorber liquid, with which the device finally straightens with bacteria. However, due to the insufficient adsorbing ability of water, the aerial cleaning capabilities of such a device are more reduced to the collection of domestic dust, sulfur dioxide and ammonia, which is also quite good.

I would like to warn the reader. The improper use of the air humidifier, like many other household appliances, can worsen living conditions. Когда необходимость его использования не вызывает сомнений (в жаркое засушливое лето или зимний отопительный сезон), работающий увлажнитель создает романтическое ощущение легкого морского бриза или ветерка с берега реки; Sometimes it becomes the only salvation for allergies with an exacerbation of the disease. It makes sense to refrain from turning on the moisturizer without extreme need, because dampness in the house is no less evil than dry throat. In any case, it is best to use any moisture meter and, depending on its indications, decide whether to moisten the air indoors or not.

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