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The Gorenier oven does not close

It is impossible to imagine any kitchen without a cooking surface, whether it is electric or gas stove, because it is on these units occurs cooking. But unfortunately, these devices fail over time for various reasons. To make repairs to gas stoves, to eliminate malfunctions of various kinds and conduct maintenance should a qualified specialist of the gas service. But there are minor faults in which you can repair your gas stove yourself. So, you can repair the gas stove with your own hands in case of the following malfunctions:

  • One or all burners do not light;
  • Electric ignition does not ignite the gas;
  • After the gas is lit, the burner goes out;
  • The lid of the oven does not close.

Causes of the oven door not closing all the way

The problem of the lid not closing can be caused by a number of reasons:

  • The door has loose or originally had weak fasteners (curtains).
  • The closing/opening mechanism is defective.
  • Door opening contour is heavily contaminated by grease and food particles.
  • The door seal is worn out.
  • There is mechanical damage to the device door itself.

Principles of operation and construction of gas stoves

These devices consist of a gas system consisting of pipes and hoses, an electric mechanism that lights, auto ignition, and an appliance body made of steel and a certain number of parts.

The basis of operation is as follows: natural gas enters the burner from a cylinder, then the combustible comes into contact with oxygen, so after that the combustion process becomes possible.

If we consider specifically the part we are interested in. the oven, we must say that the ovens of gas ovens are divided into several types.

  • Dual-mode. Fitted on top of the appliance where a grill can be installed. This kind of oven has no ventilation.
  • Multi-mode. The fan moves the air in the oven where the hollow burners are used to maintain the flame of the fire.

To prevent heat loss inside the oven, the ovens are insulated and the glass in the door has several layers.

Door does not close all the way

Today, very many residents of large cities are faced with the fact that they do not close all the way the door of the gas stove. This is a very popular malfunction that can lead to very serious problems. The oven door must fit tightly around the edge of the stove, t. к. Otherwise, heat loss is inevitable. If the door of your oven does not close all the way, Service-04 can help.

This malfunction can be triggered by several key factors, viz:

  • Poor fastening;
  • The closing mechanism is worn out;
  • contamination of the circuit;
  • Seals are worn out;
  • Physical deformation of the door.

If the oven door does not close all the way, then the first thing specialists check the state of the mechanism that holds the door open and close. It will probably have to be disassembled and completely cleaned of grease and small debris. It is the most common cause of failure. The master then reassembles the fixture in reverse order and installs the sash.

Many domestic and foreign stoves are equipped with special seals that ensure airtight closing of the door. These fixtures are made of refractory material, which, however, inevitably breaks down and deforms over time. If the door does not close all the way, you should check the integrity of the sealing layer.

Like any other kitchen and household appliances, the gas stove needs regular preventive cleaning, and this applies directly to the oven. Oil splashes and food residues, which are inevitably formed during cooking, can form a dense layer on the contour of the oven. Such soot can be removed mechanically.

Service-04 is ready to help you if your gas stove door won’t close all the way. Specialists will find out what’s wrong and fix it. This is one of the simplest tasks that takes a little time to complete. After repairing the gas stove, craftsmen will advise you on the operation of the kitchen appliance.

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Basic signs of malfunction

If the gas oven has stopped working, it is necessary to perform a basic diagnosis of the gas control. First, open the top lid and burner or burner table. To do this, unscrew and remove the two side covers on both sides.Visible signs of malfunction are as follows:

  • There is gas coming in, but the flame does not appear when you press the button in the standard procedure;
  • The food is heated unevenly: it may burn on the edges and be cold in the center or vice versa;
  • The oven does not close or the door does not press firmly against the base and cannot be fully engaged;
  • immediately after ignition, the fire slowly goes out;
  • It becomes impossible to regulate the heat in the oven;
  • As long as the knob is held, the gas cannot go out by itself;
  • The oven smokes and the flame emits a yellow-red glow;
  • The flames coming from the burners have different heights;
  • opening of the oven door is tense, as if it is being held inside;
  • the oven becomes very hot when not in use.

Important If one or more of these symptoms occur, it is necessary to inspect the appliances and identify the malfunction. Gas is a dangerous thing, so if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to call a master at home.

Typical breakdowns of Gorenje stoves

Gas stoves Gorenje can be broken for various reasons, but among the most frequent failures of such appliances are breakages of electric ignition and gas-control.

Because of constant voltage fluctuations in the network, the first fails piezo element, which is responsible for automatic ignition of burners, which must be replaced in the future.

The first sign of gas control malfunction. the inability to turn on the burner the first time, and often have to hold the knob for about a minute before the flame appears. If the burner fades immediately after lowering the knob, then in this case the problem may lie in a faulty solenoid valve or thermocouple.

Gorenje gas stoves have special weaknesses, which should be considered in more detail. So, you will be able to repair your gas stove yourself, having previously studied its structure, as well as methods of eliminating specific malfunctions.

Gas goes out after the knob is put down

To ensure safe use of gas equipment manufacturers use a safety system. gas control. If when you try to turn on a Gorenje gas oven, the flame goes out immediately after you release the knob or gas button, then the problem is in the gas control malfunction.

The system consists of a thermocouple, and solenoid valves connected to the burner taps. On average, the burner control mechanism will operate within 1-2 seconds, whereas it takes at least 15 seconds to light an oven burner.

In order to heat up the burner quickly, the tip of the thermocouple probe must be placed directly inside the flame. If it is installed too low or too high, the probe will not heat up to the necessary level, and the gas safety valve will not open.

To restore the operation of the gas control it is worth trying

Дверь духовки GORENJE BO635E20X-2 не закрывается GORENJE BO635E20X-2 oven door does not close

  • clean the probe probe. Any grease or liquid could have gotten inside the part during use, and the gas control system would not work;
  • Ensure that the knob is tight. If after pressing the button, the burner goes out, it is worth removing the handle, and with your finger press the stem of the valve, then try to turn on the burner (if it worked. put something in the handle);
  • adjust the position of the thermocouple. Its tip should touch the tongue at the minimum, therefore in case of deviation the part can be adjusted with a simple screw.

If the handle does not fit well enough, then when you try to light the burner, the solenoid valve does not work, and therefore the gas supply is cut off. Quite often the burner of a Gorenje gas stove does not ignite because of elementary burnout of the thermocouple tip, so the only true solution to the problem in this case is to replace the faulty part.

The burners do not ignite

Frequently, it is the electric ignition switch that stops working first, which is not always due to the longevity of the Gorenje gas stove. There are only two problems with the automatic ignition: complete absence of spark or non-stop sparking of the electrodes.

The cause of malfunctioning of the electric ignition may be due to contamination of the ignition plug with food or grease. You can fix the problem by cleaning the surface of the candle with a stiff brush and detergent. In the case of oxidation of the steel rod of the part, it will be enough to grind it, using fine sandpaper.

Over the course of operation, the ceramic surface of the spark plug can develop a distinctive crack, which can no longer perform its primary function. The only solution is to replace the spark plug and thus restore the operation of the piezo igniter. To be on the safe side, it is better to check all burners for micro-cracks so that all broken parts can be replaced if necessary.

The next cause of ignition failure is a burnout of the ignition transformer (spark generator). You can try to repair a broken ignition block, but such an operation would take too much time and money, so the easiest way is to buy a new transformer and replace it yourself.

Auto ignition may stop working temporarily due to oxidation of the ignition switch contacts. In the process of washing the hob water penetrates the system and as a result the contacts oxidize, become rough and even break.

To avoid this outcome, it is advisable to periodically clean and dry the contacts of the knobs.

The flame bursts from the burner

During the operation of the gas stove, burner flame detachment can be observed, which occurs due to the high pressure of the gas-air mixture, which exceeds the speed of flame propagation. Thus, the flame, when torn from the burner, goes out partially or completely, causing an emergency situation.

Burner flame can be adjusted with special adjustment screws. When adjusting to natural gas, the low flow regulation screw must be unscrewed until the minimum output is reached (no more than 1.5 turns).

If the gas stove is connected to a cylinder, the regulation screw should be screwed all the way in.

If the burner burns with a weak flame, the problem is most likely clogged nozzle or burner flame spreader. In some cases, the burner of a Gorenje gas stove may not light at all, so the only option is to clean the nozzle and the flame-spreader with a thin needle or a needle. If you do not have a needle of the right size, you can use a thin wire.

Principles of operation and construction of gas stoves

These devices consist of a gas system consisting of pipes and hoses, an electric mechanism that lights, auto ignition, as well as the body of the device, made of steel and a certain number of parts.

The basis of operation is as follows: natural gas flows into the burner from a cylinder, then the fuel comes into contact with oxygen, so that the combustion process becomes possible.

If we consider specifically the part we are interested in. the oven, it must be said that the ovens of gas ovens are divided into several types.

  • Dual Mode. Mounted on top of the device, where the grill can be installed. This type of oven has no ventilation.
  • Multimode. The fan moves the air in the oven, where hollow burners are used to maintain the flame of the fire.

To avoid heat loss inside the device ovens are equipped with thermal insulation, and the glass in the door consists of several layers.

How to fix?

Most often, when malfunctions in the work of gas ovens, owners are in no hurry to go to the experts, hoping to make repairs themselves. What breakdowns can and are not dangerous to fix with their own hands? About this below in our article.

  • Cleaning the knob of the regulator. Before you start repairing, turn off the gas supply. Troubleshooting begins with cleaning the taps. After removing fouling, dirt and grease clean the spring. Wipe the plug gently so as not to damage it. If the surface is damaged, it will cause gas leakage. Use only a soft sponge. Next, coat the plug with graphite grease, leaving the holes untouched. Remove the grease residue from the rod with a knife. After reassemble the handle in the reverse order of disassembly.
  • How to fix the oven door. Over time, the oven door fasteners will come loose, and then the door won’t fit properly or won’t close. To fix the problem, unscrew the mounting screws that connect to the stove. After loosening them well, turn the door in different directions until you find the position where it is firmly seated on the hinges. To check, place a piece of paper between the seal and the edge of the oven. If it doesn’t clamp properly, do the procedure again. After installing it on the hinges, screw the bolts back into place.

If it is noticed that the loss of heat is due to damage to the seal around the perimeter of the door, it is not difficult to replace it.

  • Remove the old seal. Some oven models may have it attached with screws, to get to them, pull back the protruding edge of the rubber, in others it is glued.
  • Clean the channel and door with a liquid detergent. Clean off old sealant or glue residue. Degrease.
  • Install the new seal by starting from the top, then down and to the sides. Complete the process by centering the edges at the bottom. If the rubber needs to be glued, choose a heat-resistant to 300º adhesive with a food-grade tolerance.

Other malfunctioning options include.

  • Check and clean the thermocouple. Oven burns while you are holding the handle. then you need to check the thermocouple attachment. In its lowest position it should touch the tongue. Improper placement in most models is allowed to adjust with screws. The thermocouple contacts may be fouled and this interferes with flame retention. Try to sand the part with sandpaper.

When these procedures are not enough, most likely the thermocouple will have to be replaced.

  • Replace the heating coil. If the oven does not warm due to a faulty heating coil, it can be replaced by yourself. This part is available in the electronics department. For replacement it is required to remove the back surface of the case, release the coil from the fasteners, unscrew the fan beads. Then place the new coil in its original place and fix it. Reassemble the oven.

It happens that in the course of prolonged use rust corrodes the surface of the case, holes are formed. To weld the burned body outside of the oven, you can clean such places with an emery cloth, using cold welding. When the weld has cured, it is grinded and enameled.

  • You can smell the gas. If the stove does not work, and you smell gas, then somewhere in the pipeline there is a crack, there is a leak. Shut off the fuel supply, call and emergency gas service. Further work can only be performed by qualified specialists. To locate the leak, disassemble the appliance and apply soapy foam to all gas tube connections outside and inside the oven. There will be bubbles where the fuel will come out. Checking all controls, knobs and taps. Remove the side panel of the stove and prevent leakage in the inner structure.



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