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The gas column of the genus of the cause does not turn on

The gas column does not work

The gas column may not work for various reasons. Consider the main of them and ways to eliminate them.

Modern water heaters are very convenient, because it is enough to open a tap with water. and the device will turn on automatically, and even adjust the temperature as it should. But sometimes events develop according to a less prosperous scenario: a user with an increasingly growing irritation tries an ice stream of water with his hand, and the long.awaited sound that makes a flashing burner does not manage to hear. Will have to postpone hygiene procedures and try to understand why the gas column does not light up. Malfunctions of gas household appliances must be trusted in reliable hands of professionals. However, in this article we consider typical examples of breakdown of the columns not related to the defect of the device, and learn to determine this or that breakdown before the arrival of specialists.

The Sellor is not ignited (pyzo fire)

The smell may differ depending on whether the column from batteries or pyzo-zzhiga works. If the column works from Pyuzo avenue, then you need to look for the reason in it.

Reasons: many columns that do not use nutrition elements are ignited using pyzo-zzhiga. The column does not light up because the smell is contaminated, and gas cannot pass through it.

Solution: to avoid or eliminate this problem, it is necessary to clean the pipe of the fabric or supplying gas supply of the nozzle. When you light the smell, hold the gas supply for at least 30 seconds.

Device and principle of action

In many cases, it is quite easy to fix the problem with automatic ignition or with other components of the device, while you don’t even have to turn to the assistance of professionals. However, in order to understand why the Neva gas column does not work well, it is worth studying its device.

  • buildings (in wall models. complemented by mounting loops);
  • copper heat exchangers;
  • water circulation nodes;
  • burning complexes;
  • Burning gas.shaped concentrators (diffusers);
  • nozzles for communication with the chimney;
  • tubes supplied water;
  • the electrode of the fuse;
  • a crane regulating the passage of water;
  • segment for batteries;
  • a system that regulates the power of heating and fuel consumption;
  • Ionization indicator of fire.

The typical method of operation of the gas burner is very simple. As soon as the tap tap supplying hot water is opened, the stream pressure begins to act on the control node membrane. Under her pressure, the rod moves, which opens the gas valve, while the contacts of the switching device are closed. On the electric circuit, the current from the power elements begins to enter the controller. Electronics gives two signals at once: one opens a valve that gives the way to the gas, an electric spark appears on the second on special electrodes.

As soon as the fire recognizer detects characteristic ionization, it sends a signal for central automation. She ceases to initiate the appearance of a spark. Heating is carried out in a typical working mode. The valve of the mixer is overlapping. The membrane immediately moves back, and the gas passage valve closes.

At this moment, the end circuit breaker stops, stopping current supply to the controller. Electromagnet is left without power supply. Since the gas does not enter the burner, it should immediately go out. The valve is connected to one circuit with the craving meter. With the disappearance of this traction or excessive weakening, its heated sensor opens the chain, thereby stopping the power of the electromagnet and the gas passage to the burner.

Problems and causes of their occurrence

Knowing the basic principles of gas columns is very useful. But it is important to take into account that the malfunctions in each model can be different, they are determined by the features of the technical system and structural weaknesses.

The 4510 m model does not exceed most gas systems in reliability, that is, it is noticeably inferior to foreign analogues. Most often, users complain that the column is poorly turned on or does not ignite at all. The inability to turn on the column may be due to the fact that the necessary pressure of the water is not provided.

Another problem is an incorrectly exhibited handle that regulates the pace of the water duct. Eliminating such a defect is very simple. The solution is reduced only to the transfer of the lever to the left position that sets the most intensive fluid passage. Another probable failure is that the rod of the node regulating the water approach remains motionless when the tap is opened.

The reasons for this state are:

Occasionally it is found that the gas rod does not work. It is impossible to ignore such a problem, because it does not allow to move the water rod to the right place. A sign of such a breakdown is that the column does not start work when water is turned on, is lit only after several attempts, while turning it off it is also difficult to turn it off.

Other problems characteristic of this model of the column:

  • switch damage;
  • open power circuit of the thermal relay;
  • damage to electromagnetic valves or relay;
  • There is no spark created by an electronic block;
  • discharged batteries.

Problems may also arise in models from the Lux group. Quite often there is a situation when the spark does not run from the candle to the fuse after the water has passed through the device. As in the previous model, this can be caused with small pressure. With its unsuccessful adjustment, if the column still does not light up and does not warm the water, it is necessary to clean the filter systems, heat exchanger. The last measure is to eliminate the cause of the small pressure of the liquid, sometimes with the treatment of the waterocanal structure and other relevant organizations.

In addition to installing working nutrition elements, it is important to control the polarity of their placement. It happens that the water flows, the spark rolks, but the flame still does not light up. The probable cause is to saturate the gas line with air.

Only employees of official service organizations have the right to eliminate such a problem. The owners themselves can only open the locking valve of the gas pipeline to the end.

In some cases, the burner burns sluggishly, the fire in it is elongated and smokes. The reason is the accumulation of dust particles on a snot or internal structures of the burner. Cleaning helps to cope with such a state. When the column is disconnected arbitrarily, it can be assumed that the craving in the system is insufficient.

In such a situation, you will have to clean the chimney and check its tightness.

If such measures do not give a result, it will be necessary to examine electronic control units and main sensors. But sometimes the burner goes out for another reason-due to excessive growth in water temperature.

In such a situation, it is required:

  • block the nutrition of a hot water circuit;
  • again light the column after 60-120 seconds;
  • With repeated ignition, set a lower heating temperature, setting a reduced gas consumption or increased water release.

When the gas heater clicks, as if there is a spark, but there is no ignition, the defect can be associated with the insulation of the candle or with the depressurization of the cable connecting the burner and the control unit. All these moments determine an electric breakdown on the case and must be eliminated immediately.

It should be noted that the design of various models of NEVA columns (such as 5611) is generally quite similar, because the violations in the work are similar. So, if in the apparatus 6014, 4511 or 5514 the display does not show the real temperature of the water, you can assume either a failure in the meter of this temperature or a poor state of the screen contacts.

In the latter case, you often have to change the screen block.

No pressure

If the gas column does not ignite in automatic mode when opening the water tap, then there will be a possible reason for the pressure in the water supply. In order to make sure that the reason is precisely this is necessary to open the cold water crane.

The lack of normal pressure suggests that the water heating column is good, and the lock is triggered since the low pressure in the system will lead to overheating of the device and its breakdown. You can fix the situation by cleaning the overall filter on the water supply system of the apartment and the salt filter for the preparation of water. Typically, clogging of these filters occurs after repairing pipes on trunk lines. internal deposits and just dirt under the pressure of water fall into the filter element and settle there.

Another thing is if the gas column does not ignite with the open crane of hot water, while normal pressure comes from the tap of cold water. Here you need to clean the mesh filter installed in front of the membrane of the water block. It turns out that with normal pressure in the system, the filter reduces the pressure in the device itself, preventing the gas valve from opening. The elimination method is simple. remove the nut and clean the brass grid.

Gas pressure

If the gas column does not ignite when the water is turned on the cause of this situation, there may be problems with gas pressure or a complete absence of gas in the system.

In this situation, usually the pressure of the water corresponds to the norm, and the piezo element gives a spark. The first thing to do is check the presence of gas in the gas pipeline, for this you need to try to turn on the gas stove. If the plate is not turned on either in manual or in automatic mode, and from the burner of inaudibly characteristic hissing of the gas gas, then it can be most likely to say that there is no gas in the gas pipeline.

The option when there is no gas in a gas column in the presence of normal gas passage to other devices and when there is a spark on piezoelectric element indicates a malfunction of gas equipment or clogging a gas filter. Когда не зажигается газовая колонка при включении воды и срабатывании системы розжига нужно обязательно проверить состояние газового фильтра, устанавливаемого перед прибором.

The fact is that the composition of natural gas, the presence of impurities and gas condensate can clog a gas purification filter. Because of this, the gas pressure is reduced, the fraction does not burn or the safety gas valve is turned off. One of the symptoms of filter pollution can be cases when the device is not ignited immediately, or if it turns on, it starts to work first with interruptions, and then after several minutes it gains the desired mode.

What to do if the gas column does not ignite at low gas pressure or filter clogging? First of all, you need to block the gas supply valve and open the windows for ventilation. Further, you need to report to the gas service about the problem and if this is not a centralized shutdown of gas, then call the master for maintenance of the gas farm.

The main thing in this case does not try to make repairs yourself and wait for the arrival of specialists.

Malfunctions in the ignition system

In models with electric ignition, when opening the mixer, the spark appears first, and only then the flame. If the sound of a spark is present, but the water heater does not light up, you need to replace the batteries. This reason is quite common: ignition is not carried out due to weak sparks.

In semi.automatic models with a piezoelectric type of ignition, the case can be in the poor work of the faint. If the wick burns, but nothing happens when the tap is opened, then the nozzle clogged. It needs to be cleaned with a thin wire, and then re.light the column.


The design of some gas columns does not provide for the presence of a filter. Therefore, small impurities and salts, getting inside the heat exchanger with water, settled and clog the passages along which the liquid flows. This can also cause a lack of ignition or sudden turning off the water heater.

To eliminate pollution, you need to turn off the water supply, disassemble the column, remove the heat exchanger and rinse its tubes with special reagents that are sold in any household store. After washing, the functioning of the column should resume.

To prevent clogging of the heat exchanger and water block, buy and install a filter at the entrance to the water heater to delay impurities and soften water. This will save you from many troubles in the future.

Sometimes the column does not turn on due to pollution of the burner. To solve the problem, disassemble the gas device, gently extract the burner, take it to the balcony or street so that the soot that scattered during cleaning does not get the room. Cleaning can be done with any improvised tools.

Lack of sufficient water pressure

In the technical documentation of water heaters, the throughput is clearly spelled out. Minimum pressure is given in which the column should work. If the burner does not turn on with weak water, the reason does not always lie in the equipment malfunctions. The problem may be hidden in the inconsistency of the technical conditions. It is possible to normalize the work by installing a storage tank and an increase in the pump.

As for the automatic heat generators operating on batteries or from the mains, the low water pressure leads to the fact that the water node (frog) does not work. The principle of operation of the regulator is that inside its cavity is divided into two parts of the membrane. There is a rod in one cavity that regulates gas supply and includes a burner of burner. The rod drives the membrane in motion. With insufficient pressure, the rods remain in place and as a result in an automatic column there is no spark, and the gas supply to the burner is closed.

Malfunctions with the diaphragm

The first sign of damage: the gas water heater does not heal immediately after the water is turned on, but after some time. In this case, the water node may start to leak. Causes of malfunction:

  • The diaphragm stretched. inside the node is a membrane of rubber. There is constant pressure on the gasket. Even high.quality rubber is gradually stretched and this leads to the fact that the burner is lit only with a large pressure of water. If the diaphragm is stretched, the “frog” does not leak.
  • The diaphragm broke through. in this case, the gas column does not ignite the first time. It turns on when the crane is re.opened. The duration of the response increases. A characteristic sign that the membrane has become unusable. the flow of a water knot.
  • The diaphragm is coarse. the laying is made of elastic rubber, supposedly enough to press on the stem with the required fluid pressure. With low quality of water, the membrane becomes rough. For this reason, the water knot loses sensitivity, the gas column is poorly lit.

On the rod in the water node there are protrusions for the movement of the power of the electric carfasting lever. If the column stopped ignition from batteries (especially if the nutrition elements were changed recently), and when opening the hydraulic tap, the stem is immobility, which means the membrane was out of order.

The reasons

It is worth considering that the breakdowns can be of different nature. For example:

  • The flame did not light up (clicks, there is a spark, but or not no reaction to inclusion at all);
  • goes out immediately or by the incident of a short time (both with automatic and with manual ignition);
  • The fire goes out when trying to turn on water, strengthen the pressure or its weakening;
  • The flame is lit, the water is slightly warm, and then the column goes out;
  • The column claps, cracks, mini-explosions appear when turning on;
  • piezorodzhig does not work;
  • Pierge is constantly working, but when igniting the flame is extinct;
  • The automatic column does not burn, while the smell of gas is underway;
  • When opening the tap, the stem does not move.

The malfunctions of the column can be divided into breakdowns due to external factors, and a purely internal nature. The former are not related to the details within the unit itself and depend on additional details or exposure from the outside (for example, adding temperature).

The second arise if the part of the equipment inside the device itself is junk or clogged.

External factors

  • The most common situation is the lack of traction in the chimney of the column. If you do not clean it, then it will clog with dust, dirt, and combustion products will not find a divert and will extinguish the burner. Then, when the security system is triggered, gas supply will be blocked.
  • An extraneous subject could accidentally be in the chimney.
  • At the unit, a battery or battery could simply be discharged. This type of malfunction exists only in the presence of ignition, which automatically acts on batteries.
  • If the device does not work, after the first installation or due to repair work with the water supply system, that is, there is a high probability that the fishing line for a hot water supply trimmer was simply connected to the wrong place.
  • Reduced water pressure. It is necessary to evaluate the water supply (it will be weakened, the water is poured with a thin stream). The ignition will stop working with weak pressure, so the reason is no longer in the column, but in water pipes. Although, it is likely that the filter installed in front of the column is clogged.
  • A faulty mixer adding too much cold water, so the water in the column itself heats up too much and extinguishes it.
  • Electronics. In modern columns there are a large number of control modules and sensors that control the work of the entire unit. Their malfunctions can lead to the fact that the gas will cease to ignite.

Internal breakdowns

  • Incorrectly configured water heater. Due to the change of seasons, the temperature of the water also changes, so the column must be adjusted, which is often forgotten to do.
  • The membrane on the water node failed. If the membrane for many years, then she could lose elasticity, crack, deform, cover with lime deposits.
  • Blocking filters or heat exchanger soot and drop.
  • The smell or main burner was clogged with dirt.
  • Problems with the gas output sensor.
  • Clapping or small explosions when trying to turn on equipment may occur due to insufficient thrust in ventilation or blockages of different parts of the water heater.

A separate cause of the malfunction can only be that when turned on, the button of the ignition is not fully held. It must be held for about 20 seconds, otherwise it will go out.

Typical breakdowns

Problems can be different among units of different manufacturing companies, many of which are characterized by the presence of certain malfunctions that appear over time.

  • “Astra”. does not turn on or turns on from several attempts if the flow of cold water is inaccurately adjusted. The valve of the unit itself regularly fails. In this case, almost everyone who purchased this column indicates that the main drawback is the lack of automatic ignition, which is why you have to hold the igniter turned on, which quickly stops working if it is cut or moved.
  • “Ariston”. a water block breaks, the membrane is easily deformed. Customer reviews are mostly positive, people note that the column is lit quietly, well maintains the temperature and has an affordable price category, and is also easily controlled.
  • “Oasis” is a faulty burner, which must often be replaced, deformation of the membrane. Buyers are attracted by price and design, but otherwise they often say that the device quickly breaks down, batteries fail, the column itself almost does not heat water and requires frequent a water filter replacement.

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  • “Amina”. lights up several times and turns off before heating, batteries quickly sit down. Users note a combination of the low price and good quality of the column, but they are not satisfied with the fact of frequent replacement of batteries. As a plus, the presence of a special scoreboard is also noted that displays the temperature.
  • “M”. often failing a valve block, quick clogging of the filter system. Reviews show that the column slowly lights up with a weak pressure of water, the liquid temperature itself jumps when the tap is switching to a shower, and the device quickly goes out.
  • “Dion”. the body of the heat exchanger is burning. There are almost no negative reviews here, buyers are satisfied with the simplicity and ease of use, the design of the column, the security system and the fact that the unit can work for a long time.

It can be concluded that any gas column has its own disadvantages associated with its different parts, low.quality manufacture, directly negligence of the manufacturer and other causes. Before buying, it is best to consult with specialists or production masters.

Some models according to users can not only often fail, but also carry a serious threat to life, so it is worth wearing all the pros and cons of.

Questions about cotton

If the gas column does not immediately light up and clap a lot, the reasons for this are liable in weak traction or its absence, a deficiency of fresh air in the room and a faulty ignition deceiter.

If devices with a wick have a similar dilemma, then the fire of a smaller wick is incorrectly located here.

If the unit has an automatic ignition, then they have the causes of such problems:

For example, for such reasons, the Neva gas column does not immediately light up.

The most problem is caused by a microsword. It is checked by an ohmmeter. In an open format, the minimum resistance should reach several mega. In a closed. less than ten thousandth ohms or not at all calculated. If such values ​​are not determined, this part should be replaced.

If a sparking candle has shifted, it is necessary to loosen her screw and arrange it so that a gap of 4-5 mm turns out. The spark should set fire to the fuel on the first attempt.

Eliminate the cause of poor water heating

The gas column is a simple and understandable device even for the layman. Therefore, if it does not warm water well, you can sin here only on the heat exchanger and gas burner, because it is they who start the main process of heating water to a given temperature. The burner can clog soot, and a heat exchanger. fall. The result-the column is not able to gain the desired temperature, while there is a high risk of burning the heat exchanger, because the automation will increase the gas supply, and the walls of the heat exchanger due to the thick layer of the scale will not be able to transfer heat to the water. It turns out a vicious circle that can lead to a much greater problem.

In any case, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • We disassemble the water heater;
  • We remove the burner and inspect the pollution;
  • If the burner is clogged with soot, it should be cleaned with thin wire or metal brush;
  • If you have long, or never cleaned the heat exchanger, it’s time to look at its condition, perhaps the reason was not only in the burner. We remove the heat exchanger, the benefit that it is quite simple to do, and study the contents of the incoming and outgoing pipes. A certain amount of scale in any case will be present on the walls, but if there is too much of it, rinse the heat exchanger with citric acid or with special means, which in stores are an immense amount.

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After these manipulations, the problem should be eliminated. As you can see, most malfunctions can be fixed yourself, while you do not need to have special knowledge.

Elimination of leaks

Let’s see what to do with the column if it flows. At home, this malfunction can be eliminated, because the problem is often hidden in the water node. Whatever the nature of the breakdown, take a few steps in stages:

  • Remove the casing and inspect the water node. Most often, the problem can be hidden here;
  • Disconnect the water, remove and disassemble the gearbox;
  • Pay attention to the membrane, stem oil seal and gasket. The membrane can drive away, the laying to break from old age, and the oil seal is simply unusable. Both of them and other elements must be replaced.

If the water knot is in order, the cause of the leak can be the burdens of the heat exchanger. If a hole has formed as a result of the fragrance, the repair will not give positive results, because the integrity of the metal has already been violated throughout its area. The microcracks noticed at the early stage, through which the evaporates emerges, can still be repaired. Then the column can work for several more years, but in either case it is recommended to replace the heat exchanger with a new.

Her error codes in a gas column

In automatic running gas boilers there are typical malfunctions and breakdowns, information about which is issued on the display in the form of code. The classification is convenient, as it helps the master quickly identify malfunctions in the water heater and determine the methods of elimination. Malfunctions are almost unchanged in boilers of different manufacturers.

The table provides the most common problems in the work of running columns. Codes or errors help to differentiate malfunctions:

Error code Description of the causes of errors and methods of elimination
H1 Insufficient heating of water. Reason: a large pressure of water, pollution of the nozzles of the burning device.
E0 No gas is supplied to the burner device. Reason: a closed crane or a failed servomotor.
E1 The burner is not incited. A spark is supplied, but in the absence of flame, the automation gives a signal for shutdown.
E2 Lack of flame or chimney blocking. Reason: insufficient air circulation leading to malfunctions.
E3 Refusal of automation. Electromagnetic valves are triggered, although there is no signal from the water pressure sensor.
E4 Premature inclusion of a gas burner. The ionization sensor gives a signal about the presence of a flame, although the duct sensor does not work.
E5 There is no signal from the water pressure sensor. Reason: Ruping the circuit between the electronic unit and the gearbox.
E6 Flapsed a water knot. A membrane broke through, a gasket is required to replace. Additional signs of a malfunction: leakage from a water unit, the appearance of condensate.
E7 An unsuccessful attempt to ignit. There is a spark. The main burner is filled, after which the column is turned off. Reason: low or insufficient gas pressure.
E8 No traction. The smoke gases sensor is triggered. The column is turned off after 2-5 minutes, work, turns on only after cooling.
E9 The water overheating sensor is triggered. There are several reasons. From insufficient pressure in the pipeline to the oxidation of contacts.

It happens that on the display of automatic columns a code is not described in the table. In such cases, you can seek help in the repair manual for the gas column provided by the manufacturer. The passport provides a complete list of all codes and their decryption.

Columns malfunctions and methods for their elimination

Successful repair of running water heaters largely depends on the correctly identified cause of failures in the work. There may be malfunctions in the gas column associated with the breakdown and failure of important nodes, as well as insufficient water pressure and poor traction characteristics. Problems with columns require an immediate solution. Processing leads to the rapid failure of the boiler and expensive repair.

Below are the main malfunctions of gas columns and methods for their elimination. Some breakdowns can be eliminated independently. Others require immediate service. The principles of service are general. Repair of Chinese, European and columns is carried out almost the same.

Problems with ignition (inability to light)

E1, E6 problem code. There are several causes of the malfunction:

  • In the pipes of the coil there is air. Observed after installation or long downtime. When the power supply is disconnected, the hot water crane is opened, the water is driven through the boiler for several minutes.
  • There is no gas in a pipeline or cylinders, a shut.off valve on a feed pipe is blocked. The malfunction may be due to the fact that the gas valve does not work. The latter is decided by the replacement of the node.
  • There is no contact between the flame sensor and the ignition unit. The gas column does not work due to the oxidation of the terminals and wires. The problem is eliminated by squeezing all contacts.
  • The flame sensor is set incorrectly. The knot should come into contact with fire from a working burner. Over time, the sensor due to the thermal load may shift. The problem is eliminated by adjustment of the device.

The column will not work if the batteries sat down, there is no spark due to the breakdown of the water reducer of the Frog and for many other reasons. Malfunctions are determined by exclusion by.

Rowing immediately after turning on

Errors E2, E8. Flapsed or not triggered by the outgoing gases sensor. Reason: insufficient air substitution in the boiler room. The installed metal.plastic windows, lack of traction in the chimney can be the catalyst.

The problem is eliminated by cleaning and restoration of the chimney, installing special supply valves in the plastic profile. There should be a gap of 2-3 cm between the floor and the door leaf.

Unstable water temperature

Arises due to changes in the pressure of cold water supply. In columns without a flame modulation function, the problem is solved by installing an increase pump.

The malfunction encountered by gas fluid water heaters with an automatic change in the power of the burner indicates the problem with temperature and pressure sensors. It may be required to replace the nodes. In some cases, it will be necessary to reflash the control unit.

Flow from the column

Inside the water reducer is a gasket that overlaps the water duct and prevents the ingress of liquid into a gas valve. When a breakthrough from the “frog” begins to flow. It will be necessary to replace the diaphragm. During the service, new seals on the stem are simultaneously installed. Rimkoplex with all the necessary components in most cases is sold in the public domain.

Evaporates or condensate indicates a leak in the pipes of the heat exchanger. Repair is carried out exclusively in service centers.

Why does the gas not enter the column

Error under the code E0. Gas enters the gas column and is not transferred to the burner there, or is not supplied at all. There are several reasons for the malfunction:

It is important to check the work capacity of the boiler, make sure that all the necessary valves are opened. If it smells of gas from the column, while it does not turn on, then the sensor is faulty. Repair consists in replacing it. There is no gas supply and due to the failure of the water regulator. In this case, there will be an unstable spark.

Chatting inside the column

Water heaters should work almost silently. Any extraneous noise indicate the presence of faults. Several breakdowns are distinguished:

In gas columns, a malfunction may be a result of violations committed in the process of connection, non.compliance of the premises with technical conditions.

Weak pressure of water

The common reason that gas speakers suddenly stop working. There is a minimum pressure in the pipeline (in modern models from 0.3 bar) in which the boiler will turn on. With a lower value, the column simply will not respond to the opening of the dowry crane. In household gas capacitive water heaters, this problem is absent. Accumulative gas boilers can work with any water pressure.

It happens that a good pressure of water comes to the supply, and the consumer acts with a weak stream. The cause of the malfunction lies in the heat exchanger. Over time, the inner cavity of the pipes is overgrown with screaming, saline and calcium deposits. Repair is associated with flushing the heat exchanger. At home, they use citric or acetic acid. In specialized workshops, flushing is carried out through chemicals using the pump.

Why the column turns on in the kitchen, but in the bathroom there is no and vice versa

The reason for this lies in insufficient pressure. The malfunction and elimination methods are largely reminiscent of those described in the previous subtitle. If the column works badly for the kitchen and normal for the bathroom, the reason lies in the weak pressure of water. To stabilize the pressure, an increasing pump is installed. The replacement of risers and wiring will help, especially if there is normal pressure in the entire apartment building (neighbors).

Gas speakers require professional service. Do.it.yourself repair is extremely undesirable and is actually considered a violation of the current legislation. Repair should be carried out by representatives of the service center or gas service workers.



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