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The gas stove does not turn on when I release

The main malfunctions of gas plates

A gas stove is popular today, as before. in cities, and in villages, and in dachas. Its advantages are in a long service life, cheapness of use, capabilities where there is no centralized supply of gas or electricity. Many housewives value gas stoves for the speed of cooking. However, it is necessary to remember that gas is explosive substance. Malfunctions of a gas stove can lead not only to damage to property, but also to death.

The most correct solution when breaking gas equipment is a call call to. In large cities, the repair of gas slabs is easily carried out at home. And St. Petersburg has proven itself to the company “Polish Service 5”. Its employees quickly go to any area and professionally cope with plates of any type.

difficult for those who live in remote areas. In this case, it is necessary to contact the nearest service service. At the same time, you need to know what the main malfunctions of gas plates and the causes of their occurrence are. In some situations, it is quite possible to cope with their own forces.

In most cases, repair of gas plates requires special knowledge, experience and equipment.

Features of gas plates

The market offers a wide range of devices from different manufacturers. Depending on the method of heating the dishes, there are gas, electric and induction plates, combined models are also found. Cooking on gas in our country is cheaper than on electric burners. Many users say that food on open fire is tastier than dishes cooked on electricity. This explains the popularity of gas plates and hobs in Russia.

Most manufacturers produce equipment that can work both from the gas line and from liquefied fuel in the cylinder. Nozzles for different types of gas are usually included. The traditional gas stove has a hob with 4 burners, while the oven can also be gas or electric. Hobs are of different sizes, they can accommodate from 1 to 5-6 fireplace. Now many models are equipped with a multifunctional WOK confusion: a special design and several rows of flame provide super-powerful heating, significantly superior to the possibilities of ordinary burners.

Familled or stainless steel, as well as hardened glass, is usually used as the main material of the desktop (such a surface is often called “gas on the glass”). For reliable fixation of dishes during cooking, massive grilles (stands) are provided, most often made of cast iron. The vast majority of models have mechanical control of burners, implemented in the form of rotary switches. However, there are gas hobs and with touch control.

There is a spark, there is no fire

A completely different problem when the spark is triggered, but the flame is not incited. The most banal explanation of such a phenomenon is the blockage of nozzles and a nozzle. You can try to clean them yourself using a needle or thin wire. It is important to observe caution and rotate the needle, crush and spread it in the hole does not need to. The blockage of the burner and cutters can manifest itself in the breakdown of the flame, gradual extinguishing until the full break.

Such a malfunction directly depends on the functioning of the gas control system. This is a very important function of modern devices that allows you to control fuel leakage and save life. But also this additional option can cause considerable trouble when failures occur. If the operation of the system is accompanied by a breakdown, then the flame is ignited and immediately goes out.

The problem may concern the thermocouple. the sensor responsible for the control of heating. The principle of its action is as follows: after the flame goes out, the temperature in the device drops and the sensor covers the gas supply. In the process of using the thermocoural plate, it can clog or fail, so the repair consists in cleaning or replacing the part.

The oven does not work

There are several main factors affecting the functioning of the oven:

  • lack of timely internal cleaning;
  • low quality of the served raw materials;
  • the presence of a hidden factory marriage;
  • Physical wear of elements.

Stable work depends on the functioning of each element. The impact on flame burning can have:

  • the presence of a defect or a heat.regulator dispalibration;
  • lack of air flow due to tight closure of the door;
  • improper location of the thermostat relative to the level of fire;
  • the failure of the valve on the riser;
  • The problem in the gas control unit.

To conduct diagnostics and find out exactly which part failed, you need to have special equipment and tools, so it is impossible to establish an exact cause on your own.

Here you must immediately contact the service center.

The oven of the kitchen slab does not work for several reasons:

The most encountered breakdown is a malfunction in the GAZ-Control GAZ TRASE PREMPLICATION System. Damage to thermocouple or electromagnetic valve (EMK) blocks gas supply in the stove. You need to clean the contacts from the oxide, dismantle the details and measure the production of e.D.C when heating thermocouple with a special device.

The second reason is a faulty electric fire. Serves for automatic ignition of gas in the oven. Consists of a sparks generation block and ceramic candle. In the case of a breakdown of the block, the oven is not ignited, and when a candle breakdown, it is difficult to ignite. These parts are not repaired, but are subject to replacement.

Does not turn on? We diagnose by phone. Therefore, the cost of this service is equal to you

We will take money in the amount of 500 in case of refusal of repair for a call. And so this service is worth

Before leaving, our employees will write a guarantee from our company for the work done

The thermostat is faulty. an element of the oven that controls the degree of heating. If the temperature in the cabinet differs specified, exceeds the maximum value or does not warm up, you need to open the plate and adjust the thermostat. If the adjustment has not given a positive result of the thermostat change new.

Gas Stove Burner Not Working Easy Fix 1

The tap that includes the oven does not spin. If the tap does not turn, and the handle stalls to turn on the oven not succeed. You should block gas access and contact the service. The master of our company dismantles the broken crane and will try to restore the spinning elements.

The fifth reason. the heating element of electrical admiration burned out. In this case, you will need to diagnose, remove the heater for cracks and check the resistance. The indicator from 0 to 10 Ohms indicates the destruction of the heater. It is impossible to restore the heater break, the master will install a new heating element according to the electric stove model.

Does not turn on (the indicator and illumination of the oven does not burn). first of all, the voltage in the outlet is measured: single.phase network. 220V; Three.phase network. 380V. If there is a voltage in the outlet, they proceed to the diagnosis of a terminal box at the input. Before checking, the cord is included in the network and measure the voltage on the terminals. The absence of voltage indicates a faulty network cord, which should be replaced.

Another reason is pollution of the nozzle of the burner. If the fire of a weak oven stops warming, so remove the oven burner and clean the nozzle hole. If after cleaning the flame remains low, replace the thermostat. This procedure is better to entrust the masters of the service center.

The desired mode does not turn on, the selector switch works in some positions. the right sign of a faulty switch. From prolonged operation, the ends of the contacts are burned and “welded” with each other and the oven stops turning on. In this case, a replacement is made. Disconnect the oven from the mains, remove it from the furniture and unscrew the top cover. Remove the switch by unscrewing the two screws on the front panel. To buy an original switch, you will need a model and serial number of the device. For the selection of universal: current strength and operating voltage of the switch.

stove, does, turn

Call us on the specified phone and order free diagnostics at home. In addition to the call, you can make an application on the site using an electronic form. Upon arrival, the master will carry out inspection and voiced the cost of repairs. At the end of the repair work, the owner will receive a receipt with a list of services and a guarantee for the established part. Call and order equipment repair with professional hands.

– We work with all the well.known brands-

What are the malfunctions of gas plates?

List of malfunctions in a gas stove

We turned to experienced craftsmen who repaired more than one thousand gas plates and answered the same amount to the question: what to do, it broke down. And compiled a list of the most popular faults.

What happened? What to do?
One burner does not work on a gas stove or all at once. Repair wiring, power sensor, heating element or block.
The oven in a gas stove does not work. Repair or replace the board/control module.
The plate does not respond and does not turn on. Check out a socket, fork and cord. Repair or replace the fuse, contacts, fees or block.
The burner is constantly warming and turning it off. Malfunction of the module responsible for management. As a rule, you need to fix the relay that stuck.
As soon as the oven turns on, the stove does not work. Closed a circuit of heating the oven. It is necessary to fix its heating element.
Hob. Replace glass.

If you do not work with a gas stove of a hephaust or a slab of any other manufacturer, you can name the exact cause of the breakdown only after a comprehensive diagnosis.

And if you diagnose the malfunction correctly yourself, then it is better to contact the master for the repair. Remember that a gas stove is an object of increased danger. The use of faulty equipment can lead to tragedy, including fatal.

The reasons for the breakdown

For a gas oven

The reasons for the breakdown of the gas oven

The oven in the gas stove may not work due to the malfunction of the oven itself or due to external circumstances. often than others, the following details fail in the oven:

Or it can be the details of “gas-control”.

To external reasons why the oven in a gas stove does not work, they include dirty burners or if they are not exactly. The holes can also be closed through which the gas passes. Or there is little oxygen, since the doors are closed too tightly. We also advise checking the pressure and gas supply along the highway.

Causes of breakdown for an electric oven

The reasons for the breakdown of the electric oven

The list of reasons why the electric oven does not work is not very large, since it is quite simple in its device. It can be:

stove, does, turn
  • The external reason is dirt on the working surface, high current, elevated temperature and others.
  • The internal reason is damage to one of the parts (fan, thermostat, and so on).

Damage prevention

Gas slabs are used everywhere and popular in that they are quite unpretentious in use and maintenance. There are many stoves brands, the most popular and safe are the slabs of the Hephaestus model. But in order for the plate of any model to serve you faithfully for many years, you must carefully care for it, monitor safety precautions. This is the only way to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and generally minimize them.

So that the stove has been used for a long time, you need to care for it first of all, first of all.

It is useful to complete the full cleaning of your stove from pollution for at least 1 time per week. Try to wash the surface immediately after cooking, if you see oil spots there, any other liquid or or residues of food. First remove large residues, crumbs, and then wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge.

Important!Do not use powders and other similar cleaners, as they detailed on the enameled surface of the stove. The powder abrasive can cause scratches and microcracks. The same applies to cleaning devices, they should be soft in structure.

Step 9

We recommend ordinary users in all cases to comply with safety rules and be guided by common sense. If the nature of the breakdown and attempts to independent repair can lead to injuries, refrain from independent repair and invite a qualified specialist who has skills and experience in repairing your equipment.

My Stove wont stop CLICKING. SO ANNOYING. Easy Fix

We draw your attention to the fact that any equipment must be kept, stored and used subject to the norms that the manufacturer declares. In most cases, the usual accuracy leads to the fact that the equipment serves as an order of magnitude more time, and breakdowns do not cause inconvenience to their owners, both in terms of temporary costs and in terms of finance.



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