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The fan of the outdoor air conditioner unit does not turn

The air conditioner does not work: frequent malfunctions of air conditioners

Air conditioning systems are very widely used on a domestic level. And every year the number of home appliances that guarantee comfort is only increasing. As a whole, a domestic air conditioner works properly and really helps to create more comfortable conditions. But in the process of operation, the malfunction of air conditioners from time to time reminds. this equipment is not perfect to the end. Accordingly, we have to deal with defects that affect the normal operation of machines. So let’s take a look at common malfunctions and troubleshooting methods.

The fan of the outer block of air conditioner does not rotate

outdoor, conditioner, unit, does

The fan of an outside air conditioner doesn’t rotate

The fan of the outdoor air conditioner unit does not work. Causes of malfunctions

Comfortable climate is an important feature that affects the efficiency in the office or a full recreation at home. The failure of air conditioner becomes a sudden and annoying trouble, which should be repaired as soon as possible. One of the common causes of failure is a failure of outdoor unit fan. Replacement of the original part, which is advantageously purchased in the online store Easyfix, will be the best and quickest solution of the problem. Here you can also find remote controls for air conditioners at reasonable prices.

Why does not conditioner work. the main reasons

Hello to all visitors and regular visitors of our portal! The air conditioner does not turn on? Then I will tell you several main reasons of this problem. For some of them you do not even need a call of a master, because there are very simple cases.

In this article, in order not to confuse, we will not consider the cases connected with malfunction of the card and obviously requiring repair (when AC operates for some time and then turns off; operates, but does not cool; makes strange noises and other malfunctions). Let’s analyze a certain case today. when you press the button on the remote control and the conditioner does not react in any way. Of course, for the majority of specialists, the situations discussed today are elementary.

outdoor, conditioner, unit, does

For the beginning, I think that it will be correct to separate the problem of “not switching on” conditioner in two cases:

outdoor, conditioner, unit, does

How To Fix Your AC |Outdoor Fan Will Not Turn On

  • When a conditioner is not switched on right after installation;
  • When conditioner is already used, but some moment it does not turn on.

In the first situation solution of such problem most likely will be laid on the shoulders of your fitters. Well, you bet! Of course they will have to find the reason and fix it. And in the second case when solution of the problem can be useful for a user (if the situation is simple, of course, and you do not wish to call specialists).

Causes of split-systems malfunctions and ways of their repair

Any equipment can break down before its maximum operating time. And it is not always about a defect, low-quality product. The use of the appliance itself may be incorrect. It is sometimes happens that the owner simply stops taking care of it. Breakdowns of split-systems occur because of different reasons.

The air conditioner is off, but the compressor continues to work.

The relay consists of the contact group and control winding:

On the body of the relay there is a diagram showing the pins to which the winding and contacts are connected (pinout).

Find the relay contacts, they are on top in the photo. On one of them comes the voltage from the line, on the other one goes the voltage to the compressor. These pins on the de-energized board should be open. If not. pins are stuck, relay is replaced.

Fan of indoor/outdoor A/C unit is always on

No matter if the air conditioner is turned on by remote control or not, when the air conditioner is turned on, its fan is always rotating. This is caused by a breakdown in the power element of the relay. I found a board from a Malaysian Panasonic CS-A07DKD, that’s what we use as an example. Find the light switch on the board:

In the photo there are two of them. One controls internal fan, the other supplies voltage to the external one, it is easy to follow by the wires.

Find the needed part and its outputs on the back side of the board.

Symbols ” and “-” are control circuit, galvanic isolated from high-voltage power part. Usually we use 12V control voltage for air conditioners. And the wave marks are the power leads for controlling the variable load.

We measure the resistance between them, in a normal state, it is very big, tens of MOhms, in any polarity, but if the triac is broken, then its value tends to zero, I, for example, had 30 ohms. Unsolder the photoelectric cell from the board (as in part 1) and put in a new one. Don’t forget about soldering conditions, mentioned in documentation. no more than 10 seconds at a soldering temperature of 350 0 C.

The most widespread photocells which are used in boards of air conditioners for control of motors of fans are firms Omron G3MC-202PL and NAIS AQG22212B02. They are able to switch AC loads up to 2A, at voltages up to 240V.

At the same time, they are complete analogs, in terms of characteristics and pinout (pinout on the case).

Unfortunately I didn’t have any of them in stock, so I had to use a donor, which I had plenty of. I found a board with OMRON G3MB photo simulators. Looked at the characteristics. are the same, only the G3MB is an obsolete model, replaced by the G3MC. The only difference. The G3MB needs a current-limiting resistor at the control input, while the G3MC is already built in. So I soldered in the G3MB, but I cut the control circuit and put a resistor in the gap. Its nominal I took from the previous board. there it was 1 kOhm, the same I put on the board I’m repairing.

After soldering the new component I checked the board with a light bulb. The size of the plug fit the pins of the fan connector very well.

By changing the fan speed with remote control, you should be able to see the change in the brightness of the lamp.

When selecting analogues, please note that we need a non cross-zero relay. In G3MC such parts are marked with PL at the end.

At the end of the article, I publish all the data on the parts

The principle of operation of the auto air conditioner fan

Advances in technology have led to air conditioning devices that provide a comfortable temperature indoors and even in the interior of the car. Car air conditioner is able to cool or heat air flows and has a number of other useful functions:

  • Maintains the set temperature of the air in the closed space of the car;
  • Protects the interior of the cabin from dirt and dust from the outside;
  • Prevents condensation from forming on the windows in humid weather.

The principle of operation of car air conditioner is similar to the domestic air conditioner, but differs with more compact sizes. A compressor compresses freon with high pressure and sends it to the condenser where its temperature is reduced. The evaporator performs the reverse function, where freon transforms from liquid to gaseous. The car air conditioner uses only one fan, which cools the evaporator and the condenser at the same time with a powerful stream of air. It is driven by a motor, and its speed can be set manually or automatically by sensors. That way it won’t get too hot in the car, even if the car is standing still.



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