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The fan does not work on Solaris

About the Hyundai Solaris stove. radiator, fan, motor

Cooling is installed every year. And it is at this time that the Hyundai Solaris stove will help the driver survive bad weather. Sometimes it breaks, begins to buzz, and noise, couples and soot appear in the cabin.

What parts the unit consists of, which of them fail most often and whether it is possible to disassemble the stove and repair independently so that there are no tights in the cabin and the temperature fluctuations that do not correspond to the regulations are excluded?

How the fan works

On the older generation, the fan worked forcibly, that is, he always worked while the engine was launched by a drive belt. Typically, the fan itself was attached to the pulley pulley connected by a belt with a pulley of the generator.

In most modern cars, an electric fan is used, or a drive with a viscous clock (viscous coupling), where its operation occurs automatically from the inclusion sensor (tarred separately for each engine).

Fan, this is a simple 12V electric motor operating from a car network. The impeller is installed on its shaft to create an air flow directed at the radiator honeycomb. The fan itself has a fastener for connecting to the radiator.

For its operation, in turn, the inclusion sensor located in one of the radiator tanks is responsible. It is installed in the rupture of the wires of the fan electric motor.

Солярис не работает вентилятор отопителя на 1, 2 и третьем положении.

does, work, solaris

The consequences of overheating of the engine

People and cars are somewhat similar to each other. The most healthy person, being under the hot sun and without a headdress, risks getting a tangible blow that will dump him off his feet. The car, of course, is stronger than a person, but it also has its own limit.

When the temperature regime of the engine exceeds the norm, the destructive process begins.

Before you understand why the cooling fan on the VAZ-2110 with an injector does not turn on, you need to know about the consequences of overheating. over, its degree depends on the stage:

Weak overheating of the engine (no more than 5-10 minutes) does not pose any threat, since any experienced driver will quickly respond to the situation and drown out the motor. The worst thing that can happen is the melting of the pistons, however, most modern cars have problems due to weak overheating.

Average overheating (more than 20 minutes) has an already significant effect on the engine. An approximate list of troubles that can follow:

  • curvature of the HBC;
  • the appearance of cracks in the HBC;
  • burning of gaskets of the HBC;
  • Destruction of the spacecraft;
  • Oil through the oil seals.

However, this is not the worst thing that can happen.

Strong overheating is a real threat to the engine. And we are not talking about the fact that the VAZ-2110 cooling fan with the injector does not turn on, but about much more serious things. All engine parts are damaged, sometimes an explosion is even possible. But this happens infrequently, since the car itself protects itself: each part has its own speed of destruction, and for this reason the engine simply jams.

The destructive wave begins its movement from combustion chambers and gradually affects all the details of the engine:

  • Begin to melt and burn the pistons.
  • The molten pieces of aluminum pistons touch the walls of the cylinders, which is why the piston stroke is very difficult, which leads to their further destruction.
  • If the engine continues its work, then the oil is already beginning to lose its lubricants.
  • Due to the overheated oil, all the rubbing parts begin to collapse.
  • The melting of connecting rod and indigenous liners begins.
  • Under the influence of the piston, the crankshaft is broken into two parts.

In the end, it all ends with the piston pierces some wall of the block, which means complete destruction of the engine. Against this background, the problem is why the VAZ-2110 cooling fan does not turn on with an injector on 16 valves, just a trifle.

Different blowing temperature

If the stove is hot on the side of the driver than the passenger from the side of the passenger, most likely you need to rinse the radiator. If it does not help, you will need to change the antifreeze and rinse the entire cooling system. Most often, you need to change the radiator with tubes or a motor. This will solve the problem for a long time. To replace the stove or a flowing radiator:

  • Drain the fluid from the air conditioner.
  • Disconnect the minus terminal of the battery. This is necessary to discharge the capacitors of the airbag (so that the pillow does not suddenly shoot).
  • Put the front wheels straight.
  • Remove the glove compartment. To do this, take two plugs inside. it will be free.
  • Dismantle the side plugs of the torpedo. They are just clicking.
  • Unscrew the bolts placed under them. You need a 10 mm key.
  • Remove the beard. To do this, unscrew the fasteners of the cigarette bolts located to the left of the front passenger and to the right of the driver’s feet. Remove the rug from the niche on the beard and unscrew the bolt under it with a 10 mm key. Bend the cigarette lighter panel and unscrew two bolts under it. Podge and raise the rubber insert of the gear lever.
  • Podge and elude the central panel.
  • Dismantle the panel under the steering wheel. To do this, remove the plug, unscrew two bolts by 10 mm and two bolts under the button (cross screwdriver).
  • Remove the steering wheel. To do this, remove the pad with the buttons by turning it off the terminals, dismantle the airbag by unscrewing two hexagonal bolts from the ends of the column (Torx T40). Disconnect the control cable of the pillow, lifting the latch up. Get out the cable from the plastic clamp. Place the pillow in a dry room. Unscrew the nut of the steering wheel with a head of a 22 mm, but not until the end. Pull the steering wheel on yourself to get out of the cloth. Apply risks to then correctly put the steering wheel in the starting position. Unscrew the nut harder, but not completely, so as not to injure when removing the steering wheel.
  • Remove the casing. To do this, you need to unscrew three bolts. two in front and one below.
  • Disconnect the two chips on the steering wheel and chips on the turnover.
  • Dismantle the turn signal block, having previously unscrewed two bolts.
  • Remove the front rack panels. To do this, remove the sealant and elude the panel by checking the latch under the panel.
  • Dismate the lower central part of the torpedo by unscrewing two bolts, freeing the cable and disconnecting the chips.
  • Remove the overall panel. To do this, unscrew the bolts on the right side, behind the tape recorder, behind the alarm, at the door.
  • Unfasten the wiring from the lower airbag.
  • Remove the amplifier. To do this, unscrew two bolts at each door rack. Remove the wiper brushes and disconnect the washer hose, stretch the toader attachment buttons. Unscrew two bolts of mounting the amplifier from the outer part, two from the end part of the door rack and one under the steering column.
  • Dismantle the steering column by unscrewing the two bolts.
  • Unscrew the fan (block). To do this, unscrew three bolts from below, one in the center and three from above.
  • Unscrew the two mounts of the air conditioning placed under the hood. Remove the stove block.
  • Spin the case and take out the radiators. There are two of them on Solaris.
  • Put new details.
  • Collect everything in the reverse order.
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If something goes wrong and you will break the panel, then the article of the tidy is 847104L0009Y. At the first launch of the engine, after all the operations, it is better to be outside the car. You just need to reach out your hand into the salon and turn the key in the ignition lock. clearly, how to change the stove or radiator of the stove for Solaris so as not to hurt the fuse and other important nodes, look in

“Popular” malfunctions

The most common reason is the entry into the cooling system of air flow. While driving, a car with a similar problem will publish uncharacteristic gurgling. The bolts twisted thoroughly contribute to the penetration of air into the system. To get out of the situation will help replace the gasket located in the cylinder block, or hose. Will free the cooling system from the air to open the tank cork and further narrowing. the expansion of the tube going to the radiator. It is worth remembering that the air will not be able to reach instantly. The process should be repeated several times, while the power unit will have to be started and drew up more than once. After the problem disappears, the coolant should be added into the radiator.

If after a long time spent in motion, cold air blows from the stove, then you will have to pay close attention to the heater. The most common reasons:

does, work, solaris

All possible reasons should be considered in detail, because of which the stove and methods poorly warm to eliminate them poorly.

Why is the stove on Hyundai Solaris

Quite often, car owners with the same problem come to our disassembly of Solaris. the stove does not work. Hyundai Solaris has a tendency to this kind of malfunction, but to admit honestly, on a fairly large run. It is not recommended to independently diagnose a malfunction, since the reason can lie in anything and about this in order:

The air conditioner block (stove) is a very running position in all specialized auto disorder and in warehouses does not delay for a long time. The reason is in the internal board, which tends to wear out from time and, as a result, does not receive contact on the relay responsible for turning on/off the stove motor.

The stove motor is also banal, but by no means the most common reason why the stove does not work on Hyundai Solaris, especially in the winter season, after long downtime. Many people sin precisely on the stove motor and, out of inexperience, acquire him, as a result of which they come back with him and ask him to replace him with any other details. Before throwing the standard stove motor, try to “call” it with a multimeter or connect the electrical wire to it to check its performance.

The heater resistor is a small part, which is an electronic capacitor, can also cause a malfunction through which the stove does not turn on. But it is worth noting that it is the resistor, it cannot be said that it is in great demand for auto disorder and there is almost always. Only autoelectric can identify its malfunction specifically.

The fuse or relay “knocked out” as a rule, on the Hyundai Solaris, both the relay and the fuse responsible for turning on and off the stove motor are installed, as well as for its speed. We would strongly recommend starting precisely with these electronic elements, since it is easiest to get to them and they are also, often quite often, are the culprits of contacting a car service, or for auto disorder. Start with them.

Dear owners of Solaris cars, we have a full range of spare parts for your car and we have the opportunity to provide you with more than 1000 positions in good, working working condition. Call you are interested

Common malfunctions

Hyundai offers a fairly extensive choice of its market models. over, they represent different price segments and classes. This makes it possible to choose from an affordable budget or the requirements for the acquired vehicle.

Someone chooses Hyundai Solaris, others prefer crossovers such as Tucson or Santa Fe. But all of them are united by the fact that these cars in the configuration have the ability to install a climate control system.

In the case of Hyundai, there are various characteristic problems associated with climate control. Among the most common, the following can be distinguished:

  • the failure of the temperature sensor;
  • lendagent flow;
  • problem with fuses;
  • heater fan;
  • breakage in the control unit;
  • clogged or damaged heater radiator;
  • damage to the air conditioner radiator;
  • failure.

Now, each of the possible malfunctions of the climate control system on Korean Hyundai cars should be studied in more detail, as well as determine the ways of solving them.

Hyundai Solaris control control unit control

Temperature sensor

In this situation, drivers are recommended to start with self-diagnosis of climate control of their Hyundai Tucson or another representative of the Korean Hyundai Korean car manufacturer. In the absence of a result, it is worth starting the ignition and looking at the computer screen. An error code appears there.

If it is 18, then it is definitely the fault that lies on the temperature sensor that encounters a short circuit. Based on the Tucson model, you can find the sensor connector near the left leg from the front passenger. The device is painted white. To restore performance, the sensor should be changed or put in its place with a resistance with a face value of 2.2 kom.

Repeat the start and self.diagnosis. First can give an error in the form of code 17, but with the next turning on, everything will work normally.

The flow of refrigerant

A characteristic malfunction when the car stood for a long time or was operated in winter, and after the climate stopped blowing cold. Surely Freon’s leak. In general, the refrigerant gradually goes in small quantities, due to natural reasons. This process is especially active in winter.

The average annual leakage indicator for Hyundai cars is from 30 to 100 grams. If it disappears most in 2-4 months, there are weak areas where the leak occurs. Usually these are joints of hoses, tubes and nozzles. Also check the condition of the front oil seal on the compressor.

Diagnostics is carried out by special snuffs or paint, after which the processed places are illuminated by the UV lamp. You should check the remaining amount, exclude the leak and refuel the system.

Hyundai Creta Climate Climate

Problem with fuses

This usually manifests itself in the form of a sudden shutdown of the KC and the extinguished display. You can eliminate the malfunction with a simple replacement of the fuse. But it is also important to make sure that there are no more serious problems with a short circuit, a cliff of wiring, which entailed the operation of the fuse.

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If after the replacement the situation is repeated, you will have to look for the cause of the burning of a felly protective element.

Heater fan

Another common culprit of malfunctions associated with the operation of the stove in the climate control of Korean cars Hyundai. With a faulty electric fence, the climate control display works, all the buttons light up, the pressure is normal, like the refrigerant level. But still the system does not turn on.

This suggests that there were problems with the electric fan. There are several options at once, because the fuse could burn, the contacts, as well as the motor itself, endlessly break off or oxidate. First, check the fuses, then call the wiring, make sure the integrity of the regulator and the buttons associated with the fan and the choice of speed.

Breakage in the control unit

We are talking directly about the buttons and twists, with which the climate control system is controlled by the Hyundai car.

Here a cliff of wiring, oxidation of contacts, mechanical damage, etc. To check, remove the panel and carry out the necessary diagnostic measures.

Hyundai Santa Fe

The radiator of the stove

If the climate control of the Hyundai climate control is manifested in the form of a faulty operation of the heating system, then the radiator potentially acts as one of the culprits.

The main breakdowns of the furnace radiator are considered to be clogging or leak. Leaks can appear due to high pressure, again associated with the clogging of channels with different garbage and dirt, as well as due to mechanical damage.

The radiator is clogged with improper mixing of different antifreeze, due to prolonged driving on the same cooling fluid, as well as as a result of garbage.

In some cases, it is possible to rinse the radiator, without even removing it from your seat. This greatly simplifies the whole procedure that it is realistic to do with your own hands. If the heater radiator is not subject to restoration, then the only way out of the current situation with your Hyundai will be replacing the element. And for this, complex and multi.stage dismantling are carried out.

Air conditioning radiator

In the Hyundai climate control system, as on other machines, it is provided for the use of another radiator. This one is responsible directly for the operation of the Salon cooling system.

In the case of air conditioners radiators, most often car owners collide precisely with the appearance of cracks on the device.

Experienced motorists do not advise trying to cracker using different sealants and other methods of restoration of the radiator. The optimal solution will be a complete replacement of the node.

does, work, solaris

Thumbs on “About the Hyundai Solaris stove. radiator, fan, motor”

The Hyundai Solaris often turns on the cooling fan. What may be the reason for the frequent inclusion of the fan? From the heart

If the coolant level is normal, then you can connect a scanner, there may be any errors.

Sorry, friend, I don’t have so much time for pretense, like yours today, I’d better just send you here to replace the heater motor. Hyundai Solaris, 1. 6 liter 2012.

He is some kind of hinting that a loan must be paid.

They fog glass in Hyundai Solaris constantly fogging glasses on the street. Only air conditioning helps. And then not for a long time. Well, soon winter is not an option to ride with a confectionery either. What to do?

Yes, nonsense is all the condo not condo, I won today to the Chrysostom drove the front windows, so that it was necessary to look in the mirror! ! ! And turned on and turned off the condo and gave maximum the heat! ! ! The new car bought in August 15 years 7000 run! ! ! You need to go the salon, let them want as they want and fix the guarantee for 5 years on the car! ! ! Let the master head e

Try to replace the salon filter, I think everything will normal.

I have the same problem with an accent. I removed the belt from the air conditioner and pulled out the confusion relay. And you also need to change the salon filter for the winter, and everything will be ok. good luck.

On Solaris, the stove works differently. You need to learn how to manage it. Open the glove compartment and look where the salon filter changes. Now start a car and try to turn on different modes of fan speed and air temperature. When you exerify, you will see how the damper is working, where the filter is located. From personal experience, I realized that at a maximum air temperature and fan speed, the air grip is opened (fogging begins). Turn on the fan for 2, the air grip from the cabin closes or if the speed is 4, then you make the air a little colder, then there is no air capture either. Try it and you will understand everything. And also pull out the filter and swap a rubber valve with tape. What valve? You will see everything when you turn on the fan and look at the filter under the burgundy. You need to cut off the salon air. You need to learn how to adjust the air flow rate to the temperature regulator.

Try to open a book that lies in the glove compartment. It says how to do it so that it does not fog.

You need to direct all the blowing to the windshield. It is possible to install an additional fan on the suction cup to dry the glass. Other tips here. http: // avto- Sovet.

I can add to the absolutely true answer. move the corresponding levers or click on the desired button to blow the salon blow. You have clearly closed the flow of air from the street, perhaps once drove behind a very steaming car or just pressed in carelessness, and the desired symbol. “Returculation in the salon” does not burn. why in winter with confectionery, in winter with a stove! And if the climate is control, then do not put too high or low temperature and the machine will be happiness. And if a filter of air in the salon from the street is provided for the very first to remember when it changed and change. But this information is in the operating manual for any car.

This is a very interesting story and all that, but is it not better to just read the article about the Hyundai Solaris stove. radiator, fan, motor

Help please, heated, Hyundai Solaris was the case, I bought Solaris in winter, everything was fine. Summer came and as soon as the heat began to bask, the mileage is 40,000 km. over, it is very strange, the temperature rises then it drops when it comes to the red zone behaves normally, it doesn’t boil no boils, it does not bum does not smoke. From the beginning, I thought the temperature sensor, changed it, nothing changed, then I changed the thermostat again, again, it didn’t change only it began to bask, it almost always warmed up before replacing the thermostat, but now only when you stand in the traffic and do not rise to the red zone. The pipes are all hot. Tell me what to do, maybe the system is ascended or the pump should be changed, in short I don’t know what to do with it. The head laying of the head seems to be normal.

With such a run, the likelihood of failure of a pump or dummy of the system is unlikely. Start with a visual inspection of the radiator, I can say from my own experience that for sure the gear of the radiator is clogged with fluff and all kinds of garbage, removing and washing, look at the result. The radiator must be watched with a partial analysis, t. e visually see him, and not look through the grille of the radiator.

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Well, the arrow floats. this is clear. I started to crawl. the thermos opened. in principle, work on the verge of the red zone is characteristic of some modern engines. so I would not go into the red zone until I began to go into the red zone. If there is a problem, then it is most likely hiding in a conjunction “sensor-thermostat”- the sensor late gives the command to open a thermos. This is revealed by a simple diagnosis. She’s warranty at the th still, go. let’s let the dealer with her and understands.

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Hyundai Solaris stove fan

When the air entering the salon becomes not only hot, but also very hot, you need to find out if there are problems with the fan of the Hyundai Solaris stove.

It is located immediately behind the glove box, in the fan panel. Remove the glove box for ease of work. Decide to every car owner.


Most of the Hyundai Solaris stove faults can be solved independently.

This requires only a little technical skills and a standard set of tools.

The Hyundai Solaris often turns on the cooling fan, what could be the cause of the frequent turning on the fan? From the heart

If the coolant level is normal, you can connect a scanner, there may be errors.

Sorry, dude, I don’t have as much time as you have today, I prefer to send you here to replace the heater motor. Hyundai Solaris, 1.6 l, 2012.

I advise you to read the fan engine for information 60W 971114L000.

Glass fogs in Hyundai Solaris glasses constantly fog up when moisture is on the street. Only air conditioning helps. And then not for long. Well, the beginning of winter even with a confectionery, this is not an option to drive. What to do?

Yes, this is all nonsense, not related to the condominium that I won today on chrysostoma: I closed the front windows, so you had to look in the mirror! ! ! And he turned on and turned off the air conditioner and gave maximum heat! ! ! I bought a new car on August 15, mileage 7000! ! ! Let the salon work the way you want and get a 5-year car guarantee for a car! ! ! Let the teacher direct and.

not blowing heater, the heater fan does not work

Read here, this is interesting: the Slaris fan motor. Buy spare parts and accessories.

I found the answer to my question here information on the Hyundai Solaris stove: radiator, fan, motor

does, work, solaris

Try to replace the salon filter, I think everything will return to its circles.

I have the same problem with an accent. He took off his belt from the air conditioner and took out the air conditioner relay, and the salon filter must be changed for the winter, and everything will be fine, good luck.

The stove works differently on Solaris. You must learn to manage this. Open the glove compartment and see where the salon filter is changing. Now get the car and try to activate different modes of rotation of the fan and air temperature. Experimenting, you will see how the damper works, where the filter is located. From personal experience, I realized that at the maximum air temperature and the rotation speed of the fan, an internal deflector opens (fogging begins). The fan turns on by 2, the air intake is closed from the cabin. Or if the 4th speed, then you make air a little colder, then there is no air intake. Try it and you will understand everything. Also remove the filter and swap rubber valve. What valve? You will see everything when turning on the fan and look at the filter under the rim. It is necessary to block the air in the cabin. You need to learn how to adjust the air supply to the thermostat.

Try to open a booklet in a glove compartment. It says how not to wash.

You need to direct the entire air flow towards the windshield. On the suction cup, you can install an additional glass drying fan. tips here http: // Auto-Council.

I can add to Alexander’s answer absolutely correctly: move the appropriate lever or press the desired button to blow the salon, your air flow is clearly closed from the road, you may have drove behind a very steaming machine, or you just accidentally pressed the desired symbol. The “recirculation of the salon” does not light up because in winter with air conditioning, in winter with the stove! And if the air conditioner, then do not put too high or low temperature and the car will be satisfied. And if the air filter is provided inside the road, this is the first reminder when it is replaced or replaced. But this information is in the operating manual of any car.

This is a very interesting story and that’s it, but it is better not to read only an article about the Hyundai Solaris stove: radiator, fan, motor

Help please, the Hyundai Solaris warms up, I bought Solaris in winter, everything was fine. Summer came and as soon as the heat began, the car began to heat up, the mileage was 40,000 km. It also heats up in a very strange way, the temperature rises and drops when it reaches the red zone, it behaves normally, does not boil, does not bubble, does not smoke. From the very beginning, I thought about the temperature sensor, changed it, I didn’t change anything, then I changed the thermostat again, didn’t change anything, I just started to bask less, almost always warmed up before the replacement of the thermostat, and now only when you are in a traffic jam and do not go into the red zone. All the tubes are hot. Tell me what to do, maybe the air system or the pump needs to be changed, in short I don’t know what to do with it. Laying the head of the cylinder block looks normal.

With such a run, the probability of failure of a pump or aeration in the system is unlikely. Let’s start with a visual inspection of the radiator, I can say from my own experience that the radiator cells are probably clogged with pile and various kinds of garbage, after removing and washing, see the result. The radiator must be considered with partial disassembly, t.e see it visually, and not through the grille of the radiator.

Well, the arrow floats. It’s clear. Crawled. Thermos opened. fell. In principle, work on the edge of the red zone is typical for some modern engines, so until it starts to go into the red zone, I would not steam. If there is a problem, then it is most likely lies in the connection of the “Termostat sensor”: the sensor gives a belated command to open a thermos. This is revealed by a simple diagnosis. He is still under warranty, so let the seller take care of this.



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